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25 November 2015 Bogart Bloopers - Bogart is one of my favorite actors from the...
02 December 2013 Just picked up Wiseguy and Crime Story - I agree Tommy but what really urked me was t...
18 October 2008 Movies / shows filmed in Miami - Just watched Black Sunday again, 1977 Robert...
09 December 2014 The Car Chasers' TV show think they have a... - Yeah I wrote that before we found out about...
21 November 2015 Happy Birthday vicefan7777 - I posted my Happy Birthday on the 22nd but i...
02 March 2015 Miami Vice Quotes! 2015 - I thought Zito was the one that said it?
02 March 2015 Name That Tune! 2015 - Tell it like it is. Aaron Neville.
29 September 2012 Worst Episode Ever? -

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25 November 2015 Bogart Bloopers -
22 November 2015 Ungekürzte Komplettbox im Anmarsch? - Hallo Am 26.11.15 kommt eine neue Komplettb...
22 November 2015 Miami Vice Original Bumpers - I'm going to post here what I'...
21 November 2015 EJO with Tony Orlando and Pepe Serna - One of Olmos's many movies before the M...
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20 November 2015 How in the heck do I get my hair to look like t... - Hey guys. After 6 months of leaving my hair...
19 November 2015 Sonny and Gina photo -
17 November 2015 Charlie Sheen illness - The crazy mofo is HIV positive. He was diagn...
17 November 2015 Latin American Dictators Love South Florida - In "Bought and Paid For", General Octavio Ar...
16 November 2015 Happy Birthday, Christian! -

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