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30 March 2015 Fast 7 -
16 September 2010 MIAMI VICE SCRIPT WRITER'S RESIDUAL CHECK... - How did i missed this again? The Scrapbook has...
15 January 2011 PMT on Friday Night Videos - Aww! I feel like cryin'! I came on here 4 ye...
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22 June 2014 Seinfeld (A Show about absolutely nothing...) - I like how Seinfeld always portrays old peop...
27 January 2013 What do you find real cool in Miami Vice? - MV represented the sum of many things I alwa...
16 September 2010 MIAMI VICE SCRIPT WRITER'S RESIDUAL CHECK... - Wow! I should have been a script writer. I gott...
30 March 2015 Fast 7 -
14 May 2011 Location Trivia Level Two - The teaser of Florence Italy

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27 March 2015 Alpine Plane Crash (More revealed) - Has anyone heard about this tragic plane cra...
27 March 2015 Wow... -

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