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  2. Fiona Flanagan - Little Miss Dangerous (Fiona) Fans

    Yes she has. There are numerous songs on Youtube. This is the best Fiona site that pretty well covers her career. She unfortunately seems to be in semi-retirement these days while taking care of her kids. Every once in a while she gets talked into singing by one of her fellow musicians and by choice has had only single performances in GB and Japan over the past few years.
  3. Fiona Flanagan - Little Miss Dangerous (Fiona) Fans

    She has aged marvelously! I am going to have to check out her music. I haven't heard any in NA. Does she tour Europe or something? I never see her advertised at any casinos or concert venues anywhere???
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  5. Glades

    I was referring to the episode "Glades," but yes that's true. Might change the title, as it was supposed to be the episode and not location.
  6. Glades

    Oh I wasn't correcting you They are in the Glades!
  7. Fiona Flanagan - Little Miss Dangerous (Fiona) Fans

    This is how she looks nowadays:
  8. Glades

    You're right, of course! I mistook it for "Glades" because of their clothes.
  9. Glades

    Is this from "Prodigal Son"?
  10. Glades

  11. Miami Vice Quotes 2017

    Ahh the kids outside the phone booth in Nobody Lives Forever
  12. Happy Birthday, Jupiter_Vice!

    Happy Birthday Dude!
  13. Miami Vice Quotes 2017

    Nope. Season 1
  14. Miami Vice Quotes 2017

    Is it Florence at the croissant shop window in "Florence Italy", or maybe the boy says it to her? Just realized I haven't seen that one in awhile.
  15. Miami Vice Quotes 2017

    Not "The Rising Sun of Death" and not in the car.
  16. Happy Birthday, Jupiter_Vice!

    Happy Birthday Juniper!!! Have a fantastic day!!!
  17. My Miami Vice collection

    That is one hell of a cool collection you have!Great job on gathering all the stuff!

    Thnx pal
  19. May you have a very Happy Birthday, Jupiter_Vice ! Enjoy your special Day.

    Those are really great. Congrats!
  21. Who introduced you to Miami Vice?

    I wonder if that comment was written by @Detective_Crockett because he said the exact same thing to me on Facebook.

    My pleasure
  23. Considering buying a white Testarossa!

    Could you buy one for me too? But only if its white... O:)
  24. its about time to see a STARRING DON JOHNSON movie again, rather than just a AND DON JOHNSON movie
  25. Great Price on Framed Miami Vice Poster

    imagine a door with such cool artwork printed and pasted over
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