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    That's right Daytona74 the interiors for Down for the Count (pt2) for that scene were shot up at Bal Harbor

    I kept thinking I'd seen that condo complex in Down For The Count somewhere too... as Giulinni's condo. I was wrong, just having checked but not completely... they used the establishing shot from Golden Triangle PtI in Down For The Count Pt II, but then the interiors of Giulinni's place were filmed at Tiffany Condos.
  4. jenny

    Cuban Sandwich! Made it myself just now!   Reminds me of the one I had at Havana 1957 on Espanola Way in Miami Beach! :thumbsup:




    This is the lobby in the teaser of Part One when they chain the crazy man to the railing just off the lobby
  6. Possible hand double in Golden Triangle II

    The typing hands almost look like Gina's.
  7. nofretz = Dadrian

    Thanks, Matt. I'm discovering new, easier ways to rip HQ stereo audio from the DVDs. There will be more to come!

    What scene(s) is(are) here?
  9. I've never seen a good TR replica. Please share any pics you have seen. The one above is definitely a real TR.
  10. a past member from the old mv board

    Wow! I am on the Vice Lounge Facebook page and Rick Bravo is very active. No hint of anger in him. Maybe he has mellowed with age?
  11. I was toying with doing a Pontiac Fiero Testarossa conversion. If you want the look, this is something to consider. There are nice kits for a V8 conversion as well. There is a guy a few blocks away that has a red Testarossa (I think it is real) and this is in rural Iowa. I happened to snap a pic at the grocery store.
  12. i'm not particulary admirative of vintage cars speculation, but if you buy a Testa you can't go wrong. when you'll sell it you'll do benefits. btw, don't post pics if it's not white
  13. Shark attacks are rare. I follow news in Miami from several sources and don't remember hearing about one in a long time.
  14. i heard there were huge bullsharks roaming these waters once. as i'm seriously thinking of going to Miami before winter, i'm really curious about the shark threat in Florida waters
  15. In Killshot as: Frank Ariolla, the Customs agent whose little brother dies playing Jai-Alai and in Borrasca as: Arturo Oribe. Also in Scarface. Seems like really nice guy and is my FB friend. Current photo:
  16. a past member from the old mv board

    Means he is very easily set off (in gun parlance a trigger can be set to a very light pull, hence a hair trigger.)
  17. a past member from the old mv board

    What's a hair trigger?
  18. a past member from the old mv board

    Not understanding this...are you posting in the first person here or are you quoting someone else? Is this RB person active here today? ( he was before my time)
  19. a past member from the old mv board

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember the main bone of contention was between RB (who had some bad experiences with DJ in the days when he was difficult to get along with) and those forum members who idolized DJ. It went downhill from there.
  20. Daniel Craig to return as James Bond!

  21. 33 Phil The Shill

    Galleria Mall - Fort Lauderdale in June 2006 (2nd picture)
  22. Miami . . . Ice ?

    Gina had blonde hair (a wig) in "Heroes of The Revolution." And in the play "Evita" as Eva, where it looks like it's dyed, but that was probably a wig too. I could have also said mini Caroline Crockett and the mini Noogman instead of Tubbs, but it had to be those four for me, even though Gina should have had dark hair there.

    Teaser ( Golden Triangle Part 2) - 71st St/ Collins , North Beach from 2013
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