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  2. Finally got my Testarossa!

    Thank you Mr Calderone! I’ll be looking for your project Daytona!
  3. Finally got my Testarossa!

    Great, great job Zaq! Nice work! You certainly made a beauty! And thanks for sharing your progress with us. I'm looking forward to doing the same with my Spyder!
  4. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    Four of my Five all-time favorite scenes comes from (Brother's Keeper). #1 - Sonny's confrontation with Wheeler as the leak. I trusted you!!! I TRUSTED YOU!! So, so gripping. Which leads to the fantastic segway to.. #2 - In the Air Tonight scene, and the way they brilliantly filmed the Daytona Spyder. #3 - Tubbs slowly walking across the dance floor to Calderone. Will Tubbs kill him? No, he only shakes his hand. Hospitable gesture. So, so tense! #4 - Crockett entering the diner to tell Maria the dreadful news that her husband is dead, holding her up from collapsing with his eyes. #5 - (Evan) Crockett and Tubbs in the shipyard, walking away from Guzman and Evan in slow-motion, while Peter Gabriel's Biko plays.
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  6. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    "He died three years ago." What episode and what scene?
  7. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    I remember that one. It's challenging.
  8. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    You are correct! Hector was a funny guy.
  9. Season 1 - Rank your 5 Favorite Villians

    Definitely! I wonder why we never got more of Maxwell...
  10. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    That was a great thread! I remember.
  11. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Yes. It was quite a surreal moment for me. We played my “Last Call” song as we drove up.
  12. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    Not to get off track here but we used to have a "one word" trivia game where your posts of "syntax and beasts would fit nicely.
  13. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    You Northern Hemisphere-ists are missing out on Christmas Barbecues and New Years Eve pool parties...
  14. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Was the video taken just after sunset?
  15. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Great stuff! Thankyou for posting
  16. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    Oh, you Australian weirdos with your backwards seasons and counter-clockwise flushing toilets. ============================================= I'm not going to be creative or edgy. These are the Top 5 most impactful and memorable scenes in my opinion. 5. Yankee Dollar - opening scene - Besides the beautiful "Par Avion", the most impressive thing about this scene is its range. It smoothly transitions from low-key office banter to the blissful drive and then to the shock and horror of her death. 4. Evan - opening scene - There's nothing meaningful about this scene. It's just pure gratuitous Viceness. "Rhythm of the Heat" dominates the scene. It's no surprise it fits so well on Vice, since Peter Gabriel used the same Fairlight CMI synth as Jan Hammer. 3. Out Where the Buses Don't Run - final scene - There's a dreamy quality to the driving shots, underscoring how during the whole episode Sonny was never quite sure what was real. 2. Definitely Miami - pool scene - Same as the "Evan" scene, this is deliciously gratuitous. It is the most sensual scene I've ever seen on TV. I can understand if female Vice fans aren't quite as enamored with it as us guys. 1. Brother's Keeper - "In the Air Tonight" - Yes, the scene is cliche by now and the song has been beaten to death on the radio, but that's for a good reason: this was the defining moment of the entire series. "I need to know something, Caroline. The way we used to be together. I don't mean lately, but before. It was real, wasn't it?" "You bet it was."
  17. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Thanks! Yes, from May, 2016.
  18. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    Could be at the speech he gave at the Fort Lauderdale art gallery
  19. Season 1 - Rank your 5 Favorite Villians

    Very good post ! Lombard played by the brilliant Dennis Farina was so charamasmatic and such a good actor you always rooted for him. I know what you mean about Maxwell from “Cool Runnin” he had a dangerous unpredictability about him in the limited screen time he had - a real danger to him
  20. Happy Birthday to me!

    Pleasure Tony! Pleased you had a good day - sirloin included
  21. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Great video , yours Dadrian? Greetings from Los Angeles
  22. Vacation to Miami 2016

    You’ll love it unchanged !
  23. Happy Birthday to me!

    Thank you, Matt, Scot from S.C. & ivoryjones. Tim, it is the place at the mall. I got the sirloin. Since my daughter was paying I didn't want to run up the bill too high!
  24. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    Sounds poetic. Hector in “Free Verse”?
  25. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    "The Son of Morn in weary night's decline" Who said it and when? (This is too easy.)
  26. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    You're a master. Nice job!
  27. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    That was Angelo (Leguizamo) after learning his brothers were killed in the driveby in Victims of Circumstance. Crockett had a great line earlier when they were talking about no professionalism in the hit "Just aim and splatter" . You can tell this was S5 as after seeing this carnage, he seems to hardly be concerned at all.
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