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  2. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Thanks @Matt5.
  3. Vacation to Miami 2016

    These are a few from the Ocean boardwalk in Hollywood, Florida just near Sarah’s house location at Georgia Steeet - now this is what Ocean Drive should be like !
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  5. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Eric Clapton live in London
  6. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    As for my personal all time top 5 Miami Vice scenes... I can't choose. Maybe I'll be able to decide at some other point But some really good ones have already been mentioned. Obviously the most memorable episodes had some of the most memorable scenes.
  7. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Great song - Thankyou for posting
  8. Season 1 - Rank your 5 Favorite Villians

    A menacing character - not sure how much acting experience he had though?!
  9. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Great - the most beautiful sunsets in Miami lighter oranges and purples, they are deeper here in LA deeper blues and yellows - quite a difference between the two areas
  10. Happy Birthday to me!

    Ha ha great - thanks for posting !
  11. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    Great episode
  12. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    I love that episode too! One of my top favorites and the favorite with Gina.
  13. Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy belated Birthday Tony! Here's your cake!
  14. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    Wasn't this said by the guy at the drug house (or maybe it was Luther) about a junkie to Gina and Trudy in Little Prince?
  15. Finally got my Testarossa!

    Thank you Mr Calderone! I’ll be looking for your project Daytona!
  16. Finally got my Testarossa!

    Great, great job Zaq! Nice work! You certainly made a beauty! And thanks for sharing your progress with us. I'm looking forward to doing the same with my Spyder!
  17. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    Four of my Five all-time favorite scenes comes from (Brother's Keeper). #1 - Sonny's confrontation with Wheeler as the leak. I trusted you!!! I TRUSTED YOU!! So, so gripping. Which leads to the fantastic segway to.. #2 - In the Air Tonight scene, and the way they brilliantly filmed the Daytona Spyder. #3 - Tubbs slowly walking across the dance floor to Calderone. Will Tubbs kill him? No, he only shakes his hand. Hospitable gesture. So, so tense! #4 - Crockett entering the diner to tell Maria the dreadful news that her husband is dead, holding her up from collapsing with his eyes. #5 - (Evan) Crockett and Tubbs in the shipyard, walking away from Guzman and Evan in slow-motion, while Peter Gabriel's Biko plays.
  18. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    "He died three years ago." What episode and what scene?
  19. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    I remember that one. It's challenging.
  20. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    You are correct! Hector was a funny guy.
  21. Season 1 - Rank your 5 Favorite Villians

    Definitely! I wonder why we never got more of Maxwell...
  22. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    That was a great thread! I remember.
  23. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Yes. It was quite a surreal moment for me. We played my “Last Call” song as we drove up.
  24. Miami Vice Quotes 2018

    Not to get off track here but we used to have a "one word" trivia game where your posts of "syntax and beasts would fit nicely.
  25. Your all-time top 5 Miami Vice scenes

    You Northern Hemisphere-ists are missing out on Christmas Barbecues and New Years Eve pool parties...
  26. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Was the video taken just after sunset?
  27. Vacation to Miami 2016

    Great stuff! Thankyou for posting
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