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  2. It is now done. the sixth and final page of the final episode has been published. It has been a long and wonderful journey.
  3. Were the posts and pavers there on the episode? Too big of a hint?
  4. Episode and scene please
  5. These pages are fantastic work Jeremy - the most detailed yet ! Thankyou
  6. I have given my quota of "Likes" today, so can't Like any more of the excellent posts above! ViceFanMan, I agree, it would be a fan-dream come true if a reunion movie that closed up old storylines, but after all this time I'm betting most of us here have very defined ideas in our heads about what happened next, and I doubt if any script could satisfy more than 10% of true fans. Marc and James, I agree that the True Detective clip has the gritty, dark (in more ways than one!) atmosphere of MV and that feel could work. I know with a short clip it's hard to get a feel for characters we would like to have in our homes every week (criteria for a successful TV show, so it has been said), and for me the language is a little too realistic, LOL. But it does have the right tension, the right "feel". Jerry B, how right you are: Time has only one direction. Thankfully we can still enjoy the original MV through streaming, DVD, and Blu-ray.
  7. A very kind post Dadrian - simply thankyou
  8. Tony you are a fine gentleman and I was very pleased to read this - thankyou for your kind words genuinely .
  9. Thankyou guys ! Very touching to read these lovely messages thankyou again from many I respect with their knowledge and talent shown over the years on this great forum Many I regard as friends over the 8+ years I've been on here - and the years before on , dare I say it , .org
  10. When will they put the spoke wheels on? Or did that change? Or am I mixed up?
  11. Yes - well done and I thought it was a hard one
  12. I don't have many songs of this genre on my playlist, also this was made for a movie, I think with the same title.
  13. The Dutch Oven - Trudy is taking a walk
  14. Finishing up all the small items now. Putting the rear quarter panel red markers back in really does make this car look like it's got more class. The shaved body look was popular at one time, but I think it should have never been done to this car Once again Autoro(Daytona Whisperer) came thru for me; Thxs Bra. I was having trouble finding the rear marker wiring pigtails. He hooked me up and at a decent price too. He also gave me all the measurements to put them back in the exact place. U could see where they were from inside, but it was all a fudged up fiberglass mess Shop figured out the right hose for the engine oil filter modification. It's a truck radiator hose.
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  16. Looks like they fixed the roof. look at the location pix from and the photo from the flight. Now its red.
  17. Page 5 has been published.
  18. Whether they were actually serious about a potential spinoff or not - it was done half-heartedly, and it was no surprise that a spinoff TV series never materialized. And Don Johnson's "cameo" at the beginning of the episode only adds insult to injury. If you are going to usher in a new outfit of vice detectives, then at least don't do it like, "alright, here's 43 minutes of the episode still to go, she's all yours".
  19. I don't know if filming was on going for Dead-Bang when this episode was shot, may have already been in the can, but I do remember talking to DJ at a Lorimar Film Entertainment function around the time the episode would have been filmed in early 89. The function was in LA. The ex was working for one of the principles on an asset issue at the time.
  20. Then it shall get spun!
  21. Very well put! I too didn't want the show to end when or how it did...too bizarre & open ended. We never got any kind of closure! A reunion movie with original cast to finally close up old storylines from 1989 would be awesome...but I know that's most likely a fan-dream as too many years have passed. A new reboot just makes me roll my eyes. And a Fast and Furious style will just be stupid!
  22. The spinoff idea was as useless as the current reboot idea. All this stuff gives me the creeps.
  23. Spot on, Jerry. Tough, but very true. To me a reboot of MV sounds a bit like dating your ex's sister...25 years later. It's gonna feel somewhat familiar but also kinky and wrong at the same time.
  24. And I can definitely see why...haha. The acting was pretty subpar, the whole episode felt very rushed...what a joke. And even if it did get ordered on for however many episodes it was supposed to, who the hell would watch it without any of the original cast??
  25. I think DJ was working on a movie or something at this time. It was a failed attempt at a spinoff.
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