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    I'm confident someone will like this other than me. (No drops) We're more sophisticated than that. Axel Boman: Azizam is a killer tune! Big love to my old heroes Kotelett & Zadak! Axel Superpitcher: Nice nice nice. Hot Since 82: Love these guys. Darius Syrossian: Brilliant stuff! Sometimes tracks like this can drag on but this grabs you the whole way through.. Solaya is also good... Audiojack: Nice tracks for deeper mordents. Dave Seaman: Big Fan of Kotelett & Zadak’s right here. Sasha: Tasty. AME: Thanks. Digitaria: Azizam is beautifull. Baikal: Nice vibe. Karotte: Azizam is my pick. Like it. Superflu: Sehr schoen. The Drifter: Azizam sounds nice. Acid Pauli: Richy Ahmed: Wkd. Zoo Brazil: Great stuff. Will play out! Till Von Sein: Azizam is the one. Vibes! Crowdpleaser: Azizam is really nice. Release date: 25 September 2017
  3. Fiona Flanagan - Little Miss Dangerous (Fiona) Fans

    She reminds me of a gal I knew in college. So cute.
  4. SOLD! Somebody bought it... Pretty cool piece of Miami Vice history.
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  6. Miami Vice TV Production Company Parking Placard on eBay This piece is from the personal collection of Chip Chalmers, a television director and first asst. director known for Melrose Place, , Beverly Hills 90210, The A-Team, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Miami Vice. He has had a prolific career in television since 1981. You can find more information about him on Wikipedia and IMDB A note from Mr. Chalmers: “Hi! Miami Vice Production Parking Placard: These dash placards were only used by a handful of top cast, producers, and crew to let the security guards on location know these cars could park closer to the set location, or get onto the studio lot. It was easily seen on the dashboard of my car. This was one of mine and used in Miami. Enjoy!” - Chip Chalmers Mr. Chalmers has authorized me to sell his collection. A Letter of Authenticity personally signed by him comes with the piece. The piece will be shipped and insured through UPS once payment is received. Full payment must be made via PayPal within 2 days of the closing of the auction. If payment is not received, the piece will be offered to the next bidder or will be re-listed. Sale is “as is.”
  7. Fiona Flanagan - Little Miss Dangerous (Fiona) Fans

    Here's one of the best Fiona (Jackie in Little Miss Dangerous) pics I have seen. Thanks to Joanne and Paul Dix for posting this on FB.
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  9. so, any more thoughts on white TR's???
  10. EJO best MV actor?

    He was alright for what he was. But he was the one element of the show that wasn't fresh and groundbreaking, but a real throwback to lame old 70s cop shows. I think I saw Gregory Sierra in a guest appearance in a 1970s police drama episode once (don't remember the name), where he played a very similar character. Gregory Sierra wasn't a bad actor on Miami Vice, he just wasn't right for the show, and Miami Vice in turn didn't suit him either. After all, it was his idea to leave the show after Calderone's Return. Also, could you have imagined him with the whole DEA/Southeast Asia backstory of Castillo... kind of never would have worked with him. Then again, I think Castillo's DEA past was actually Edward James Olmos's very own idea. So it never would have happened anyway.
  11. Happy Birthday, eilahtan !

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Eilathan
  12. Happy Birthday, Flagler !

    Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag Flagler
  13. EJO best MV actor?

    When I first read the title of the thread I thought immediately to myself that EJO is the best actor, no doubt. I was thinking in terms of over-all career versatility and range. He totally transformed himself in Stand and Deliver. He was the Pachuco in Zuit Suit, Gaff in Blade Runner, etc... Just look at his film and television work in IMDB. He's had an incredible career and it's still going strong. Don Johnson's career was pretty quiet in the years after Nash Bridges though it has picked up considerably in the last several years. Thinking about just the show itself, which wasn't my initial thinking, Don Johnson had much more opportunity to show his range than did EJO. Castillo was clearly a supporting character to the two leads. His screen time was so much less, but even then he stood out. That alone says something about his acting ability.
  14. Miami Vice Quotes 2017

    Yup, that's Crockett to Paul inn "No Exit"
  15. EJO best MV actor?

    I'll check out those DJ flicks. I think they are all great actors on Vice some as I said go "off" a little but never too much I was just being over-analyzing/picky. Lou Rodriguez- yeah glad he didn't stick around because he's cliche and annoying
  16. EJO best MV actor?

    And yet, that made him a fixture on Vice. And it takes talent to play a character like that. Also, I don't know why people always complained about him mumbling; to me, he always said his lines clear enough so that you could understand him perfectly. And I'm saying that as somebody whose first language isn't English. It's kind of interesting to think how the show would have turned out if Gregory Sierra had stayed on. Lou Rodriguez was the epitome of a hectic, no-frills, by-the-book, cigar smoking 1970s police drama lieutenant in a cheap polyester suit, best exemplified in the pilot scene where Crockett and Rodriguez are sitting in the car arguing after Eddie Rivera got blown up. It definitely would have given the show a different turn. Castillo as a character was really more a work of art, an elaborate stylization of the authority figure that a police lieutenant is supposed to be. And in that way, he helped make MV the piece of modern art that it became.
  17. EJO best MV actor?

    Tubbs had that tough New York attitude in the beginning, but later on that was toned down. The only thing, that to me was over the top/unnecessary with Crockett's character was the shouting and anger. Also with Trudy and Gina I liked how the played the scene in "El Viejo" proving they could also do comedy stuff. Gina was very good in "The Pilot" in the boat scene with Crockett. When she says "there is not a hell of a lot you can do about it now anyway!" Trudy did a good job too. When it comes to the main cast Trudy and Gina rarely get mentioned.
  18. EJO best MV actor?

    Good movies with DJ are The Hot Spot (Great movie. An underrated classic) and Dead-Bang (Excellent movie). I recommend both. The show generally had high quality acting from the main cast and guest stars. Don and Phil were great on the show IMO. Some don't rate EJO as an actor, saying he mumbled too much and always had the same sour expression.
  19. Happy Birthday, eilahtan !

    Happy birthday buddy!
  20. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Such a fun song to listen to. Thanks for posting.
  21. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    That Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" style progression still being used...
  22. Happy Birthday, eilahtan !

    Have a Happy Birthday Dude!
  23. EJO best MV actor?

    This is a fun album!
  24. EJO best MV actor?

    The video for 'Just the Way I Planned It' IS weird but damn is it catchy! It's like a more manly Michael Jackson - 'Off the Wall' era. 'Heartbeat' is a rad song but not original and that album is not written by DJ , PMT proves he can write/sing
  25. EJO best MV actor?

    That's a close one, i love this and DJ's Heartbeat equally.
  26. EJO best MV actor?

    PMT on MV oddly enough, starts out great! - a dynamite actor then he's just good then ok then pretty damn good again so he's not "consistent". DJ's is really doing Brando though - which isn't a bad thing...seriously DJ looks like Brando from that 1961 movie he did One Eyed Jacks. he starts to go out of character for me in season 3. Let's face it though DJ is cool as shit. I really can't remember him much after MV except for Tin Cup which I can't believe I even watched - he was GREAT as a villain in that! poor PMT, I've been reading a crap load of interviews & both claim to have never stopped being friends and all those rumors were 100% false about them ever not getting along. PMT's vegetarianism rubbed off of me, his music is actually cool & he's got talent -unlike DJ he wrote/produced his own music.
  27. EJO best MV actor?

    Thanks! And I agree.
  28. EJO best MV actor?

    Edward James Olmos arguably went on to have the most enduring and versatile career after "Vice", and was able to avoid being typecast most successfully. He has gathered large fan bases well outside his work on Vice, whereas Don will probably always be remembered chiefly for Miami Vice. Ok and Nash Bridges, in which he was really just an aged Sonny Crockett in a parallel universe (that's almost literally what somebody in a newspaper review for Nash Bridges wrote at the time, anyway) That's not necessarily a bad place to be; Don is without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces of 80s pop culture, and pretty much all over the world. Not many people can say that about themselves. But Don's career has been hit and miss since the end of Vice, while EJO is now a well respected character actor (and political activist). As for Philip Michael Thomas, well... I think he was either way the best partner that both Don Johnson and the producers could have hoped for. If various teen magazines were to be believed back then, the two had grown tired of each other behind the scenes by the end of the show and barely talked to each other anymore. But their chemistry on-screen was undeniable until the end. I think that regardless of whether he was/is a talented actor or not, Phil just didn't play his cards right, and allowed himself to descend into dubious gigs for a paycheck too quickly. Maybe he just had a bad agent or something. I would have liked to see more of Michael Talbott, but I understand he retired completely from his acting career a few years later. Michael Talbott and John Diehl should have had their own show. Not really as Switek and Zito, but maybe as two slightly chaotic police detective buddies going through all kinds of funny adventures together like in Made For Each Other or Phil the Shill. A concept like that definitely would have worked outside of Vice. I tend to still root for Don Johnson, after all he was one of my biggest idols while I was growing up. But in truth, I haven't watched any of his works of the last five years or so. I want them to be good, but I haven't actually felt compelled to watch any of them.
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