The Miami Vice Community is growing day by day. When many people come together usually some rules have to arrange the contact between users. On principle the rules of Netiquette count on our Miami Vice Community.


Posts/pictures/links with racist, sexist or vulgar content are not wanted. Attention is invited to the fact that infringements are subject to prosecution even in the internet. All infringements can be filed with a complaint. Users posting such content are deleted immediately. IP and email addresses are being recorded.


Links, posts, descriptions and requests to copy (or to provide via P2P) copyrighted material - especially music and video - is forbidden.


Advertising commercial websites is not wanted. Links to private websites - without offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist or any other damaging content - may be linked in the website template of the user's profile. Publishing links in post is only allowed with permission of one of the board team members (administrators / moderators).


In the user's signature links are not wanted. The signature's content should be linked to Miami Vice - preferably a quote from the show.


There are some board avatars. The upload of own avatars is permitted as far as these avatars don't break laws or don't have racist, sexist or vulgar content. Fake avatars are not wanted.


Posting single words or smilies only is not wanted. Basically a post should contribute to a thread.


If a new issue develops in a thread, the new one should be discussed in a new thread. In the first thread a link may redirect to the new thread discussion.


Publishing private messages is only permitted with the author's agreement.


The board has a convenient search function. Please use it before you open a new thread.


Writing without following the rules of orthography and spelling is an act of disrespectfulness against other uers. Posts like that may be ignored. By the way: every user is able to edit his own postings with the "Edit" button.


Moderators have the right to avenge deliberate infringements against all rules listed above. This may be editing posts, closing or deleting threads, warning or banning users.


Contraventions against sanctions applied by one of the moderators like opening a new thread about the same issue are not tolerated. If a user can't agree with a moderator's action he may ask for a statement per mail or pn. Public discussions about a moderator's action are not tolerated.


Political, religious or controversial threads are not welcome.


By the way: the last user has to turn off the lights. :D