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    Eating Pizza at "East Side Pizza" while watching "Golden Triangle2" with Noogie, Switek an Zito at same location! "Noogie need calories to talk.....
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    Whoa, I totally forgot about this thread and came back surprised to see nice comments! Firstly this project is still alive and I keep coming back to it from time to time. I studied the set meticulously watching the new blu-ray release and found out that it went through a big overhaul between season 2 and 3, so I had to take a few steps back and some choices still need to be made, but I'll get back to it when I'm ready. I'm not an architect, just a fan of the era, place and style) Funny you mention the Terminator PD, because that's exactly what I thought of myself Let me dig up some old shots of the HQ and also show you what I'm focused on In the meantime, which is the Terminal Island.
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    4points to day. the Balcony were C&T i sitting is gone. Only the left part is left. The photo looking down- you can see the "ark". C&T was sitting "above" this. Callie was laying where you can see sunbed and the dirt/palmtrees. The pool is 100% intakt. Last photo you see the 2trees also seen in 1986. The people working here is supriced when I tell them about MV was filmed here.
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    Many thanks to you all. It was a great day. Someone got me the MV Blu Ray set! I'll share my review on those as it plays out. Best of all, on Friday (the 23rd), our new daughter Amelia was born. How about that for an early birthday present? Music fans may guess that I got the name from my favorite Joni Mitchell song. Thanks again for all your kind wishes.
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    Miami again check! Can't complain on view from Hotel Fontaineblau top floor of total 36! - Its 33 degrees and afternoon showers as always after a fantastic day with a lot of Miami Vice location! I have a lot of surprices for you all! (See the video!!!!) IMG_1355.MP4 IMG_1355.MP4
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    They redid the Phils Mall entrance! Now/Then
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    Y'all are too kind) All of this in fact IS made in UE4, using just the basic built in geometry tool which is an absolute pain to use! Real models, textures etc. will come later. I'm actually planning to put my own spin on the exterior) BTW, the whole layout is very unusual, and sometimes doesn't even make much sense. It's quite a challenge to create a good looking building that this office could be a part of. Yes! Nice shot indeed, I also made one once everyone left. And I'll post another good shot from "El Viejo". My collection must have about a couple hundred shots in total at this point, but it will grow. It's all good! Glad this got so many people excited)
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    Just seen this what a lovely post
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    I just finished watching the entire series of MV & I loved it! I kept hearing Season 4 was horrible & Season 5 was unwatchable (which I think is a little melodramatic). It's really not that bad at all! Season 1&2 = awesome fun Season 3 = good...but darker colors (I preferred pastels), bad fashion, and not as much fun as previous seasons Season 4 = IMO my least favorite season. However, better fashion/colors than what I saw in season 3, weird/stupid stories and I hate the Sheena Easton character/stories/wedding. Also I notice the chemistry between DJ & PMT is not what it used to be. Season 5 = a step up from season 4! Better/darker stories & vibes. However, something is way off in Season 5- seems like the chemistry is 100% gone between DJ & PMT, the fashion in 88/89 has to be the worst from any decade ever! Wow they look like clowns - people wore that shit!?!? Overall - Season 5 was good but didn't feel like Miami Vice to me.
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    Im going to Miami 4 july. Staying at Four Point Sheraton for 2 days, before going to Orlando for 10 days, then 3 days in Fort Lauderdale, before staying the last days in Foutainblau Miami. Any tips- good locations- anyone there? Best Regards
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    For those not linked into me on facebook. I just got back from a short but great trip to Miami in preparation for my return to Florida in October. Many great stories. One I posted is regarding this photo. This bathroom where Castillo does his Spider-Man move is located on the third floor which is off limits to the public. My first request for access was met with a somewhat grumpy denial. Persistence paid off. The secretary that is positioned at the desk seen in my picture allowed me up and when I told her why I was there she responded that her ex-husband had played the sailor in Little Miss Dangerous. Game on. I was then introduced to Bethany Gray who is the Historic Preservation and Curatorial Manager for the estate. I gave them info. on Miami Vice filming at the estate, ep and scenes and locations as they were very interested in using this information to promote the estate for increased tourism. So look for that on their site and advertising. Also if you are going there feel free to talk to this nice woman as she gave me full access to take pictures.
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    Now and then! "What ever works" Ft Lauderdale marina.
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    The best way to view these is to have your player and screen do as little processing as possible, because you want to see the programme they made in the highest quality. As opposed to some arbitrary trick of the equipment which throws off the originally intended presentation. All so-called enhancement settings in screens and players are gimmicks to sell the technology. The real test of the equipment is how faithful to source they can be when all that artificial stuff is turned off - that's when you see what you're supposed to. So in your player settings you want to set it to output at original resolution, no upscaling or telling it you have a 1080 screen. That may seem dumb, when you are playing full HD discs on an HD screen, but there is no need for the player to scale the disc, let the screen do the work. When you watch content that is 4:3 on DVD, not Blu-ray, in order to achieve the same square 4:3 image with black bars either said that Miami Vice on Blu-ray has automatically, you will need to use the aspect button on your remote to get the correct 4:3 ratio. But it will mean that all those DVDs will be as correct as the Miami Vice Blu-ray, if the player does it automatically the image you see will actually be slightly distorted and slightly too narrow. I figure that's worth mentioning as most people who watch Miami Vice have DVDs of old shows that would benefit. Make sure neither player nor screen have any edge enhancement, noise reduction or motion filtering enabled. You may need to go through all the options on your player with the manual to check what they do - if they say they make things look better, turn them off, you do not want your player or screen's idea of what Miami Vice should look like, you want to see what the programme makers intended. The screen should be set to something like True Cinema or equivalent, whatever your manual says is designed for dark room viewing. The levels on that setting should all be left at default, except for Sharpness which should be set to zero, so if it's a slider, all the way down until it's completely off, as that will mean no added sharpening, rather than what most people think it means; 50% on the slider is nothing and taking it lower is imposting softness, that's not right, zero on the sharpness slider means no added sharpening, so you see the actual detail of the disc. All of that will mean that any noise in the image is original analogue film noise, not your player and screen amping that up because it thinks you'll want an artificially sharpened, smoothed or colour boosted version of what you're watching. Screens are usually set by default to extremely heavy settings to attract attention on the showroom floor and most people never think to turn this stuff off, they just continue to use the screen in the condition it came in. It usually makes a whole world of difference taking the above steps. It may take some getting used to, if you're used to everything being artificial, but rest assured, if you leave your screen as above you will see all your TV and films, old and new, in the manner they were intended to be seen. And then when you see them all boosted to heck on other screens, that will look strange to you
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    Happy Birthday to our wonderful country!!
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    Im ready, flight leaving in 45min. Bringing a portable DVD, and all episodes! MVhGeek!
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    Yeah, it was tough. Break through came when I focused on the lighting and realized there was one line of unique high end looking distinctive lights. Then lots of theater lights. Too many to believe were set up for the scene. Had to be some type of stage or theater. I thought it may be the same location as the rally in Victims of Circumstance but ruled that out quickly. Noticed that there were two pillars, very unique designs, barely noticeable off to the sides. And the stairway with the open lit door was both up and down so we were not on a ground floor. I started looking at theaters in the area and the second one I thought of I hit pay dirt. Looking at mages for theater lights I hit on the lights that were unmistakable. Then the pillars were the actual sides of the stage. Then other details were checked and matched up. Definitely the Olympia Theater on Flagler, DT Miami.
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    I believe I found the tree. Now I have to go there and look close up.
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    Maybe it's really finally happening - a new Miami Vice TV series. http://www.spoilertv.com/2017/07/miami-vice-reboot-in-development-at-nbc.html There is only one problem for me - "Fast and Furious" to me is one of the most unwatchable, intellectually vacuous and downright dumb movie series of all time. And don't even get me started about Vin Diesel himself. With Michael Mann not on board anymore, you naturally have to expect a somewhat different overall style on a project like this. But if the new show will be made by anybody who was responsible for Fast and Furious, then I will refuse to watch even a single episode of it. Michael Mann sort of half got it wrong himself with his 2006 movie, but letting Vin Diesel handle a reboot will ruin the franchise once and for all. This isn't good news.
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    Went over to 4points hotel Beach from the Fontainebleu just to make this sandsculpture hours before my flight. I had to make Callies sandcastle or what the hell she made..... And it had to be made at the same spot! Problem was the morningsun. Didnt get the same light and shadow.
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    A Bullet For Crockett, the chase in the opening teaser
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    Fort Lauderdale check! Now im gonna use some days for locations here! Im Happy that i have my night entertainment with me!
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    If the baby actually did live and wasen't killed in the explosion then I agree with vicegirl85 about new season writers dropping a storyline involving Rico's son. Could be because of a number of reasons. And since there was a baby coffin present at the funeral, they (the producers and writers) could always decide to "close that case", if they wanted to. Still other storylines were resolved/closed in S5 with Tubbs and Valerie, Lombard and Burnett saga? But they made that episode "The Afternoon Plane" with Calderóne Jr returning without any mentioning of the baby, where it would have been appropriate, so perhaps Rico's son story was already dropped then/changed direction in the show regarding the baby.
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    at one point, there was even a Daytona body conversion kit available for the first gen Miata, so if you can't get hold of a McBurnie, try finding one of these :-)
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    The true Vicer already owns this couch and sleeps in it one night a week to keep himself from getting soft.
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    Yes, many of the walls got extended quite noticeably, I'm guessing because it was a little too cramped in there for a comfortable filming. It's all a bit of a blur in my head But I do remember one funny thing, you can see that the ceiling of briefing room is missing during some episodes)
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    I am very pleased to wish a Happy Birthday to one of our most frequent posters on miamiviceonline........Dadrian! Dadrian, you discuss almost every Topic on the day's listing with very interesting & humorous comments. Of course, the topics I like best are the musical ones. I'm sure you do also, since you are a good musician. Well, enjoy your big day....Happy Birthday, Dadrian.
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    Loraine... how perfect
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    And now i can watch 7episodes while in flight to Miami! Nothing better!
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    Well I will soon be in Naples which will allow me to hit Miami on a regular basis. I plan on working my way through the series again, looking for unknown locations, taking more pictures on location, updating the look of the site a little, maybe adding some behind the scene pictures. Now that I have gone through it I will be able to add some trivia type notes updating each page with any missing info on other places a location was used and maybe stuff like the shortest and longest teasers etc. Things I took notes on but did not include. I do feel good about having stuck with it and completed the whole series. I also only have one more season of Burn Notice to do.
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    Whilst going through some photos - I came across this from a trip to Miami in 2005 as featured in "Freefall" This was taken from Watson Island off the MacArthur Cswy looking towards 1000 Venetian Way ("Heart of Darkness" & "By Hooker By Crook ") - this is the building seen behind C&T in the still from "Freefall"
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    I have just published this episode on my location site.
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    The spinoff idea was as useless as the current reboot idea. All this stuff gives me the creeps.
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    Michael Mann's own 1986 Testarossa is coming up for auction at Sotheby's: http://www.carscoops.com/2017/07/miami-vice-directors-ferrari-testarossa.html I have to say I really dig the color scheme... Michael Mann had taste on and off the screen... Any bets for what kind of price this one will sell? It's been fully restored and certified by Ferrari itself... so it's as good as any other top condition Testarossa...
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    It's time to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of the most active if not the most active member on this site........Matt5 ! Matt has contributed something to almost every topic on these forums. I also consider him to be one of my Miami Vice, friends. Have a very enjoyable Birthday, Matt!
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    Happy Birthday to one of our most popular members......miamijimf ! Enjoy your big day in a Miami Vice Way!
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    Spanish Monastery. I have more comming! Here is a taste:
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    http://variety.com/2017/film/columns/quentin-tarantino-does-charles-manson-1202496556/ What does everyone make of this news? Man I liked Hateful Eight but it's existence felt very self-congratulating at times (even though Kurt Russel is god), So it's cool that QT is trying something new and tackling a real life event for a change. This would be like the perfect opportunity to invert expectations of his works and be able to display the difference between the cartoonish "movie violence" of his previous films and real acts of barbarity that we've seen all too frequently in the news in recent times, he could make a statement about these senseless terror attacks. I can't wait, its sounds awesome. Do you think it's going to deviate from history like in Inglorious Basterds by having Sharon Tate live or something, then exacts her revenge on Manson Kill Bill Style. Hope not.
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    Wishing you the best birthday ever Jim! Congrats!
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    I still check in everyday if even for just a few minutes but I've been a little busy lately selling a house and a few other things. But I can see that the quotes trivia seems to be in good hands!
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    No Jim, not from Miami. I'm from New Port Richey, Florida so I'm a native. I was in Miami Beach two years ago with a friend. I went to Ft. Lauderdale on a business trip and when I told a good friend of mine (female) that I was going for a few days to a convention, she invited herself and said Ft. Lauderdale has one of two legal nude beaches in the US. I didn't know that or that she was into that, but guess what I ended up doing in Ft. Lauderdale that evening? . Well, there's a first time for everything and sunbathing in your birthday suit was definately one of them for me, obviously not for her though! After that we drove down to Miami and stayed overnight on the beach. It reminded me soooooooo much of Vice. The scenes of Yankee Dollar with Crockett chasing Timmy into the water or Tubbs playing sax in Nobody Lives for Ever as he gets mugged at the end. Exactly the way I remember it from Vice. It was a great time. Unfortunately this time I didn't have the time to spend there so it was drive in and get on the boat and then get off the boat and drive home. Still fun though.
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    Mad Men is right there with Miami Vice and The Sopranos for my personal favorites! Just a magnificent drama. Captures the style and music of the era just like MV did for the 80s. Also, it has a great cast.
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    Yeah it could look better, because only Brother's Keeper is a complete remaster - the others are older HD transfers, not brand new ones fully remastered to the best they could be. See comparison between the old and new Brother's Keeper below, and those are just DVD comparisons between the new and old masters, the Blu-ray is much sharper, but you can see on DVD how much better the full remaster is* However, as you say, the Blu-rays whilst not all full remasters like Brother's Keeper, are still the best the episodes have looked, and probably ever will look, at this stage in the game; with so many people now just downloading in one way or another, or streaming - none of which has the data rate of reading with a blue laser. But I very much doubt we will see every episode newly scanned and remastered like Brother's Keeper, that's a major investment and with complete series budget Blu-ray sets out for $30, the market is in totally the wrong place for the price tag fully restored new masters would need to cost on disc to make money - something like $90 per season recommended retail price. We're four or five years too late for that kind of thing in the physical market now, sadly. *
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    Susanna Hoffs has such beauty in this video also from fall 1986
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    I recorded Vice on Beta during the latter part of season 1. I recorded it on VHS when it aired on USA Network around 1989. I bought "Prodigal Son" on VHS around 2000. I bought the DVDs 2 yrs ago. Just received the Mill Creek set from Amazon. Crazy how long I've enjoyed Miami Vice. My set had the corrected discs. I've only scanned a few episodes. The first few episodes were slightly disappointing. I need to look at them again. The picture improves as the season moves on. "Smuggler's Blues" on DVD was so dark. This blu ray version is gorgeous! I'm mostly happy with the image quality. What's up with "Prodigal Son" though? It took a few steps backward to me. If another company came out with an improved set, I'd buy it but I wonder is it technologically possible to do better than what we have. Yes mixups in audio could be fixed but can the picture be improved much? My tv allows me to save different picture settings so I'm trying to make one simply for Vice. Just adjusting one setting like black detail made a noticeable difference to me. First pic is with no black detail & the second has it turned on. Creates deeper blacks but I think I prefer the first pic. These were just taken with my phone.
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    Dadrians remakes a a must in Miami!
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    I'm starting to hear Phil Collins in my head now. 12 hrs of wet sanding before paint. This car is SEMA car show streight. Question: How do you get a car so straight. Answer: One hundred dollar bills is the answer.
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    I bet this one gets answered quickly. Name the episode and scene:
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    Four Points Sheraton - swimming pool area and front entrance scenes in Definitely Miami and El Viejo, as well as the ice cream shop scene in Lombard Fontainebleau - opening scene of Rites of Passage A quick drive up to the 7000 section of Collins Ave takes you to more good stuff. Gol Italian Restaurant - 940 71st St - this was Pascal's Pascal Restaurant in Blood and Roses Ocean Terrace - seen in The Maze 7747 Atlantic Way - safehouse in Definitely Miami - also they walk on the beach from Ocean Terrace to the safehouse 7800 Atlantic Way - Rivers' house in Contempt of Court 7615 Harding Ave - Switek's apartment Complete location guide by forum member CGlide: http://www.miamivicelocations.org/
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    I think the "Bayview Motel" was on the corner of Poinciana Ave and Bayside Ct, next door to the professor's house. Looking at historicaerials.com the house seems to have been demolished. But the wall looks the same. There are even some similar boulders lying around. Another possibility is that it is the professor's house at the corner of Poinciana & Carole Ct.