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    Here are a few shots (first 3) of my car that I think I had posted in here in the Ferrari thread, while the last small shot is the Camera Car as seen in recent years The first shot makes the grill look almost gray due to shading.
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    & In memory of those I knew who sacrificed for their country.
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    I have studied Aristotle, Socrates, William Friedrich Hegel, Bertrand Russell. I have toured college campuses debating the virtues of dialectic versus symbolic syllogism. I have written scholarly articles on the need for a new, more dynamic logic. But nothing in my life has prepared me for the workings of the Thomas Magnum mind. Higgins aka John Hillerman will be missed
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    "Fifteen years. Seems like only yesterday." Updating the thread today to note the game's Fifteenth Anniversary today. Not a lot of buzz about the anniversary on the internet except for the GTA subreddit and Welcome to the '80's video posted by James above. For a different type of tribute here's videogamedunkeys very funny Vice City video from a couple years ago. Happy 15th Anniversary, Vice City!
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    1. Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right thing. 2. Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right thing. 3. Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right thing. 4. Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right thing. 5. Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right thing. honorable mention: Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right thing.
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    And she’s off. Thinking of setting up a webpage that timelines the milestones in the cars life from being the 1st Daytona built to being lost in the desert. All the mishaps, from the donor car being a wrecked car to being lost because of a VIN swap as well as photos and updates of the cars transformation back to its screen used look. 5BDC5A27-9076-4D0E-8386-6536224BE451.MOV
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    Did the Enerald Coast Car Show this weekend. The car stood its own very well. I was parked in the car carol with 3000 other cars, the first day when a event staff came and asked me & 4 other cars to move to the stage area. Come to find out, the 5 of us won people choice awards. Much better location I got a lot of comments on the underhood mirror paint job. Ppl loved the look everyon loved the stance. I think I’m as close as I’ve seen to the car on Miami Vice
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    New update on my covers. Check it out! Copied/pasted from the YouTube video description: iPhone video alert! Here’s a glimpse of my new setup. This is basically all I need to pick up where I left off. All you’re hearing is the DX7 guitar patch thru the flanger (in “DOUBLER” mode here) with some plate emulation reverb, and the pad track I recorded years ago with my now gone Roland Juno 106. The Rockman X100 (in the ROCKMOUNT) and the JP-08 are only shown (not heard) here. I now have a JU-06 to go forward for the Memorymoog pads (not shown or heard here). NOT HQ AUDIO!
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    With Zeus and Apollo, the trusted "lads". A great show made even greater by a Texan playing a Brit, and was so convincing he received fan mail from the UK asking from where he hailed.
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    Happy Veteran's Day to all who served or are serving somewhere around the globe. Also to the families of Vets, who deserve to recognized for their service.
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    I dare you to name more than a handful of other songs that are as quintessentially "mid-80s" as this To me, it has one of the finest synth hooks of that era...
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    32 years ago today, on November 2, 1985 "Music from the Television Series Miami Vice" soundtrack album hit the number 1 spot of the Billboard top 200 and held the top album position for a stunning 11 weeks! Any great memories of this record? I had the cassette back then and wore it out, but obtained the CD and vinyl a few years ago and listening tonight.
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    As Don Johnson said......I don't know what movie they made but it's not Miami Vice! If you are curious and want to give your opinion.........rent it & watch it.
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    An 80s tune but kind of a disco throwback.
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    Check out this YouTube video: I was reading my email this morning and had an email from AutoWeek Magazine. These emails generally include a number of topics from their recent issue. One of the items that caught my eye was "This General Lee Dodge Charger Stunt Car is secretly a Crown Vic Police Interceptor". In reading the article, the above YouTube video was included. Don't let the General Lee stuff confuse you. If you watch the entire video, the 5 most iconic TV cars are shown and discussed. And, guess what is number 1 - Yup, the Miami Vice Ferraris. I have to agree with their choices!!! MV most iconic car.docx
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    guys i think i found the hot stripper in brothers keeper her name is arlene mazerolle tell me what you think?
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    Yeah, i was just playing GTA 3 yesterday also. But my original PS2 version, not PS4. The III era games are absolute classics, the graphics are some of the best of that era, even GTA 3 which was released in 2001, it's better than some games from 2005. And the controls are smooth/fluid also, compared to other PS2-era games which felt stiff.
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    Hello, it looks like we haven't had this thread as such... if we did, apologies... But can you name your all-time top five scenes from the series? Here are mine (it was actually much harder than I thought to single out my top five favorite scenes out of all those countless great moments ): Number 5: The ending of Out Where The Buses Don't Run. Great conclusion to a spooky episode, and what's not to love about "Brothers In Arms"... Number 4: The Home Invaders, where they are poring over the case files late at night at the office. Absolutely genius and one of the best uses ever of Jan Hammer's music. Number 3: Bushido, where Castillo recognizes Jack Gretsky on the surveillance tape. Miami Noir at its finest. Number 2: Golden Triangle Pt II, Castillo and Lao Li together in the limousine. Even finer example of Miami Noir. And I love the vintage Mercedes 600 Number 1: Lombard, the scene between Lombard and Crockett on the boat. My all-time favorite episode to begin with, but this scene captures its essence. Honorable mention: Down for the Count Pt I, Switek finding Zito in the locker room. Intense scene, and as such, a worthy farewell to Larry.
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    Happy Birthday! I can no longer even imagine watching an episode without going through your locations right after.
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    Not sure if this is my all-time top 5, just what I could come up with off the top of my head. I'm currently in my Vice off-season, starting again on the 1st of December, the first day of summer. 5. Out Where the Buses Don't Run - Brother in Arms Scene 4. Crockett convinces Robbie to do the right ring 3. Crockett and cousin Jack in the alley 2. In The Air Tonight 1. Evan - The powerful scene at night at the gas station with Tubbs. Eh I don't know. Honourable mentions - Two scenes in Bought and Paid For, the car chase at the beginning, and the nightclub scene including when Odette's mother arrives at the airport. I love those, and that episode.
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    Here is a page I started, just a start with 'my story', how we came about the car and the path that lead to its full unraveling. I hope to update this and have a full life cycle of the cars history laid out from when it was first being built to the future when its back to "TV condition". If anybody spots wrong historic info when I tried to put together "the history" please let me know. I want to try and make it as accurate as possible. https://www.volocars.com/the-attraction/miami-vice-daytona
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    YES! Very time-consuming, but rewarding throughout. I really appreciate the feedback. It’s always good to hear the songs have brought someone joy.
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    I know the Miami miscellaneous locations thread disappeared - but thought would post here. A friend of mine on Facebook posted this picture of Bayfront Park , the bandstand and library from 1966. This is where the Intercontinental and Citibank featured in many episodes would be built
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    SB, your car is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics
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    These are the newest photos of my figures . Tubbs is now wearing a navy blue suit ( looks black in the photos ) with the same black shirt as before . I have a lighter blue shirt coming soon . Crockett is still wearing the telltale white suit but the new one is more linen like whereas the other one was a lighter material and much thinner so you could see through it a little .
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    We WILL remember them. My family who served WWI & II
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    Yep, his acting was absolutely brilliant. Never have I heard an American put on such a great and convincing British accent.
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    Happy Veterans Day!May God bless you all who had served and your families.
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    The Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove - featured extensively in this Season 2 episode at Halloween a week or so ago.
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    Fantastic ! I agree just great
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    No sorry Dadrian. C & T discover a victim on the back stairway of this bldg.
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    Starsky & Hutch He makes use of the Jamaican accent he's famous for in this episode.
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    I really liked the door panels shaved looking. But you can’t shut the door without grabbing the top of the door, which leaves finger marks (not to mention, gets hot!). So your car is all detailed, and you forgot to wipe the top of the door with a rag, and your driving down the road with these finger smudges on the top of the door. Call me anal but you really look like an ass doing it. I had made the armrest/cup holder that are shaped exactly like the front parking lenses. But, they just are too big. I’ll find a use for them I’m sure. So this is what I came up with. It doesn’t stand out and I still have that clean look. I didn’t go Black, because I wanted it to blend into the door card. I may change to black at a later date, just not sure yet.
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    If you ever needed any proof that Christopher Walken is one of the coolest people on the planet...
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    Yes I thought so ! I don’t need much of an excuse to watch a Miami Vice episode but it is a Halloween and this episode is Halloween themed after all ha ha !
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    I think my favorite Pink Floyd song is "Another Brick", the full album version... My favorite Pink Floyd guitar solo would probably be the guitar on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" from 07:36: (the intro of the Delicate Sound of Thunder live version is even more spectacular than that of this studio version IMO, but sadly, the great guitar solo is missing from it) I just love Pink Floyd's flavor of prog rock. Long, drawn out tracks that never feel lengthy and just captivate you for all the right reasons.
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    My 20 year old daughter bought this top last week...velvet, lace AND a peplum hem This pleases me
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    The Carillion in North Beach was used for some interiors in this episode (exteriors also seen in Season 1s “One Eyed Jack”) - here is a nice view circa 1960s
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    Didn't see this comment before. Happy 15th Anniversary to the best game ever made. "You took 15 years from me, Sonny. Now I'm gonna make you pay!" "You still don't get it, do you... I OWN you, Tommy. Those 15 years were mine to spend." 15 years has flown by. Next year is actually the big anniversary. When Vice City came out, it was based 16 years in the past. And next year will mark 16 years since it's release. So, if 2002 was 1986, then 2018 will be 2002. Just makes you think that when the came came out, the 80s was not that long ago at all.
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    That was Crockett to Tubbs in Prodigal Son, as they are tailing Borges who just met a woman about party favors.
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    Those are all awesome choices man. It's hard to think of the all time 5 so I'll put scenes that are memorable. 5. The end of "Milk Run" when one of the kids gets shot down at the airport in slow-mo. That end shot of Crockett sitting on the floor covered in blood with the slow version of Jan Hammer's "Rain" playing. Those feels man. 4. The end of No Exit with Phil Collins "I don't care anymore", reminded me of the ship yard shoot out at the end of 2006 movie (but in a good way) 3. The end of "Bought and Paid for" when Gina finds out about Odette's suicide. 2. Castillo beating the Thai Assassin in a back alley fist fight in Golden Triangle. My favourite Castillo moment 1. The opening of Yankee Dollar with Par Avion playing. That's one of the best uses of licensed music imo. Amazing. I LOVE that scene. Lao Li and Menton are just smug little a-holes all throughout that ep, made Castillo taking them down that more satisfying.
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    Luis Antonio Ramos confirmed on Twitter with a trivia question being in the pilot as one of the punks. He does resemble Delorenzo. https://twitter.com/luisaramosactor?lang=da 24th april https://twitter.com/LuisARamosActor/status/856331131846832130
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    If you didn't already know - Michael DeLorenzo a.k.a. Sal Lombard is one of the dancers in the video. Look for him at 0:46 and throughout...
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    Did you recreate all those Jan Hammer cues just from listening to the originals and piecing them together yourself on a keyboard? You're like a modern day Elmyr de Hory. Impressive man
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    Dadrian, you outdid yourself with this one!
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