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    Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil (Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon) It´s not near my home, but its where i do walk.
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    Check out my season 3 lighting experiment for my studio:
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    Hi from good old Europe (Switerland)
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    Hello. I know that we all live all over the map. So what about sharing a picture of the city you live in. Take your own pic, no internet pics please. I will start... This is Berlin Germany..
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    Man.. all of you live in these really exotic and cool places, I'm jealous. Here's my little town in the south of Wales.
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    I live across the lake from Ferrariman in Niagara. I tell everyone I live in Niagara Falls but that is because most people know where that is. I used to actually live just above the Falls in a town called Chippawa. I could see the mist of the falls from my front porch of my house. I later moved to Port Weller which is just BELOW the Falls near the mouth of the Niagara River which flows into Lake Ontario. I live on my boat in my Marina which I have been a member of for more than 20 years, 14 years now with MY VICE.
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    View of marina on Manatee River that flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Bradenton, Florida. Kinda like Miami back in the day, not huge, good beaches, warm weather, and everybody is from someplace else.
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    My wife took this picture nearby a few years ago. Now it's on some realtor's site. Our place is third from the right, top two stories.
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    Rural living in Switzerland.
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    Entered my first judged car show. The celebrity car show in Tampa. We drove down the night before the show (5 hrs). During most of the drive we were right behind a major rain storm. Windshield Wipers were on delay the entire trip. Never got direct rain. Just a constant mist from the road. We washed the car off and sprayed chrome cleaner on the rims when we got there. Dryed the car with shammies and parked it in a garage. The next morning we were at the car show at 8 am. Parked the car and raised the hood. We detailed the car in a few spots and started looking at all the cool cars. The car took second, beat by the Bat mobile. The same car that was parked in the center tent and on the flyer for the car show. The Bat mobile was also on the dash plaque that was in the goody bag that was given to me during registration. Should I say more about why it beat me? I was told by a judge that I was in the running for every category, but I hadn’t detailed the car to “car show” standards. The fact that I had driven from Tallahassee to Tampa impressed him. I said it’s a show driver, not a trailer Queen. Everyone was cleaning cars with Q-tips and polishing chrome all the way up to the judging. I had inadvertently told a judge that there were to many cool cars to look at, and that I wasn’t going to spend 4 hrs detailing a driver. I didn’t know he was a judge at the time when I made the remark. Lesson learned. Lol Still the dirty car took second. I beat the General Lee car. I thought for sure it would beat me. It was perfect and the guy kept detailing it all day long. All in all I have to decide if I really want this show car experience. That’s a lot of cleaning and I’m just not sure if it’s for me. I like to look at cars while I’m there.
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    My recreation shot of the Heart of Darkness Scene. Key Fob is same, as is the thin gold ZIppo, boat ashtray, Lucky Strikes and vintage Patou Pour Homme EDT.
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    Wow! Thanks for sharing these! I agree with the others. Beautiful family. I was listening to the MV Soundtrack as I looked at them and played the videos. (Had to complete the feel) My oldest son lived in Miami for a short time working for the Attorney Generals office there. (He moved to Jacksonville after becoming exasperated with the parking there for work.) My younger son is the one who passed away. They were 10 years apart in age. (Sorry to go so off topic) I visited him briefly in February of 2015. So, in just under 3 weeks I'll be back for his wedding there. I did take many pictures but was traveling with someone not keen on Vice. This time I will be solo, but probably wont rent a car. So I'll stay near Ocean Drive in a hostel probably. (Never have, so fun) Here's a picture of me at the Versace mansion, which I was excited to find because of the 1997 horrible incident. I remember the scary news coverage. (Am actually watching "America Crime Story" now, so I will certainly make my way to the Normandy for a peek) I do like it here. xo (Off to rewatch Yankee Dollar!)
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    Hi Don has given out an award for Crime drama at the National TV awards tonight. They played an Eagles song as he walked on but he did get a big round of applause from the audience when they mentioned he had been Crockett from MV. Cool
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    455 ocean drive (ex Woodys) with backyard used in too much too late club Deuce the disco from buddies in James Ave (forgot the number) Royal Palm hotel at 1500 Collins Ave block the house from Victims of Circumstance on Miami Beach drive nemo hotel from Ted Tape and Miracle Man and the block next door from good collar all around 1st Street the shelborne at 18xx Collins from buddies MB Police and back entrance at Drexel Ave (Asian cut, everybody's in show biz) new location find : the university from Leap of Faith - Miami Beach city hall and so on and so on But: don't we have a different maps here on the site where most locations are pins that fans could print out???? PS I wi be in Miami end of March and can dedicate one day for location touring if someone's interested!
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    I shot this two years ago. Rarely take pictures, just videos.
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    Thanks for volunteering for the job buddy. Let me know when you want to get started and I can give you moderator permissions for this thread! You're not doing anything till retirement right?
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    Picked it up off Evilbay for $11.00 shipped still sealed. While it’s not the 86 version (molded in black) which I still have since I was a kid, I couldn’t resist the price! Let’s see where this goes! Camera car build? The built one is my original 86 version I got in 86 & has since been rebuilt after it was wrecked sitting in storage over 20 years.
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    Hey guys, it's A.J. here. Today is the day. I knew this day would come and that it would make you very happy. I'm pleased to report that I found the VHS tape of the home video that I recorded during the filming of part of this episode at my house on Dec. 14, 1988. I digitized the tape for you guys and proudly present it to you here. Keep in mind, I was 13 at the time. I think I operated the video camera for the first part, and then I must have handed the camera to someone else during the filming of the final shot of C+T driving up to the house. I'm the one in the dark grey sweatshirt with a SLR camera trying to take still photos of Don Johnson & Philip Michael Thomas in their car. At the time, everyone in my family was mainly interested in and concerned with "The Explosion". That is what we had all of our attention on. In retrospect, I wish I had recorded more of Nicky and Gina, but I didn't know who they were. All we cared about were C+T, and things blowing up. They did let me record from across the street during the rehearsal of C+T driving up to Gina. Notice that none of the house was on fire for the rehearsal. I had to move out of camera range when they were really filming, and I believe the final shot we captured in the video from the side is the one that made it into the episode. This video contains the shot of the explosion that I showed in my living room to the people on the crew. Perhaps video assist hadn't been invented yet. I should have zoomed out, but I didn't realize how big the explosion would be. Will you all examine this recording like it's the Zapruder Film? My guess is that for a few of you, yes you will. Enjoy! Miami Vice home video - S5E9 "Fruit of the Poison Tree" (14Dec1988)
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    Our best view of Biscaya is in "Nobody Lives Forever". We get a brief view at night near the end of "Out Where The Buses Don't Run": And finally we barely see it in "Free Verse" when they storm the estate to free the hostage:
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    Just think about all the fun I'm having rediscovering all the things I used to know! Every day and in every way I'm getting better and better!
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    There are a zillion Vice locations in walking distance along Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, and Washington Ave. My first piece of advice is to think about if there were certain episodes or scenes that really resonated with you. You might have certain locations that you really want to see. Also, in my most recent visit before I left home I watched the scenes of locations I planned to visit so they would be fresh in my mind. As mentioned in the other thread, this is the main resource: http://www.miamivicelocations.org Restaurants/bars: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/12738-miami-restaurants-bars/ Ocean Drive hotels: To me the best Ocean Drive scene is the No Exit teaser. The team is set up at both corners of Ocean & 14th, in the Winterhaven and in another building. The Bushido teaser is also at the Winterhaven. The public bathroom in this scene has been demolished and replaced. The Carlyle at 1250 Ocean Dr was used in Brother's Keeper, Back in the World, One Eyed Jack. The Victor Hotel at 1144 Ocean Dr was used in Cool Running, Junk Love, Phil the Shill, Little Miss Dangerous, Heroes of the Revolution. The Park Central at 640 Ocean Dr was used in The Savage, Death and the Lady, Asian Cut.
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    A few more- taken 1/31/2017
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    Big Fish Restaurant began when Tommy Sykes "sublet half of Bud Dawson's service station at 55 SW Miami Avenue Road. The restaurateur converted one of Dawson Marine Service's mechanic's bays into a kitchen and jerrybuilt a lean-to roof with corrugated metal to create an outdoor terrace." We first catch a glimpse of this Texaco station in Season 1 in the hostage scene near the end of "Smuggler's Blues": We next see it in Season 3 in "Theresa" near the police property warehouse. This is the same view as "Smuggler's Blues", with one difference. In "Theresa" we are looking under the Miami Avenue bridge. In "Smuggler's Blues" the bridge has been demolished and therefore is not in the way. The best view comes in Season 4's "Cows of October": Satellite view for orientation: You see the gas pumps in Season 5's "Leap of Faith" when they are in Big Fish:
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    after long research, I finally found the source of the first shot: the car that is parked on the sidewalk is a 1976-79 Cadillac Deville, the other Caddie parked on the curb is a 1973 Deville. After scrolling through endless pics on IMCDB.org, I found it! It's footage from the 1981 Sylvester Stallone Movie 'Nighthawks':
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    Here's a drone picture, I guess, of our complex. Never seen it before, but it shows the area.
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    Sarlat-la-canéda, France European union (old town). not my pic, but in my view a very good and representative one. plus it's winter right now, not really good for photography (lot of rain). maybe in spring i'll post another pic (if God lends me time of course) https://www.google.fr/maps/@44.8896178,1.2164408,3a,75y,183.11h,83.45t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipM4fdqpDTqtlScfG3HHkbogJtyTIBHSdzpa2pe9!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipM4fdqpDTqtlScfG3HHkbogJtyTIBHSdzpa2pe9%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya17.92994-ro-0-fo100!7i5376!8i2688?dcr=0
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    Thanks. I’m getting closer every day to finishing my big kickoff video. I will post the channel here when it becomes official.
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    I’ll add that the Testarossa is wrong, too. The MV TR only had one mirror: on the driver’s side, and it was mounted higher. I think this shirt is a novelty—almost a gag. Heck, I think I’m about to gag now.
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    It was definitely a real apartment on Brickell Key, because we see the reflections of Brickell Ave buildings and Biscayne Bay in the window in "Indian Wars". The couch that Chief Jumper is sitting on in the second pic can be seen between C&T in the first pic. Also, the pink couch on the left side of both photos. Heck, even the big green plant is the same!
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    A few you tube videos of Don Johnson in London this week, I picked up here in Los Angeles. Don speaks fondly of Miami Vice and Nash Bridges saying he’d like them both to come back
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    Oh, you Australian weirdos with your backwards seasons and counter-clockwise flushing toilets. ============================================= I'm not going to be creative or edgy. These are the Top 5 most impactful and memorable scenes in my opinion. 5. Yankee Dollar - opening scene - Besides the beautiful "Par Avion", the most impressive thing about this scene is its range. It smoothly transitions from low-key office banter to the blissful drive and then to the shock and horror of her death. 4. Evan - opening scene - There's nothing meaningful about this scene. It's just pure gratuitous Viceness. "Rhythm of the Heat" dominates the scene. It's no surprise it fits so well on Vice, since Peter Gabriel used the same Fairlight CMI synth as Jan Hammer. 3. Out Where the Buses Don't Run - final scene - There's a dreamy quality to the driving shots, underscoring how during the whole episode Sonny was never quite sure what was real. 2. Definitely Miami - pool scene - Same as the "Evan" scene, this is deliciously gratuitous. It is the most sensual scene I've ever seen on TV. I can understand if female Vice fans aren't quite as enamored with it as us guys. 1. Brother's Keeper - "In the Air Tonight" - Yes, the scene is cliche by now and the song has been beaten to death on the radio, but that's for a good reason: this was the defining moment of the entire series. "I need to know something, Caroline. The way we used to be together. I don't mean lately, but before. It was real, wasn't it?" "You bet it was."
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    It was fun while it lasted but it over now! The Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa is finished! I’m getting better!
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    We all remember the actor John Santucci playing the character Dale Menton in "Golden Triangle", as well as his roles in "Lombard" and "Jack of All Trades". I just discovered that he has an interesting background: Santucci was a jewel thief before he was hired by Michael Mann to appear in and be a technical advisor in the 1981 movie Thief (with Chuck Adamson, Dennis Farina, Willie Nelson and Tom Signorelli); Thief is notable for the extraordinary coincidences surrounding its cast, largely stemming from Mann's love of employing the right people for technical authenticity - Farina was a Chicago police officer before he became an actor and actually arrested Santucci while the latter was a jewel thief. Furthermore, the main heist in Thief, involving the use of a thermal lance to cut through a vault door, was based on a real-life robbery orchestrated by Santucci. Many of the other tools used in robberies throughout the film were also Santucci's own. http://miamivice.wikia.com/wiki/John_Santucci So the actor playing Al Lombard had in real life arrested the actor playing Lombard's henchman Charlie! Sadly, Santucci returned to his life of crime and was arrested again: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1996-05-18/news/9605180009_1_vending-machines-burglary-tools-chicago-police-department Some more background on the movie "Thief": http://rheaven.blogspot.com/2010/07/thief.html
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    Its a bit sad for me that Season 3 is not becoming much love here. Cause i dont understand it. Different colors and all the different style was maybe hard to take after the first two seasons but it gave the show a fresh look and feel in my opinion. I liked it a lot. AND it was still produced very well and stylish with high production values. And most of the story lines in the first two third of the season are between good and great. The decline starts with the last third of the season and stuff like Showbiz, Viking Bikers or the mediocre Season Finale. And to be honest: Storywise the beloved season 2 had also bad/mediocre episodes. Examples: The vodoo stuff was even the weakest episode of the first two seasons for me, the racing stuff, French twist or The fix. Thats one more reason i dont get the hate for season 3. If its only because the change of style thats unfair to the season. Season 4 in terms of overall quality is the real big step down. THAT is when the show was jumping the shark for me. Yes there are still good episodes sometimes. But it is very uneven. There are several problems: - Production values were not as stunning as before. If you compare Season 3 with Season 4 the decline is pretty obvious. - The Change of the dynamics between Crocket/Tubbs were a bad idea. And i hate that tubbs almost doesnt feel like a main character anymore. - So many weak storys like Missing Hours (worst episode of the whole show), Frozen rastas and all that strange stuff. And then some of the good Storylines are not executed the way they would have been in the first seasons. The Crockett Marriage story was also not the best example. Meeting and marrying in ONE (!!!) Episode??? Come on..... And then Season 5 came... It was much more consistent than season 4 and no Missing Hours like stuff but the thrill was somehow gone and it felt tired. The Season Dynamics between the lead actors was even more strange. In so many episodes we have only one of both characters and stuff like that. its just not what i want to see in MV. And i HATE the style in Season 5. Tubbs clothes especially...good lord....that was bizzare sometimes. But i could have lived with that if the storys and overall production would have been better that season. What was also not that good anymore was the usage of popular music in Season 5. Much less songs. Guess it was a budget problem Dont get me wrong: I have some good episodes i like to watch even in that season but the energy was not there anymore overall. Considering all the problems in the last two seasons (especially season 4) i really dont get why season 3 is in my opinion not getting the love it overall deserves. There are problems in Season 3. Im not blind. But there were also problems in Season 2 like i wrote. What i dont liked was the new fuzzy cinematography starting in late Season 3. Before that all was crisp like it was before. And after that we had this soft fuzzy look all over the picture. Miami Vice for me is Season 1-3 and then chosen Episodes of Seasons 4 and 5
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    In these two clips from the wolfsonsarchives, I uploaded on YouTube, he's very briefly seen speaking and directing. In the episode "Lombard" behind the scenes And the episode "Milk Run"
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    Sonny lied to us! He moved somewhere further north, where the water is cold and the drinks are warm. Do you or don't you know the names of the players? Remember that you're under oath ...
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    This wasn’t it, was it? I don’t remember it looking this way, but it’s been awhile:
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    Miami Vice Production Business Card on eBay This piece is from the personal collection of Chip Chalmers, a television director and first asst. director known for Melrose Place, , Beverly Hills 90210, The A-Team, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Miami Vice. He has had a prolific career in television since 1981. You can find more information about him on Wikipedia and IMDB A note from Mr. Chalmers: “Hi! Miami Vice Production Business Card: These business cards were only issued to a handful of the top producers and crew. This was one of mine and the last one I had. Enjoy!” - Chip Chalmers Needless to say, the contact info is outdated by over 30 years. Mr. Chalmers has authorized me to sell his collection. A Letter of Authenticity personally signed by him comes with the piece. The piece will be shipped once payment is received. Full payment must be made via PayPal within 2 days of the closing of the auction. If payment is not received, the piece will be offered to the next bidder or will be re-listed. Sale is “as is.” Thank you and Happy Bidding!
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    And in "The Good Collar" we see the completed bridge: Here is a photo of the bridge back in 1914: https://www.floridamemory.com/items/show/41763
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    Cool list you got there (heard of most of them but only seen Ace in the hole ). 1. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) -- Lean 2. Once Upon a Time in the West (1969) -- Leone 3. Thief (1981) -- Mann 4. The French Connection (1971) -- Friedkin 5. Barry Lyndon (1975) -- Kubrick 6. The Killer (1989) -- Woo 7. From Russia with Love(1963)/Goldfinger(1964) 8. The Apartment (1960) -- Wilder 9. Apocalypse Now (1979) -- Coppola 10. Touch of Evil (1958) -- Welles
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    Go to http://www.miamivicelocations.org/page24.html The Alley has changed a lot, now 4 lane, with rest stops, recreation areas etc. US 41/Tamiami Trail takes a little longer but is more scenic, better look at the Everglades, Seminole reservations, Big Cyprus preserve etc.
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    This is one of the worst MV T-shirts I’ve come across for sale! (My opinion) First, what the heck is up with Tubbs’ hair?? Philip Michael Thomas’ hair never looked like this—it’s like they took Tubbs’ face and put someone else’s hair on it! Second, this is a 1st Season promo pic they’ve used for the shirt...yet they’ve put it with the Testarossa, which wasn’t implemented until 3rd Season! In my opinion no true MV fan would buy this...plenty of cool MV shirts for sale on eBay. Saw this, shook my head & laughed, then had to share.
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    I think this is going to be crazy cool when I’m finished.
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    These are a few from the Ocean boardwalk in Hollywood, Florida just near Sarah’s house location at Georgia Steeet - now this is what Ocean Drive should be like !
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    You Northern Hemisphere-ists are missing out on Christmas Barbecues and New Years Eve pool parties...
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    FYI: It is against forum rules from posting any quotes from episodes "Cows of October" and or "Missing Hours". Those are banning offenses around here!