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    Can I just say that I absolutely love everybody on this website? never in all my years have I met a nicer crowd of people, we all love Miami Vice, we all share the same hobbies and interests and everything, I feel absolutely privileged to have joined this website and met everybody and to talk with you all about Vice and share opinions and ask questions, I just..I feel so grateful for every single one of you, this community the Vice community I've never met such a nice bunch of people...you all are absolutely amazing and made me feel welcome the day I joined this website, a troll or rude or horrible person does not exist on this website at all, I feel great to be part of this fan community that is Vice, I hope to be on here for a while, it's been an amazing time joining and being on here posting and sharing opinions which almost everyone can agree with, we all share the love for Vice and we always will and I don't think I'll ever get slow or stop logging in one day, why do that when I'm surrounded by such a nice crowd on an amazing fan base? A big thank you and love from your pal Detective_Crockett
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    I believe I have almost mastered GTA's style. Click for full size. Part one of the Miami Vice Online wallpaper collection is Sonny on the phone to Vincent DeMarco in One Eyed Jack. The resolution of all wallpapers will be 1920x1080. Edit: Going to start adding them all to this post for easy access.
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    For the ones who have followed the story, here they are, folks. For the ones who haven't, here it is: in 1989 I was asked to score a soundtrack for a documentary about the underwater life (which never came out). I had the time to work on some ideas to submit to the prodution. They were heavily MV inspired, that's why I thought to recover and share them with you here. I found time enough to convert my old 1989 sequences (thanks God I had a .mid copy of some) and remix them just for you guys. Remember they are not finished or produced songs, but just little cues, intended to show the production how the score would sound like. The sequences were meant to be played by hardware instruments I no longer own, so the result is a bit different. I did my best to keep the stuff as original as I could, imperfections included. I also kept myself from changing the titles to suit the MV universe (like Cocaine Blues or Ocean Drive Chase :-). I wanted to bring you the original feeling true to itself. You will find that the sound is quite different from today's "New Retro", cause the inspiration was not the synth-pop, but the work of venturous composers like James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri AND Jan Hammer. You'll say it's hugely derivative from this last one, and it's true. At that time I wanted to capture the essence of the music of MV and make it mine. I was young. I no longer write or produce stuff like that, but for me has been fun to recover and share this little piece of my restless, positive, adrenaline-loaded youth with you guys. Thanks for giving me the right excuse ;-). Enjoy JB
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    Thanks guys for keeping things go'in. Don't let this site die, don't stop coming here, don't forget about the site, don't stop posting, don't EVER give up. I'm still taking care of a personal matter, but hopefully, I can visit a bit more now. It depends. The strength of this site depends on you. This is your site. It's "alive" with activity. Use it. Love it. Nurture it. Take care of it. If you don't, just like any other "living" thing, it will die. Keep it "alive" by contributing. You can do it! MIAMI VICE FOREVER -COOP
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    It was something i had considered years before; what would it be like meeting Edward James Olmos, the man himself, that mysterious Lt. Martin "Marty" Castillo in-person? Well, last weekend that though came to be. I traveled from Finland to Düsseldorf, Germany to an autograph signing he was taking part in. So last Saturday i finally got to meet him. He mentioned my name, "Markus", that was written to a piece of paper, - in front of him. I told him that i had come from Finland just to meet him. He thanked me for that. Now, as i was trying to give him a compliment and ask him a small question, - i kinda lost my though and couldn't remember all the stuff i was gonna say. He signed my photo and i asked him for a handshake; he gladly gave me one. Later that night i was getting a bit emotional, because i felt like i had forgotten to say, and ask him something @ the meeting. So, I went back the next day - it was Sunday morning and there was less line to meet him. I had bought another autograph coupon, just to say a few words to him, and ask him a question i though had forgotten the last time. I walked up to him; said that i came back from yesterday, because i felt like i had forgotten to say and ask him something. He raised his eyes towards me to listen, then; i thanked him, not only for his tv- and movie credits; but also for his work as an activist for people, animals and the environment. He sincerely thanked me for my words. Now it was the big question time; as an animal lover myself, i asked him what it was like to work with animals on set. I also asked him if he liked doing it; he agreed and said he did. Now this is the fun part; I reminded him of the episode with the cat, (couldn't remember the episode name on the spot) that was in the evidence box, and that Crockett gave it to Gina as a present, also that it was later roaming in his (Castillo's) office. I think that he remembered it too. It was a fun conversation. I also told him that "Miami Vice" is my all-time favorite show. After this, instead of me asking this time; HE gave ME a handshake. Out of the blue. Wow. Now, finally, after the second meeting, i felt like the trip was a success. I had met the ultimate cool cat himself; Lt. Martin Castillo. That mystery man of our favorite show. From the jungles of Southeast Asia, to the neon playground that is Miami. And what makes EJO even cooler is the fact that how much influence and say he had in the Castillo character. He actually molded Castillo himself to who he was. Like he said in an interview, I 100% agree to: He really made the show better. Thank you, EJO.
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    I am very happy to hear that! Nice words Bro. Yes, we are a big community from all over the planet...the U.K.,Canada, the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Austria,Turkey, Down Under...and so on. But it doesn't really matter where you are from and how good or bad your english is as long as you love MIAMI VICE. i feel very priviledged too. Cheers Bro!
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    Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil (Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon) It´s not near my home, but its where i do walk.
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    All is well. Just checking in and appreciate the asking. All fine and ready to Miami Vice location hunt.
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    Check out my channel on YouTube for plenty of unreleased Jan Hammer cues from Miami Vice! https://www.youtube.com/user/Crockettt184
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    Did anyone catch this the other night? Very funny!
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    With the MV cast and some of the guest stars, who featured on the show.
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    Well, it's a loooooong story but I'll give you the short version. The bottom line is that Randolph (the .org site owner) disappeared for quite some time leaving me as the only moderator. Rick Bravo, the cameraman and self proclaimed super-star turned rabid. He started belittling members, refusing to answer questions and showing his growing hate for Don Johnson and anyone who asked about him. The site became divided between Rick and his small group of evil followers and anyone who was against him. I eventually booted Rick and his group and things calmed down for a while. Eventually Randolph re-appeared and announced that he was handing over the site to martijn and Tifany. (don't know if you remember them) They were .org's version of dumb and dumber. However, at the time, there were rumors that the bills had not been paid and the future of .org was in doubt. It was at this time that miamijimf (bless his soul!) had met Chris (the former owner of this site) Chris ran the German Vice site .info and wanted to add an English language version. They asked me if I would be interested in running it and with .org's future in jeopardy, I said yes. Shortly after the site was up and running I was booted from my moderator position on .org. This set off a site war to end all wars and by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend in 2007 90% of the .org members had made the jump to this site. .org eventually died a slow death from lack of interest and martijn finally pulled the plug. One interesting fact that few members know is that we have since acquired the domain .org so anyone who happens to search miami-vice.org is automatically directed to this site! There are a few topics here somewhere that will give you more details. If I can find them, I will post the links. Whew! I did say this was the short version didn't I?
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    Our member, 'CROCKETTT" saved my sanity while I was gone for a while due to personal family reasons. I bought a smartphone reciently (a new tablet is coming next), and I kept going to his YOUTUBE channel to listen to his MIAMI VICE ripped music from the TV series, which thankfully, he also posts here. He is doing such a good job removing the dialog and sound effects that we can now hear the JAN HAMMER music that used to be somewhat hidden at times. I used to do this with an old 90's analog vocal eliminator. I was, the very first to do this. I posted some stuff on the old JAN HAMMER.ORG website that doesn't exist anymore. Now, thankfully, with brand new technology and a great fan, CROCKETTT now shares these newly transfered ripped treasures with us. We are lucky! It's on youtube, and I'm take'in advantage! When I need a break, I turn on my smartphone, go to Crockettt's youtube channel, kick back, turn up the volume and listen to the tunes while looking at the lake. I do this at nighttime too. Some tracks just are perfect for the moment. I think this has saved my sanity. Thank you CROCKETTT!
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    So here they are, folks. I could manage the time to finally recover two more tracks from the documentary I was hired to score in 1989. I also find the original midifile of another track which wasn't supposed to be into it, but I wanted to include it in the playlist because of its strong Hammer feel. While the first two have a classical Vice vibe, the bonus has a more cuban flavor. As for the other ones, they are not fully produced tracks, just demos. These are the last ones, I no longer write/produce music in that form. But I thought this place deserved the effort of making them heard for the first time. Thank you all for giving me the right excuse. Hope you'll enjoy. JB
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    Here is my very small collection of Miami Vice related items (not counting the Miami Vice 2006 movie,only things associated with the Vice series and the Don Johnson clipping collection is different talk,some members had already seen it) I manage to get during a lot of years.I was extremely hard to find any Vice stuff in my country but I managed to pull of some tricks,my HUGE thanks to some Vicers who had helped me to add more stuff to the collection.of course it is not so awesome like some of the other Vicers around here,but at my situation it was hard as hell to dig at least something and I'm proud of it. here is some Miami Vice buttons,news paper clippings,patches and stickers from the 80s Ferrar Daytona Spyder model kit.its not perfectly made,I admit I could have done it better but it was the first model kid I ever done,so... couple more stickers... and the crow jewel-Michael Talbott's autographed photo with my name on it!
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    Check out my season 3 lighting experiment for my studio:
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    Hi from good old Europe (Switerland)
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    33 years ago tonight, we watched the premiere of the series that would change our TV lives forever. Happy Anniversary, Miami Vice!
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    Just found this forum through the Twitter page. Been a MV fan since late 80s, but got the fanboy re-ignited after I saw the Cocaine Cowboys documentary on Netflix. So much so, I had to record my own version of "Crockett`s Theme", AND... make a bloody music video for it! Thought I might share it with you fellow fanboys ... anyways, "skål" from Norway!
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    Breaking news: Long hidden pool location from opening montage. I watched the Pilot on blue ray today and what a difference. One of the things that stood out was the clarity of the background in this shot. While this is an old screen capture and we don't see that clarity, it was clear to me now with my current knowledge and experience where this must have been filmed. Location found. Grove Island Resort and Spa on Grove Island.
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    Hi, as you may have noticed, I'm not online very often in the past weeks. This is one reason why we're changing the server and Tim is going to be the #1 admin. Since March last year I'm president of my local sports club and this takes a lot of time. We already moved all the files to the new server and domain transfer is in progress. Everything will look like it is now. And the admin and mod crew will still be the same so everything should be all right. I'd like to thank all the admin & mod crew members and all our forum members for all the good time we had. It was a lot of work, time and money during the past years we put into this community and because of this I'm very happy that Tim is taking care of our community. I will still be admin in the future and support our crew as good as I can.
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    Like many of you, I've been fascinated by everything in MV when it was on air. Music soon emerged as one of the most defining features of the show, not less than fashion, cars, colors etc. Being a young musician at that time (I was 24 to 29), I was impressed, and wanted to learn and master that music lexicon to recreate those moods on my own. Remember, it was something new back then. So I started to analyze, study, and decode every single aspect of the music of MV. After many years, joining this community, I discovered there's still a huge interest about it, and many young music lovers aim to recreate those moods today. After sharing my tracks, I had a lot of requests concerning this subject, so I thought about writing a more music-oriented analysis of Jan's work. While is pretty easy to find articles and investigations about his equipment, very little information is available about his writing and production. I won't go too technical, but when a technical term is needed, I provided a bracketed explanation, so that even non musicians can enjoy it and hopefully find it interesting. Sure the ones who attempt to recreate that mood will be pointed in the right direction. I don't mean to be teachy, nor exhaustive. Feel free to ask questions or fix/add informations. After all it's something I did long time ago and I'm trying now to recollect, but beware: it's gonna be a long post. THE FAMOUS MIAMI VICE SOUND I'd start from what is supposed to be the Holy Graal when it comes to Jan's music: the "sound". On music forums you can find people desperately asking about that particular keyboard, synth patch or piece of gear Jan used on MV. A frustrating research that - in my opinion - misses the very point. The sound of Miami Vice is made of many ingredients, and the difference is often in the way they are blended and cooked. The timbre or color of the keyboards is just one of those elements. You recognize it's him after a couple of bars, like it happens with a Bacharach song. No matter who sings, no matter how's arranged, no matter if it's a cover: It's Burt Bacharach, you get it since the first bars. And this means one thing: strong personality and music identity. It takes a lot more than "sound" to barely come close to it. INSIDE MV MUSIC - WRITING In my attempt to inject Hammer in my veins, back in the 80s I tried to analyze the way his tracks are written and arranged. Here we go. 1. Harmony - Though Jan's roots lie in jazz and jazz-rock, you'll hardly find a jazz chord on his MV cues. Most of them are built upon simple, naive triads (three sound chords). Their progressions often make the difference. Even when he starts obvious, sooner or later an apparently "foreign" chord comes in. The difficult part, when using such tricks, is to make you feel the whole progression as natural and consistent. And that's what he does. 2. Melody - One of the keys of JH success is being simple without being obvious. Many of the themes are real elementary, but - as for the harmony - they have a twist. And remember, changing a single note can dramatically turn a boring melody into an intriguing one. And viceversa. More, when a theme is repeated, rhythmic variations in performance are added. Anticipations, displacements, delays of notes are introduced at every repetition. A good example of this concept can be heard on "Marina", where the melody is repeated with such variations. That's one of the reasons it never gets boring. Some themes are made of moving chords instead of a single voice, so you have a full harmonization over the whole melody, like on "Alvarado Chase" or "Candy In The Alley", kindly shared by our member Crockettt. 3. Influences - Jan's music life's been a 360 degrees journey through almost every kind of musical expression, and it happened during the years music was still important. So his influences are many, spanning from jazz to latin (mostly spanish and cuban), rock and blues, from classical to pop. No trace of funk or soul instead: when he goes black is always blues. INSIDE MV MUSIC - PERFORMANCE Layering and changing in the lead voice are often used. "Crockett's Theme" is an example. Beyond the famous plucked sound, fuzzy guitars and synth voices are added as the track progresses. In addition to that, lead parts are not copied and pasted. They are played each time. That makes a big difference. Even if you play the same thing 10 times, it will sound different each time. Since we're not machines, micro time-floating and variations in dynamics always occur. You don't hear them consciously, but the melody keeps sounding fresh to you. It' doesn't happen with copy and paste. More - while most of the rhythm parts are quantized (a software function allowing to set the recorded part "on time", even if you played it wrong) - many crucial parts are not. So 100% of the human feel is preserved. Sure, you have to be good at play to do that ;-). Synthwave, retrowave etc. is 100% copy and paste and quantized, also because most of the people into it are not even trained musicians. That's one of the reasons why you probably won't listen to them in 30 years time. Sure, the most defining aspect in JH playing, is his bending technique (for the non musicians, it's the way you change the pitch of a note while playing, like the guitarists do. On keyboards it's done by moving a wheel back and forth). He's famous for that. I did spend lots of time trying to master it, and it's not easy, especially in fast passages, cause you have to play a "wrong" note thinking you're going to raise or lower it to the right pitch. He uses this technique with great skill and huge musical taste. Also listen to George Duke for that. Rhythm textures are another trademark of MV. Sometimes they sound even overcrowded, but you can listen to the same loop hundreds of times without getting bored. Why? Cause they have depth and articulation. Listen to the rhythm texture on "The Search" and try to spot how many percussion voices/parts you hear, and try to write down each part: you'll be surprised to see how complex it is. Other times they're basic, but set in a way a real player would never do. Sometimes "ghost notes" (the softer, non-accended hits between the accented ones) are used. They add an incredible realism to the sequence, as if it was performed by a real player. INSIDE MV MUSIC - ARTICULATION Articulation in writing, arranging and production. This alone could be the key advice for the ones who attempt to recreate the sound of Miami Vice. Even "obsessive" tracks like "One Way Out" or "Evan" have lots of subtle variatons and surprises. Jan's cues are articulated and change as the track goes on. They may have an intro, an A part, a B part, a solo, a breakdown, a C part, an outro e so on. Lead instruments often pass the melody from one another. Just some of the features that set him apart from the music you hear today where - once you start - you know it will stay like that till the end. Dynamics is also one of the keys. Changes in dynamics and articulation of themes, plus a moderate use of quantize, help to keep a track interesting time after time. INSIDE MV MUSIC - THE TOOLS I kept this for last, cause - as said - to me it's not so crucial as many think. On the other hand, it has its own importance. It's a fact Jan made a fashion from some particular instruments, and they are tied to his sound. Unlike I have read here, Memorymoog is not the most defining sound on MV. Yamaha DX7 is. Just a couple of notes played with this instrument are able to evoke the vision of a night-cruising Crockett or a sneaking Castillo. Jan has been a master in blending the metal-sounding of the DX7's FM generation with the warmth of analog gear. We owe to the DX7 the amazing steel guitars you hear in "The Talk", "Last Flight", "Turning Point", "Lombard Trial", or the Spanish lead guitar on "Incoming" and tons of other cues. The DX7's been extensively used for slightly saturated guitar solos ("NIght Talk, "Rico's Blues") and for "country" guitars as in "El Viejo". DX7 is largely used on "Stone's War": the tremolo guitar/wurlie and the quasi-piano sound of the solo. Tons of bell-ish sounds, sitar-esque, eastern sounds etc. are made with this beautiful piece of gear. (I had 2 of them, shame on me I sold both). Other instruments used in MV soundtrack include CMI Fairlight, Roland Jupiter 8, MiniMoog etc. but you can find these infos everywhere on the net. Less people know Jan also played real guitars in his MV recordings (never for solos though), as well as modules from Kawai. Anyway, many sounds could come from a wide range of machines and this tells us one thing: it's not about what you use, it's about who you are. CONCLUSIONS Hope you have enjoyed this long investigation about the music of Miami Vice. I especially hope non musician have, cause that was my goal. Much more could be said, but I wrote a lot already. As we saw, "The Sound" is not just made of sounds. It takes talent, strong personality, a great musical taste and - in this case - the right chance to show them. Jan Hammer himself said he had the best possible one with Mann and MV. And we all agree. JB
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    No need for new topic but I just want to share that I was in Miami and been recovering from that experience for a few days now.. We had really excellent time there. South Beach is really great place to be at. Days just went by really fast.. We met many nice people, did some shopping and well... there's so much to do in Miami, I just wish we had more time. 1 month would have been great. And now let's get the most interesting part... Miami Vice shooting locations! I saw many. I had 1300 photos & videos in my phone when I arrived home. I upload today some of my photos to the gallery section. I was little busy when doing that so I'm going to update those photo descriptions (if one can do that). But I think many of you reconize those locations anyway. My personal highlight was going to the Bayside. It really got me sentimental. I just could feel the vibe there. Crockett's boats.. and Crockett and Tubbs driving away for the very last time. I basically had nothing with me when we went there and I had lot's of fun while searching linen pants and henley t-shirts. And boy was I lucky.. there was a lot's of sale going on prior the labor day and I made some terrific bargains there. Now I just have to wait like 8 months or so for temperatures rising in Finland !
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    I would rather watch a 30 year old tv show, than watch "reality" crap thats on, plus Vice was ahead of its time.....
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    Man.. all of you live in these really exotic and cool places, I'm jealous. Here's my little town in the south of Wales.
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    I live across the lake from Ferrariman in Niagara. I tell everyone I live in Niagara Falls but that is because most people know where that is. I used to actually live just above the Falls in a town called Chippawa. I could see the mist of the falls from my front porch of my house. I later moved to Port Weller which is just BELOW the Falls near the mouth of the Niagara River which flows into Lake Ontario. I live on my boat in my Marina which I have been a member of for more than 20 years, 14 years now with MY VICE.
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    My wife took this picture nearby a few years ago. Now it's on some realtor's site. Our place is third from the right, top two stories.
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    Hello team, just checking in for the post Irma report. For those that don't know I live 45 min NW of Tampa so I ended up being in the middle of this. I work for a major hospital in Tampa as the Manager of Facilities. I over see Engineering and Maintenance. This past week has been a doozie to say the least. I boarded up my home, standard practice as a native Floridian and then helped board up parts of the hospital. I spent Saturday and Sunday night there working 7p to 7a shifts while trading off with other management for them to work 7a to 7p. Why did I get the graveyard shift? Cause that's when it was predicted to hit! All in all, very very lucky this thing broke up before it hit us. Couldn't been catastrophic if it hit as a cat 4. Hospital recieved next to no damage. Lost a sign cover and a snapped tree in the back parking lot. My home received no damage but I'm without power. Charging my cell phone in the truck with my other iPad. May be without power for up to a week according to Duke Energy's web site. My brother who lives 5 minutes away and who also has a whole house generator, did not lose power! Prick! He offered for me to come stay but after two nights of hell sleeping on a cot in my office I want my own bed. Thankfully it isn't sweltering hot now so the temp is comfortable. I hope everyone else is ok. Tony D, my neighbor, you OK? Thanks team, stay safe! Tim
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    There's no real point to this topic, I just felt the need to vent slightly after watching the final episode of Miami Vice, "Freefall." The ending was hard to watch for me. It really was. Seeing that, these two guys, however much the series has changed from start to end...had put in their badges and finally decided to call it quits in the workforce...somewhat brought a smile to my face. I know it's fiction, but they've been through a lot. There were numerous moments where Crockett and Tubbs could have been shot and died, there were moments where they were shot but thankfully didn't die. They put up with all this, the war on drugs, crime, murders etc. for a little more than 5 years as far as I know per lore, and most of all, they were some of the snappiest and sharpest men you'd ever see around in the 80s. Watching this show in particular brought to me a change of reality that no other tv show, not even Knight Rider could have done for me. I have depression and everyday I would get up, do my morning stuff etc. and whatnot and after a while of getting my work done, put on an episode of Miami Vice and just smile and snarkiness of the plot, or the characters, jam along to the music they put in, watch certain cinematic scenes with awe, it really felt great. Everything about this show seemed to have made a difference in my life in one way or another, from the characters, or the plot of each segment, or the music, or just everything. And now, seeing that this was the last time I'd ever actually see Crockett and Tubbs in action again, dealing with drug dealers....brought a tear to my face. Crockett, or Don Johnson is my inspiration for who I want to be, not as a police officer, but as a man. His personality they gave him for the show, his looks, his clothing style etc. striked me as something beyond amazing, I love Crockett just a little bit more than Tubbs for some reason, I don't know why. But Tubbs was awesome too, no doubt.When they started playing the montage at the end of episodes from season 1 and through, I shed another tear. People hate this show after season 3 or 4, and I know it took a slightly different direction, but seeing the writers and producers still even able to keep this show going was amazing and brought a smile to my face. That's the last time I'd ever go and pull up another Miami Vice episode to watch again, because now there no longer was any Crockett and Tubbs fighting another drug dealer with crazy hair and weird clothing. It was over. So I just want to say, whether Don Johnson or Phillip Thomas reads this or not, or anyone from the Miami Vice team...thank you. Thank you for bringing an amazing change in my life through heartwarming characters, and I think I owe it to whoever was supervisor for the music in the series. Without you, my 80s playlist would not be 40 hours long right now. Thanks again if you even read this far.
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    Team, I'm sorry but these topics NEVER go well. In the interest of keeping our family together I'm shutting this one down. There are other forums that you can discuss this on. Let's keep this one on Vice. Sorry, Tim
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    Eating Pizza at "East Side Pizza" while watching "Golden Triangle2" with Noogie, Switek an Zito at same location! "Noogie need calories to talk.....
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    I know I'm not the only one who gets a near sense of deja vu when something in present time makes you feel like you're having a real Miami Vice moment such as one you may have had in the '80s. I relish these moments when it seems like the gods of Crockett & Tubbs send a lightening bolt down to me knowing I might need a wink and a nod. One of these moments came for me leading up to Christmas. I got laid out with a terrible cold but needed and wanted to go out and get my girlfriend a nice gift. I ended up at one of her favorite but high-end clothing boutiques selling real up-to-the-moment fashion, unique in style and cut. The salesman was super enthusiastic and helpful. I promise he had the exact same voice and faux excitement as the hairdresser in "The Home Invaders" who sends the dog of to its Bataan Death March of a shampoo job. I also had a good sense of the clothes shopping scene in "The Great McCarthey" ("Bourbon, Julio.") and of course, the shopping montage in "Phil the Shil." It was a whirlwind of activity as the sales dude lifts and swayed dresses and jackets off of shelves and racks. Cirque de Soleil with clothes. But the real surprise came as I was checking out. The store was playing a mix of semi-techno remixes mostly of songs I had never heard before. That is, until I handed over my card and "Twist in My Sobriety" comes on. It sounded so damn good remixed. I couldn't believe it. I tried to shazaam it to see who remixed it but in settling the bill, I couldn't get it going fast enough. Maybe it was just meant to be that moment. A definite Christmastime treat.
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    Many thanks to you all. It was a great day. Someone got me the MV Blu Ray set! I'll share my review on those as it plays out. Best of all, on Friday (the 23rd), our new daughter Amelia was born. How about that for an early birthday present? Music fans may guess that I got the name from my favorite Joni Mitchell song. Thanks again for all your kind wishes.
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    I have just published this episode on my location site. http://www.miamivicelocations5.org/page26.html hope you like it more than the actual episode.
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    Sorry, the image sources died somehow. I re-uploaded some to Photobucket...
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    maybe I'm reposting an older thread but still a nice video to see for the upcoming day
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    Miami Vice at the Miami International Boat Show this year. The opening credits music is the selected theme for the show along with the #1 Scarab and Daytona on display. We were contacted through our Vice Scarab fb page last August by a firm out of Indy that was looking to locate one of the original boats to be on display at the show. I put them in touch with the current owner of the boat at the time, who didn't show much interest. What I wasn't aware of at the time, was he had a pending sale on the boat in progress. The new owner is displaying the boat along with his Daytona, which he recently purchased from JN
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    Thanks, pals! Here's two more I just made!
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    I was at Ground Zero 3 days after the attacks. I was dispatched in a HAZMAT response role to assist in management of the deluge of water sprayed across the wreckage to find and deploy solutions to save the city from contamination in the water flow, and also to save some sensitive communication components that existed in the 5th floor sub basement of a building next to the 3rd building that fell. I still don't understand why that 3rd building fell, but that's another story. I wound up assisting FDNY in random moments, at that spot everyone did everything, I've never seen anything like it. Somber warriors that lost brothers. I could write all night, but I'll never forget the crowd of families, tears, frantic, shoving home pictures in my face everyday on my way in and out of the site, "Have you seen her!?, Did you see Him!!?" I've seen the carnage, and smelt death. It is something one never forgets. So my sad heavy heart goes out to Paris France tonight. Prayers for all victims, families, and anyone affected in any way. We all are.
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    Not sure if someone posted it yet. Really curious...i would like to see the whole test.. Even Don´s and Philip´s.... So Larry, why are you so angry? lol Not really bad... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPEKr2UP404
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    Here's what I do. 1. I go to youtube on my smartphone, and go to CROCKETTT's youtube channel. 2. I then get out my bluetooth JAM speaker. 3. The speaker is awesome, and is made to look somewhat like a retro cassette tape and plastic holder. 4. The speaker holder folds down, and it doubles as a smartphone holder! 5. The speaker holder can hold the smartphone straight up, or on it's side to watch videos. 6. Then it's time to kick back and relax to JAN HAMMER.
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    We are a close knit bunch. Just like Crockett & Tubbs, Castillo, Gina & Trudy, and Switek & Zito, they all loved each other. They were friends who supported each other. This site is like my second family. I've been close to several people here, and friends with the others. Most members here are quite willing to help out when someone needs a question, or problem solved. It's not a chore for the members here, it's offered quite freely. There really are very nice people here. I've been on other websites, and there are nice people there, but this place is different. Quite different. We really care for one another after having known each other (some for many years now). We are pretty close here, and this place is actually really special. There are trouble makers on here from time to time, but, they don't belong, and thankfully, don't stay too long. This is one special place, that's for sure! I'm feel'in the love.