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    Haha, I sure am! That's pretty cool, my brothers friend was in the Australian Navy and got to travel around the world also. Let me just tell you - Sydney is somewhat overrated. There are much better cities in Australia, but Sydney just gets all the attention and overseas tourism. When it comes to sports, food, arts, festivals, and such. Pretty much culture in general. Melbourne is where everything is happening, also voted the most liveable city in the world multiple times. I wish I had a usable photo on hand, but I don't. Might have to take one. Just don't imagine me in a Crocodile Dundee or Bogan accent. Most of us inner-city Australian's do not talk like that and always get mistaken for Brits when we're in the US. Texas Ranger accent? For some reason you don't strike me as the type who would have that kind of accent. I've been imagining a generic American accent.
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    Quite cool if anyone is visiting Northern California and San Francisco - these are accurate too:-http://www.filminamerica.com/Movies/NashBridges/
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    Ha ha funny - I picture the Texas Ranger from the teaser of “El Viego” @Dadrian - I always get confused for an Aussie !
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    So, CD’s engine is pretty much all black. It’s not detailed & though I want to build the replica of the #4 car, the details in the engine bay would be lost on my build. Do I add color to the engine block & detail all the parts? Seems a shame not too even though it won’t be quite right. This is the engine in CD’s #4 car. Then the details I put into the Testarossa motor I recently built. Choices!
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    Amazing I was able to find my old password and the link to my old zmap. Still there. Check it out. You have to copy the web address and paste it in your browser. Some of the links are to videos that are old or no longer available etc. https://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=984455&x=-80.176061&y=25.833400&z=5
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    Here's a map option that I think James, Timm, and other computer wise members should look at. I used it before and it worked well, you can integrate photos, video, and even music with locations and it was free. But that was several years ago when I linked it to my now defunct LMD site. Please let me know what you think. https://www.zeemaps.com/
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    I didn’t know you We’re Australian, @James! That’s really cool. I’ve always wanted to visit. My dad was in the US Navy, and he’d been to virtually every major city in the world. He always said Hong Kong and Sydney were his favorites. Maybe someday... Meantime, I will forever, from now on, hear your posts in my mind in an Australian accent, just as I imagine @Matt5‘s in a British one. Feel free to imagine mine in a Texas Ranger accent!
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    Don't know but I'm betting they either drooped from the high heat or were bumped during the scenes as they can be easily jarred out of position if bumped. Yeah and I bet Don Johnson would give anything to see his baby again. I read somewhere a while ago that he preferred the Daytona to the Testarossa and those of us who own one know why.
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    soon to be wife took car out todayThink that will be her only time... lots of smoke from her spinning the wheels , too much car for her, but as she said it was like a amusement park ride snaps you back like you are being shot from a cannon