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    All is well. Just checking in and appreciate the asking. All fine and ready to Miami Vice location hunt.
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    Hi Everyone, Just checking in to say all is good here (finally), considering everything, I think we dodged a major bullet this time around.
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    Hello team, just checking in for the post Irma report. For those that don't know I live 45 min NW of Tampa so I ended up being in the middle of this. I work for a major hospital in Tampa as the Manager of Facilities. I over see Engineering and Maintenance. This past week has been a doozie to say the least. I boarded up my home, standard practice as a native Floridian and then helped board up parts of the hospital. I spent Saturday and Sunday night there working 7p to 7a shifts while trading off with other management for them to work 7a to 7p. Why did I get the graveyard shift? Cause that's when it was predicted to hit! All in all, very very lucky this thing broke up before it hit us. Couldn't been catastrophic if it hit as a cat 4. Hospital recieved next to no damage. Lost a sign cover and a snapped tree in the back parking lot. My home received no damage but I'm without power. Charging my cell phone in the truck with my other iPad. May be without power for up to a week according to Duke Energy's web site. My brother who lives 5 minutes away and who also has a whole house generator, did not lose power! Prick! He offered for me to come stay but after two nights of hell sleeping on a cot in my office I want my own bed. Thankfully it isn't sweltering hot now so the temp is comfortable. I hope everyone else is ok. Tony D, my neighbor, you OK? Thanks team, stay safe! Tim
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    33 years ago tonight, we watched the premiere of the series that would change our TV lives forever. Happy Anniversary, Miami Vice!
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    Hey, Ferrariman. I'm down here in Florida (Levy County to be exact) and am ok. Thankfully the county clerk managed to get some of the power back up in town pretty fast so I'm already back home and the internet appears to be working fine here. Didn't damage the inside any but left the yard a bit of a mess (thankfully I have mostly palm trees so it's just a case of mowing and picking up the palm fronds). Levy County seems to have got out of the storm okay although I haven't heard any news from Cedar Key who usually get hammered pretty hard in big storms and a good chunk of the county is running on Duke Energy who are going to be down for a while longer than others as they had lost some of their power stations. I hope to everyone else in Florida is able to check in soon.
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    Thanks for asking, Tim! Yeah, we put sandbags by back door, but the water wasn't as bad as the thunderstorm a couple weeks ago. 11PM Sunday we lost our power but it returned on Mon. around 3PM. Lots of branches down & a huge tree across the road near the clubhouse but no damage. The worst was no power & watching the palm trees bending in the wind & the howling of the wind around the house. I'm glad you are O.K. Tim. Maybe we'll meet in Publix again!
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    It get's pretty warm and humid during summers where I live too, but to live the vice, donning a blazer is inevitable, even if you literally melt away :-) Me. Today. 86°F
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    Previous discussions of the OCB: recreating the OCB interior: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/12769-miami-vice-inspired-3d-interior-need-your-help artwork above the door: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/7391-artwork-above-ocb-door/ http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/13049-ocb-front/ Barges & Tugs Landing Craft sign: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/7497-an-inscription-on-the-wall-in-heart-of-darkness/ some of the actual boats built at the shipyard: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/11760-what-vices-ocb-really-did/ pics: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/11611-miami-2003-2005/ more pics: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/12928-ocbgold-coast-building-site-then-now more pics: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/10729-gold-coast-shipping-photos-exterior-shots-for-ocb http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/13197-miami-history-article-on-miami-vices-ocb/ are they upstairs? http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/11592-vice-headquarters-is-supposedly-upstairs-in-the-gold-coast-shipping-building/ the studio floor: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/1765-miscellaneous-vice-photos/&page=55&tab=comments#comment-144149 Old satellite photos of the site:
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    Philip Michael Thomas' daughter Imaj just made an In The Air Tonight cover for us Vicers and posted it on Facebook with a loving message. Check it out here:
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    Lost pine trees. This giant fell close to the back of my boarded up house. Two others not in this pic are leaning way over at a radical angle, they have to be cut up also. I've already started cutting off limbs. Somehow the wind chimes survived. How did my Fla friends do?
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    We survived, no damage and power just came back on at 11AM. Keeping generator in place for 24 hrs, don't trust our Mom and Pop electric company. Also leaving the windows boarded up for the duration of hurricane season. This is likely to be to be a very active season. Lots of trees down around Bradenton, shelters were jammed packed and I think half the people drove North to face bumper to bumper traffic, no gas etc. Staying in place was the right move but had my bug out bag packed in case the house became unlivable due to serious damage. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope my Fla friends are OK. The storm did a number on the Keys, Naples, and Ft. Myers and then moved due north (just like Charlie in 2004) saving us on the coast from the worst. Do we have an invisible protective shield? But the entire state was affected, flooding in Miami, Jacksonville etc, heard that 6 million people in the state lost power. Still don't know how high the winds were here.
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    I have a question. This has been one of my pet peeves when it comes to reporting the weather. Is it absolutely necessary for the person reporting to have to actually stand in the storm?! Do they think we won't believe them if we can't see it? I just watched a video of some idiot standing in 190 MPH winds trying to measure the wind speed. Uh hello, they have sophisticated equipment to measure that! He was literally knocked off his feet (which in my opinion he fully deserved) I believe they said he suffered injuries but did not go into detail. The governor of Florida has told everyone to evacuate. So why are these people even there?
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    Hi everyone! Today we blocked our doors with sandbags and are hoping to keep IRMA out! Sunday Sept. 10th is our 50th Wedding Anniversary..........what a way to celebrate! Oh well, we'll have a drink & watch the storm.
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    and I even went to the effort of mocking up me and my mate in a Vice poster...
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    Some pics of me with the misses getting into the Sonny Crockett vibe at a mate's wedding in Portugal last week....
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    and a few more-
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    I do know what you mean....and these commercials bring me back to that time in my life. Commercials these days don't have this kind of style and flash, imo.
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    In Killshot as: Frank Ariolla, the Customs agent whose little brother dies playing Jai-Alai and in Borrasca as: Arturo Oribe. Also in Scarface. Seems like really nice guy and is my FB friend. Current photo:
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    Las Olas Bvld , Fort Lauderdale ("Whatever Works" location ) post -Irma on Monday. FL had severe flooding.
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    I usually don't post a special Birthday wish to anyone who hasn't visited this website in 6 months or more. I'm making an exception because of the many contributions to this site made by this man. So, Happy Birthday, COOPER&BURNETT ! Please come back to us as you promised you would......many people miss you and are looking forward to your return!
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    I had a great weekend up in Orillia on Lake Simcoe and Lake Cookchaching! Trailered my boat, along with my buddy Chris (pic three, the one orange yellow and purple boat) up to Orillia on Friday and the weather was absolutely perfect! Three mph winds and a high pressure that brought a glass smooth lake and sunny days. About 40 boats showed up and they were remarkable for sure! My poor dingy couldn't hold a candle to these boats most of which could top 120mph and one boat could do 180mph!!! Still...I had a good time being at the rear of the pack and coming in last but the experience was fabulous. many people came over to the boat when we were all docked at port and recognized it right off. I met many enthusiasts and they all complimented me on what good shape a 32 year old boat was in. We took off from the Port of Orillia and sadly I broke down only a mile out! I blew two belts off the new engine so had to turn back. I fixed it in about an hour and headed to Lagoon City where I met the group for lunch. There were plenty of spectators there as well and the boat parade was incredible coming out of port for the third leg of the run. The banquet was Saturday night and unfortunately I got "nada" for my poker hand.........Great meal, met lots of other boaters and had a great time. The next day we just went out to Coochaching and headed over to a bay where everyone hangs out called "Big Chief Island" Its all knee deep water and a great place to raft up with friends. I was amazed at how many people came up and started chatting about Miami Vice. They were interested in the boat and I even had some dicks ask "hey dude...where's Tubbs?" Oh well...there is a few in every crowd??? There is a bunch of pics and video of the event on FB and YT if you search. We raised over 20 grand for prostrate cancer!
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    I was a film major in college here in SoCal in the late 80's/early 90's, so I can give little insight on the topic. Most people tend to use the terms film and video interchangeably, and today they are very close, but they are not the same thing. Also, in that era the differences between the two were much more pronounced. Basically, film makes an image from actual reflected light waves through a lens onto the film stock which has silver nitrate on celluloid. The sharpness of the image is based on the speed at which the silver nitrate reacts to light. For low light settings, faster film (quick reaction time) is needed but the image is more grainy. Slower films can be crystal clear, but need more light, hence the intense lights usually used in filming. Video is entirely different. It's a digital scanning of the light that is electronically encoded and recorded on magnetic tape (hard drive today). It's clarity is entirely related to the number of scan lines and pixels the original image is broken down into. Think of the blocky shaped characters from 80's video games like Atari to visualize very low pixilation. As HD technology developed, the number of pixels and scan lines shown on the screen grew dramatically as they also did on the video cameras recording them. That's what numbers like 1080 are referencing. The switch from analogue to digital transmission of the signal many years ago allowed this over the airwaves not just via cable. Now I don't know much about the most advanced digital "film" of today because I last worked in the industry in the 90's, but when MV was filmed it was actually on film (using the ubiquitous Panaflex 35 mm cameras from the era), and edited using that film, before being transferred to video to be distributed to stations to air. In that era film had much, much better color saturation and light contrast than video was even capable of. Filming scenes in low light showed much better depth of tone in black shades as video required even more intense light to register an image. That's why sitcoms of the era recorded on video looked so much more washed out and unsaturated than dramas which were almost always on film stock. A point of comparison is the sitcom Cheers which was unusually recorded on film and had more dark and shadowy scenes inside the bar. Compare it to say, Night Court from a similar time, which was recorded, edited, and distributed on video. They look very different. Another way to really see the difference was to watch an old movie like Lawrence of Arabia which was filmed using 70mm stock (almost 3 inches wide) of incredible clarity, but actually watch it on a big screen at a theater. I had a chance to see a restored version of it at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood in the early 90's, and you could walk up remarkably close to what is a very big screen and it was still sharply focused. Even with the best large HD TV's today, there are limits to how close you can get to the screen before it loses sharpness. Unfortunately opportunities to see actual film being projected on the big screen is almost entirely gone now. Hope that helps in some way.
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    So I just browsed thirteen pages of "Episode" threads so I could add my two cents to the "Evan" thread I was sure existed already and not start a new one. Imagine my surprise when going through the threads twice - TWICE, mind you - that there was not an "Evan"-dedicated thread. I intend on righting that wrong right now, lol! A little backstory, first. When I was a kid (I was thirteen), we programmed our VCR (!) one Friday night when we knew we weren't going to be home so we could record Miami Vice in our absence. The episode, as you may have guessed, was "Evan." My family watched it, and then when my brother and I were bored, and because we liked MV, we would just watch that episode over and over. As a result, even as a young teen, I developed an appreciation for it. It'd been a while since I'd seen it, though, as Netflix wouldn't stream that episode, no channel (Sleuth, Esquire, Spike) ever broadcast it (to my knowledge), and my DVDs are in a box somewhere as we are in the process of doing some remodeling and the discs are not readily at hand. I picked up the Blu-Ray set earlier this summer, and I am making my way through the series in chronological order. Today happened to be "Evan" day. I had forgotten how good this episode really is, and that's not the thirteen-year-old me talking. I was trying to be as objective as possible when I watched today, and I was so impressed with all of the layers to this episode. Peter Gabriel's songs ("Rhythm of the Heat" to kick it off and "Biko" at the end) were absolutely perfect selections in my opinion. I could get into why, but I'll spare you. Jan Hammer's score was so, so good. It really managed to capture whatever the scene was calling for (tension, relief [as Sonny finally unloaded all of his memories on Tubbs at the gas station]). There was the depth of relationship established after Sonny confided in Rico. William Russ played Evan Freed chillingly well. I really felt his pain as he accused Crockett of perfection on the St. Vitus Dance, and felt his remorse in the conference room. There was the regret Sonny expressed as he recounted not being able to deal with something (in 1985, no less) that some still struggle with today. I even felt that Guzman was just quiet enough to be a good villain. You know what they say, you can't trust the quiet ones. I cannot say enough about this episode. I feel like the distance between today and when I last saw this episode allows me to say that, in my opinion, if it isn't the best episode, it's top three, for sure.
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    I'd probably pick the St Vitus Dance or Gina's apartment. I'm not a fan of mansions, so big and empty. Actually Sara Davis' place in Yankee Dollar seems like a nice location, right across from the beach. I'd like that. Yeah I know, I'm cheap. I just prefer something cosy.
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    Another from Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas("Whatever Works")
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    I'm good no damage and power back on a few days ago. Very fortunate. I also have hurricane shutters I put up each time too.
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    Some shots from a 2014 trip to Opa-Locka (teaser and opening credits from Season 1s "Evan")
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    Hi team, Just got power back about an hour ago. AC set to max! I hope all our other members are doing as well. Please check in when you can and give us an update. Thanks, Tim
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    I am glad to hear you are okay. I had a big pine tree fall in my backyard, thankfully missing my patio. I hope everyone else is safe. It is still super windy here with rain.
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    Near the end of Rising Sun of Death the sword fight takes place in a driving rain.
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    My thoughts and prayers to the residents of Florida. I saw this article today and thought you all would enjoy it. A husband is determined to protect his vintage 1987 car. Read and enjoy. http://www.tampabay.com/news/weather/hurricanes/i-have-a-car-in-my-f-------living-room-man-accepts-wifes-challenge-to/2336892
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    The Red Cross does a lot of good and always needs volunteers. You may not hear from those of us on Fla's West Coast for a while either, Timm, Tony, and me. We'll still be alive and kickin' but power outages are a real possibility. I know how to prepare since I am originally a Miamian and have been through some bad hurricanes and even one before they gave them names. I'm as ready as I can be and plan to stick it out. Good luck to all and thumbs up!
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    Well folks, this will likely be my last post for quite some time. This storm is heading directly for Miami. I am hoping for the best and wish the same for my fellow Floridian members on this site. Take care!
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    I have seen this. Makes me laugh when we are told Sonny's blazers where tossed on the floor to give them at special look. At times when I wear my wrinkled blazers my wife comments that they need to be ironed. She just doesn't understand. LOL
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    Oh God! Not this topic again....I thought I deleted this long ago....
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    They nailed the stance. Apparently they don't make a shorter/drop coil spring for C3. So the shop was prepared (I was ready to pay the labor) to cut mine and reinstall again and again until the correct height. They cut one coil off and they nailed it on the first try. Removing 1coil drops the front end 2 inches the stance is correct. But I'm going to miss not having to remember the curb when parking. Before I sat high enough that the front never hit. Lol Next Wednesday it goes for front end alignment and to put the Dayton knock off 72 spoke rims on.
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    The Vice squad is headquartered at the Organized Crime Bureau a.k.a. OCB. While the interior scenes were never filmed there, Vice fans have fallen in love with the building we see so often in the exterior establishing shots. The sign on the front of the building reads "Gold Coast Shipping". Presumably this name is part of the Vice squad's undercover work, thought this was never explicitly stated. The working title of Miami Vice during its initial development was "Gold Coast". In real life this building was located at 615 SW 2nd Avenue across the river from downtown Miami. It was a historically designated piece of Art Deco architecture (specifically, Art Moderne). It was built in 1942 by the Miami Shipbuilding Corporation (later called Miami Shipyards Corp) as they were ramping up production for World War II. The large bas relief panel above the corner entrance shows a man holding up a ship while kneeling in water and surrounded by a ship's helm, propeller, and gear. Sadly the building was demolished in 2007 and replaced with a high-rise condominium. Miami Historic Preservation: http://www.historicpreservationmiami.com/miamiship.html The most extensive article on the building's history that I've found (sourced in part from MiamiJimF's book): http://miami-history.com/miami-vice-shipyard/ In Stone's War they forgot to put up the "Gold Coast Shipping" sign. Instead, we see "Miami Shipyards Corp", the name of the company which occupied the building in real life: In the pilot movie "Brother's Keeper" the OCB interior scenes were filmed at a building located at 3033 NW North River Drive. Starting in "Heart of Darkness, the interior scenes were filmed on a set constructed at Ivan Tors Studios (now Greenwich Studios) in North Miami.
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    I was flipping channels and watched a few minutes of By Hooker By Crook on Cozi network, and I noticed this: So by Season 3 they have changed the sign on Room 203 from "Barges & Tugs Landing Craft" to "Accounting". Then another thing occurred to me. Both of these signs are stupid: This "Room 203" door in reality leads directly into the kitchen section of the OCB's main room!
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    Here's a little test run I did on syncing recorded audio and video. As things progress, I will have a new YouTube channel dedicated to Jan Hammer's MV score. Check it out:
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    I used to want to drink Old Dusseldorf Longnecker beer from Magnum PI until I found out it wasn't a real beer.
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    Here's an item that is pretty rare, I've posted this many times for listening on this site, but never an actual picture of it. The Mary Turner "Off The Record" interview with Don Johnson to promote the release of his "Heartbeat" album:
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    Interesting. I didn't realize that the Gold Coast sign over the front door was a Vice prop, probably built before the title of the series was changed to Miami Vice. This photo looks like it was taken while the company was still in business. There is always something new to learn about Vice and Miami.
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    Yes, these commercials take me back to the good times of my youth. I could watch these for hours and it will bring a smile to my face.
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    One I had never seen...
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    I don't know...I had to paw-se when thinking on this, as ad-mitt-edly I had trouble coming to grip s with this issue. Maybe after some two-fist-ed libations I may have some more thoughts.
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    Teaser ( Golden Triangle Part 2) - 71st St/ Collins , North Beach from 2013
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    Good choice - featured in Season 2s"Payback" and also just two episodes later in "Trust Fund Pirates" albeit from different angles This is the exterior balcony featured in "Great McCarthy".
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    Watched "Cool Runnin" last night. One more to add This is at the crime scene where Bobby and Jake were shot at. In the crowd a little girl is eating a Popsicle. Also what I could add to the topic - "You know you have been watching too much Miami Vice, when..." You think of these four as mini Crockett, Tubbs, Trudy and Gina.
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