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    Hi Don has given out an award for Crime drama at the National TV awards tonight. They played an Eagles song as he walked on but he did get a big round of applause from the audience when they mentioned he had been Crockett from MV. Cool
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    I love that episode too! One of my top favorites and the favorite with Gina. Edit: Found that clip on daily motion with many other great scenes as well somebody made. Unfortunately a very tragic ending to this episode.
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    Four of my Five all-time favorite scenes comes from (Brother's Keeper). #1 - Sonny's confrontation with Wheeler as the leak. I trusted you!!! I TRUSTED YOU!! So, so gripping. Which leads to the fantastic segway to.. #2 - In the Air Tonight scene, and the way they brilliantly filmed the Daytona Spyder. #3 - Tubbs slowly walking across the dance floor to Calderone. Will Tubbs kill him? No, he only shakes his hand. Hospitable gesture. So, so tense! #4 - Crockett entering the diner to tell Maria the dreadful news that her husband is dead, holding her up from collapsing with his eyes. #5 - (Evan) Crockett and Tubbs in the shipyard, walking away from Guzman and Evan in slow-motion, while Peter Gabriel's Biko plays.