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    Here are a few shots (first 3) of my car that I think I had posted in here in the Ferrari thread, while the last small shot is the Camera Car as seen in recent years The first shot makes the grill look almost gray due to shading.
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    Did the Enerald Coast Car Show this weekend. The car stood its own very well. I was parked in the car carol with 3000 other cars, the first day when a event staff came and asked me & 4 other cars to move to the stage area. Come to find out, the 5 of us won people choice awards. Much better location I got a lot of comments on the underhood mirror paint job. Ppl loved the look everyon loved the stance. I think I’m as close as I’ve seen to the car on Miami Vice
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    With Zeus and Apollo, the trusted "lads". A great show made even greater by a Texan playing a Brit, and was so convincing he received fan mail from the UK asking from where he hailed.
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    One of the greatest miami vice episodes! I love it! The tunes are amazing, the ending is outstanding. Wonderful!
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    Stinger, it was a blast. Going to be going to a celebrity car show in January https://www.eventbrite.com/e/celebrity-auto-festival-2018-tickets-19408703956 I think that’s going to be crazy fun. It’s a 5 hr drive. I’ll get to play with the tablet that is Bluetooth to my EFI system. I’m at 19 MPG on the highway now. It’s running at 11.8 for cruising. The setting is 11.5 - 13. The higher the number, the better fuel mileage. I’m thinking I’ll be at 22 mpg when she’s tuned in
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    These are the newest photos of my figures . Tubbs is now wearing a navy blue suit ( looks black in the photos ) with the same black shirt as before . I have a lighter blue shirt coming soon . Crockett is still wearing the telltale white suit but the new one is more linen like whereas the other one was a lighter material and much thinner so you could see through it a little .
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    Yep, his acting was absolutely brilliant. Never have I heard an American put on such a great and convincing British accent.
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    New update on my covers. Check it out! Copied/pasted from the YouTube video description: iPhone video alert! Here’s a glimpse of my new setup. This is basically all I need to pick up where I left off. All you’re hearing is the DX7 guitar patch thru the flanger (in “DOUBLER” mode here) with some plate emulation reverb, and the pad track I recorded years ago with my now gone Roland Juno 106. The Rockman X100 (in the ROCKMOUNT) and the JP-08 are only shown (not heard) here. I now have a JU-06 to go forward for the Memorymoog pads (not shown or heard here). NOT HQ AUDIO!
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    Matt is right.....thanks for sharing! We never would have seen and enjoyed this.
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    I was flipping channels and watched a few minutes of "Kojak" with Telly Savalas. It was Season 2 Episode 19 "Night of the Piraeus". All of a sudden I see an exterior shot of a place called "Fein Gallery" with a yellow awning extending out from the entrance. It looked very much like what we see in "One Way Ticket": Kojak was mostly filmed on studio backlots in Los Angeles, but they also did some filming in New York. Since this was just a setup shot, it could be either. I don't remember if the windows and lamps were there in the Kojak scene. It would be great if somebody could watch this on Hulu or some other website and save a screenshot of the camera shot from Kojak so we can compare.
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    I think the color my grill was painted is the color of the tarnished grill. At least now I don’t have to Waite for it to tarnish to look like the vice car on TV. LOL
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    Thanks...I looked up the song after hearing it in the most recent Corona beer commercials, as I really liked the vocals of this duet. They were new to me too.
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    What the... what was on the minds of those who made the special moments? Those weird parts with cloudy backgrounds and Trudy's face under that singer... Weird! And the peanut butter bottle spinnin'... and the UFO attack on Crockett and Tubbs... Compare this to Little Miss Dangerous, or any S1 episode.. What were they thinking?
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    To achieve the stance: cut 16 1/4 “ off front spring I have the 10” bolt on the rear springs which allow me to adjust the height up or down to get the look I want, the bolt is cut at 8 1/2” a bullet 1” spacer is on the rear passenger side tire. Some corvettes are set up with the passenger side rear tire setting in 1” different than the drivers side tire. I’ve heard all kinds of reasons, but I have not found any documentation for the set up. The brake yellow calipers were painted silver to blend them in with the rim. I have 225/60R 15 tires on all four corners. I just can’t see the need to run bigger tires on the rear. It’s not a muscle car
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    I saw this again on TV just now for like the 20th time(just because it was on). Still can't decide whether this is one of the greatest examples of post-modern art in film or if it's one of the most elaborate, polished turds in cinema history. Or it could be both. If art is considered as any creative endeavour that provokes an emotion then this film suceeds in my opinion, whether you love it or hate it. There's a moment when Crockett journeys back to Miami in his boat after his little escapade with Gong Li in Havana. You see the moody sky, the rough waters, accompanied by the perfect musical score choice and that's when It hit me that this film wasn't complete garbage and that it had moments of brilliance. That moment is what separates this from the hundreds of other similar movies that wish they had those 10-15 seconds of magic.
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    These shots are from a 2012 movie Step up Revolution filmed in Miami. These two characters are standing relatively close to where a Vice character was standing. In the second screen shot the Vice character was on the lower bridge on the right. What was the Vice episode and what was going on in the Vice scene?
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    Nothing About JH im afraid just some Dadrian dude?
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    Miami Vice book I picked up
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    BigSarg's car looks fantastic!! I've been begging him to sell it to me .....but no luck He's worked hard on it for nearly two years to get it in the condition that it is today. I hope he enjoys it for years to come.
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    Just watched this. Made me laugh. A well made trailer mostly of the episode "Made For Each Other" and a good introduction to Izzy and Noogies' parts on the show. Although they did show a more serious side of them, these humorous episodes describe their characters best.
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    Met Hillerman 2 times, super nice man. The first time was at a party and when he spoke in what I thought was a Southern accent, I just thought he was messing with folks. Until he said it was his real voice. I didn't believe him at first. The second time was a couple of years later during the filming of MPI. The ex had some business to tend to so we went over in October 84. The ex and I got a tour of the set and "Robins Nest." Met Selleck, Mosely, and Manetti, all was super nice as well. If you didn't know who they were you could have easily assumed they were crew not talent. We had a lunch on set that day and Hillerman sat with us as well as her client. He was a true gentleman he will be missed by many. On another note, is that EJO over Hillerman's right shoulder?
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    1 Brother's Keeper 2 Calderone's Return(Gonna count both as one episode) 3 The Prodigal Son 4 One Eyed Jack 5 Death and The Lady MV forever
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    I finally started Mad Men. On episode nine of Season 1. While a little slow at the moment, you can't deny that the show is brilliantly acted and written. And the attention to detail is outstanding. I'm definitely gonna stick to it. I finally finish Sons of Anarchy tomorrow. I'm gonna miss it. The first four seasons were definitely the best. Seasons 5 and 6 were a little dull but still enjoyable. I've heard bad things about Season 7 but honestly I think it's a huge improvement. Especially the last couple episodes. Intense. Next show I'm gonna watch is Weeds. Looks kinda funny so I'm looking forward to it.
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    Actually Jim, it was called Armistice Day in the US until after the Korean War. I just taught it in my US History classes on Friday. We were finishing up the US role in WWI. I think Decoration Day was what we called Memorial Day before, but I'm not certain on that one. I guess I should look it up.
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    I was thinking he was for Miami. I forgot it was Florida State! Sorry for the bad memory, Jim!
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    Great line Boca Raton !
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    Remembrance Day is on the 11th, we have the same day here in Australia. It marks the day and hour that WWI ended, I believe. The 11th hour of the 11th day. It's usually a moment of silence to remember. "Least we forget". I guess American's just call it Veterans Day to be different, it's really the same thing.
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    “How nice for you”
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    The Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove - featured extensively in this Season 2 episode at Halloween a week or so ago.
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    I once had a chance to watch it, it is the first and only time i stopped watching a movie within the first 10 minutes! A total failure!
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    It rings a bell with me too as said somewhere else, but I'm not recalling at the moment. Just the facts, ma'am
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    This gotta be my favorite song by Phil Collins. There is just something about the intro, which is amazing and melody overall, that moves you. And of course the sad theme.
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    This is basically art, the cinematography, production value, the girl, to sell you chocolate. It's my favourite advert of all time. (1988) In the 1990 a totally unknown artist recorded his one and only a release, a version with his own lyrics. I doubt it even charted but it's a guilty pleasure.
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    Ha! Gotta love it, he doesn't even utter a word and he's the coolest guy ever.
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    I'm sorry but I cannot stand the 2006 movie..it sucked, horribly (my opinion)!! First, hardly any of it actually took place in Miami, and the actors chosen for most of the characters were terrible choices--Castillo especially! I was like...what the "heck"?? Second, it was somewhat boring and the movie seemed to be out of focus throughout most of it...it was very "grainy" and slightly "blurred" or something. It left some with headaches, as in my theater my dad and I talked about how out of focus it was, and we overheard some girls saying the same thing...and it was giving them headaches. I also read similar experiences online in the days following the premiere--so it was not just my theater. Third...there were hardly any odes to the original series, save the movie "Trudy" being tied up in an old trailer like the Smuggler's Blues episode. I realize that in 2006 we weren't gonna have pastels and Phil Collins playing in the background (although I prefer that)...but I expected a "heck" of a LOT more from this movie--and was devastatingly disappointed and let down!! To be blunt but truthful...this movie was boring, out of focus, actors were terrible, plot was mediocre, and it is a disgrace to the MV franchise!! The original series kicks this movie's perverbial butt BIG-TIME!!!
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    I just realized I did not post my opinion. So here goes. I tried, I really tried to get into the film, but I just couldn't do it. I was so looking forward to being taken back to the glory days of the tv series with this film, but it never happened. To me, it was like Michael Mann's heart was not into making it right. He forgot what made the series great. So I did not enjoy this movie.
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