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    Oh, you Australian weirdos with your backwards seasons and counter-clockwise flushing toilets. ============================================= I'm not going to be creative or edgy. These are the Top 5 most impactful and memorable scenes in my opinion. 5. Yankee Dollar - opening scene - Besides the beautiful "Par Avion", the most impressive thing about this scene is its range. It smoothly transitions from low-key office banter to the blissful drive and then to the shock and horror of her death. 4. Evan - opening scene - There's nothing meaningful about this scene. It's just pure gratuitous Viceness. "Rhythm of the Heat" dominates the scene. It's no surprise it fits so well on Vice, since Peter Gabriel used the same Fairlight CMI synth as Jan Hammer. 3. Out Where the Buses Don't Run - final scene - There's a dreamy quality to the driving shots, underscoring how during the whole episode Sonny was never quite sure what was real. 2. Definitely Miami - pool scene - Same as the "Evan" scene, this is deliciously gratuitous. It is the most sensual scene I've ever seen on TV. I can understand if female Vice fans aren't quite as enamored with it as us guys. 1. Brother's Keeper - "In the Air Tonight" - Yes, the scene is cliche by now and the song has been beaten to death on the radio, but that's for a good reason: this was the defining moment of the entire series. "I need to know something, Caroline. The way we used to be together. I don't mean lately, but before. It was real, wasn't it?" "You bet it was."
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    It was fun while it lasted but it over now! The Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa is finished! I’m getting better!
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    We all remember the actor John Santucci playing the character Dale Menton in "Golden Triangle", as well as his roles in "Lombard" and "Jack of All Trades". I just discovered that he has an interesting background: Santucci was a jewel thief before he was hired by Michael Mann to appear in and be a technical advisor in the 1981 movie Thief (with Chuck Adamson, Dennis Farina, Willie Nelson and Tom Signorelli); Thief is notable for the extraordinary coincidences surrounding its cast, largely stemming from Mann's love of employing the right people for technical authenticity - Farina was a Chicago police officer before he became an actor and actually arrested Santucci while the latter was a jewel thief. Furthermore, the main heist in Thief, involving the use of a thermal lance to cut through a vault door, was based on a real-life robbery orchestrated by Santucci. Many of the other tools used in robberies throughout the film were also Santucci's own. http://miamivice.wikia.com/wiki/John_Santucci So the actor playing Al Lombard had in real life arrested the actor playing Lombard's henchman Charlie! Sadly, Santucci returned to his life of crime and was arrested again: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1996-05-18/news/9605180009_1_vending-machines-burglary-tools-chicago-police-department Some more background on the movie "Thief": http://rheaven.blogspot.com/2010/07/thief.html
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    Its a bit sad for me that Season 3 is not becoming much love here. Cause i dont understand it. Different colors and all the different style was maybe hard to take after the first two seasons but it gave the show a fresh look and feel in my opinion. I liked it a lot. AND it was still produced very well and stylish with high production values. And most of the story lines in the first two third of the season are between good and great. The decline starts with the last third of the season and stuff like Showbiz, Viking Bikers or the mediocre Season Finale. And to be honest: Storywise the beloved season 2 had also bad/mediocre episodes. Examples: The vodoo stuff was even the weakest episode of the first two seasons for me, the racing stuff, French twist or The fix. Thats one more reason i dont get the hate for season 3. If its only because the change of style thats unfair to the season. Season 4 in terms of overall quality is the real big step down. THAT is when the show was jumping the shark for me. Yes there are still good episodes sometimes. But it is very uneven. There are several problems: - Production values were not as stunning as before. If you compare Season 3 with Season 4 the decline is pretty obvious. - The Change of the dynamics between Crocket/Tubbs were a bad idea. And i hate that tubbs almost doesnt feel like a main character anymore. - So many weak storys like Missing Hours (worst episode of the whole show), Frozen rastas and all that strange stuff. And then some of the good Storylines are not executed the way they would have been in the first seasons. The Crockett Marriage story was also not the best example. Meeting and marrying in ONE (!!!) Episode??? Come on..... And then Season 5 came... It was much more consistent than season 4 and no Missing Hours like stuff but the thrill was somehow gone and it felt tired. The Season Dynamics between the lead actors was even more strange. In so many episodes we have only one of both characters and stuff like that. its just not what i want to see in MV. And i HATE the style in Season 5. Tubbs clothes especially...good lord....that was bizzare sometimes. But i could have lived with that if the storys and overall production would have been better that season. What was also not that good anymore was the usage of popular music in Season 5. Much less songs. Guess it was a budget problem Dont get me wrong: I have some good episodes i like to watch even in that season but the energy was not there anymore overall. Considering all the problems in the last two seasons (especially season 4) i really dont get why season 3 is in my opinion not getting the love it overall deserves. There are problems in Season 3. Im not blind. But there were also problems in Season 2 like i wrote. What i dont liked was the new fuzzy cinematography starting in late Season 3. Before that all was crisp like it was before. And after that we had this soft fuzzy look all over the picture. Miami Vice for me is Season 1-3 and then chosen Episodes of Seasons 4 and 5
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    In these two clips from the wolfsonsarchives, I uploaded on YouTube, he's very briefly seen speaking and directing. In the episode "Lombard" behind the scenes And the episode "Milk Run"
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    Hi Don has given out an award for Crime drama at the National TV awards tonight. They played an Eagles song as he walked on but he did get a big round of applause from the audience when they mentioned he had been Crockett from MV. Cool
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    You Northern Hemisphere-ists are missing out on Christmas Barbecues and New Years Eve pool parties...
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    FYI: It is against forum rules from posting any quotes from episodes "Cows of October" and or "Missing Hours". Those are banning offenses around here!
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    The Evan gas station is at 1240 W. Flagler. It’s only 5 blocks from La Liberdad (season 3 coffee shop) if you want the best Colada (Cuban coffee) on earth. Have a couple of bucks ready for the bums! Not sure which house from Yankee Dollar you mean, but the little Sarah Davis house is at 811 S. Surf Rd. in North Miami Beach. Charlie Glide’s mansion is on Key Biscayne at 485 W. Matheson Dr. Here are some extremely helpful links to save, many thanks to our very own @C Glide : Season 1 locations: http://www.miamivicelocations.org/page3.html season 2: http://www.miamivicelocations2.org/page3.html 3: http://www.miamivicelocations3.org/page3.html 4: http://www.miamivicelocations4.org/page2.html And season 5: http://www.miamivicelocations5.org/page3.html
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    The story with the 3 endings is true and was also confirmed in a documentary a few years ago. In 1989 hardly any series was concluded with a final episode that portrayed the fate of main characters but rather with a normal episode that just happened to be the last. Thus NBC experimented and decided shortly before airing to let C&T live mainly because they did not want to disappoint fan base and a spinoff was planned (Leap of Faith!) that involved occasional show ups of C&T.
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    Ridiculous costumes? What ridiculous costumes??? I swear that outfit PMT is wearing reminds me of those optical illusion books that if you stare long enough you see 3D images! I might cherry pick an episode here or there, but I don't see either season 4 or 5 in its entirety appealing to him... and most (other than diehard MV fans.)
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    He can be seen in this behind the scenes footage of the filming of "Lombard" at about 5:40 and then again at about 6:10 shaking hands with the director John Nicolella. He's wearing the same skinny-legged white pants that he wore in the "No Exit" scene
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    Nice! I appreciate that info! I guess it’s my choice as to what color I want the carpet in the model Testarossa now. Sand/tan/beigh it is w/ black dash & console.
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    The Rusty Pelican was never featured on Miami Vice. Yaze was featured twice in those episodes I mentioned. Interesting about the small buildings probrably fishing shacks or part of the boat yards near RP and Yaze. The RP was seen momentarily in the Miami Vice Season 4 episode “Blood and Roses” from 1988 during the Dangerous Game montage as our hero’s rush to save Gina at the end. It’s a shot we didn’t see at all often in Vice as they head over the bridge towards Brickell - where you see the RP in the distance.(see from Jeremy’s website pic below)
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    Thank you! I’ll trll you this, a few well cut paint brushes, some tooth pics & a sharp utility knife are a damn good start! Oh, & don’t forget patience & a steady hand!
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    Who's your top 5 favorite villians from Season One? If it's Bruce Willis as the gun running Tony Amato, Jim Zubiena as the Hit Man Argentinean assassin Ludovici Armstrong, or Burt Young as Paulie... er.. I mean Lupo Ramirez, rank your five favorites here: - - - My Top 5 Favorite villians from Season One: (Counting down from number five) 5. Afemo Omilami as Desmond Maxwell (Cool Runnin) Many will find this an odd choice considering how little screen time he had, but Afaemo showed so much screen presence and gravitas that I was left hungry for more Desmond Maxwell... sadly something we never got. But that stare of his still fills me with dread to this day! 4. John Turturro as David Traynor (Rites of Passage) I love John Turturro in almost everything he does, and he doesn't disappoint as the head of a modeling agency which is a front for a high class call-girl service. Traynor is way too smart and smooth to get caught by the law, and I love the sinister underlying to his sweet demeanor. 3. Al Israel as Guzman (Evan) Something about Al Israel's screen presense and line delivery exudes danger and betrayal in every scene he's in. Israel has this uncanny ability to make you feel like that in any moment, it can be your last. He expressed the same ability in "Scarface" and "Carlito's Way". Any character sitting across from Guzman just make me plain worry for that character... which is impressive because Al is certainly not an imposing man. 2. Dennis Farina as Albert Lombard (One Eyed Jack, Lombard) That's the price. - Anyone trying to resist that lovable Italian murderous gangster stereotype shouldn't watch Dennis Farina as Albert Lombard. Dennis is extremely likeable in this role, so much so I questioned myself - does Lombard really belong in a top 5 villian list? I must relent that, likeable or not, the extremely charismatic Farina does play a character responsible for enough numerous murders and crimes to make him eligible. And you got to love the old school gangster and his code, being pushed out by a new generation of honorless thugs. #1 Miguel Piñero as Esteban Calderone (Brother's Keeper, Calderone's Return - Part II) You can arrest me now! You're not gonna shoot me are ya? It's against the law. It's against the law! - Thanks to a wonderfully written character, the small statured yet big on presense actor Miguel Piñero plays the vilianous role of a lifetime - almost not a villian himself, but the representation, the face of a crooked system that will forever beat down the vice cops Crocket and Tubbs. Sonny and Rico are fighting a losing war... and Calderone is an embodiment of why. Bravo! - - - So that's my Top-5 Season One Villian list! 1. Calderone 2. Lombard 3. Guzman 4. Traynor 5. Maxwell
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    Well it's time for my Birthday ...... Cheers!
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    Entered my first judged car show. The celebrity car show in Tampa. We drove down the night before the show (5 hrs). During most of the drive we were right behind a major rain storm. Windshield Wipers were on delay the entire trip. Never got direct rain. Just a constant mist from the road. We washed the car off and sprayed chrome cleaner on the rims when we got there. Dryed the car with shammies and parked it in a garage. The next morning we were at the car show at 8 am. Parked the car and raised the hood. We detailed the car in a few spots and started looking at all the cool cars. The car took second, beat by the Bat mobile. The same car that was parked in the center tent and on the flyer for the car show. The Bat mobile was also on the dash plaque that was in the goody bag that was given to me during registration. Should I say more about why it beat me? I was told by a judge that I was in the running for every category, but I hadn’t detailed the car to “car show” standards. The fact that I had driven from Tallahassee to Tampa impressed him. I said it’s a show driver, not a trailer Queen. Everyone was cleaning cars with Q-tips and polishing chrome all the way up to the judging. I had inadvertently told a judge that there were to many cool cars to look at, and that I wasn’t going to spend 4 hrs detailing a driver. I didn’t know he was a judge at the time when I made the remark. Lesson learned. Lol Still the dirty car took second. I beat the General Lee car. I thought for sure it would beat me. It was perfect and the guy kept detailing it all day long. All in all I have to decide if I really want this show car experience. That’s a lot of cleaning and I’m just not sure if it’s for me. I like to look at cars while I’m there.
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    they did a hell of a job on his hair in Crime Story . Sad that Farina is gone too, i think he actually knew him when he was a cop in chicago and Santucci was a criminal. Denison of course still going strong.
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    Hey all, I managed to rip Sonny Crockett from the Miami Vice game from 2004 after learning 3DS Max from a good friend! I will be converting him to he works in GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City (obviously). Will keep you posted, and when I'm done Ill provide a link to the necessary files to mod Crockett into Vice City or San Andreas. Here's a pic of my current state of work:
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    Fantastic ! Thankyou for sharing - great images
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    Sadly my re-watching of the series has stalled; too much other stuff going on in RL. Speaking only from memory of watching 5 during the original run: I thought the Burnett arc was very well-done, and fit perfectly with the development of Crockett as a character. He always talked about the danger of forgetting who really was while working undercover; he watched other undercover cops get sucked into their cover life over the course of the series; and finally it happened to him. If some of the amnesia premise was weak, there is an element of reality to it because of the giant ethical violation he committed when he killed Hackman, and the psychological injury he suffered as a result. I remember being disappointed in the storylines once the Burnett arc was completed. There was a marginal attempt to show that Crockett was investigated and that he received counseling, although I can't believe that in RL he would ever have been allowed to work undercover again. However, the burnout suffered by Tubbs as well as Crockett, and the destructive effects of undercover life on Switek were well-portrayed, IMO. Gina and Trudy were pushed into the background more than ever, which was sad. And Castillo seemed almost an impotent force for his team. I disliked Freefall because to me it felt like a downer ending to the series. But it was a great portrayal of the burnout experienced by C&T, as well as the inevitable result of the conflicting agendas of the vice squad and the other (federal) government agencies they were supposed to be working with. Very cynical and nihilistic, and as I said basically inevitable considering the overall path of the series and the characters' experiences. For me, MV had good episodes throughout the series run, but with the revolving door of writers, directors, and producers, it lost its way and had a generally downward spiral from Season 4 to the end. Unlike a lot of people here, I really liked Season 3 in general.
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    On it’s on Pal! Because of your trip there & the details, you make it easier for anyone who’s going to do this! Glad my wife is on board w/ my MV forthoughts and has started helping plan this whole trip. Driving from NH to Miami to the SW side of Florida on a 2 week expedition & then driving back to NH is going to be epic! Leaving Miami we will be hitting the original “Aligator Alley” Rt 41 to SW Florida.
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    You’re welcome, @ZAQ 178 ! PLEASE share pics when you get back! We have the best location gurus here if you need any help finding your favorite spot(s). Keep your eyes peeled! Many of them just jump out at you!
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    Ah, it looks like they did have TWO real Testarossas for the show plus the Pantera stunt! Per Popular Mechanics: "When the new model Ferrari Testarossa came out, it was decided to update the Ferrari on "Vice" to the trick-looking new machine. Plus, the real Ferrari North American people got a little miffed that these fakos were getting so much attention. They offered to supply two real Ferrari Testarossas for the show. The Testarossa was Ferrari's latest model and one would be used regularly and one would be kept as a backup. The cars were supplied to the producers painted back, but when they didn't show up well in night scenes, they were later painted white. To create a car that would perform stunts, "Miami Vice" producers turned to the Robert Motors Co., which had specialized in safety-oriented stunt cars for the movie and TV industries. Carl Roberts' assignment was to build a Testarossa look-alike that would be able to stand up to the rigors of stunt duty. In effect, Roberts was asked to build an automotive Thespian that would breath life and action into the show just as much as human players. Unlike the front-engined Daytonas, the Testarossa was a mid-engined car, so using a Corvette chassis as a starting point wouldn't work. The proportions of the car were wrong. So Roberts took a 1972 DeTomaso Pantera—a perfect car with 12,000 miles on the clock and a collector value of about $30,000—and chopped it apart. Roberts designed Testarossa look-alike, fiberglass body panels working from pictures in a magazine, and parts he salvaged from a wrecked Testarossa. "
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    According to this information it was opened in 1972 and burned down in 1985, which might explain why it was never featured in MV.
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    "Also, anyone know how long the building for Rusty Pelican has been there? " According to this site it has been a Rusty Pelican since May of 72. https://www.specialtyrestaurants.com/our-story It is such a scenic spot I would bet the location was in use before that date.
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    Update 3: I have brought Tubbs into San Andreas!
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    Update: I have placed Crockett into his car. Am working on Tubbs now don't worry.
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    Prison Break episode "The Sunshine State" aired 22 December 2008, construction of 50 Biscayne was completed 2007, but it's very much absent in the scenery, with the Miami Tower clearly visible between City National Bank building and the New World Tower (100 Biscayne), so it has to be a backdrop.
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    "Well if it ain't the man who hates bad F'n language"
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    After diverting my attention away long enough from the mermaid on Santa’s lap I can now see they are the four ambassadors
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    I'd like to announce that I have ported Crockett over to GTA San Andreas finally! With the exception of some minor bugs, this should be smooth sailing and I will put up a download link in a few days!
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    Venice Beach, Ocean boardwalk- another angle
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    Since we're already talking about LMD, and you mention this, this episode's climax is recorded in my memory thanks to the hypnotic effect of "This is what you want, this is what you get." repeated over and over. One of the best episode finales of the series.
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    Here are a few pix of the hardwood hammock trails at Matheson Hammock. The Germans should appreciate this because, from what I saw, they love to hike. If Miami doesn't have it, nobody's thought of it yet.
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    @C Glide @miamijimf @airtommy This location from the teaser of “Rock and a Hard Place” was on Oceanfront Bvld on Venice Beach looking South to Santa Monica in Los Angeles
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    Thank you, everyone......had a great day & steak dinner at Harold Seltzer's with our daughter, her husband & our 2 cute grand children.
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    I have updated my pages with new re-creation pictures as well as new found location. The field hospital, rebel camp and place where man was tied to tree were filmed in the western part of Matheson Hammock Park not as suspected at the Deering Estate.
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    I was 11 years old in 1984. My father and mother were divorced for about 5 years and my father would pick me up for visitation every other weekend. Unlike my mother, my Dad would let me stay up late on the Friday nights, but he picked what to watch on TV. That's where I was introduced to Miami Vice. My father would rave about how good the show was, and my young mind would agree with him. The fact I saw him every other Friday meant I only watched roughly half of Season One back in 1984. My most vivid memories were of the episodes Calderone's Demise and Evan. My father was just sooooo impressed with how Calderone died partially in the pool, and the last shot of Tubbs placing his hand on Crockett's shoulder, as Sonny cradled Evan. "Tubbs was keeping his distance but still being there for Crockett" my Dad would tell me. My father died a couple years ago. He was ill for a long time. I was happy I was able to take him to see the Miami Vice movie (I just wish it was better.) But when the movie opened, NBC re-aired the original television pilot, hosted by Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell and my father truly enjoyed seeing "Brother's Keeper" again. Rewatching anything on DVD was never stubbornly his bag, so I was really happy it aired again. Good, good memories.
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    Here’s another development: From the YouTube description: I’m using a summing cable to send hi-fi stereo signal to mono input of iPad video camera. Videos of single sounds like this will not require stereo imaging. This is Roland’s “Boutique Series” JP-08 synth that reproduces some old Jupiter 8 sounds (like this one) quite faithfully. Not quite as warm, but very convincing in a mix.
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    So many great scenes already mentioned! Mine are about the same as most others already listed. Some of my favorites but they might change from time to time: 1. Ending of Out Where the Buses Don't Run 2. Crockett walking back into OCB HQ in Redemption in Blood to the song, Don't Give Up. 3. Opening scene of Yankee Dollar with Par Avion playing. 4. In the Air Tonight driving scene 5. The scene where Castillo and Jack Gretsky meet after so many years
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    So we made this obvious, right? Just wanna be sure Click: 7B0E397B-68D0-487E-AB90- D29BB5128849.bmp
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    My apologies Tony for the belated Happy Birthday! It's always, always, so nice to hear from you. Hope you've had a great day!
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    Wow, that’s too kind, @ZAQ 178 ! You should totally plug in and jam out. There’s no substitute for that particular escape!
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    Watched the season 5 finale of Mad Men last night. There's a scene in the theater where the music from Casino Royale 1967 plays and the ending is a montage with You Only Live Twice playing. Three minutes of bliss for this Bond geek.
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    The payphone could have been a prop, as none visible in front of Barnett Bank in this shot:
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    I was bored for a couple of hours and whipped this up. The only song I've ever created which isn't a complete embarrassment. It's kinda simple and boring, but I think simple is the key for "tranquillity". It's supposed to put you to sleep.