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    All is well. Just checking in and appreciate the asking. All fine and ready to Miami Vice location hunt.
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    Hi Everyone, Just checking in to say all is good here (finally), considering everything, I think we dodged a major bullet this time around.
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    33 years ago tonight, we watched the premiere of the series that would change our TV lives forever. Happy Anniversary, Miami Vice!
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    Hey, Ferrariman. I'm down here in Florida (Levy County to be exact) and am ok. Thankfully the county clerk managed to get some of the power back up in town pretty fast so I'm already back home and the internet appears to be working fine here. Didn't damage the inside any but left the yard a bit of a mess (thankfully I have mostly palm trees so it's just a case of mowing and picking up the palm fronds). Levy County seems to have got out of the storm okay although I haven't heard any news from Cedar Key who usually get hammered pretty hard in big storms and a good chunk of the county is running on Duke Energy who are going to be down for a while longer than others as they had lost some of their power stations. I hope to everyone else in Florida is able to check in soon.
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    Thanks for asking, Tim! Yeah, we put sandbags by back door, but the water wasn't as bad as the thunderstorm a couple weeks ago. 11PM Sunday we lost our power but it returned on Mon. around 3PM. Lots of branches down & a huge tree across the road near the clubhouse but no damage. The worst was no power & watching the palm trees bending in the wind & the howling of the wind around the house. I'm glad you are O.K. Tim. Maybe we'll meet in Publix again!
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    Philip Michael Thomas' daughter Imaj just made an In The Air Tonight cover for us Vicers and posted it on Facebook with a loving message. Check it out here:
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    Lost pine trees. This giant fell close to the back of my boarded up house. Two others not in this pic are leaning way over at a radical angle, they have to be cut up also. I've already started cutting off limbs. Somehow the wind chimes survived. How did my Fla friends do?
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    Las Olas Bvld , Fort Lauderdale ("Whatever Works" location ) post -Irma on Monday. FL had severe flooding.
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    Another from Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas("Whatever Works")
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    I'm good no damage and power back on a few days ago. Very fortunate. I also have hurricane shutters I put up each time too.
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    Hi team, Just got power back about an hour ago. AC set to max! I hope all our other members are doing as well. Please check in when you can and give us an update. Thanks, Tim
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    I can't wait for Vin Diesel as Crockett, Cuba Gooding Jr as Tubbs and Danny Trejo as Castillo. Going to be so epic Plus we'll get to see cool montages set to Ariana Grande and Bieber.
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    One of my personal favorite character actors has dies. Never even realized he was 91 years old. Loved him in Alien and Escape From New York. RIP.
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    For sure, it was a Sunday Night, 2-hour premiere. I still have my VHS copy, (which I have to treat with "kid gloves)."
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    Man it's been 3 years already since the 30th anniversary? What the hell!! It puts into perspective how fast these shows were produced, So 30 years ago was the premiere of Season 4? wow I hope that the ride DJ and PMT were on seemed longer to them than the last 3 years.
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    Really sad to hear of his passing. He made many, many films greater with his presence for decades going back to bit roles in many studio era Westerns to his many appearances with Warren Oates in films such as 92 in the Shade and Dillinger, his iconic roles in Red Dawn, Paris Texas and Repo Man, and of course his frequent collaborations with David Lynch. He was the most grounded part in Lynch's Wild at Heart as an ill-fated private eye and he had most recently reprised his Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me role of Carl Rodd in the new series going from a late-waking grouch in the film to a softer soul in the new series. The man was a legend who thankfully in recent years has been seen as such by many people. His hometown in Kentucky holds a film festival annually showing some of his films and there's even a documentary "Partly Fiction" exploring his life and laid-back philosophy that has received a lot of acclaim. Roger Ebert once said of Harry Dean "no movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad." RIP, Harry Dean. You were one of the best.
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    I'm back - never lost power but I did lose internet for 5 days!
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    I agree. A lot of "In The Air Tonight" covers and remixes are actually pretty terrible. But Imaj smashed it out of the park with this, the rare occasion when you actually hear a good cover of the song.
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    Sunset Harbor Yacht Club, Purdy Avenue , Miami Beach
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    Very sad. Another great one gone. He was one of the best mobster actors. He was very authentic in his roles and he played great characters like Billy Batts, Phil Leotardo, Salvatore Leone, Salvy. May he rest in peace. Now go home 'n get ya f**kin' shinebox...
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    Has it ever been discussed that Guzman's bodyguard is Olivia Brown's (Trudy's) real-life brother Steven? If so, I missed/forgot it. Also, he is a former NFL player, and now one of the coaches for the Tennessee Titans. http://www.titansonline.com/team/coaches/Brown_Steve/b962fb78-df0e-410d-aabe-52ceb69793ad?qwr=fullsite_temporary
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    Glad that everyone weathered the storm well. Nothing major here in Georgia. Lots of trees down and without power for about 8 hours.
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    Besides watching our hero in action, you can also enjoy a good episode from an iconic t.v. show online at no cost! Kung Fu is such a chill show.
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    I hope you are all ok guys, stay safe out there.. thinking of you all
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    Ya heard that C Glide had just moved down to the Ft. Myers area. Not the greatest way to be welcomed back to Fla. I left a message on his cell phone answering system. Pretty sure he and his family are OK but he will have some war stories to tell. Hopefully he will return my call soon, I'm not that far away and, of course, will help in any way if he needs it. Tony D. didn't get as much of the storm's high winds in his area. Same goes for him also. He may not have power yet. mvnyc is in Miami we will probably hear from him soon. I'm pretty sure he is OK.
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    We survived, no damage and power just came back on at 11AM. Keeping generator in place for 24 hrs, don't trust our Mom and Pop electric company. Also leaving the windows boarded up for the duration of hurricane season. This is likely to be to be a very active season. Lots of trees down around Bradenton, shelters were jammed packed and I think half the people drove North to face bumper to bumper traffic, no gas etc. Staying in place was the right move but had my bug out bag packed in case the house became unlivable due to serious damage. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope my Fla friends are OK. The storm did a number on the Keys, Naples, and Ft. Myers and then moved due north (just like Charlie in 2004) saving us on the coast from the worst. Do we have an invisible protective shield? But the entire state was affected, flooding in Miami, Jacksonville etc, heard that 6 million people in the state lost power. Still don't know how high the winds were here.
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    Hello team, just checking in for the post Irma report. For those that don't know I live 45 min NW of Tampa so I ended up being in the middle of this. I work for a major hospital in Tampa as the Manager of Facilities. I over see Engineering and Maintenance. This past week has been a doozie to say the least. I boarded up my home, standard practice as a native Floridian and then helped board up parts of the hospital. I spent Saturday and Sunday night there working 7p to 7a shifts while trading off with other management for them to work 7a to 7p. Why did I get the graveyard shift? Cause that's when it was predicted to hit! All in all, very very lucky this thing broke up before it hit us. Couldn't been catastrophic if it hit as a cat 4. Hospital recieved next to no damage. Lost a sign cover and a snapped tree in the back parking lot. My home received no damage but I'm without power. Charging my cell phone in the truck with my other iPad. May be without power for up to a week according to Duke Energy's web site. My brother who lives 5 minutes away and who also has a whole house generator, did not lose power! Prick! He offered for me to come stay but after two nights of hell sleeping on a cot in my office I want my own bed. Thankfully it isn't sweltering hot now so the temp is comfortable. I hope everyone else is ok. Tony D, my neighbor, you OK? Thanks team, stay safe! Tim
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    I'm going to answer this one as I'm always late to this party! Crockett to Evan in Evan and A bullet for Crockett. Ha!!!! What did I win?
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    Although I totally enjoyed Prodigal Son and could re-watch it any time, I must say that everything you say is true, ViceFanMan! The last bit, when Crockett is preparing to go back to Miami, to the song "Take Me Home", not knowing whether Tubbs is going to come with him, is great!
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    I think maybe Jan started storing everything on DAT in season 3. Notice how so many season 3 and 4 cues (original and redone from 1 and 2) turned up on the second disc of the CC?
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    I was there front and center! I remember the promos leading up to it using Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" The show got me instantly hooked and a few episodes later when they killed Rodriguez I thought "wow, this is some serious s**t! They never kill off major characters, this is one to watch!" After that I never left the house on Friday nights except 1 time. Longtime members will remember this story. My wife, at the time had planned a surprise 30th birthday party for me at a favorite restaurant. I refused to go out until she finally had to spoil the surprise to get me out of the house! The episode that night was 'Give A Little, Take A Little" (December 7th, 1984)
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    Cool....Just south of Atlanta by the Airport
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    49 minutes in talking about auditioning for Michael Mann and being in Crime Story.
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    used in Atomic Blonde and Breaking Bad. ^
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    In the 33rd minute, we see a pickup truck drive around a corner. This is stock footage from New Orleans, oddly enough. He drives west on St Joseph Street and turns south on S Peters Street. He drives by "Cahn Bros & Redmond Inc" at 900 S Peters St. This business is long gone and the building has been converted to loft-style condominiums.
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    Looks like Guererro coming to kill Shaney and Cinder in "Baseballs of Death"
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    Evan is my FAVORITE episode. Music was perfect!!
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    Of course, there are still niggles (as per earlier in the thread) that could and should be cleared up; - 'Sons and Lovers' missing line from Zito in the introduction - 'Definitely Miami' has a ten second hole in the audio track - El Viejo missing frames/skipping when the car drives into the graveyard mist and, just for completeness, those that were addressed, but still need to be avoided by any company looking at this; - 'Heart of Darkness' and 'Evan' have echo in their 5.1 mixes - 'The Great McCarthy' eight audio dropouts
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    Happy Birthday!!!! Don't party too hardy and blow your cover!!
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    Yeah I have the Mill Creek set and corrected discs. It's coming out from Elephant in France and they are aware of the issues so fingers crossed that there may be a safe release for people to get
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    I am glad to hear you are okay. I had a big pine tree fall in my backyard, thankfully missing my patio. I hope everyone else is safe. It is still super windy here with rain.
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    I am almost through season 4, and I'm very happy with the Mill Creek Blu Rays.The set was a gift to me, so I had nothing to lose. Mill Creek promptly sent me the replacement discs mentioned in this thread. They were very helpful, and responded to my emails quickly while trying to figure out if I needed the replacement discs.
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    I'm pretty sure that's been already covered, but just would like to say that finally I ended my first run of the entire series on Blu-Ray (Mill Creek) choosing Stereo audio for each and every ep. I can tell you now that the only stereo issue still to be corrected (at least that I was able to identify) is the one found on Definitely Miami, at the beginning of "Cry" sequence. I addressed the issue at this very thread some pages behind. Of course, I'm already counting everything that's been corrected by Mill Creek on the replacement program.
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    They nailed the stance. Apparently they don't make a shorter/drop coil spring for C3. So the shop was prepared (I was ready to pay the labor) to cut mine and reinstall again and again until the correct height. They cut one coil off and they nailed it on the first try. Removing 1coil drops the front end 2 inches the stance is correct. But I'm going to miss not having to remember the curb when parking. Before I sat high enough that the front never hit. Lol Next Wednesday it goes for front end alignment and to put the Dayton knock off 72 spoke rims on.
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    We need to rename this thread
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    Ah yes! I have been trying to track down the model and maker of that thing to get some dimensions to no avail. It would be of great help, especially to estimate interior dimensions more accurately. I've built almost everything on the assumption that the glass blocks are 6''x 6'', that was the only size that made sense if you assume that "Crockett and Tubbs" are 178cm or 5'10'' if I'm not mistaken. Another thing I've been trying really hard to find is dimensions of those old Fedders air conditioners, which you can spot installed in three windows. I even tried to contact a guy on YouTube that repairs those vintage AC's, but never heard back. So, if anyone has insight of some prop dimension that could be useful to me please share it, thank you!
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    This was my original review of Prodigal Son...I know I'm probably in the "minority" here, but Im sorry...not much has changed with how I feel about this one. Other than the awesome music, this was not worthy of a 2hr episode...let alone the season premiere!
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    Thank you, that was my first thought as well, and I've done quite a bit of research online, but it just so happens that there isn't one universal standard. For example glass blocks come in many different shapes, I think that 6x6x4 were used. Most tanker desks I could find online are 30" deep, but I'm almost certain that the ones used on the set are larger. So the goal is to try and figure those things out. Ideally I was hoping to maybe even reach out to someone who had a hand in creating the set, but any help is appreciated.