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    All is well. Just checking in and appreciate the asking. All fine and ready to Miami Vice location hunt.
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    Did anyone catch this the other night? Very funny!
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    With the MV cast and some of the guest stars, who featured on the show.
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    Well, it's a loooooong story but I'll give you the short version. The bottom line is that Randolph (the .org site owner) disappeared for quite some time leaving me as the only moderator. Rick Bravo, the cameraman and self proclaimed super-star turned rabid. He started belittling members, refusing to answer questions and showing his growing hate for Don Johnson and anyone who asked about him. The site became divided between Rick and his small group of evil followers and anyone who was against him. I eventually booted Rick and his group and things calmed down for a while. Eventually Randolph re-appeared and announced that he was handing over the site to martijn and Tifany. (don't know if you remember them) They were .org's version of dumb and dumber. However, at the time, there were rumors that the bills had not been paid and the future of .org was in doubt. It was at this time that miamijimf (bless his soul!) had met Chris (the former owner of this site) Chris ran the German Vice site .info and wanted to add an English language version. They asked me if I would be interested in running it and with .org's future in jeopardy, I said yes. Shortly after the site was up and running I was booted from my moderator position on .org. This set off a site war to end all wars and by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend in 2007 90% of the .org members had made the jump to this site. .org eventually died a slow death from lack of interest and martijn finally pulled the plug. One interesting fact that few members know is that we have since acquired the domain .org so anyone who happens to search miami-vice.org is automatically directed to this site! There are a few topics here somewhere that will give you more details. If I can find them, I will post the links. Whew! I did say this was the short version didn't I?
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    33 years ago tonight, we watched the premiere of the series that would change our TV lives forever. Happy Anniversary, Miami Vice!
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    So , I'm such a Vice Head , I bought the Crockett and Tubbs toys from Mecca Toy manufacturers but was never satisfied with the overall look . This past year I found a sculptor and had them sculpt more lifelike heads . I then spent about 3 months trying to find the right body builds , clothes , shoes and weapons , right down to Sonny's spider rig shoulder holster ( not pictured ) and Ricco's hip holster . All total , I think I spent 100 dollars on each . Next is a 1/6 scale Daytona Spyder these 2 can actually sit in .
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    Hi Everyone, Just checking in to say all is good here (finally), considering everything, I think we dodged a major bullet this time around.
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    Hello team, just checking in for the post Irma report. For those that don't know I live 45 min NW of Tampa so I ended up being in the middle of this. I work for a major hospital in Tampa as the Manager of Facilities. I over see Engineering and Maintenance. This past week has been a doozie to say the least. I boarded up my home, standard practice as a native Floridian and then helped board up parts of the hospital. I spent Saturday and Sunday night there working 7p to 7a shifts while trading off with other management for them to work 7a to 7p. Why did I get the graveyard shift? Cause that's when it was predicted to hit! All in all, very very lucky this thing broke up before it hit us. Couldn't been catastrophic if it hit as a cat 4. Hospital recieved next to no damage. Lost a sign cover and a snapped tree in the back parking lot. My home received no damage but I'm without power. Charging my cell phone in the truck with my other iPad. May be without power for up to a week according to Duke Energy's web site. My brother who lives 5 minutes away and who also has a whole house generator, did not lose power! Prick! He offered for me to come stay but after two nights of hell sleeping on a cot in my office I want my own bed. Thankfully it isn't sweltering hot now so the temp is comfortable. I hope everyone else is ok. Tony D, my neighbor, you OK? Thanks team, stay safe! Tim
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    Previous discussions of the OCB: recreating the OCB interior: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/12769-miami-vice-inspired-3d-interior-need-your-help artwork above the door: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/7391-artwork-above-ocb-door/ http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/13049-ocb-front/ Barges & Tugs Landing Craft sign: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/7497-an-inscription-on-the-wall-in-heart-of-darkness/ some of the actual boats built at the shipyard: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/11760-what-vices-ocb-really-did/ pics: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/11611-miami-2003-2005/ more pics: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/12928-ocbgold-coast-building-site-then-now more pics: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/10729-gold-coast-shipping-photos-exterior-shots-for-ocb http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/13197-miami-history-article-on-miami-vices-ocb/ are they upstairs? http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/11592-vice-headquarters-is-supposedly-upstairs-in-the-gold-coast-shipping-building/ the studio floor: http://miamiviceonline.com/index.php?/topic/1765-miscellaneous-vice-photos/&page=55&tab=comments#comment-144149 Old satellite photos of the site:
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    There's no real point to this topic, I just felt the need to vent slightly after watching the final episode of Miami Vice, "Freefall." The ending was hard to watch for me. It really was. Seeing that, these two guys, however much the series has changed from start to end...had put in their badges and finally decided to call it quits in the workforce...somewhat brought a smile to my face. I know it's fiction, but they've been through a lot. There were numerous moments where Crockett and Tubbs could have been shot and died, there were moments where they were shot but thankfully didn't die. They put up with all this, the war on drugs, crime, murders etc. for a little more than 5 years as far as I know per lore, and most of all, they were some of the snappiest and sharpest men you'd ever see around in the 80s. Watching this show in particular brought to me a change of reality that no other tv show, not even Knight Rider could have done for me. I have depression and everyday I would get up, do my morning stuff etc. and whatnot and after a while of getting my work done, put on an episode of Miami Vice and just smile and snarkiness of the plot, or the characters, jam along to the music they put in, watch certain cinematic scenes with awe, it really felt great. Everything about this show seemed to have made a difference in my life in one way or another, from the characters, or the plot of each segment, or the music, or just everything. And now, seeing that this was the last time I'd ever actually see Crockett and Tubbs in action again, dealing with drug dealers....brought a tear to my face. Crockett, or Don Johnson is my inspiration for who I want to be, not as a police officer, but as a man. His personality they gave him for the show, his looks, his clothing style etc. striked me as something beyond amazing, I love Crockett just a little bit more than Tubbs for some reason, I don't know why. But Tubbs was awesome too, no doubt.When they started playing the montage at the end of episodes from season 1 and through, I shed another tear. People hate this show after season 3 or 4, and I know it took a slightly different direction, but seeing the writers and producers still even able to keep this show going was amazing and brought a smile to my face. That's the last time I'd ever go and pull up another Miami Vice episode to watch again, because now there no longer was any Crockett and Tubbs fighting another drug dealer with crazy hair and weird clothing. It was over. So I just want to say, whether Don Johnson or Phillip Thomas reads this or not, or anyone from the Miami Vice team...thank you. Thank you for bringing an amazing change in my life through heartwarming characters, and I think I owe it to whoever was supervisor for the music in the series. Without you, my 80s playlist would not be 40 hours long right now. Thanks again if you even read this far.
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    A few things happen on the episodes here and there that a viewer may not fully understand unless he/she was alive and aware at the time the episodes originally broadcast. These things have probably came up here and there on this forum over the years, but I don't think there has ever been a dedicated thread. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Otherwise, let's see how many of these we can name. The first one that come to mind for me is in "Made for Each Other" when Izzy is ranting at the pet store he's broken into, and closes his remarks by slamming down the crowbar and demanding, "...I'm a man of no convictions". If you weren't alive at that time, you may not realize the band "Culture Club" (Boy George) was all over the radio, and this allusion to the lyrics of their hit song Karma Chameleon shows yet another ill-fated attempt of Izzy speaking English only through what he's heard from television and radio. I've got a few others, but you guys go ahead first!
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    Team, I'm sorry but these topics NEVER go well. In the interest of keeping our family together I'm shutting this one down. There are other forums that you can discuss this on. Let's keep this one on Vice. Sorry, Tim
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    Eating Pizza at "East Side Pizza" while watching "Golden Triangle2" with Noogie, Switek an Zito at same location! "Noogie need calories to talk.....
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    Whoa, I totally forgot about this thread and came back surprised to see nice comments! Firstly this project is still alive and I keep coming back to it from time to time. I studied the set meticulously watching the new blu-ray release and found out that it went through a big overhaul between season 2 and 3, so I had to take a few steps back and some choices still need to be made, but I'll get back to it when I'm ready. I'm not an architect, just a fan of the era, place and style) Funny you mention the Terminator PD, because that's exactly what I thought of myself Let me dig up some old shots of the HQ and also show you what I'm focused on In the meantime, which is the Terminal Island.
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    I know I'm not the only one who gets a near sense of deja vu when something in present time makes you feel like you're having a real Miami Vice moment such as one you may have had in the '80s. I relish these moments when it seems like the gods of Crockett & Tubbs send a lightening bolt down to me knowing I might need a wink and a nod. One of these moments came for me leading up to Christmas. I got laid out with a terrible cold but needed and wanted to go out and get my girlfriend a nice gift. I ended up at one of her favorite but high-end clothing boutiques selling real up-to-the-moment fashion, unique in style and cut. The salesman was super enthusiastic and helpful. I promise he had the exact same voice and faux excitement as the hairdresser in "The Home Invaders" who sends the dog of to its Bataan Death March of a shampoo job. I also had a good sense of the clothes shopping scene in "The Great McCarthey" ("Bourbon, Julio.") and of course, the shopping montage in "Phil the Shil." It was a whirlwind of activity as the sales dude lifts and swayed dresses and jackets off of shelves and racks. Cirque de Soleil with clothes. But the real surprise came as I was checking out. The store was playing a mix of semi-techno remixes mostly of songs I had never heard before. That is, until I handed over my card and "Twist in My Sobriety" comes on. It sounded so damn good remixed. I couldn't believe it. I tried to shazaam it to see who remixed it but in settling the bill, I couldn't get it going fast enough. Maybe it was just meant to be that moment. A definite Christmastime treat.
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    4points to day. the Balcony were C&T i sitting is gone. Only the left part is left. The photo looking down- you can see the "ark". C&T was sitting "above" this. Callie was laying where you can see sunbed and the dirt/palmtrees. The pool is 100% intakt. Last photo you see the 2trees also seen in 1986. The people working here is supriced when I tell them about MV was filmed here.
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    Many thanks to you all. It was a great day. Someone got me the MV Blu Ray set! I'll share my review on those as it plays out. Best of all, on Friday (the 23rd), our new daughter Amelia was born. How about that for an early birthday present? Music fans may guess that I got the name from my favorite Joni Mitchell song. Thanks again for all your kind wishes.
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    So I stumbled upon this today. It looks like the part where Crockett and Tubbs pull up to stop Calderone and they have their gun battle. It's from the Pilot episode, Brother's Keeper. Cool stuff.
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    Probably been shared here, but 14 million viewers can't be wrong. Miami Vice forever , much love to you all.
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    Hey, Ferrariman. I'm down here in Florida (Levy County to be exact) and am ok. Thankfully the county clerk managed to get some of the power back up in town pretty fast so I'm already back home and the internet appears to be working fine here. Didn't damage the inside any but left the yard a bit of a mess (thankfully I have mostly palm trees so it's just a case of mowing and picking up the palm fronds). Levy County seems to have got out of the storm okay although I haven't heard any news from Cedar Key who usually get hammered pretty hard in big storms and a good chunk of the county is running on Duke Energy who are going to be down for a while longer than others as they had lost some of their power stations. I hope to everyone else in Florida is able to check in soon.
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    Thanks for asking, Tim! Yeah, we put sandbags by back door, but the water wasn't as bad as the thunderstorm a couple weeks ago. 11PM Sunday we lost our power but it returned on Mon. around 3PM. Lots of branches down & a huge tree across the road near the clubhouse but no damage. The worst was no power & watching the palm trees bending in the wind & the howling of the wind around the house. I'm glad you are O.K. Tim. Maybe we'll meet in Publix again!
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    It get's pretty warm and humid during summers where I live too, but to live the vice, donning a blazer is inevitable, even if you literally melt away :-) Me. Today. 86°F
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    "Ears, Sandanista ears." from Stone's War. which referenced the Nicaraguan conflict between the Contras and the Sandanistas, and Maynard's attempts to illegally fund the Contras. It was current news in the mid 80s. And in Amen.. Send Money, Rev Bill Bob Proverb to me is a parody of Jim Bakker, the infamous televangelist who founded and built the PTL club, (Praise the Lord) by bilking his flock out of $Millions in the mid 80s and was later prosecuted. His wife Tammy Faye also was a bit similar to Proverb's strange wife. There is also a nod to Rev Earnest Angely in the closing TV scene in Phil the Shill who infamously used to profess to be a healer and was outed as a scammer. Remember Phil's "Devil get out!" And this guy is still on late night tv scamming people ( "Heal Me"), but under a different name, Peter Popoff. As a side note Phil Collins poked fun at these televangelist wackos in one of his more humorous music videos "Jesus He Knows Me"...don't miss the pool scene.
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    Im going to Miami 4 july. Staying at Four Point Sheraton for 2 days, before going to Orlando for 10 days, then 3 days in Fort Lauderdale, before staying the last days in Foutainblau Miami. Any tips- good locations- anyone there? Best Regards
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    It's like life, Rico. You just gotta keep telling yourself - No matter how hot it gets, sooner or later there's a cool breeze comin' in. I live by that line.
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    For those not linked into me on facebook. I just got back from a short but great trip to Miami in preparation for my return to Florida in October. Many great stories. One I posted is regarding this photo. This bathroom where Castillo does his Spider-Man move is located on the third floor which is off limits to the public. My first request for access was met with a somewhat grumpy denial. Persistence paid off. The secretary that is positioned at the desk seen in my picture allowed me up and when I told her why I was there she responded that her ex-husband had played the sailor in Little Miss Dangerous. Game on. I was then introduced to Bethany Gray who is the Historic Preservation and Curatorial Manager for the estate. I gave them info. on Miami Vice filming at the estate, ep and scenes and locations as they were very interested in using this information to promote the estate for increased tourism. So look for that on their site and advertising. Also if you are going there feel free to talk to this nice woman as she gave me full access to take pictures.
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    Miami again check! Can't complain on view from Hotel Fontaineblau top floor of total 36! - Its 33 degrees and afternoon showers as always after a fantastic day with a lot of Miami Vice location! I have a lot of surprices for you all! (See the video!!!!) IMG_1355.MP4 IMG_1355.MP4
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    They redid the Phils Mall entrance! Now/Then
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    Y'all are too kind) All of this in fact IS made in UE4, using just the basic built in geometry tool which is an absolute pain to use! Real models, textures etc. will come later. I'm actually planning to put my own spin on the exterior) BTW, the whole layout is very unusual, and sometimes doesn't even make much sense. It's quite a challenge to create a good looking building that this office could be a part of. Yes! Nice shot indeed, I also made one once everyone left. And I'll post another good shot from "El Viejo". My collection must have about a couple hundred shots in total at this point, but it will grow. It's all good! Glad this got so many people excited)
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    Just seen this what a lovely post
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    I just finished watching the entire series of MV & I loved it! I kept hearing Season 4 was horrible & Season 5 was unwatchable (which I think is a little melodramatic). It's really not that bad at all! Season 1&2 = awesome fun Season 3 = good...but darker colors (I preferred pastels), bad fashion, and not as much fun as previous seasons Season 4 = IMO my least favorite season. However, better fashion/colors than what I saw in season 3, weird/stupid stories and I hate the Sheena Easton character/stories/wedding. Also I notice the chemistry between DJ & PMT is not what it used to be. Season 5 = a step up from season 4! Better/darker stories & vibes. However, something is way off in Season 5- seems like the chemistry is 100% gone between DJ & PMT, the fashion in 88/89 has to be the worst from any decade ever! Wow they look like clowns - people wore that shit!?!? Overall - Season 5 was good but didn't feel like Miami Vice to me.
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    I'm re-watching the series from the start... Again. Anyway, tonight was "Out Where the Buses Don't Run." I'm sorry, but the Daytona rolling hard to Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" is damn near as epic as the footage of said vehicle running to Phil the Shill's song from season one... Sorry, I digress. (May be the Johnnie Walker Black, the other "black."). Watching "Buses." Great episode as we all agree. But then there is that little detail that they threw in, the detail that shows that for all the flash and "MTV cops" and "no earth tones", they actually did their homework and had input from actual cops on the actual job. That little detail that is there in damn near every episode if you look, if you listen. I speak of the scene where they are staking out Stiltsville. Switek and Zito are in their O.P. waiting for something to happen. And there it is. The great staple of cop stakeouts for the last 40 or so years... Sitting on the little table in front of them is that holy grail of sustenance that every Detective/Inspector is all too familiar with; (Cue heavenly choir of cherubic angels): The Triangle Box Sandwich. Most likely the Tuna Salad, only a "few days" past the sell-by date, from some crappy little Stop-and-Rob a few blocks before the docks. Magical Triangle Box Tuna Sandwich. Initiative AND hit bonus if you have a bag of plain ole' Lays potato chips to go with. (Yes I rolled and occasionally still role a dodecahedron. Natural 20 gets you the Steyr AUG.) Switek even asks Zito if he is going to finish it! That's a solid partner. Just retired after 23 years on the job, the majority on SWAT/high-risk investigations and as a Firearms/DefTac instructor. Busted knees, messed-up back, the occasional "gun just won't shoot" dream; but still a full head of hair that is slowly growing out to full Crockett Season 5 glory. (Don't you dare call it a mullett! My wife graciously calls it a "bi-level," thank you very much!) Now that we are getting into the real summer weather out where I live, one of these warm nights when everyone is fast asleep well past Zero-Dark-Thirty, I might just throw the ole Commander into my waistband and head out to where the buses don't run for a little Triangle Box nostalgia. With a mustard packet and a couple of little paper packs of pepper. And some Lays.
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    Got it this morning. I am a happy man.
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    I'm not an American (sadly) but I'm from a military family,everyone in my big family are soldiers,even my mom did service.from childhood I dreamed to get in to service and actually when time had come I wore my uniform with such proud and honor and I did service with US troops but sadly life does not work as we all would want to.I had to choose either my dream come true of being in the army or give up on my dream and help my family.I gave up on my dream and went looking for work to earn money and buy needed medicine for my mother,because there would not be any happiness if I come back from service and find that my mother can not even get a glass of water because of the pain she was experiencing.I only managed to do basic training but never gave the oath that is why I do not consider that I did service (some people say that its not true what I think of my service time).it may be a bit too much info for a short thought I want to say a huge influence for my love to the military and veterans always did to me was the might and the dedication of brave men and women of US military,the best and the most powerful military in the world.people who carry their love to their country and the freedom over all odds and go through a hell on earth together with their allies just for people like me can live free in this world with out fear of what will come tomorrow.I always feel and always will endless respect to all the veterans and even that I did not become who I always wanted to be I salute all you brave men and women who knows the true meaning of defending the freedom.God Bless all who gave everything in the past,giving everything today and will give everything in the future for us at least have a future. P.S.I hope I did not sound too stupid.one last words-I will always have my gratitude and respect to all service men and women of the world.
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    Hello, all! I was browsing a local antique store today, and found this in a stack of LPs in a crate! Needless to say, this jewel now has a new home!
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    Okay...I'm a little fanatical when it comes to MV, and I go through the entire series again...and some will probably view this as crazy. But, I decided to share. This is just my dresser in my room...both ends. Keep in mind, not everything is to-scale, so I have to make-do with what I have. The first pic (left hand side when facing the dresser) has one set of action figures--Crockett with his signature BrenTen handgun & tortoise shell Wayfarers, and Lucky Strike cigarette. Tubbs has his signature sawed-off shot gun. In front of them is some cocaine packets (made my own with flour from my kitchen 11 years ago LOL, as the bizarre blue squares Mezco created as the cocaine left you thinking...only someone on LSD would see "blue" cocaine! ) and briefcase full of cash...as well as Crockett's pack of Luckys. One, of the 3 I have, TV Guide is displayed to the far left (ignore my vintage 40's phone...it works and that's where the phone jack in my bedroom is, LOL). Behind Crockett & Tubbs are a couple flamingos, as well as Universal DVDs of seasons 1-3...with vintage postcards of The Blue Waters Hotel, and part of one of The Carlyle Hotel, on top. The second pic is the other end of my dresser...you can still see the flamingos in this one, as well as the rest of my DVD sets. The full postcard of The Carlyle is seen, as well as one of The Senator Hotel, and another of The Blue Waters. Also seen is a 1:18 scale diecast model of Crockett's white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa. Crockett and Tubbs on this end are in different outfits, and this time Tubbs is wearing his signature Aviators, holding a Mac 10 machine gun, and a briefcase. Crockett is wearing is tortoise shell Wayfarers, and Elvis has once again gotten loose from his chain! Haha. A few shells have been placed around for so-called effect. Above all this displayed on top of the mirror, and not seen in these pics, are the other 2 TV Guides as well as the Miami Vice Board Game from 1984. I also have a few posters and 8x10 pics displayed on my walls. P.S Every time I insert pics in a post, they're always posted twice. Does anyone know how to stop this?
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    While it's smaller than usual, the story means as much as the car itself. I was 9 when MV came out (I'm 41 now). I became a fan of the show because of my mom (RIP 1991), without a doubt prob had a thing for DJ lol. I would sit with her everytime she watched it. Back in 86/87 (I think it was), I got a Christmas gift that I could never forget... the MV Daytona model! I remember building it best I could with what I had. Mom passed in 91' due to cancer when I was 15. Life as I knew it took a major spin from the norm. Moved out of our house, everything packed up and put into storage for many years. So many years that I had grown up and started my own family. Long forgotten was that Daytona model (also had the Scaraab model too). Fast forward 3 years ago at 38 years old I receive a box from my dad. Thought it might be something I would want. It was that Daytona model I build as a kid! It was really busted up, missing most of its parts, broken windshield frame etc... looked like a pike of junk but kept it for the memories anyway. So recently w/ my rewatching all the MV Ep again I started thinking about the Daytona model. I am & have always been a model car builder so I had lots of extra parts etc... so I tried my best to pick parts that closely resembled what the original Daytona looked like in an attempt to rebuild this car I made as a kid, but this time much better due to better model building skills. While it's not perfect, I did my best with what I had and the memories I get every time I look at it are beautiful. This is my Daytona. Thank mom!
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    Did you guys know, that Coop has made a scrapbook page for Miami Vice on facebook? Just got a link today on YouTube. It looks like it's made public for everyone to be able to see it. I hope he visits miamiviceonline and tells us about his new facebook page dedicated to Miami Vice. I think it's great news! Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/CooperAndBurnettMiamiViceScrapbook/ - Edited I noticed, he has chosen the same cover picture, as I have on my YouTube channel, which I also shared here in one of the threads.
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    Very nice indeed - looks almost mint ! Just great .
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    I thought it was always pinkish...but it's too hard to tell when different pictures give it a different tint.
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    Club Deuce, Miami Beach - I loved this scene between Sonny and Rico from the final episode . Sonny so burnt out , tired and on the edge.
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    It might be taking all this time for him to get a ........head!
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    ok, I confess; my other car is an old little convertible that's almost 20 years old. Nothing fancy. And last summer, I went fishing now and then at a lake here in the area. Everytime I was driving to the lake, I had the top down and was listening to "Girls with Guns" by Tommy Shaw... I also frequently put on "In The Air Tonight" in it, when it's a warm summer night and I've got the top down... I think one time, I had a guy next to me at a red light who was about my age and who seemed to get the reference... he was smiling and giving me a "thumbs up" through his open window.
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    ok I just made a gIf of that scene... Let's give Charlie Glide a little workout, shall we...
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    and a few more-
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    Alright, I just want to expand on my comment here in more detail, not that NBC will care or anything but I feel the need to vent against this BS. So first off, what even made Miami Vice the show it is today? One of the obvious reasons is the decade. They just so happen to have thought up the idea of the show in the 80s, and they got a golden start right there. The war on drugs was going to strong at the time, so the producers naturally capitalized on that and decided to work the show in favor of the War and it clearly worked. Sure, after several episodes of busting some drug dealer here and a dealer there, you'd think it'd get boring doing the same thing over and over again. Wrong! The show had its way of twisting the plot in ways the viewers wouldn't naturally expect. Oh, Crockett arrested the drug dealer? Well shit, he just committed suicide off the ledge just as soon as they were coming to pick him up. (Audience gasp) It's things like these that kept viewers coming back for and realized, hey, this show isn't like any other cop show we've seen yet! Music. Music played a very, very key role in the show and you're all ware of that. Every episode had its specific music choices, for specific scenes. Sad scene? Go ahead with Jan Hammer's "Rain" or some sad song like Steve Vinwood's "There's a River" (notable moment when Switek finds Zito dead). Cruising down the highway scene? Go put on some "Born to be Free"! See, the 80s was cranking out some seriously awesome techno beat music that was different from other decaded, though every decade is different of course. Then you had bands like Roxy Music that actually were ahead of their time, but anyway, the point is, the music from the 80s that was used in the show set a stylistic tone, a stylistic mood and a pattern. Without it, the show wouldn't necessarily have failed, but would be pretty blatant and probably boring after a while. And I give credit to the show for enlightening me with new 80s music I haven't heard of and filling up my 80s playlist. Cinematography. I won't go into too much detail for this one, because the cinematography at the time was very revolutionary and a new way of film making and set in stone new standards for what the industry is able to do today. When someone says "Miami Vice", what's the first thing that pops into your head? Is it the palm trees from the intro? Maybe it's a colorful, well lit nightclub scene? Maybe it's two guys walking down the colorful streets of Miami in classy suits with hot cars and women in bikinis skating by. Point is, the reason most of these scenes pop into your head is because of the specific direction of film making this show took in order to get its point across. They realized that, in order to establish this show within its decade, they needed to shoot things in a way that would show viewers, "Hey, this is the 80s! This is what everyone wore, how everyone danced, did their hair, cars around here etc." And no doubt, one of the most iconic scenes of MV is the "In the Air Tonight" scene we all know and love. From the perspective shots of the bottom of the Daytona's shiny rims, to the side shots of Crockett and Tubbs speeding down the streets to catch up to Calderone, set a specific standard of cinematography for the show itself, right there. Onto why this reboot will undoubtedly fail: As user "Daytona74" mentioned, Michael Mann himself somehow managed to get the 2006 reboot wrong, mainly because of the fact that Don Johnson and PMT, along with the rest of the original cast was not present in the movie. That and the fact that Miami, Florida had changed nearly 20 something years later. Now? Now we're talking almost 30 something years later. The war on drugs, while still technically present in some areas, is pretty much no more. What are they going to do now? Sit and solve murder cases and burglaries? And try to sneak in drug deals that no one cares about anymore? No can do amigo. The reason the show is called Miami Vice is because the VICE division deals with narcotics, drugs, prostitution, and some other crimes etc. What will they do now? They really can't focus on drugs because that isn't that big of an issue anymore, and if they do other crimes, then they can't really call it Miami VICE anymore. And not only that, but times have changed too drastically. We're now a technology driven society. Seeing Crockett and Tubbs using Iphones and texting each other, hacking or something absurd like that will simply not work. And let's not leave casting out of this, shall we? Don Johnson and PMT most likely won't return in their original roles, and to be honest, I don't think they're going to bother bringing any of the original cast members back in some shape or form at all. At the very least, bring back DJ as the new Lieutenant or some sort of different PD he works for now, since Crockett and Tubbs did quit the PD. But alas, I don't believe any of the user suggested latter here and on the internet elsewhere will happen. Not to mention...most of us who grew up with the show aren't teens anymore. We're still attached to that awesome 80s music. So I can guarantee you, they will use some shoddy music from this new generation and hope no one cares about it...when in fact, most of the viewers who tune in to this reboot will be folks who don't know this new music, don't care about it, and straight up hate it. NBC please. Please stop with the reboots and leave good shows alone. Don't tarnish them by having the younger generation grow up with this horrid crap and years later, when they are asked about Miami Vice or talk about it, refer to this one...please....
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    From the Teaser and Opening credits of Season 5s "World of Trouble". This episode was filmed in March 1989.
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    The beat in this song is totally VICE