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Found 23 results

  1. Don Johnson and the past that can haunt him.

    I was wondering when this might happen. After all the sexual harrassment reveals in Hollywood, and failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore pursuing 14 year old girls 40 or so years ago, I wondered in the back of my mind when someone would turn their focus on Don Johnson. Well today, personally, I saw my first sign of it on Twitter. Now this Twitter acount has over 4,000 followers, and it's undetermined if this will spread or not, but this could effect producers willingness to include DJ in a new project... even affect Don Johnson's possible return in Vin Diesel & NBC's new Miami Vice show currently in development. It could even effect how DJ's remembered once he's gone (if it ever gets bad enough.) Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Don Johnson... For someone like myself who turned 18 in the nineties, I never saw a time where dating that young was acceptable. Apparently dating teenagers was more socially acceptable as well as legal many years ago (provided you had permission from your parents), but it is certainly creepy to think of something like this happening now. I guess we'll have to wait and see where this all goes.
  2. Don Johnson gets a pedicure and manicure!

    Don Johnson and wife Kelly Phleger getting pedicures and manicures at a beauty salon in Beverly Hills, California 14 days ago. He's still looking good!
  3. Dead Bang

    I'm watching Dead Bang , Don Johnson's 1989 film . I noticed in the opening credits that JodieTillen did the costume design . I also noticed Bob Ballaban is in the cast as a paraole officer . So far , I see the Jerry Beck character as what Sonny would have been without the censorship of television ... Minus the throwing up on a suspect after a foot pursuit . I like Penelope Ann Miller ( loved her in Carlito's way too ) as the love interest or as Jerry's conquest . Which ever she turns out to be . I also heard the sound of Sonny's Bren Ten in the opening murder scene . I had stayed away from this movie because people told me it was a terrible film when it first released and then I forgot it existed . I came across it a couple of days ago and decided to take the ride . Not done with it yet so the jury is still out .
  4. So I stumbled across this picture on the internet during a Don Johnson interview from 1991, and I love it. I was wondering if anyone on here has the same picture and if so, I'd like it in High-Resolution please. Thanks!
  5. Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Don Johnson hat offenbar wieder ein neues Filmprojekt.
  6. Don Johnson segelt heute ...

    ... vor Mallorca!
  7. Crockett's 3rd Season Haircut Evolution

    Hello Vice fans! As a big Miami Vice Third Season fan I decided to post some photos of DJ's haircut to see its evolution through the season (1986-1987) as my first topic ever here. These images were found while surfing the internet. I hope you like it! In my opinion, Don Johnson had his best hairstyle in the entire series during the Streetwise episode filming, starting October 17 until October 27 in 1986, because he had a mixture of his 2nd Season haircut plus the spiky part and a small mullet on his back (you can see that haircut in the last photo shared here, where he's wearing a teal/blue blazer with a black Henley t-shirt).

    From the album MIAMI VICE FOREVER


    © Miami Vice Forever

  9. So I stumbled upon this today. It looks like the part where Crockett and Tubbs pull up to stop Calderone and they have their gun battle. It's from the Pilot episode, Brother's Keeper. Cool stuff.
  10. Nach diesem Artikel einer deutschen Boulevardzeitung halten sich Don und Melanie gerade in Leipzig auf, um sich den modernen OP-Saal einer dort ansässigen Schönheitsklinik anzuschauen.
  11. Melanie Griffith hat auf Instagram einige Bilder gepostet. Zu sehen ist die ganze "Griffith-Johnson-Banderas-Hedren-Phleger-Bauer Familie" (wie sie schreibt). Unter anderem Melanie selbst, Don, Dakota, Jesse, Stella Banderas, Alexander Bauer, Tipi Hedren. Hier ist noch ein Link zu einem deutschsprachigen Artikel zum Thema.
  12. Melanie Griffith posted several pictures on Instagram showing 13 faces of the "Griffith-Johnson-Banderas-Hedren-Phleger-Bauer family" (as she wrote). Melanie, Don, Dakota, Jesse, Stella Banderas, Alexander Bauer, Tipi Hedren amonst others. Here's a link to an article in German.
  13. Inside 'Miami Vice' March 1985 - Rolling Stone

    I couldn't find the link to this article anywhere in the site, so thought I'd post it here: Interesting insights from DJ, PMT, and other people associated with the production of Vice.

    A project I'm working on: " ever forget who you are?" "...sometimes I remember who I am."- Sonny Crockett TESTAROSSA Written ByPaul Townsend WGAw Reg. #1676923
  15. #TBT Miami Vice Backstage

    Shared from @bigharrydiehl John Diehl on instagram. An awesome behind the scenes photo!
  16. I never really understood why this episode was called the "The Dutch Oven" and how it was connected to the episode. So I looked up the phrase and I didn't like what it said. Still don't get it!
  17. I don't know if anyone saw this. I couldn't find a topic when I searched for it. So here it is. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Aug 5, 2015, 2:10 PM ET By ALICIA RANCILIO Associated PressTime has humbled Don Johnson.It's been 30 years since his TV cop hit "Miami Vice" went on the air and the actor says he's changed since then. "I was a brash, terrified, young man with a big ego and a lot of ambition," Johnson, now 65, told a panel of TV critics Wednesday. "I would like to think that since then I've let those things that don't really serve you kind of fall to the wayside, and really for me, it's about the joy and enthusiasm that comes with being given the opportunity that comes with being here to do this." Johnson was promoting his ABC drama, "Blood & Oil." It's set against the biggest oil find in American history in a North Dakota town, where a millionaire is said to be made every day. If it sounds like "Dallas," Johnson said it's not. "The only thing we have in common is tangentially oil is a part of it," he said. The cast includes Chace Crawford, Scott Michael Foster and Amber Valletta. "Blood & Oil" premieres Sept. 27 at 9 p.m. EDT.
  18. I love every single one of you.

    Can I just say that I absolutely love everybody on this website? never in all my years have I met a nicer crowd of people, we all love Miami Vice, we all share the same hobbies and interests and everything, I feel absolutely privileged to have joined this website and met everybody and to talk with you all about Vice and share opinions and ask questions, I just..I feel so grateful for every single one of you, this community the Vice community I've never met such a nice bunch of all are absolutely amazing and made me feel welcome the day I joined this website, a troll or rude or horrible person does not exist on this website at all, I feel great to be part of this fan community that is Vice, I hope to be on here for a while, it's been an amazing time joining and being on here posting and sharing opinions which almost everyone can agree with, we all share the love for Vice and we always will and I don't think I'll ever get slow or stop logging in one day, why do that when I'm surrounded by such a nice crowd on an amazing fan base? A big thank you and love from your pal Detective_Crockett
  19. Great, so I have to retype this. I hate when that happens! Victor, just got your envelope with the Steven Seagal clippings and love it. Victor and I used to hold a Miami Vice International Pen Pals Club, anyone, please post or P.M. if you're interested. For me, the excitement of receiving mail from overseas is great, and life is too short not to experience something so rad. Lithuania vs. U.S.A. in basketball tomorrow, 3 P.M. EST on ESPN. I'll be drinking my Lithuanian beer while cheering on both teams. Finally, shout-out to long lost Vice DJ Philippe, our friend from Bruges, Belgium. Please visit and help spread his mixes, all you '80s fans..
  20. I stumbled across this pic from a 1987 calendar online. The calendar being a 1987, would have been printed in fall of 1986. The black Testarossa, and Johnson's hair looking more like 2nd season, would suggest that this promo photo was taken before filming third season. I think Crockett in a "hero" coat would have been pretty awesome. However this is probably another case of where Miami Vice wandered into ahead of their time category, as the hero in the long coat movement didn't take off until the early '90s.
  21. Es ist für David Gordon Green scheinbar gänzlich unmöglich, einfach mal für einen Moment ruhig die Hände in den Schoß zu legen. Deswegen hat der Regisseur nun noch ein weiteres Eisen im Feuer. Seine neusten Pläne verriet David Gordon Green aber nicht selbst. Stattdessen gab der Schauspieler Don Johnson (Django Unchained) ein Interview, in dem er erklärte, er habe ein Script verfasst, das der Regisseur für ihn inszenieren würde. Der Film namens Score sei in den 1980er Jahren angesiedelt und handele vom Aufstieg der pompösen Football-Spiele in amerikanischen Colleges. Er selbst spiele darin einen unkonventionellen Coach, der sogar Kriminelle anheuere und sich mit der Sportlervereinigung NCAA anlege. Über die Form von Score sind bisher aber noch nicht alle Entscheidungen gefallen. So könnte das Projekt sich entweder in einen Film oder eine Serie weiterentwickeln. Außerdem solle es wahrscheinlich nur als Stream verfügbar gemacht werden. Johnson verriet: "Ich habe es im Oktober geschrieben und will es komplett finanzieren, damit ich ohne viele Beamte und Bürokraten an den Markt gehen kann. Meiner Ansicht nach darf niemand an dem Projekt mitarbeiten, der daran nichts beiträgt aber dann einen Großteil der Kohle abbekommen will." In den US-Kinos gibt es von David Gordon Green in diesem Frühjahr Joe zu sehen, in dem Nicolas Cage als Sträfling zum unerwarteten Vorbild wird. Das Indiedrama verfügt über keinen deutschen Starttermin. Der Regisseur hat außerdem die Comedy-Serie Red Oaks von Steven Soderbergh übernommen, die er unter dem Dach der noch recht neuen Amazon-Studios drehen will. Quelle:
  22. ☆☆☆ MIAMI VICE FOREVER ☆☆☆