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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings Vice Fans - • I'm not exactly a "Trainee" lol. I used to be "bpesti" on I remember Ferrariman, Tony D (I remeber his music he shared : ) and Little Miss Dangerous aka little miss d., and people who probably aren't here anymore. • I'm going to upload PMT's Living the Book of My Life vinyl LP on one of my youtube channels "ElectroTech741" in the next couple of weeks with my new Audio-Technica AT-LP60 USB turntable to my MacBook Pro Retina with Audactiy software. • I had recorded PMT's LTBOML LP in 2006 with CDSpinDoctor using my Dad's 70's MCS Technics OEM turntable thru my 1999 Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX AV Receiver (I just got new capacitors put in) to my Mac Pro. The AT-LP60 USB may give even better sound since it should be a better signal than the RCA to 3.5mm even though the Mac Pro has a good sound card. • I listened to PMT on my 1st gen iPod Shuffle watching an AVP Pro Beach volleyball tournament that I posted pics of on lol ElectroTech741 is more of a tech subject channel than my others. You tech heads will like Canon VIXIA HF G20 full 60p footage I'll upload. I should go down to Miami with it lol (youtube doesn't give custom URL's on new channels so it's a long link) • If you grew up in the 70's and 80's you might like my Star Wars and 70's-80's Collectible youtube Channel "Collection THX1138". I'm going to upload The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack LP and show my vintage collection in a slideshow while it plays. • I mention that because it gave me the idea to make a slideshow of my Miami Vice collectibles on the PMT LP video while it plays. Click on the preview screen grab of the video attached to this post to enlarge it. • The slideshow will include Vice publications, 1986 Calendar, a school folder, the board game, laser discs, my poster and logo, and magazine pic I had in my high school locker, the MV LP soundtrack (I could also upload), and a poster and logo T-shirt if I can find them. I'm also going to show an old post from of the Pink Panather bend-em like the one that RB (aka ACamPuller) had on the Miami Vice PanaVision camera. User Pink Flamingo0 then posted a screen grab of a little girl extra holding it to calm her down. RB she never gave it back. So he was pleased to see my Pink Panther. little miss d. had one when she was a kid lol I actually saved PDF’s of old posts! • I'm also going to upload a Live Police Synchronicity Concert bootleg LP I got at a used record store in college in the 80's showing my The Police collection. I think they're in a Merry-Go-Round store 80's calendar I still have (anyone remember that store? I had a Miami Vice Jacket, skinny tie, and parachute pants from there lol) • You Florida folks might like my Grandpa's 70's 8mm Disney World film (it looks empty!) "8mm Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom 1970's Family Film! Time Code to ID Characters & Locations" I uploaded on my amusement park channel "amusement420" a long time ago. • I'm a graphic designer so YT's a creative outlet. So if you want to build Halloween props and fog chillers check out yardhaunt2000 lol I’m going to show a ChauvetDJ Hurricane 901 fog machine ^v^ • I had the Miami Vice Season 2 DVD before anyone else. A lady at Walmart put it out too early late at night because they were open 24hrs. So I was the first kid on my block to have it in hand lol • I follow miamiviceonline on Facebook now also. Glad to see Vice is still alive!! And perhaps with a younger generation(?) I was in high school when Vice aired. I remember the “In the NBC Air Tonight†Promo and I was hooked ; ) People called it Vice Squad though before it aired lol Long Live Vice! Regards!