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Found 43 results

  1. The prodigal son 2

    I.. have made a video for the beginning part of fan fiction " Miracles happen"... Please, watch and say what do you think
  2. Who's your top 5 favorite villians from Season One? If it's Bruce Willis as the gun running Tony Amato, Jim Zubiena as the Hit Man Argentinean assassin Ludovici Armstrong, or Burt Young as Paulie... er.. I mean Lupo Ramirez, rank your five favorites here: - - - My Top 5 Favorite villians from Season One: (Counting down from number five) 5. Afemo Omilami as Desmond Maxwell (Cool Runnin) Many will find this an odd choice considering how little screen time he had, but Afaemo showed so much screen presence and gravitas that I was left hungry for more Desmond Maxwell... sadly something we never got. But that stare of his still fills me with dread to this day! 4. John Turturro as David Traynor (Rites of Passage) I love John Turturro in almost everything he does, and he doesn't disappoint as the head of a modeling agency which is a front for a high class call-girl service. Traynor is way too smart and smooth to get caught by the law, and I love the sinister underlying to his sweet demeanor. 3. Al Israel as Guzman (Evan) Something about Al Israel's screen presense and line delivery exudes danger and betrayal in every scene he's in. Israel has this uncanny ability to make you feel like that in any moment, it can be your last. He expressed the same ability in "Scarface" and "Carlito's Way". Any character sitting across from Guzman just make me plain worry for that character... which is impressive because Al is certainly not an imposing man. 2. Dennis Farina as Albert Lombard (One Eyed Jack, Lombard) That's the price. - Anyone trying to resist that lovable Italian murderous gangster stereotype shouldn't watch Dennis Farina as Albert Lombard. Dennis is extremely likeable in this role, so much so I questioned myself - does Lombard really belong in a top 5 villian list? I must relent that, likeable or not, the extremely charismatic Farina does play a character responsible for enough numerous murders and crimes to make him eligible. And you got to love the old school gangster and his code, being pushed out by a new generation of honorless thugs. #1 Miguel Piñero as Esteban Calderone (Brother's Keeper, Calderone's Return - Part II) You can arrest me now! You're not gonna shoot me are ya? It's against the law. It's against the law! - Thanks to a wonderfully written character, the small statured yet big on presense actor Miguel Piñero plays the vilianous role of a lifetime - almost not a villian himself, but the representation, the face of a crooked system that will forever beat down the vice cops Crocket and Tubbs. Sonny and Rico are fighting a losing war... and Calderone is an embodiment of why. Bravo! - - - So that's my Top-5 Season One Villian list! 1. Calderone 2. Lombard 3. Guzman 4. Traynor 5. Maxwell
  3. Serien-Remakes 2018

    2018 sind neue Serien-Remakes geplant, ganz oben stehen 80er-Hits ist wie Magnum und natürlich auch ... Miami Vice. Die Produktionsfirma von Vin Diesel und NBC haben sich zusammengetan mit dem Autor Chris Morgan, der bereits sechs Drehbücher für "Fast And Furious" geschrieben hat. Bei Film-TV gibt es ein Video mit mehr Infos

    From the album MIAMI VICE FOREVER


    © Miami Vice Forever


    THE BEST OF MIAMI VICE MVF EXIT (y) - Miami Vice Forever(360p).mp4
  6. Tears in Heaven

    Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?..
  7. So I stumbled upon this today. It looks like the part where Crockett and Tubbs pull up to stop Calderone and they have their gun battle. It's from the Pilot episode, Brother's Keeper. Cool stuff.
  8. Beautiful

    Unrealistic beautiful photos, thanks Getty images!(mostly). And I can`t imagine another music here:)
  9. Ricardo Tubbs Theme!

    I didn`t even know about this composition
  10. Ricardo Tubbs Theme!

    I didn`t even knew about this composition
  11. Hi. May I post it here?? I have some nice collages with PMT and DJ
  12. As a crazy Tubbs`s fan, I should share this:)
  13. Found on U-Tube Very beautifull and tragic video For although we may not be together in the way we used to be, We are still connected by a cord no eye can see. So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart (c)