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Found 3 results

  1. Miami Vice Original Bumpers

    I'm going to post here what I've got on Miami Vice original bumpers from first broadcasts (by far the majority) and some early reruns (check notes below) in the United States. If someone else also has material on the subject, maybe this thread could be a good place to have it all together. There is one major absence here, that is "The Prodigal Son" bumpers (my source was the Sunday Night Movie rerun, without them), also probably there's a missing bumper on "When Irish Eyes Are Crying". But all in all, we've already got about 99% covered here! As there's a lot of information involved, I thought about some conventions. Here they are:a) XX' (like 5', 35' etc.): time (in minutes) in which commercial bumpers appear.b) "music": that means Jan Hammer's brief cue made especially for the commercial bumpers played during the segment (if you've never heard it. please check this link at 5'59'').c) "episode original audio": that means the episode's original music/noise was still playing during the bumpers segment (normally briefly, on fade out).d) "narrator": that means the "Miami Vice will continue" voice over appeared.e) "narrator & music": that means the "Miami Vice will continue" voice over appeared together with Jan Hammer's brief bumpers cue.f) "narrator & music (the conclusion of MV)": that was a special case, on "Freefall", in which the voice over stated "The conclusion of Miami Vice in a moment".g) "animated": another special case, on "Heart of Darkness" and "Too Much Too Late", in which segments are not static images as usual.g) when there is no additional information about sound at all, that means it is a silent segment. If you're also interested in pictures of Miami Vice opening logos taken from those rare sources, please also check the following posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Here is another of these one of a kind, rare MIAMI VICE Production items! Here is Stanley Switek reading a script to the episode that they were filming, standing next to the Bug Van! I've yet to determine which episode this is from. This Production Continuity photo is on a polaroid, and is a one of a kind photo. There are no copies anywhere. You are the first MIAMI VICE fans to see this on the Internet (and perhaps anywhere). It's what you've come to expect when visiting this site, and the Cooper&Burnett Scrapbook Section. This is another Extremely, Extremely Rare item for you to see. This is so's a One-Of-A-Kind! This is a Continuity Polaroid photo of MICHAEL TALBOTT on the set of MIAMI VICE, on the paperwork with the description of what he is wearing. The Polaroid is also a One-Of-A-Kind picture. A continuity photo is taken of all the members of the cast on the day of filming, so that if they need to shoot a scene the next day, or a pick up shot later, they know what they wore, and how it visually looked. Not many of these escaped the production into private hands. There are a precious few out there, but each one is different, and Unique. No two are alike. This is a rare example, so you, the member here, can see for the very first time what this item looked like when MIAMI VICE was on TV. Each photo is unique. Most actors just stood there, and didn't even smile for the photo, as it is only taken as a reference of what they looked like that day on the set. On one side, and sometimes also under the taped-on Poloroid photo is a description as to what they wore. The Continuity Director worked closely with the Wardrobe Dept. This may have actually been taken by the Wardrobe Dept., as the Continuity Dept. had to keep an eye on every detail, such as props to make sure they are in the same place from shot to shot. The description, in many cases even stated the maker of the clothes that were worn. It also usually gives the name of the Character, the scene of which he is in wearing the clothes, and the set it was worn on. On the top right corner, under the actors name, is a number. That number incicates which episode the actor was filming at the time (titles change, but the episode production number won't). It's not in perfect sequence of the MIAMI VICE episodes in exact order, as they didn't make 6,000 + episodes. With a number as high as 63519, it encompasses all Universal Productions, and this number is the one that fell on the production of this particular episode. Another Exclusive!