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Found 4 results

  1. Check out this YouTube video: I was reading my email this morning and had an email from AutoWeek Magazine. These emails generally include a number of topics from their recent issue. One of the items that caught my eye was "This General Lee Dodge Charger Stunt Car is secretly a Crown Vic Police Interceptor". In reading the article, the above YouTube video was included. Don't let the General Lee stuff confuse you. If you watch the entire video, the 5 most iconic TV cars are shown and discussed. And, guess what is number 1 - Yup, the Miami Vice Ferraris. I have to agree with their choices!!! MV most iconic car.docx
  2. There's a city about 50 miles from where I live in Texas called The Woodlands, that has a 1972 Ferrari Daytona GTB/4 (one of 1,284 coupe models ever made) that I'm gonna go look at today. It's probably the only time I'll ever see a Daytona in my life. I'm so nervous and excited because I've never seen one and they have so many luxury cars there. It's gonna be sweet I'll be sure to try and take some photos when I get there of the cars they have as well as the Daytona.
  3. Fellow Daytona lovers

    Well friends...I am just about done looking for a Daytona. My frustration level is through the roof today! I was looking on the interweb in my varied locations for that special car and low and behold I found it! Finally...a good looking car with flares, clean lines, a standard transmission and proper door handles and exhaust. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to contact the owner who is in Nashville. (I was just there three days ago) and am hoping to possibly see the car next week when I go back. Couple of minutes later I see another add for a clean car, coincidently the same colour, and low and behold - IF IT ISN'T THE EXACT SAME F*CKING CAR!!! BUT.......IT'S IN NJ? WTF? I have to chase down this ellusive reasonably priced car to be disappointed YET AGAIN? After over ten years of looking at junk and following fairy tales, I am really getting bewildered. I have a few shekels saved but there is NO WAY I am forking over 40k for a 40 year old car! I find one that may be workable and now its "chase the mouse" again. Why do these a$$holes even bother advertising? Three months to go, and I'll just put my boat back in the water and forget about a convertible.........................................................
  4. Which Cars ... / Welche Autos ...

    During Season 1 and 2 Sonny Crockett drives a Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Replica (called Daytona because of Ferrari's triple triumph in Daytona in 1967). The Replica was made by McBurnie Coachcraft using a Corvette chassis and original Ferrari body parts. Sonny Crockett fährt in der ersten und zweiten Staffel das Replica eines Ferrari 365 GTS/4 (auch genannt: Daytona zum Gedenken an den Ferrari Dreifachsieg 1967 beim amerikanischen Klassiker). Der Nachbau wurde von McBurnie Coachcraft aus einem Corvette-Chassis und original Ferrari Karrosserieteilen aufgebaut. From Season 3 the black Daytona - which was blown up by an arms dealer in When Irish eyes are crying - is substituted by a white Ferrari Testarossa Model 1984. Though Crockett gets his new car in a later episode (Stone's War) the car can already be seen in When Irish eyes are crying. In this episode it's a mobster's black (!) car which will be confiscated by the Vice Departement later and placed at Crockett's disposal for undercover work. Ferrari provided the show with two (!) Testarossas which weren't of course used in dangerous stunts. For this purpose the Carl Roberts Motor Group build a stunt car using a 1972 DeTomaso Pantera chassis and Original Testarossa body parts. In the shots the stunt car can be regognized by its full drop center rims. The originally black Testarossa was revarnished white allegedly - to be better seen in night shots. Ab der dritten Staffel wird der schwarze Daytona, der in der Folge Liebe und Tod von einem Waffenhändler in die Luft gesprengt wurde, durch einen weißen Ferrari Testarossa von 1984 ersetzt. Obwohl Crockett seinen neuen Wagen erst in der Folge Stones Krieg erhält, ist der Testarossa bereits in der Folge Liebe und Tod zu sehen – in schwarz, als Wagen eines Gangsters, der später vom Vice Departement konfisziert und dann Crockett als "Dienstwagen" für seine Undercoverarbeit zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Für Stuntszenen wurden die beiden von Ferrari zur Verfügung gestellten Wagen gegen ein Stuntcar ausgetauscht, welches von der Carl Roberts Motor Group aus dem Chassis eines 1972er DeTomaso Pantera und originalen Testarossa Karrosserieteilen zusammengebaut wurde. In Filmaufnahmen ist das Stuntcar an den Felgen mit sehr geringer Einpresstiefe ("Tiefbettfelgen") zu erkennen. Der ursprünglich schwarze Testarossa wurde angeblich wegen der besseren Optik bei Nachtaufnahmen umlackiert. When Rico Tubbs is on the road in his own car, he uses a '63 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible. Rico Tubbs fährt, wenn er mit einem eigenen Wagen unterwegs ist, in der Regel einen 63er Cadillac Coupe DeVille Cabrio. Two epsiodes flashback to 1980: Deliver us from Evil, Forgive us our Depts. Then Crockett used a black Porsche 911 Targa Convertible. In zwei Folgen, die in das Jahr 1980 zurückblenden (Und vergib uns unsere Schuld, Der Mann aus der Todeszelle), benutzt Crockett einen schwarzen Porsche 911 Targa Cabrio. For surveillance purposes Switek and Zito are out in a Dodge van, which camouflaged them. It looks like the utility vehicle of an exterminator (Bug Van), but inside it's equipped with the most recent (80ies) observation technology. Das Duo Switek/Zito ist zu Überwachungen mit dem BugVan unterwegs, einem Dodge, der zwar von aussen als Lieferwagen eines Kammerjägers (Bug Van) getarnt ist, innen aber mit der (damals) neusten Abhörtechnik ausgestattet ist. Lieutenant Martin Castillo drives several four-door limousines during all five seasons. At the end of Freefall for example he gets out of a grey-green four-door Chrysler limousine. Lieutenant Martin Castillo fährt verschiedene viertürige Limousinen. Am Ende von Letzter Auftrag steigt er zum Beispiel aus einem viertürigen, graugrünen Chrysler. Stan Switek can hardly be seen in a car. In Down for the Count part 2 he drives a turquoise '63 Ford Thunderbird for example. Stan Switek ist in der Serie nur wenige Male mit einen eigenen (privaten) Wagen zu sehen. In der Folge Am Boden Teil 2 fährt er zum Beispiel einen türkisen 63er Ford Thunderbird. Also Gina Calabrese is provided with a car in Down for the Count part 2. She drives an early 1970 Mercury Cougar XR-7 convertible. Auch Gina Calabrese fährt einen eigenen Wagen in Am Boden Teil 2. Es ist ein silberfarbenes 1970er Mercury Cougar XR-7 Cabrio. ****************************************************************** A detailed register of all cars used in the show can be found at the International Movie Car Database. Very recommendable! Eine ausführliches Verzeichnis aller in der Serie benutzen Fahrzeuge ist in der International Movie Car Database zu finden. Sehr empfehlenswert!