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Found 1 result

  1. Favorite movie scenes

    What are your favorite movies scenes? You know the ones which seems to have that little extra touch or magic if one might call it, that you always look forward to re-watch, even if one have seen it a 100 times before or more. There are a certain films that not only comes with one great movie scene, but has several throughout the entire run. Which is quite amazing, and very often I find myself having a tough time chosing one over another. I am at the time going through most of John Candys films and tonight I thought about watching his finest hour, the classic Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987), and at last for me, here we have a fine example of a film that is so packed with memorable and good scenes, that I kind of hope the rumored 3 hour version never sees the day, as it probably would be a letdown. Anyway, most people (or it seems like that these days) will either know some of the films more famous scenes through "referances" and tributes within Family Guy or Ted 2 or because of the "unofficial" remake very bad ripoff (a rather shitty one too) Due Date (2010). But the one I find the most touching and funny at the same time happens about halfway through, (after which Del has literally set fire on their rent car and the already upset Neal who is not very happy about their situation) so without no money (or not much) they end up at a sleazy motel the El Rancho, managed by no other than Izzy Moreno (Martin Ferrero). Neal gets a room but Del is left behind as he cannot "bribe" himself inside with a cheap casio and ends up staying the night inside the burnt out rent car outdoor, were he begins to talk to himself and how he always screws things up when it comes to making friends etc. A guilty Neal ends up letting him inside, and not long after they are having a great blast as they are chatting up as old school buddies (after several tequila shots or more) about their wifes and life in general. Anyway, a truly fantastic scene or scenes that always puts a big smile on my face because it seems so natural, and from what I understand it was all improvised by Steve Martin and John Candy, which make it even better.