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Found 1 result

  1. I finally finished improving my 1/18 Kyosho Testarossa. I was waiting many years for the best model in 1/18. The best in my opinion is from Kyosho. Unfortunately, it is not perfect and had to do some serious customization to the model in order to look as close as the real car. Changing Euro to US spec was easy, the front lower lights was quite a challange. Adding the corner windows on the doors was also daring. The flying mirrow needed to be repositioned, Kyosho put it too high. The original rims look awful, while trying fixing, I ended up ruined them. After a couple of years I finally got a cheap Hot Wheels elite Testarossa and replaced the rims. The ones from HW look much more defined and detailed. With careful sanding and cutting, I could put the Kyosho tires on the HW rims and now the car looks nice as I always wanted.