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Found 10 results

  1. Project Title: Miami Shakedown Description: In short, it's Miami Vice meets Scarface, in a third person team-based online multiplayer. It's time to return to the great Miami of the 1980’s. This project is currently in pre-production and therefore is not funded. All work done will be put towards creating a demo version and promo material. If it proves to be successful by raising funds, your time and effort will be compensated. Demo Goals: A level that replicates real Miami area, spanning from South Beach to Star Island. Teamplay engaging scenario with progressive objectives that can be completed and failed in multiple ways. A small number of drivable vehicles, including a helicopter and a speedboat. Quality assets that meet or exceed high standards of the industry and audience expectations. Long-Term Goals: Most iconic Miami locations present in playable levels. Character creation system. An extensive amount of collectible items to customize character's wardrobe, armory, and garage. Integration with Steam Community Market. A soundtrack that is packed full of 80’s hits and an original score as well. Team Structure: Mark Zubenko Art Director, Concept Artist , Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Level Designer Current Openings: 3D Art: Character Artist Environment Artist VFX Artist Animation: Character Animator Programming: Game Programmer Network Programmer Audio: Sound Designer Web: Web Developer If no desirable position is currently open for your skill set, you’re welcome to suggest your candidature for future opportunities. Contact: Please specify areas in which you have the most expertise and showcase some of your work. E-mail: Facebook: Thank you for your interest!
  2. Ocean Club

    Hey gang , While going through YouTube I happened upon this little short piece . It's the " Ocean Club " cue from Out Where The Buses Don't Run And The Milk Run . Surprisingly it isn't done by Rick Leon or our very own Dadrian Wilson but is still pretty good if not a little " light " in tonality .
  3. this is something i've been wondering recently, where is best location for a peaceful and calm hotel where you can really catch florida vibe you know. first i thought of searching iconic art deco hotels of Miami beach. these hotels are cool and iconic. but in the same time i thought if you love Florida wouldn't it be better to search for more remote hotels, like for example in the Keys or even in the Glades. i know they are lot of mosquitos in the swamp. but i'm kinda fascinated by the mangrove. it's one of the most beautiful nature scenery to me. what do you think. do you know cool hotels, far from tourists frenzy. i'd like a small hotel near a canal, with a kind of Louisiana atmosphere you know :). i love Louisiana a lot too lol.
  4. Miami condemned?

    I've been watching a documentary about weather changes and global warming, and they were saying that, to sum up Miami was in great danger. the more optimistic guys were talking of a 2m sea rising before 2100, and some (great) experts were even talking of 9m before 2100. 9m that means sea level will rise more or less of 3m in 2030-2040. that would turn Miami area into a dead town in 20-30 years. when you keep a bit informed about the subject like i do, and see how fast the north pole has disappeared recently it's difficult not to be a bit anxious. what are your thoughts about this
  5. Bring back Miami vice Sorry, it is posted 3 times and I can`t delete 2 for some reason:(
  6. I everyone, I am new here and I would like to thank you for your warm welcome to the site. First, I would like to introduce myself, I am a professional painter and I live in France. I am a visual artist and and create art which can be figurative or also abstract. You can take a look, if you want to have an idea: But I am also a huge fan of Miami Vice, and Jan Hammer's songs of course which create such a special atmosphere. Right now, I am thinking of creating a new series based on the best TV series !!! And that's the reason why I thought I could join the MV community. I would like to have your feedback, know what you think, so feel free to share your ideas. You probably also have pictures, that would be a great basis for a potential painting in this series, so feel free to send me pictures if you think it could become a nice painting. The only condition is that it has to be linked to Miami and Miami Vice. I know this process is perhaps unusual, but I think it is very exciting to include the whole community in the creative process, see what you think, and perhaps have a chance to meet one day, during the exhibition, why not ? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. See you soon, Christophe.
  7. Greetings fellow Miami Vice fans! Your expertise is needed) I am trying to create a Miami Vice inspired interior of a police station. It isn't going to be an exact replica, but I still want it to be authentic. So if you have any knowledge regarding dimensions of doors, windows, blinds, etc. or know exact model and maker of props used to create original set, I would greatly appreciate it. But you have to be as thorough as possible, there are many kinds of tanker desks for example, that vary in size greatly. Also, if you have good quality shots of the interior from the show, please do share, it will help a lot. Here's a link to the collection of shots that I gathered: And here's what I'm working on looks like so far: Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi guys everything is in title do you know good movies featuring Florida or Miami . could be any kind police , humor , farwest , pirates ..
  9. I'm going to be vacationing in Florida for a week for "spring break" - the whole southeast coast, from West Palm Beach through Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys. So I'm planning things to do and places to see, and I have a question for those of you who M.V. fans who live in Miami or have been there very recently: Are there any M.V. shooting locations that are still "intact" - not altered from how they looked in the 1980s? Perhaps a hotel, a restaurant, a bar, something which we saw in M.V. which still has the same architecture, furniture, lighting, fans, color scheme? In other words, a place which has not been remodeled or "updated", so it still looks like something where C+T could walk in any minute? :-) I know this is hard, because Miami is a very modern and trendy city, which is what made it so cool in the 1980s, so it's unlikely there are any places left, but IF YOU KNOW OF ONE, please reply to this thread! :-)
  10. Miami Vice - Wie Realistisch ...

    ... wurde die Situation in der Stadt Miami dargestellt? In den 80er Jahren galt Miami als größter Umschlagsplatz für Drogen aus Südamerika. Die geografische Nähe zu Kolumbien, Bolivien, Ecuador und Peru begünstigte den Schmuggel der Betäubungsmittel, die mit Frachtern in Küstennähe gebracht und von dort auf Schnellboote umgeladen wurden oder gleich von kleinen Flugzeugen über den nahe gelegenen Everglades abgeworfen wurden. Drogenbarone brachten auf diese Weise Milliarden Dollar nach Miami, wo das Geld durch diverse Investitionen zum Beispiel in Bauprojekte oder Kunstgalerien schnell „gewaschen“ werden konnte. Das „erwirtschaftete“ Geld setzten die Dealer ungeniert in Luxusgüter um: Villen, Kunst, Sportwagen, Yachten, Schmuck, Designer-Kleidung … ... wurde die Polizeiarbeit dargestellt? Produzent Michael Mann ist für akribische Realitätsdarstellung in seinen Filmen bekannt. Die Hauptdarsteller der Serie mussten an echten Polizeieinsätzen teilnehmen und wurden von Bob Hölscher, einem Sergeant des MDPD, im Umgang mit Handfeuerwaffen trainiert, damit die Darstellung so realistisch wie nur möglich wirkte. Trotzdem musste sich die Show immer wieder den Vorwurf gefallen lassen, an der Realität vorbeizufilmen. „Vice“ bedeutet so viel wie „Laster“ oder „Schlechte Angewohnheit“. Im Gegensatz zur Serie, in der sich das Vice Squad mit Drogen, Prostitution und Mord befasst, gibt es in der Realitat die Trennung zwischen Narcotics (Drogenvergehen) und Homicide (Morddezernat). Demzufolge gibt es auch keine Polizeimarke und kein Abzeichen mit der Aufschrift „Miami Vice“. (MVR S. 35) ... wurde die Zusammenarbeit mit den Bundesbehörden dargestellt? Immer wieder haben die Vice-Polizisten in der Serie Probleme mit FBI oder der DEA, werden von ihnen behindert oder tricksen die Bundesbeamten aus. Im richtigen Leben sieht das etwas anders aus. ... wurde die Undercover-Arbeit dargestellt? Die staatliche Konfiszierung von Vermögen, welches durch illegale Aktionen erzielt wurde, ist auch heute noch in den USA eine gängige Praxis. Das Dade County beschlagnahmte in den 80ern jährlich Vermögenswerte von rund 1.25 Milliarden US-Dollar: Autos, Villen, Schmuck. Diese Güter wurden alljährlich versteigert, dadurch konnte sich die Polizei von Dade County selbst finanzieren. Dass Polizisten einen Ferrari fahren oder teure Kleidung tragen, kommt laut Aussage von Officer Reginald Roundtree eher selten vor, obwohl es von Zeit zu Zeit Umstände gibt, die eine solche Verkleidung rechtfertigen. Immer wieder kommt die Frage auf, wie es Crockett und Tubbs bei ihren vielen Undercovereinsätzen schaffen, unerkannt zu bleiben. Und immer wieder wird dies als Schwachpunkt der Episoden gebrandmarkt. Doch hier folgt die Serie der Realität. Quelle: MVR = Der Miami-Vice-Report; Thomas Jeier; Bastei 60178, 1987 © 2008 by Ell.a &