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Found 1 result

  1. The Nash Bridges Cuda

    Or the Inspiration for it rather this car was sold back in the 80's for about 50G, the guy bought a ferrari 308 with that money, and around the time nash bridges was coming on the air, I believe it had just sold for about 2.5 mill back in the early 90's as I had found the owners website with his story about it in the late 90's, back around the time where you went to find cars was literally cars online dot com for anything muscle car related also stinger that website is still around, it maybe worth a try, as I came across a 1967 Shelby GT350 there back in the day for about 35G, or even fine cars dot CC, which I have seen a ferrari daytona replica on now that I think of it, its the website where they sell the geniune articles for like 7 figures so they wont screw around with craiglist dog dealers. and it showed this thing, of all things burried in a snowbank when he sold it lol along with an action photo of it on the drags, along with the car it was racing against and get this, the reason why he sold it is because it was getting beaten by a Buick 455 GS stage 1, the inspiration for the car from the videogame driver and one of the few GM cars that can hold together too it was even the same color too, which is why even at a young age I marked the Buick off as one of those do not mess with cars back then lol but back ontopic he did that and sold it as it was just too valuable to modify, while this guy, of whom I owned a Johnny Lightning version of his car in the 90's had the foresight to buy a spare hemi and use that instead in it, while keeping the original intact funny thing is the Nash Bridges cuda is in school bus yellow, and with the black treatment on it, not sure why, if it was just a matter of easy sourcing of the paint and the parts? while this is more a lemon twist, with almost an olive grey silver to it. as a matter of fact this fan photo is showing a modification of the above cuda's auction photo, from way when back from when it was sold back then