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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings from Colombia

    Hello All, In my enthusiasm to post about shoes I had omitted my intro! Last name is Roman, thus my user name. Born in 75', grew up in Los Angeles and can still remember the 80's. I saw the Miami Vice show at Universal Studios at age 12 or so, though I must admit I was not a fan of the show back then at that age, never watched it. So I was a late comer to the show, it's been within the last few years, and realized I had been waiting to experience it for a long time. I have a background in computers, and it was a way of life for me for many years. I eventually went into Sales and Business. This transformed my life, I actually got one because for too long all I did was work/study/practice 18 hours a day basically year round. Life was an amazing journey. In black and white! In 1 and 0. No social life. No . . . that wonderful something. I was not unhappy, I was simply missing out! Sales and Business, changed my life for the better, in every way. The period of transformation took a couple of years. Part of this transformation was fueled by exploring and enjoying new art forms, and Miami Vice was at the core of these. I began to truly appreciate colors, aesthetics, and human verbal interaction. I began to acknowledge many facets of the human experience that I had hitherto sort of discarded as inefficient and inconsequential. And at the same time the techhead in me pointed out the modular and timeless elements of this art form we cherish here. 30 odd years later, Cooper and Burnett are only "missing" iphones. The situations, the crimes, the criminals, even the core investigation techniques - all there! I see Miami Vice as the highest expression of that special something, beyond the 80's, beyond Florida even - much as I enjoy the accuracy of the fashion discussions, and value the concept of parameters, I view the essence of this as a bottomless fountain of inspiration grand enough to engender new Cool worthy of the source! BTW, the change in this MV fan didn't all just amount to internal experience and personal growth: the change in my personality coupled with the industry I am in plus some skills from my previous life, has led to a most welcome and dramatic effect upon my finances. Sales and Business have put a roof over my head (bought and paid for) nice clothes on my back, nice things all over. And empowerment and dignity. I went from looking like a 30 something college student and being treated like a vagrant down here, to I walk into a mall, even COPS greet me with respect, everywhere I go, Sir this, Sir that, and this all in a very rude third world country. Thank you for reading my intro, I look forward to much sharing and enjoyment here. Mr. Roman