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Found 12 results

  1. So I stumbled across this picture on the internet during a Don Johnson interview from 1991, and I love it. I was wondering if anyone on here has the same picture and if so, I'd like it in High-Resolution please. Thanks!
  2. Ricardo Tubbs Theme!

    I didn`t even know about this composition
  3. Ricardo Tubbs Theme!

    I didn`t even knew about this composition
  4. First of all I gotta say Miami Vice is the coolest frikkin TV show I have ever seen. Now back to my question. I understand that tubbs forged an inter agency memo to go after Calderone in Miami under his dead brothers identity. What I am a bit confused about and would really appreciate if someone could clarify the details regarding Tubbs leaving NYPD and joining mdpd ocb in Miami. when crockett found out about tubbs true identity he didnt report him to the authorities right? so how exactly did tubbs leave nypd and join mdpd ocb without facing any charges or punishment from the police/authorities?
  5. Last flight

    My fresh montage:)
  6. As a crazy Tubbs`s fan, I should share this:)
  7. "Poison"-by Rico Tubbs

    Hi. I`ve just read a fan fiction, written "by" Sonny Crockett, named "Bullet"("A bullet for Crockett"), told by Sonny`s name here . It`s great! I wanted to make smth like it, but about Rico Tubbs and his story with Legba ("The tale of a goat"). I named it "Poison" and also made a clip with "Flesh" "Poison" ("Tale of a goat" by Rico Tubbs) (...) "So, we`ll play this game " I said, being totally confident in my own words. "I can handle it". Sonny`s objections and warnings of Castillo could not stop me. Black magic! A funny thing, yeah. Will they bewitch me? Laughter took me apart and I went out, not to continue this conversation. At the appointed time I sat into the car of Legba's people to get to the ceremony. Sonny attached a sensor to their car and followed us. I was completely calm. The ceremony began after the sunset. Everyone danced around the fire with torches. Including Marie. It looked like either the circus, or theatrical performance. I watched with some interest, waiting for the right moment. It was important not to lose a sight of Marie. And then the unexpected happened. Somehow my cover was blown up-they knew who I was. Legba's people grabbed me, dragged to Legba and threw me on my knees in front of him. Marie was already sitting at his feet-she clearly was not all right. He did something with her. Sonny. Come on, man. Damn, you were right. That`s more serious than I thought. "You don't believe the loas live within you. They do! You just forgot them"-said Legba. I was waiting. Sonny. It`s time. Legba took a syringe with some liquid. Tetrodotoxin. No, don`t do this. No. He slowly approached me. "This doze can kill you"-he said and brought his hand with the syringe over mine. Fear like an electric shock went through me. "Don`t be stupid! You gotta stop!"-I shouted. And at the same moment my muscle was pierced by the needle. I could not escape-Legba's people held me strongly. "I too was with a police in Haiti. When I pay the bribes in American money, I'll be a policeman again. Not you!"-said Legba. "Your nerves will be too fragile. Your courage will shiver like glass. Even if you survive, you will serve only one law-the law of the walking dead." The first cramps began to settle my body. It hurt me a lot but I couldn't move, I didn`t feel my arms and legs. The pain was becoming unbearable. Fear. I was covered by the uncontrollable fear-I knew that for some reason no one can help me now. I was completely helpless with this crazy man. Then a terrible thing happened. He turned to Marie who was sitting still. "Mon petite. You don't wish to go back to Haiti with me. You've become one of them. Stay. Stay here for eternaty. Stay here. Stay here." He wrapped the girl`s neck with the rope. Then tightened the noose and pulled... I tried my best to stay consciousness. "It hurts, it hurts"-I wanted to scream but I had no voice. Dizzy, extreme pain in all muscles drove me crazy. My eyes were closing, I forced to unclench my eyelids. I couldn't feel my arms and legs. Breathing was becoming harder by the minute. The poison paralyzed me. Because of the oxygen lack I had darkness in my eyes, but I coudn`t take a deep breath. "You see a vision. You can`t touch it t. Do you like it? You have got no hands, legs, you have got no will. Your world is made of glass. No more real than the the mirror imadge." I was out of breath. Lights swirled in my eyes .. everything doubled.. this bastard killed Marie , and I was not able to help in any way. This realization was killing me. I was twisted by convulsions, I was shaking. The last thing I remember-crazy Legba's eyes, looking somewhere inside me. The end. This is the end-I thought. How strange. I`ve heard about such things for so many times, but never beliaved in them. I stand and see myself laying on the ground in a dust. Sonny is kneeling by, trying to shake me back to consciousness. But I can`t. Sonny.. If only I could say now-you were my brother for these two years.. If only I could say thank you and goodbye.. Sonny pulls my body into his arms and hugs me, asking to hold on. It seems that I can`t leave.. I opened my eyes and saw HIM again. He walked around my bed. Where am I? Am I dead? Someone did an injection into my arm. Who? Why? I was scared. I was alone with this crazy sick man and his people. Marie was here, too. So, it meant that I'm dead. Marie looked into my eyes and repeated the name of the Haitian freighter-Blackbird. Legba's man hit me. And then HE took the syringe again and reached it for my arm. "Nooo!"-I screamed and suddenly sprang and seized him. "Rico!.."-the voice came to my mind. Sonny! Oh God... he was here with me, he pried my hands and hugged me strongly. At that moment I broke down, started to cry and hugged him too. The horror subsided so suddenly . So it was all just a nonsense. Sonny was here, Sonny, not Legba. He cradled me and said something soothing. They found me in the morning at the bottom of empty pool in a coma and I was taken to the hospital. So I`ve got a 12 hours break in my biography . When I recovered I told Sonny and Castillo about what had happened at the ceremony. The next day we watched Legba on the freighter. His people were not long in coming. Shooting began. I realized that something is wrong with me, when raised my gun and all floated in my eyes. Sonny noticed it and grabbed me , sat me down near the wall and covered by himself. Oh, Sonny.. My friend! We continued the pursuit. And then I saw Legba. He wasn't even holding a gun on me. He just stared into my eyes, and my hands dropped weapon. "Spread your barriers. Go into me! Legba! Papa Legba!"- he shouted. It was hypnotic. I couldn't move. And then he suddenly took out his gun but I was faster. As soon as he broke contact with me, I was able to move. And I shot. Legba dropped overboard. I felt the cold sweat and had to grab the metal. Finally it's all over. Sonny looked at me and smiled. He helped me again. We found Marie at the bottom of the boat. She was alive, but under a dose of the same drug. Now I`ll not be so lightly to the fact which defies logic. I nearly died and I could stay with the hurt mind forever. Another page in our practice of our drug-fighting practice was closed.
  8. Miami Vice. Moments

    I adore them. I can`t stop:)
  9. True eps with some fantasy

    I`m a big fan of MV and espessially Tubbs, I wrote these texts in 2000, when I watched MV for the first time. Now I tried to correct them and put them here. Tale of a goat Sonny finds Rico (...) Legba, having made an injection of tetrodotoxin into Tubbs`s arm, returned to his seat. Everything began to float, Rico tried to focus his mind, but it was terribly difficult . His body started to cramp. At first, he was still trying to understand what Legba says. But it was getting worse and worse by the minute, he was shaking, convulsions twisted his arms and legs, he could not speak, it was hard to breathe, the outlines of objects floated more and more, the reality became mixed with the delirium. He was hurt but could do nothing. He tried his best to remain conscious, tried not to close his eyes.. The last thing he saw was like Legba kills Marie .."Crockett !!!" - Larry called. Sonny rushed to him and saw Tubbs, lying at the bottom of a dried-up pool, face down, showered by branches. "Call in an ambulance!" - he cried and crossed to the partner. He threw the branches out and rolled Rico onto his back, covering him with the jacket. His lips were blue, hands were cold as ice despite the heatwave. "Hold on, buddy!" - he said, holding Rico`s face. Searching helicopter was throwing debris at the abandoned terrace and dispersing dust by the strong wind. Sonny hugged Rico and cuddled him, trying to warm him. He seemed to feel partner's trouble as his own. Crocket and Castillo were in a hospital, helplessly looking at Rico. For about 48 hours he was in coma and they didn`t know , if he will survive . Rico was tossing on the bed, he was suffering from the visions-effects of tetrodotoxin. Doctor made an injection into his vein, but nothing helped. Seeing the delirious faces of Legba, Romulus and Marie , he kept repeating the one word "Blackbird" .. Then Romulus stroke him with a heavy stick.. Rico shuddered... Sonny touched his shoulder, he didn`t know how to help, he felt very helplessly. Rico suddenly looked at him ... Legba stretched out his hand with a syringe ... "Nooo !!!" - he shouted and struggled Legba, trying to strangle him. "Rico ... Easy, man! " - Sonny opened Rico`s hands. Suddenly having realized that he is close to Sonny, Rico stopped screaming and the first time in a long time broke and birst into tears, hugging his friend. He couldn't stop shaking. The fear retreated so suddenly , Sonny was there, Sonny, not Legba, all terrible visions disappeared. Sonny hugged him strongly and held him in his arms, time after time lookig at the doctor with silent questions in his eyes "What's happening with him? What shall I do?" "Take it easy" -said Sonny, trying to soothe partner. "That`s OK, buddy, take it easy, take it easy." "Sonny, I'm Ok" - said Rico, calming down, and trying to sit up, although his body still had been badly submitting to him. "Sonny, Legba killed Marie ... he goes back to Haiti, we have to take him ... he killed Marie !!!" "Take it easy!" - Sonny kept him . "What`s a "blackbird"?" - asked Castillo. "Haitian freighter" -Sonny replied, while Rico was pleadingly looking at him. Viking bikers from hell In a hospital "Rico!" - Sonny called. No answer. He ran out of the car and crossed to the caddy. "Rico!" - He pulled his partner up from the seat. His hand got into something wet. A puddle of blood. Head! In the darkness he didn`t immediately understand it. "Damn!!! Rico! Hold on! Bro, hold on!" Sonny called an ambulance.. Sonny entered the room. Rico was lying with his eyes closed, on a drip. "He`s not bad," the doctor said .. it did not seem that he feels OK. Rico could not open his eyes, constant pain and nausea were the results of the contusion of the tangent wounds to the head. His head was spinning from the drugs. Feeling that Sonny is near, he turned his head slightly and said under his breath: "He can`t be not killed ..." but a new twinge made him scream hushfully. "Take it easy, Rico" Sonny put his hand on Rico`s shoulder. Tubbs continued: "He is like a machine ... two bullets ..and nothing ..." - he took a deep breath, not to moan again. "Take it easy, don`t worry." - Sonny said quietly and slowly walked to the door.