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  1. Project Title: Miami Shakedown Description: In short, it's Miami Vice meets Scarface, in a third person team-based online multiplayer. It's time to return to the great Miami of the 1980’s. This project is currently in pre-production and therefore is not funded. All work done will be put towards creating a demo version and promo material. If it proves to be successful by raising funds, your time and effort will be compensated. Demo Goals: A level that replicates real Miami area, spanning from South Beach to Star Island. Teamplay engaging scenario with progressive objectives that can be completed and failed in multiple ways. A small number of drivable vehicles, including a helicopter and a speedboat. Quality assets that meet or exceed high standards of the industry and audience expectations. Long-Term Goals: Most iconic Miami locations present in playable levels. Character creation system. An extensive amount of collectible items to customize character's wardrobe, armory, and garage. Integration with Steam Community Market. A soundtrack that is packed full of 80’s hits and an original score as well. Team Structure: Mark Zubenko Art Director, Concept Artist , Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Level Designer Current Openings: 3D Art: Character Artist Environment Artist VFX Artist Animation: Character Animator Programming: Game Programmer Network Programmer Audio: Sound Designer Web: Web Developer If no desirable position is currently open for your skill set, you’re welcome to suggest your candidature for future opportunities. Contact: Please specify areas in which you have the most expertise and showcase some of your work. E-mail: Facebook: Thank you for your interest!