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Delaware TV Station To FCC: Star Trek Re-Runs Address Local Community Issues

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I thought this was abit interesting, also theres abit of an odd note in the article


While this may seem laughable, it may actually be legal. According to an analysis of history of the "Public Interest Standard" from the University of Texas, following industry deregulation in the 80′s and 90′s most of the requirements were gutted


While most stations have continued to offer local news or public affairs programming, there appears to be no legal obligation (or at least nothing that is strictly enforced). So this Wilmington channel is just seizing upon ambiguities in the law.


So would this small note be a plausable explantion of why TV seems to have gone off the rails decency wise in the past 20 years? the lack of FCC regulations?


Hell I'd be curious to see if there was any regulations back then prohibiting fast flash cuts in commericals back then that seem to be badly plaguing us now, as everyime they come on I turn my head away from the tv because of that.

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