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Google Throws Twitch Customers under the bus

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In todays news, Google in a disturbing move has implemented the Content ID match system for the video game streaming service called twitch, of which sady they are going to buy for 1 Billion dollars


I had hoped that US monopoly laws would put an end to this promtly, but apparently not


and the only place thats inforced is china apparenty





and also Guntest magazine reported that Google starting in September is going to stop showing ads for Guns, Gun Parts, Knives, Tobbaco and other producs they deem harmfull on youtube


you can see this now on the googles dangerous products and services page


although this will probably not stop them from showing anti gun and anti smoking ads such as the one shown on Hickok 45's twitter here


where the bloody obivious is not done, why doesnt she call the cops, run to a neighbor, get a baseball bat or any number of bloody obivious things she could have done.




and this also wont stop them from showing the Bullies anti smoking ad that constantly plays every 5 minutes it seems, the cigarets are 5 inch bullies one



so they're doing their usual CYA kinda stuff to everyone, to gun, knife and game people, and I bet everyone is feeling this right now.



and If you needed proof that the second amendment was tied into knife rights and the first, well here it is in plain view.



and that's socalismn for you, its always fine till its pointed at you. and this is what they do in the UK for fun when they get bored, they ban car ads for jaguar


so yeah, the need to defend the second and support the NRA protects pretty much everything I love it seems, although I dont smoke


and you gotta love the full on irony of that Jag Ad, towards the end he praised england for being better than everywhere else and then they take it down as it might encourage speeding


oughta make a new with Cousin Avi saying what he thought of england, sponsored by Jaguar lol




and also it even ties into wildlife conservation in a way, as the socalists always try to blackball that at any chance they can.


true story, the best thing you can do to help your local wildlife is to buy a hunting license, not ban hunting as it means more money to conserve the wildlife will be distrubuted to the state via the feds.


and you only hunt out of 4 weeks of the year, and you dont even need to hunt, and if they have an under population problem, they will call off the hunting season, its kind of a checks and balances thing the wildlife people do


it aint the bambi story for damn sure, thats for sure.


but I must appologize as I had to post this bad news after learning about it, sorry if it ruined anyones day like it did to me this morning when the guntest magazine arrived and saw that and this latter.



but Good old google, always itching to throw its customers to the dogs and never stick up for anything, unless they are directly threatened like with Sopa and Pipa.



and tommorow I need to send AG Russell, midway, ruger and an email about this, and I'll see if we can kick their teeth in with a little bit of litigation and breach of the first in court.

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I was really hoping this would not happen :D  :fireworks:  :cake:  :radio:

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