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A Guide to the V8 replica's

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also about that parade of unexpected consequences, it can and does happen to modern manufacturers, its just usually undisclosed and in the background. as not to zap consumer confidence in their product's in this overconnected world.


as on the Lamborghini Murcialago, the early ones,  they overwhelmed the 4 wheel drive differentials with the wrong tire sizes on them, he say's it towards the end of the video, the last bit in black and white.


as I remember reading about that and seeing conspiracy videos about it at one point around the 2006/2007 era all over the net back then.


and the difference between a quality company and a terrible one is how often they disclose this kind of thing, or quickly fix it, like Porsche and Ferrari, For recalling their cars for possible engine/tire fires from bad improperly treated glue for the carbon fiber on the 458 and the GT3



so even in the modern age, things can go abit unexpectedly, and this is probably also why for the longest time two wheel drive, be it in the front or the rear was the prefered thing.


before a couple of engineers, our friends who cant leave anything alone, literally decided to double and shift the drive work of a volkswaggen/audi so all 4 wheels were spinning, and bolted it onto an audi GT for fun to see how it would do in the snow, for the wife of the company in 1980. after geting passed by either this



or a Jeep in the snow up there on a sking trip


and thus the Water Rohl/Michel Mouton audi quattro was born, but I wouldnt be the least bit surprised to hear that the most warn and prone to breakage parts are in the driveshafts.


so dont worry about making mistakes with this kind of thing, as the big boys did and do that all the time, its just that well the germans do it less as they had the autobahn to test the crap out of things before us and before it gets to us.


and also the above video shows the difference between quality workmanship and crap workmanship.


its all in the little details and huge efforts into the little details, and I must wonder if powder coating is so durable as he describes, why hasnt anyone painted a car like that?


I know they did it with motorcycles.

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Just thought of two other bits


With any collector car you need a place to exercise it, like this man does with his Dino



be it a back road, a main road that is very straight that is a straight shoot to whatever for your personal acceleration test. such as what I have here in MA


or a bunch of curvy back roads or canyons to really get the most out of your car, and to have an italian Job experence, sans bulldozer


or this car for that matter



and I would take the nightime, early morning advice to heart, as that is the best way to avoid all the unwanted attention of having something nice


as all of the normals are asleep and your far more likely to find peace and pleasure with the car that way than dealing with I guess the automotive equavalent of a TMZ world we now live in.



hell its what I always do, I go for a drive at 11 PM and just take the car to the drag strip, the space between my home and the shops and just have a little fun there and on the backroads by the high school


although with this car I havent really done that, that often really, I usually save that for the saturday sub run really.



and build the car with a purpose, a singular purpose like this one





as that is what you dont get from a modern ride, as cars now are all accomidating, like this hellcat, the ultimate swiss army knife of the car world




also a funny little note about the 037 there, I share my birthday with the creaton date of that company.

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or even a modern lambo, where when driving it under a 100 feels like your doing 50 vs this countach where the damn thing is screaming all the time, and is designed to do one thing well, go fast and handle fast.



the rest means nothing, is nothing and should not be considered


also some interesting introspect there, the Countach Shocks as a Racer, the Testarossa Shocks as a Grand Touring car that proves a grand touring car can be just as much fun as a countach.


as that is what makes a car memorable, the no compromise in its purpose, even if its primary fortee is something non performance oriented



which is why we all remember the names of the greats, the Countach, the Cobra and the Viper, 3 words that will always mean its something great


and the daytona for instance, the last of the old Front Engined Grand Touring super cars from Ferrari, with the supercar performance and minamlist interior of the Dino, and the trunk of a normal sedan.


although sadly they never made a Lusso verison, and thus the interior is kind of a letdown as its just a copy and paste of a dino, even though the daytona seats were first used on the daytona, and then incorperated into everything else


hell the Testarossa almost seems like they intended to make a remake of the daytona, just with a far more special and unique interior on it.


which you dont find on any other ferrari, just like the 250 Lusso



and hell this guy passed on a daytona, for a lusso probably just because of that, I mean the daytona was a dark horse for a reason, until vice made it famous



but the citroen is living proof that it doesnt need to be a low production number car to be something great in its own right, as great things can be economically successful like the Corvette.


and the corvette much like the testarossa to the countach, outsold it 5 to 1, which is why there so expensive vs a corvette of the same era.


as people werent stupid, they werent going to pay that much for a car with nothing they needed, that would kill them if they werent careful, like what could happen with an F40



its just that we often think of great things as being one of a kind, and that is usually true most of the time, and then when its not people scoff at it like the Europeans do with the corvette.


hence why the C7 is blowing their minds right now, its everything great with no compromise, and its already successful, as the will to make something great with the new head of GM is finally there.


although I do have my own Qualms with the C7 and its exterior design of the stock model, and the lack therof a handbrake.


as I like to take my feet off the brake and use the handbrake to hold the car in at stop lights occasionally if its a long light, as it just makes me feel less on edge.


that and taking all but two fingers off of the steering wheel at sub light speed, 20 mph when I have a slow driver in my way.





its just that in the 70's and 80's GM was surviving and adapting to the times, and the corvette got behind the curve because of it. 


hence why I bet they felt the need to do the ZR1 project with the C4 and get the motor of the stock ZL1 to 300 HP while they were at it in the late 1980's, which took some serious doing engineering wise back then.



and dont forget this was in the pre modern computer era, where if you did try to reach that horsepower level you had a race car on your hands that sucked gas like a 427 Cobra, 5 to 8, if your lucky, and the same thing with the 454 Corvette motor.


of which if the car was equiped with it, it was basically good for atleast a 140 with 300 Real horsepower and could pass everything on the road, save for a gas station. as one of the owners fondly quipped on the corvette forums awhile back


and no one is going to put up with that in that, so you had to figure out a way to do that while not getting that kind of mileage out of it using a fuel injected motor.


but thankfully because of the advancements in machining and technology, where they could machine things down to the 100th of an inch then, rather than a 10th with some slide rulers and some primative caculators back in the middle 1970's, they were able to do it




so keep that one purpose thing in mind and you will have something great on your hands, plus with restomodding you can get that one purpose thing with less of the drawbacks, but dont let avoiding those drawbacks be the driving force behind your modifications


as the car has to make you happy, and that's the key, as being happy with something isnt usualy driven by logic, and if it is your german lol just look at all the things made under one Ulrich Benz and Stephan Winkleman and tell me that's not true.



its driven by lust basically. but logic can back the lust if that makes any sense. and that's the key, lust driven by logic. not logic logic.


like what happened with Aston and Lambo, as you know when your major thing is to get 750 out of a V12 instead of 700, and that's Exciting, something is wrong with your company, especially when none of your models bost truely unique bodywork anymore


only really low production models for the really expensive ones, and that DB whatever its called for specter is another big bubble butt car that will be quickly forgotten once the next model comes out



but it shouldnt be about the perfomance figure, it should be about the experence, just like with the countach.


as while alot of people get angry at aventadors and throw rocks at them



and curse at them, I doubt they would do that to someone in a countach.



basically, with restomodding, do the best you can and make the car more than the sum of its parts as what you want it to be, as price does not equal quality, price just means you spent all that money on it,


and sometimes simple inexpensive modifications like a stiffer front roll bar, rack and pinion steering, a new radiator, gone over electrics, new pads/brakes, and a new carb/intake/ maybe a conversion over to fuel injection via that new holly system they came out with, and new headers/exhaust


will pay dividens over someone reengineering the entire car to compete with a modern one. as the worst thing you can do is strip out everything and remove the cars soul while keeping just the body with new everything else.


like what Jay Leno did to his first car, his 1955 Buick



as back on the old website he talked like he regretted doing what he did to it, vs what he did with the 6.3, as if it works good, all it may need is a little tune up like the 6.3, otherwise to do that engine transplant and all of the stuff he did to it is probably a waste.





as in that case, you might as well just buy a new car and skip all the hardship with the buick, as you want to work over the car to make it better and pull out its true potental, not replace the entire car and keep the body like its modern V8 toaster or a graphics card.


I mean after all that is what Carl did to it in the show, Worked over intake, headers, carb, and that's just the obivious stuff that was done in period, for all I know he followed that list I just made down to a tee and the thing could be putting out double the HP of a 1981





and also if you want to know how I feel about the above video with the rock thrower and the video taker who did nothing and let it happen, Rant Below, Fair warning, as I feel heavily about the matter.







I forward you to one Vincent Vega about it



and I purposely didnt use the original author of the video with the rock thrower by the way, as from the sound of it with his stupid hashtag thing he actually supports people doing this, and for that he can go to hell.




as if he had any decency in him he would have yelled hey ****head your being taped, and this is going to the cops if you do that, as so the driver could have gotten away without getting his car damaged by that neanderthal.


and I hope the cops got him for damaging that car like that, as I fully sport Vincent Vega in this matter.


plus I must wonder if people do this stuff on purpose and videotape it to get views on youtube, such as one that showed up my suggestions about someone bump parking a lamborghini 4 times


with mutiple explanation marks, and why would you be videotaping that unless you had prior knowledge that it was going to happen ahead of time.


plus his #thelamborghinipunisher thing, hell I'd wonder if he was more or less an accomplace as good people dont let that happen to other peoples cars.

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Now I'd thought I'd do a new section for this, on Car Care and other stuff




My opening statement: Its Worse to be OCD about car care than to be Live and Let live about it, as odd as that may seem.


As using the car wash constantly leaves microfractures on the paintwork, along with swirl marks, which also comes with getting a car polished at the dealership everytime it goes in.


and it doesnt matter if its a Volkswaggen Dealership, or if its a Ferrari one either, as they will leave swirl marks on it unless they know exactly what they are doing. like these guys






he also has his own website called AMMO, and is having the drive clean video put up for free on the now pay to see the full videos Drive + channel, and I can concure that he knows what he is doing, so I would recommend following him


Also that is not the first one to have factory installed swirl marks on his ferrari from the at dealership either, as a guy from ferrari chat was complaining about them doing it to his 430 in nero daytona.


as it was in a conversation about what is better, straight black or black Metalic, and the verdict was it was easier to fix a straight black paintjob



so its far wiser to take the money and find someone who knows how to do it properly rather than getting this done on the usual checkup, IE change all the fluids and check everything over once every 8 months.



or do it yourself by hand. and dont just any person touch the car as a worker at a dealership is on a schedule, and thus even if they do it wrong, chances are they just want to get it done asap


rather than doing it right like they might do at a specialty shop where volume is not the target, doing it right is.


also be weary of freshly waxed cars at auctions, as they coat the bodywork over with a special thin wax, and I would imagine that can hide stuff like scratches and to top it off that stuff wont last 7 hours outside of the auction either.



although the simple one to all of this is to take it to this kind of place and spray it down this way at 5:24






the other side is, and I think this is the way to go, thanks to technology we have these new ways of protecting the bodywork





I just think there needs to be a shock absorber kind of thing added to the plastics/wraps to absorb the impact without damaging the bodywork below, but all I can say is if I had a black polished car like the daytona or Jay's Porsche 356, that would be literally the first thing I put on it after getting it




that way I could enjoy it and drive it like a maniac like Crockett did, and like I normally drive with my 5 Clyinder kamakazi machine without having to worry about someone being careless with a door or a few chips on the road.


as I always have the mentality I must leave a thing better than it was, or not leave any marks on it, even with pocket knives, hence why i dont use my Benchmade Megumi for things, and its only because I accidentally left a nasty scratch on my spyderco Dragonfly 2 british racing green while opening a cardboard box with a staple in it, that I felt that I could use that after I polished the scratch out somewhat


which gave it a used sort of rougher finish, and kinda broke the wall of not having to worry about it, but that bodywork cover could do the same for everyone else while keeping the finish as close to mint as possible, without having to damage it up or rough it up to feel comfortable to drive it.

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Theres one other thing to add to the above thing, having what Arnie said here as a Bumper Sticker on your car



should help keep it intact in a parking lot, along with some weight lifting equipment to bring you up to the Pumping Iron Level of Muscles.



Now the only time you should really worry about keeping a car clean is when the roads are badly salted or your underbelly is covered in grime, as the dirt acts like an insulator, as it keeps the water pressed against the metal work, and will eventually rust through it



the reverse is also true with a wet carpet, as its same thing there as well. and I've had a car with a broken rubber seal on the tail gate that allowed water in it and it killed the interior, created mold in the headliner, and killed the fuse box while it was at it



now on that other note, it is CRUCIAL to look after the rubber seals of a car, as that will alow water to enter the interior and ruin everything in it




but other than that, dont touch the bodywork, not even if a million birds crap on the thing, as taking a freshly wet paper towel to it is as bad as taking scotch bright to it, and its the same thing with any dirt whatsoever, as it will scratch the paint and burn a hole through it if you rub it down hard enough


Get SOAP, and put it down, and let it do its thing, then wash it off with a hose


and avoid touching the bodywork as much as possible, and for the love of god do not take an ice scraper to abit of bird crap like a family member of mine did to his car the other week.


and that left two nice white deep cut marks in the hood of his dark blue car, just like this







right on the hood, left to right.


and all for something that would have come off in the next melt or rainstorm without damaging the paintwork at all, and his car is covered in these marks because he cant leave the thing alone, and because of that I now wont let him within a mile of my car.


hell if he ever asks to use it I'll just give him a few 20's and tell him to take a taxi.


so dont be over obssesive about keeping it clean, and the same thing goes for the insturment bincales, IE the plastic covers for the insturments and the trim inside the car, if a little dirt or cigarrete ash gets on it or behind the plastic


as it is very easy to scratch the plastic,  aluminumn and the wood in car interiors, hell a good idea to deal with that kind of stuff would be to take a hair dryer, set it on low and blow the dust and dirt off of it that way.


as brushes, even ones that look like they shouldnt do any harm will leave scratches on the modern plastic that they use for modern gauges nowadays




and also with the door handles, hold your pointer finger, and your middle finger together, and pull inwards and outwards, IE do not aim them inwards towards the bodywork when grabbing for the handle


as with moderns door handles and the classic ones they're covered in/part of the bodywork and the areas behind them usually look like catscratch posts because of that,





  so be weary of your nail length and how sharp they are also because of that, and what is on the keychain that could bump against it, but keyless entry has remedied that problem abit.




and this is one of the reasons why the alfa door handles on the replicas is preferable to the ones on modern cars, if it gets scratched up or rusty, you can just replace it and get another one,




rather than having to have that whole section of the paintwork redone


and also its a good idea to fix any broken door handles as well on an old car ASAP, as that can alow water into the door and freeze it in either the open or the closed position.


But the same scrach avoidance  techniqueneeds to be applied to holding and closing the doors, IE try and use the non painted areas to grasp them at the start and or bottom the windshield trim if its a coupe

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With a convertible, like an old one, it may not be such a good idea as the glass on the older cars can be abit fragile and thus grabbing the top of the door and the leather like PMT did is probably the way to do it at 2:53


and you wonder why PMT and Don never had any fights, a man who respects another mans car is an honorable man, and probably a good test of character in general




but however contrary to the car care thing it is good to be obssesive of where and how you park it, and if you leave the top up or down, as that is where caution is needed



now with parking, put the top up if your going to be around suspect areas or places with kids around, as Clarkson had people throwing food and containers in his Ferrari F355 Targa just because, and this was before top gear was famous and he was known for ribbing people


so keep the tonau cover off, also the C3 had abit of a catch apparently with that, as with the door on the stock model it could actually scratch up the plastic in top in the closed position



and as a rule in a 4 lane parking lot, park in the third row, as people want to get as close to a building as possible, and try and get in a spot with three open spots next to it on either side, if you cant, take a spot with two cars already next to it


as people will pull in and park way to close or be too fast about opening their doors, now they're far less likely to do that after they've done they're shopping


and also avoid being on the upperpart of where two rows of parking join as I've seen a woman take a cart right between two cars and bump into both of their mirrors without blinking an eye while trying to get to her car in the third row


and thus you want to park with your car like this


-            --------- First row


-          -----------where the woman ran her cart through two other cars to get to the tail gate of her car

-          ---------- Where you want your car to be


-           -------- -- 4th row




and that's where the self folding mirrors thing that I've seen on astons and Lambos does make sense, plus staying away from the cart catchers in general


the flipside is that by having the car be too out in the open it can backfire as people will see it and screw with it that way as well, its kind of an equation and trade off of how safe/noticble do you want the car to be, as I've seen a black polished up golf that was parked far away from everybody in the lot, only to get keyed by some jackass


probably just because it was parked that far away from everyone at the mall, and I think they'll do that to anything and anyone really


as a nice car out in the open will draw attention, but parked with a fair distance between it and two honda civics will not, and as long as the cars are in good nick and they are driven by decent people your car should be fine being parked next to them.


as long as your fairly quick and know what to get before they return


or if its parked out of sight, its one of those weird catch 22's really, and thus why you dont want to park on a mainstreet, as your car is front and center for everyone to see.


as I saw two kids looking over a red ferrari 360 spider with perfect paint because it was so front line and center, when he could have pulled in by Callahans Gunshop and the pool hall and not had them looking it over and possibly messing with it.

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and with the less friendly people


with a Social Justice Warrior's they will just get angry at someone having something expensive that is well publicised   in front of them or anything that looks expensive period, even if its not, as they dont see the value in having something like that, as the value in having something is purely subjective to begin with.


as its not a matter of luxury with a car enthuast, a true one, its a matter of quality, hence this very good example, although its based on sunglasses, not cars




and they'll say something like why dont you have or put that money in X, Y or Z, or your crazy for driving or having something like that.


as well with alot of people emotions take priority over logic and self control, hell why do you think there's such flame wars on the internet over every little stupid thing and that is why people are posting videos up just to spark up such things, as you need atleast 200K in views on each video to make a living on it




and nothing quite gets the views like something that pisses someone off and brings the haters or the supporters in, just look at that idiot video of someone throwing a rock at a lamborghini aventador


#the lamborghini punisher, what a dick. he gets something he's always wanted and you want to damage it just because? go fall of a cliff sunshine and do the world a favor


and as a matter of fact you need 200K to make a living off of internet views, and that is coming straight from Sirlarr of the ex inside gaming group




but its just so funny what people will scoff at, I mean just look up some of Niki Manaji's spending habits on MTV and then come back to me and complain


1,000 bucks for painted nails, with her being on retainer at 11,000 bucks a month,  2,500 for a birthday cake, 250 Grand for little waynes gold teeth, and the list goes on and on, and I was just shocked, hey guys who hate the 1% maybe you should start looking at the record lables and not the car collectors!





so the best thing you can do is say in this situation he talks about towards the end like this



is this


I'm sorry about that but you should contact your local politicians and aks where all of your money is going, as if you could get them to account for all of it and get back what is rightfully yours that they're not wasting, you could be driving a mercedes benz by the end of the year.


and I'm not kidding, you would seriously get about 600 bucks more per month just by forcing them to account for everything and giving them a hard time about all your money being wasted on social projects that dont actually do anything.


after all when you start looking into things, its very much a godfather like world if you've ever read the book, or the book underboss about the criminals up here.


or I dont ask you how much your shoes cost so dont ask me how much my car costs lol to simply it a great bit




and with the hiding it inbetween two cars that should deal with the punks thing, but just be aware of it and if you do any late night CVS runs there are kids around trying to get ciggarets and booze


although not anymore with the Cigarettes recently, although they still like to hang out in the price chopper lot regardless, which makes me nervious, but they might be dropping the cigarettes thing too soon


so dont park around areas where people can get that kind of stuff, as for some reason Conveince stores and booze stores aways draw in the wrong crowd, and in a weird plus atleast if pot gets legalized they would be too out of it to damage your car in the parking lot


as weed just sucks out your inhibitions, kills your reflexes and your will, its zombie muncher food pretty much, and I have never met someone on that stuff who has good reflexes.


the other thing that might not be a bad idea is looking to have cameras installed on your car if its worth anything, or put up a sign that says you are being recorded, or something as simple as saying please be respectful


but it is for these reasons that I wouldnt look to using a nice car for urban driving, and I would try and find a nice place to exercise the car like out in the canyons with a radar detector in california



or some deep woods drive out in the middle of nowhere like the dark forest in germany, namely around the town of Söhrewald, Kassel and the Meisner, as I was in the back of a cousin's car doing a 110 on the backroads there, well the long stretch before the woods atleast, and that was MPH not KPH in a volkswagen scirocco, second gen.


plus colors like Greys and Blues draw far less admositity than bright colors like red and yellow, or dark colors like straight black or black metalic.


as you dont want to get a car in red if you dont want the attention, like that idiot in the you dont want to drive a ferrari everyday evidently forgot to note, regardless if its a volkswaggen or a ferrari, go for these kind of colors instead if you want to keep it low key




and cars and colors that look like this





not this



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plus Viynl wraps and clear wraps can and will protect the car better than straight paint and gloss, its just that here in MA or some big city I think it would be a bad idea to even use it for the shops



a late night drive or an evening drive, or a drive to a carshow fine, but everywhere else it is a risk, hence why I always scoff at those people such as Harry Metcalf who says cars need to be driven, drive it


which is easy for you to say, look at all the road you can regularly enjoy!



I dont, well I do somewhat



as unless you have good driving roads, dont drive it in the city, and drive it atleast once a week to some place where it should be safe without drawing too much attention


and dont risk using it as a daily as no one wants to get celebrity like attention when driving a well made or unique car, as true car people just want to drive and drive hard in peace, and I view fast driving as Sanity Maintenance, just like Crockett described Fishing and being of great fun in general


a place to be at one and alone with the machine in a world full of distractions, SJW's and Shakesperian We've evolved (yet we have tribal warfare all over the world and in the cities yet) crap everywhere.


its a way to get away and be at peace, hence why I hold fast driving as a sacred right, granted I'm not going to be stupid and do it at rushhour or put people at risk when I do it.



but I do it because I love it and I've always been a speed freak, driving below 40 is a crime in my book.

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and that is part of the reason why I wouldnt drive a fancy car in the daytime, there is no way to use it without gathering negative and unnecessary attention. as I enjoyed acting and could have been an actor but chose not to for those reasons too


as I just want to drive not get famous by driving a name brand car, or wearing name brand watch, or by having something famous someone else had, unless I like the bloody thing for what it is, not just what it was involved in


as I just want to enjoy and have fun with the car in peace.


and also I want to remember Lambo as this, not the raptor that mated with an F22 and a Bat



As midengined cars is not what Lambo set out to make exclusively in the old days, and its been missing from the lambo lineup since the 1980's.

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Nice shot!   I think this may be him:


(I had always thought some were spelling it Markidian )   :birdie:



Mardikian, Al(bert) Mardikian.




Does anyone know what became of him?


I think, this is the father of our dreamcars.




actually the targa ferrari may not be his doing, as a 1/43 Make Up model of it showed up on my radar with a different name attached to it




Richard Straman, so who knows if the rod stuart countach was also one of his conversions.



and additionally I would have bought the thing if had had the excess money for it as it looked that good, and I dont even like the 365 and 512 BB, as save for the front bumper and a few small details, the testarossa is a damn near perfect looking wedge car


although doing a car in two tone like that, and cutting the top off really seems to transform the look of the car, plus I love the rims on that thing.

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I think that name showed up before, I'll have to look into my files on it.


stats wise that's a geniune ferrari daytona dash in it, what looks to be geniune Ferrari seats, Lights pretty much everything, the doors I do not know however, they look to be pre 1978 panels.


one thing is sure, whoever had it or ordered it made it a cost no object car, and those door panels are impressive, and that looks like solid rolls royce wood from the time period.

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Hmm weird I cant find anything on this car, the most I remember is some ad that someone posted on ebay for a corvari replica, and that was it, hell this might be a one of one and this was the one used for the ad if I can find it somewhere.

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