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Major chinese Explosion at shipping yard

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Just thought I'd post this as no one seems to be thinking this on the BBC News Feed, but that looks like an ammunition dump just went up, not a battery plant. despite the tesla S's that were parked there in the lot from the look of it


and given its a shipping port that might mean that it also might have handled navy based munitions, Torpedos and the like for their Navy, and as a historical note, a day before this happened I was watching a story on the Manhattan Project on Cspan 2, their cover for the detonation of the bomb to the civlians that were only something like sub a 100 miles away?


a Munitions dump exploded. and with them basing the power of said thing based on the power of the TNT, well it really does looks like an explosives and munitions plant just blew up.


note what looks to be projectiles in the air.



also I gotta scoff at the way the BBC is handling this, and their interviews, I just hope they call up John Mcclain and ask him how he feels and how his wife is, and how is she doing in the hospital with he stiches and the like from the glass


I mean christ



I half expect them to call up someone who's been stabbed and ask them what they had for brekfast and how they feel during the surgery! I mean get some standards BBC, your a disgrace.


your worse then channel 4 news for god sakes, and they reported on some girl falling through the ice like it was someone who had been hit by a car by a drunk driver.


and they have gone so low as to literally ask the parrents how they feel right after it happened too with said incidents, well.... much like the news reporter in Die Hard did.



and if by some chance the BBC does see this, You should do your interview this way


Sir I'm sorry to ask you this as this has been probably one of the worst days of your lives and your still reeling from its effects, but can you and would you be willing to describe the event to us sir for our viewers?



alright thank you, any serious injuries? alright, well we wish you and her the best along with your wife, good day sir and madam?


I mean is that so fucking hard? I mean I feel like Rodney dangerfield here, no respect for the victims for god sakes. instead you treat them like numbers and information sources at a buisness meeting rather than people.

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