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City Gunk the cause of smog?

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This just showed up this morning


so if theres any truth to this it sounds oddly plausable, and it could be that given how sunny cali is that its actually causing this to happen so often their despite all the attempts to stop it otherwise


when it fact maybe all they need to do a statewide power washing day there rather than putting ethanol in the gas, but then how do you clean up the water?


and does the water polution suddenly jump when it rains there? and the other thing is it explains the slick on the road that happens there when it does finally rain. of which people thought was just caused by the rubber left over on the road that doesnt get washed away like it does otherwise elsewhere.


also rubber their has a reduced lifespan, as if its left out in the sun and exposed to cali air it does just start to decay at a much quicker rate than what it would do elsewhere.


as I remember leno bringing it up when he first launched his garage website and did one of the first resto blogs, as he went into a back room with car parts, saw a rubber band that had been left out and talked about what did it in so quickly .


which was also one of the things that people neglected to look at with that Paul Walker Crash, on a GT with 9 year old tires on it, as high speed, high heat, plus low tire intergrity on an already sun soaked road, well it doesnt take a genius to figure out it was either the driver or the tires, or both but not the cars fault.


so this fits in so many ways its kinda ridicluious, if its true, as well you never know, as stats can be exagerated to support anything. but this doesnt smack of political intervention or meddling, just a scientist going hey what the hell?! when looking at his stats and data sheets.


plus would putting a tree in one of these key areas help reduce this? as when all else fails, attack it from another angle, otherwise nothing will get done or improve.

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