has anyone else lost their love of the bond series?

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Well...love him or hate him I still like the Bond series.


I especially liked Sean of course in Goldfinger and the early series, but was a bit miffed at Roger Moore in his leisure suites and checkered pants! The submarine car was a bit much but I find the new ones quite good!


The cold war is over and today we have different problems in the world. I also like the quote from "Q" - "I can do more damage on my laptop in my pyjamas before breakfast than you can do in a month on the street" Which is so true in this tech world we live in.


The new series had good action I thought and the story line is pretty good. I kind of like the vulnerability of Bond in Craig's character as it makes him more human.


just my two cents.....

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Well I dont know when you've given yourself to a franchise, done questionable beer comericals, sold and toured for an expensive watch maker that is questionable at best given this evil their about to commit despite all the possitive press they've been trying to get with their ambassadors and causes.



as thankfully my omega is getting those parts before the deadline





80 + 80 in parts for a watch from 1964, back when they and rolex treated a watch as a life time purchase and gave away tool kits to watch makers to fix and keep their watches alive.


as that watch has family history, alot of it, its been to hell and back quite literally, so might as well get it done before they make it impossible to do so, so last chance avenue, and I can always sell it afterwards.


but hey, more power to china, and hey who doesnt want that lol as, as soon as they pull that people are going to be demanding the parts from somewhere where its affordable and a watch makers gotta make a living somehow.



and then he's done all the press tours and shows, looked pretty, said pretty, worked your ass off to keep your Physique up and are told to shut up by some pencil neck pusher up in the higher ups of Sony.


well naturally the response is gonna be one of two things, go ahead, make my day. or **** you **** you and especially **** you at the next board meeting!



I mean the man did his time, and he's wanted to do Layer Cake 2 for so very long, and I want him to do it too, the guys earned his stripes, he can do whatever the hell he wants, my problem is with the writing team and the product placement, not the general concept of going back to the egg and starting over and giving bond a backstory, as long as it feels like its his.


and yeah a guy with a computer can do alot of damage, but those people get found out and known, a computer doesnt make one invincible, people do, as a computer is a machine like any other, and if you shove the right wrench it and its going to break


I just think all the problems lie at the feet of the Neil and Paul Pervis, and I think Barbara Broccoli doesnt want to make bond films either.


she wanted to do a spin off of the Jinx Character in Die Another Day instead of going forward with Casino Royale, so that's two key people who dont have their hearts in it now, and two writers who just keep lifting ideas from everyone else it seems who have to call in special directors or people just to freshen things up.


I mean are you a producer or a writer, you cant be both.



I mean its gotta come to an end sometime and start fresh without the usual suspects at this point as its taken 7 films to get this good, hell I'd hit the reset button with the cast and crew and start over with just Michael J Willson really.


as by the second film in 62', well Bond was flying and flew so high, and yet the second film of the modern franchise was Tommorow Never Dies, and that was a failure if I've ever seen one, and it comes back to the writing all over again, they need to find someone who knows what they're doing, maybe even hire one of the book writers to take a hand at it.


as there were certain things lifted and reworked for the original run, Licence to Kill actually was part of Live and Let Die, with the boat dragging thing from For Your Eyes Only also being from the same book.


as they reworked it based on the needs of the films, and what they hadnt shown or did show rather, so maybe the problem is they need to tap into the books


as Licence Renewed wasnt bad, outside of trading in a custom classic bentley on some stupid saab 900 turbo.


as I actually went out of my way to read up on the entire bond franchise before Casino Royale came out, and I seeked out Layer Cake to see how he did in it specifically, and I still remember an ex girlfriend just saying, layer cake? what a stupid name at the dvd place.



so what I would do is Get Cleese back as an Older Mechanical R, keep the new kid as his assistant who works the tech side, keep the new M, and the lady who play's eve, she was fine, the actors were fine, its just the layout of the thing that needs a rework.


and well look into mass crime and histeria, I mean for god sakes you should have seen what they were saying about Cancun mexico and how much drug money goes through there being laundered by the tourist trade, its basically Miami in the 80's today. granted I can see why they would want specter back as a fall back, but that was part of the reason why I liked Quantom.


there doesnt have to be one, and what is the definition of Evil? as some people love and prosper in the drug trade as its the only thing they've got and that funds everything, I mean robocop did a brilliant job in showing that off


hell why not get Paul Verhoeven in on a bond film or for story ideas, but he might then do a robocop on the bond franchise itself, turning the whole thing on its head.


so theres just so much more that could be done with it that's not, just based on the books that came after flemming's inital run.



I just think first things first, Neil and Paul, get outta here, and if its as bad as it sounds Agent, well I hope their the first to get the boot, not Craig


but there is one final note, its been said that the best age for someone to play bond is the mid thirty's, Craig was 37 when he started, now going on 47, more or less the same age Pierce retired, and Roger was 58 when he left


so they might have to switch bonds just because of that the next time around if theres some sort of delay like there was between quantom and skyfall.

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Well I agree with much of what you said. The control is definitive of the writing team nowadays as is the Dragon Tatoo franchise.

There is far too much commercialism in all films of today as that is how they are made by selling products. The good old capitalism way?

I find it insulting to pay for a movie at a theatre and be inundated with car commercials and soft drink advertizements. The social contract has been broken and will never get fixed again.

The powerful will continue to spew control and we will have to lap it up whether good or bad.


I am looking forward to Spectre and I will make a decision if it was worth my 24 bucks to see it..


I so enjoy the movie experience , the big screen, the smell of popcorn etc, but the industry puts out a lot of crap these days so I don't go very often anymore.

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Mr. Calderon

I dont like Daniel Craig as JB. For me, he looks like a KGB agent.


When i was a kid, i thought 007 movies were cool, now i dont have too much patience to watch it. Even the Connery´s and Moore´s ones. But i must agree they were more original than these ones made by Craig.


My favourite one was Octopussy. 


Now you see...Parkour intro, train chase intro? Come on....good times when James Bond slipped away using Sugar Loaf mountain cable wire.....Tacky, but really original!


I bought Skyfall...its damn boring.

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Vincent Hanna

I thought Skyfall was terrible and Quantum of Solace was one of the worst experiences I've ever had in a Cinema.


BUT I gotta admit "Spectre" looks pretty cool from what I've seen in trailers. They got one last chance to redeem themselves.

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I feel Pierce Brosnan must be my favorite incarnation of James Bond. Sean Connery is, of course, a close second. Most other actors have felt somewhat out of place for this role and Craig definitely isn't a great choice.

However, I still enjoy the movies. I think their production quality is great and the storytelling is generally quite good, although not as good as it was in the earlier movies. Maybe it's the changing times and the lack of inspiration for a top quality spy story? Anyway, I didn't like Quantum of Solace, but I enjoyed Skyfall. Right now I'm ready to give the new Bond movie a chance since it's been a while since I last saw one of them.

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I dont like Daniel Craig as JB. For me, he looks like a KGB agent.


When i was a kid, i thought 007 movies were cool, now i dont have too much patience to watch it. Even the Connery´s and Moore´s ones. But i must agree they were more original than these ones made by Craig.


My favourite one was Octopussy. 


Now you see...Parkour intro, train chase intro? Come on....good times when James Bond slipped away using Sugar Loaf mountain cable wire.....Tacky, but really original!


I bought Skyfall...its damn boring.



Well the thing about skyfall is it was based on your goodwill towards the actress playing M, which ties into my point about the writing tieing into your goodwill towards the actress and the previous laurels of the film series,  hell I think after viewing quantom in the theater, I was about ready to give up myself, now that I think of it, until I heard that it was going to be M's last movie. given I've always been a fan of her in " As Time Goes By"


hell they even brought Lionel in for Tommorow Never Dies, which must have been great fun for the two.


as I've always liked Judi Dench as M Far better than the guy who took over for Bernard Lee, this new guy looks like he might be good but the first thought that came to mind is that he looks like he's straight out of Schindler's list


hell he might be actually.


although in watching them from front to back in the comfort of my own home I appreciated that Quantom didnt seem as stilted and checklist like with its dialog and plot twists, mind you I'm viewing this 4 years on more or less, well 2008, so even further away than that,  which is why I started to appreciate it more. plus I like the idea of a cloaked villian, an eco terrorist just based on an old dialog that I remember fondly from an old TV show


those villians who twerl their moustashes are easy to spot, but those who cloak themselves in good deeds are hard to find. Vigilance Mr Such and So, its a price we all constantly have to pay.


although its an aquired taste, plus I admit that I have a facination with movie making and all the trouble that goes into making shots, which is probably also why I liked Skyfall abit better than I should have given my plot problems with it.


you know that like how the hell did they do that? kinda thing personally. so If I had to recommend a good Bond Movie that no ones heard of if Specter's going to be a failure, I would say two things come to mind


for humor and fun, Funeral In berlin, with one of the best russian generals ever put to film, who's right up there with General Golgo, made by Salztman, the man who kept Bond Grounded in the early 60's



although sadly the god damn trailers back then spoil the movie just like they do now!


and for the more serious from Russia With Love type, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.





As to Specter itself, I think I might go see it just as a curiosity piece, provided my usual movie reviewer says its atleast an entertaining film




as I'm not as stuck up on the details as I seem, I enjoy a good cheezeball as much as the nextman, although when it hinders the film that is trying to be serious, that's when it becomes an issue.


hell its one of the many problems I have with modern cop shows and the ripped from the headlines mentaltiy, which I find utterly tasteless on so many levels to begin with, and its a given that they usually dont do the subject matter a fair justice, which is why SVU is so high up on my god please make it stop list.


as when your screenplay deals with Heavy Stuff, you better be sure its up to Shindlers list quality when dealing with it, if its not, dont do it, its that's simple




and that's why with the serious stuff and the writing I get so hung up on it, as its easy to forgive bad writing when its just trying to be a stupid fun movie, and if its a stupid fun movie with good writing that makes it even better, hell its what made the Indiana Jones movies so good.


or if it has a bit of finesse and witt to it given to it by the actors, one of the halmarks of the old james bond series. as my favorite scene of the Living Daylights was the are you trying to call me a horses ass scene after all


as that kind of writing takes a special tallent to get right and put on screen proper, and hell old Rodger was a master of that kind of finesse, its why they kept him for so long.


but when you go serious with action mixed in from those stupid fun movies, it causes a plot wiplash and backlash, like with the Moneypenny chase, its like good god lady how many people did you just kill?!


and then they give you trouble for shooting 007?! what about all the people you killed with your land rover?!


I mean I seriously want to see a what's the damage video for Skyfall at this point,



as the amount of damage she did with that thing must have been double or tripple the amount of damage and destruction double 007 did at the start of Casino Royale.


and he nearly got fired for that, and yet she's walking around and still working despite all that, and the only thing their hung up on is her shooting 007! on ORDERS no less! like jesssus chrst on a pogo stick lady, your fucking nuts!


and Christ she would have been a perfect girlfriend for Wesley Snipes in Demolition man, like who loves you baby lol

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Just thought I'd post this given how close we are to specters release as of late



and I thought I was mean to Casino Royale, honestly the only card game I understood was Bacarat, the original card game played in the books, the original movies and as seen with Anthony Bordain in his travel show a number of years ago when he went to indochina, probably just because of the highly detailed forward they had in the book




as I've read all of the ian flemming books, back in 06' when i first heard of them doing a movie version of it, and the only way to get it was to buy the set, so I figured hey why not?


so I never really understood what hands they were playing, as I was completely lost, with bacarat the rules are simple, whoever gets closest to a set number wins, 14 I think, wins and it was one of the things that made the book so successful back in the 1950's the game was easy to understand and write


with texas hold'em I was lost quite frankly.


so just how simplified the game was had been above my head, but evidently not above the cinema sins people.

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Just saw Specter and I have one overwelming feeling in my mind


spoilers ahead and swears ahead, so cover your ears children lol











and My end feeling for the film was Bond! You SON OF A BITCH! in the theater tonight over what he did to a key part of the bond franchise, and not the good to see you Dillion Kind either, and that stuck with me on the car ride home






its everything I expected it to be, and I mean that in the worst of ways, everything I expected them to do, they did! all my predictions, THEY DID.


Surrogate for Tracy, Done, The return of the Bondmobile, Done, A Dr No/ Blofield mixup knockoff Done!


good god I nearly walked out when it got to that point


First the Good, The CX75, i surprisingly liked it, the return of the Bondmobile, and I like what they did with the DB10, as its a fine end to that ugly thing and I'd hope you kept the receipt for the damn thing Q, as I can think of alot of better things to spend 3 million pounds on


also gotta love that they lied about the specs of the DB10 in the movie, the real life 0 to 60 is 4.8 according to the Jay Leno video and the others I've found, not 3.2, and a top speed of a blase' 190 in the supercar world, its slower than a stock ferrari 488 Spider by like half a second or more and by a good 10 or 15 mph in the top end.



and as for the the bad, just about everything else, and why isnt Q 007? he did a far better job and felt far better in the role than Daniel Did, its like someone got the lines mixed up and gave all of bonds lines to Q! like what the hell man, why is he the charming mother in this movie and not Daniel Craig lol


I mean Craig was utterly lifeless in this movie.


and you do not throw a Pre 1968 German Made Walther PPK in the river bond, its one thing if its something ugly ment only for tool use like the VP9, but the PPK, do you have any idea how long and how much it takes to polish and make a blue job look that good?


I mean that things not a gun its a god damn work of art! and you just threw it in the river! and that really pissed me off.


and after having to sit through the Lair scene with Waltz no less, a Damn boring one where he was mumbling most of the time that really put me over the moon, I mean Christ even with how bad and disjointed Moonraker was, atleast the villian was compelling, this guy, considering who he's supposed to be would get laughed out of the room by just about ever past bond Villian of the Richard Maubaum era. 



and after making that shot with it too no less, a million mile miracle shot that stopped the bad guy that was basically the film makers saying Nutinfancy EAT YOUR HEART OUT!





as he went to make it with the VP9, tries it, fails, throws it down and switches to the PPK and makes it lol and the PPS really sucks by the way, that trigger is TERRIBLE, your waiting for it to go off, and for a self defense situation that would just mean your far more likely to flinch and end up in the morgue




and then he throws it, the PPK away?! just like that? after making a world record pistol shot with that .32 into a jet helicoper engine blade late at night a 100 feet up in the air and about 300 yards away.


I mean put it in a museum for all to view after doing that with it, not throw it in the river, I dont care how symbolic that's supposed to be.



as that's like dumping the aston in the river bond just because someone tells you that its only a rich man toy that has no purpose or place in life bond. that things got a soul to it Bond, something you know and should have known given your in universe background, and the dialog you even said at Walz's lair, and you just murdered it by throwing it in the river you bastard.


I mean good god man and they didnt even do anything clever with it like have it land in someones bucket and have the guy go and do a rush hour "thank you god" kinda deal


or even just put in a holster and tell a cop to give it a good home, no throw it in the fucking river with no pay off or hint that this is the end of Craig as Bond but theres another coming up, you JUST dont DO THAT!


I mean, jesus that is a literal this moment for me



10:39 - 10:57


and excuse the spaces as I want to give proper tribute to his joke here.

















Who are you and what have you done with James Bond?! and that is this whole film in a nutshell really. I have never been so angry at being right about something I mean yeash!


good god that movie sucked.


thank god I took time out earlier to watch star trek 2 earlier today, otherwise I would be absolutely irrate about this lol


and good god I hope they give bond a bill if they do another with daniel for throwing that fucking PPK in the river, its probably worth more than his watch for god sakes!


oh that reminds me I called the watch doctor today, he did say my omega will be ready by monday lol



oh and also F you Roland Emerich for ripping off skyfall with your new movie that got previewed before this one with morgan freeman, like we really need to terrorise the masses with that garbage


and I got there at 10:12, movie starts at 10:20, and it didnt start until 10:45 according to my seiko watch that has worked perfectly for the past 3 years while my omega has been out of service for longer than that lol


so apparently I need to start buying tickets and piss off for like 30 minutes before the movie actually starts apparently from now on, not to mention I think the speakers were like 20DB too high.


like yeash that was not worth the time or the effort to see this movie.



as for the all and all parts analysis of the Neil and Paul era.


1. Train Fight and Tuxedo that are out of place, stolen straight from Goldfinger and From Russia with Love


2. Walz's lair and meeting with bond stolen straight from the ending of doctor no, along with his outfit - that is the part that I nearly walked out on, like I felt like I was watching a hacknee version of Doctor No Vs Inglorious Bastards.


and the ending is stolen straight from the Dark Knight rises


the rest is just a meaninless blur, and the whole plot of the imminent private replacement for MI6, as its obsolete and the anti terror network that specter controls is just tastless considering current events with the "Articles Of Powers" thing going on in real life england and the pacific trade agreement.


which reads like a british PIPA


seriously look it up on the BBC news website, and now that shows up as a key plot point of specter more or less with fear being used as a weapon.


and I love how they gloss over a terror attack, a single one in south africa to get them to sign this treaty that would give them all the power in the world when it comes to private and personal information, given they usually have some pretty heavy conflict there daily to begin with if my memory is serving me correctly.


and like no ones going to skip between the cracks, seriously half this movie seems like the plot was stolen from Tommorow Never Dies mixed in with skyfalls all knowing technology as a weapon concept.


where suddenly keeping an eye on people and having the right to do without due legal process means massive enslavery like...... well the combine from half life 2 actually.



not factoring in the human factor and the fact that well, paper still exists and is a hell of alot more secure than most technology today I would think.


I mean how do you hack a piece of paper? the thing the worlds run on for basically thousands of years at this point.






but all in all, bond is dead and dont go looking for him as he doesnt exist anymore.


and god I hope they make a sequel to The Man From Uncle....... as that is the last time I am going out of my way to view a new bond film ever again, and that was the closest I've ever seen to an actual bond film in the past 20 years it seems.


as when i say no more in my life I mean it, and no more, I'm done with this.


funny though during the dark ages of their writing we had the original Borne franchise to keep us going when they treated bond as a financial joke to sell things, that was atleast fun and had pierces witt to keep it going.


now their trying so hard to catch up and mimic it, the borne franchises and the batman one that they've kneecapped their own movies and made them impossible to enjoy.



and they did that by mixing this with the batman and borne franchises, and this film does ruin the films that came before it in the Daniel Craig era by making it all interconnected, and actually it gives me the same reaction as before when I saw the first trailer, I cant help but laugh at how stupid this was.


I am the architect of all your pain.... really? then why have I never F'ing heard of you Mr Pint Sized Heinrich Himmler from the hitler in england monty python sketch huh?!



actually that's an insult to the python players given they had far more charisma in that sketch than he did in the whole movie.


hell the only one who really felt alive in the entire thing was Q and White, they were literally the best parts of this movie.


oh and the mouse. and he's damn lucky that there wasnt any nails sticking out of that wall there.



and way to antagonise Daniel Craig by using his photo from layer cake as the basis of the shooting range targets movie, I mean jesus no wonder he flipped out and said F this franchise.


as that was actually a good movie, and I bet he wishes he had never become bond now given now he's lost his chance to do the second one because of the bond films. and I dont blame him in any way shape or form. I'd say screw this myself in his position.


plus that poor girl from the dragon film has been waiting on him to make a sequel to it for the past 3 years it seems.



but atleast it feels good to vent


I will say this though, when they do the rifftrax for this movie, then it'll be worth a watch, not before, as this is basically Twighlight bond at this point.


woe is me, sucks to be me, blady blady bla and I can already tell you how the next one is going to start just based on the ending, and I'll give you a hint, Replace Roger Moore's DBS with the DB5.

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Wow, quite a dissertation, well done, liked the videos, thanks.  Just saw the latest movie, enjoyed it.  But it's all a matter of personal taste.  I'm willing to suspend reality when I go to the movies but shooting down a helicopter with a PPK was a little over the top even for me.  Probably the last Bond for Daniel Craig, he's macho enough but doesn't quite fit the role of a sophisticated English gentleman  IMO.  Admittedly I'm a long time Bond fan but the only one who had both needed attributes was Connery.

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Yeah I was angry, No I am still angry about that! and I even rewrote that a few times as I got less angry about it over the night to be abit more concise and to the point about it lol


so that's not even the scope of my venom towards this film right there lol as those idiot writers are technophobes, they gotta be with how stupid that plot was. as if law enforcement cant even handle a bunch of swatters here in the US, do they really think that an untapped unregulated goverment organization is going to be that much of a threat to the world when it comes to the daily in and out matters of our personal privacy?


and that that very small room in the lair and that tower in london is really going to control the whole world, the logistics of what they're asking me to swallow are insurmontable, not to mention the security concerns of that information going international, and getting intercepted mid transmission, granted england is a great deal smaller than where I live, but they said 8 countries I think, one of which I think was china, the most populated place in the world lol


and that no ones going to notice? especially given the snowden papers and all that. they'd have six months tops before that thing would break wide open or before someone would squeal and the thing would get shut down anyways.


I mean I'm a star trek fan, I've survived the worst god damn writing in the history of mankind for god sakes and even I'm going NO!


and that whole voting area thing, yeah make it so everyone can see your votes, and not get suspicious, how stupid do you think I am movie, it'd be one thing if that was actually the plot of the movie, with the allegations that the british are behind it with that vote going on and the sudden attacks showing up everywhere that bond is sent to figure this out from within.


are we really causing it, are we to blame, what is going on here, you know kinda taking abit from Live And Let Die in a way



and while doing that he finds a mole that leads to hints of specter, trying to tap into this stuff for their own ends


but no its an evil corporation headed by Johnathan Price the second parked right next door and on bonds nose basically controling the world again that bond must stop while being hindered by his checks and paymasters about it.




as the whole point of specter was that it worked with goverments to do the dirty work they could not get caught doing, while double dipping that got too big for its britches and went crazy with a few burn it all down and lets get rich schemes that backfired that lead to its inevitable destruction and downfall



which makes sense, as given the poltical fallout they could suffer they would need a hatchet man that could do the work without getting blown back to them,  in this version, it just seems like it lacks that finesse and sensibility that made them so memorable and formitable, and that its information obessesed rather than obsessed with making money.


the whole technophobe thing, like information is the begining and end all of world power, not miltiaries or the amount of people and resources that you have in your country.


like I said I really liked the idea of the eco terrorist and extortionist of Quantom Of Solice, that is actually the kind of evil a modern bond would really have to deal with, as wiether or not it was handled properly is up to debate, but the concept and idea is NOT a bad one.


and like I said I prefered the acting in that to Casino as it seemed more geniune and seemed to flow better, given it was done during a writers strike so the writers were the actors apparently more or less lol



hell the problem lies not in the idea of specter coming back and being linked to the modern bond franchise, its how they've been incorporated and written in, as with that basic fact about them specter could have existed as far back as the dark ages, a literal black hand


or rather the Assassination Bureau, a movie I really must watch one of these days in its entiretly



coppies go for like 20 bucks or so, rather steep considering I dont even know if the movies any good or not, although the lead antagonist in this scene was actually considered for bond at one point, and its not hard to see why.


and he's got more charm than daniel in this film, that's for damn sure.


its just that things like that come and go and get wiped out constantly. the black hand, the wolf pack, the left overs of the SS from world war 2 I think and so on and so forth that can even be linked into modern events if......... no I'm not going there lol


I mean how refreshing would it have been that instead of world domination and blackmail that you delt with a specter that was contempt with its current living style, being the tool of pawns and kings and thus not deemed worth of destruction or removal by the world powers, Thnk Fransisco Scaramanga, the organization. the scaramanga organization, you dont even bloody need specter, Kevin Mcclory can keep it for all I care then lol


and that stupid octopuss and that stupid cat, (wouldnt a spider, like a black widow be more appropriate?) oh and dont call a cat pussy ever again Daniel, it was a bad joke when Jay said it in the DB10 Video, of which I had to repeat like 4 times to figure out just what he said before they took that thing for a spin and your not helping Daniel lol as somethings need to die lol


and atleast in Diamonds are forever he said it as a way to complete bliofields sentence, Right Idea Mr Bond, WRONG pussy first lol


and have that as the catalyst of bond leaving MI6 and or going rogue to do what Mr. White wished to do to these people for his daughter


or to assist 009 in doing just that who could have been a deep cover operative, and honestly I was far more interested in 009 after he accidentally turned on his music in the car, like okay what is 009 up to, and we dont even know what 007 likes for music lol


he's kind of an audience surrogate and we got more information and charachter from Roger Moore's house in Live and Let Die than we ever did with Daniel.


which showed he was much more technically inclined that the previous bond, and had moved into a house and place of his own away from the city, next to a good watch maker. in the only film outside of the dalton ones to use a modern submariner actually.



hell the only thing we know is that he has a groanworthy obessession with that old clunker that picked him up on the way to the crater, as that is literally the only character building moment in that entire film. and its a dumb one too.


and actually considering what Rolls Royce did to get Bentley under their wing back in the 30's, its a downright evil counterpoint to Ian's bond actually as those bastards suddenly showed up out of nowhere and won the bid at a bidding war held by the bank for Bentleys company that was in Bankrupcy back in the 30's and promptly forced him out during a divorce, and stole his car more or less in the name of said bankrupcy leaving him out in the cold with no car and way to get around at the worst point and low point of his life!


what a way to treat the inventor of the alumiumn clyinder head, a crucial piece of aircraft technology back then that he created to help with the war effort in WW1

all just so they could sabotage and kill the 8 liter bentley's and secure the maket in their favor.



which means in all honestly bond should have keyed the fucking thing, and not been fond of it, especially given his fondness for the DB5, as that is powered by a W.O Bentley designed motor. and sounds like a W.O too.


and that was the thing about Ian, he always used patriotic things in his books, hence his preference for Rolex as well given they would go out of their way to basically send free watches with an IOU attached to it out to people who had their watches confiscated by the germans in the prison camps, one of which was used for the great escape. a chronograph in particular


fancy them doing that now huh?



and I think that's what infuriated me the most about this film, is that there is so much wasted potental, and instead of it being something great it was a slapjawed frankeinstien of xenophobia and technophobia of a screenplay graphted to a damn near 20 year old movie from the 90's



and I havent even touched what he did to the PPK ontop of all that, of which I fully admit is a purely personal thing to me given Bond is what got me into guns but jesus what a way to put a cap on the ice cream huh, after all that, the final insult to top it all off. and it even rubbed against the films own writing considering what he said about it when he turned it over at the crater.


take good care of it, its a very special piece I think it was.



and then its like they tried to make up with him going back for the DB5, of which makes me even more worried about what they're going to do with the next film given its ending


and Q please tell me you didnt make your predecessors mistake and put the bulletproof windows back in even though its now just his personal car like that DBS was.

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you know it dawned on me, the worst part of the movie was truly Daniel Craig's performance, and maybe that's what really set me off with how lifeless the movie seemed because of it.


as from the onset of the movie, the mexico scene Daniel is well and truly bored, there's no jovialness to his portraly of bond, he's purely going through the motions.


no happyness, no glee, no real bond at all in there. jason borne smiled more than this guy, and one of the things I'm noting more and more as I get older. is that I get much more sensitive to how the lead actor plays his part.


as an actor giving it his all can save the movie, and actor phoning it in cant. and this movie, it needed saving.


as in the lead up to watching this, I actually watched star trek 2 before it, and then the day after star trek 3, and I prefered 3 on a very unexpected way to both movies, besides the tie into real life events with you know who


as shatners portrayal of his character was TJ hooker in star trek 2 and I hate TJ hooker, and as he grew gradually more subdued he became quite frankly james bond towards the end of that film


I mean for christ sakes Doohan calls him in ass in one of the early scenes of the film after the ships been hit



and his portrayal of the character in star trek 3 was far more subdued and low key, and it actually made me enjoy the movie more than the second film, far more, despite the films issues and needing another rewrite or two and a different name.


the search for david namely, not spock and make him steal the enterprise to save his son as bureaucracy has prevented a rescue ship for being dispatched to deal with the klingons in time


but the starting scene in particular is of note in displaying that. the one on the bridge when he laments about the loss of his friend and how empty the ship has become. although sadly I'm not able to find the clip to display what I mean.




but in that movies defense it never went stupid intentionally, like this one did, in the mexico scene in particular


bond risks what looks to be thousands and thousands of lives in his little helicopter stunt instead of just shooting the bastard after the explosion, as the whole point of the PPK being that it would be on you at all times, especially at a time like that, and instead he chases the guy on and on and lets him get away in the chopper.


and instead of keeping his costume on he switches into a highly identifiable ill fitting suit that says I'm someone whos not supposed to be here, shoot me, when everyone else is wearing day of the dead costumes.


inconspicious day of the dead costumes no less! with plenty of tourists lying around.


and he leaves a witness to witness him running around with a damn machine gun and sticks out like a sore thumb in the ensuing chaos too, like the whole after effect of him killing the guy at the start of casino royale didnt sink in at all.



granted bond was never a spy, he was an operative, its a big difference, he always cleaned up after the spies in the movie series when they got caught, found out, or something else happened, as bond was always the demolition man, the one they sent to make the bad guys quake in their boots.


the rare exception being probably the first two movies really.


and this movie feels like its designed to pull in action fetishists, and firearms fetishists too, poorly at that as I was actually ashamed to have known where they got the Idea for that wrestlers gun. the one who drives the CX75


like I know what the director watched to get that idea. and I half wonder if he visited my gun threat at one point given the rifle Daniel was looking at.


but that laughable scene with the pistol sniping at the end, jesus, my personal train of thought was BOND! stop that! your never going to hit them from here and your going to hurt some poor innocent bastard whos just gone out for a walk along the thames!....... as bullets, they come back down to earth once they loose their terminal velocity, much like a rocket falling back to earth.


its one of the key things that the .357 and .44 were designed not to do for long distance hunting in a survivalist like situation, a pocket pistol, not so much though.



ping, pow, bing, wait what...... no way..... no way in hell is he hitting that thing!


rocket launcher maybe but not with a god damn pistol, a pocket pistol no less. no I mean we're not talking about someone with a high powered pistol sitting stationary shooting at a helicopter, there both moving at high velocity on a windy night, and his shooting platform is on a boat no less!


not exactly ideal sniping conditions.


I mean if old Q was around he would walk up to 007 and say give me that! wack him uptop the head with a rolled up news paper and then would have walked away and given him a guided rocket launcher instead, like here, use this lol



I mean for christ sakes atleast have FUN with your stupidity for god sakes lol and how funny would it have been if Daniel had found that in the wreckage of MI5 just lying around somewhere on the way out lol


like what's this thing.... presses a button, sees the rocket, the he shoots at them to get their attention, they turn around and stop to return fire and then he suprises them with the rocket launcher,


like where did he get THAT?!


after it crashes in a firely explosion, he sees the Q branch mark on it, walks up to him and says, Q sends his regards!


I mean that would have been an awesome way to end that. not this stupid fairwell to arms thing they did.



and I'm convinced that what got reshot was the ending, after Daniel told Sam that this was going to be his last film, especially given the writing doesnt fit in with the rest of the film in regards to the bridge scene.


nor his actions afterwards. I'm out of bullets, unloads the PPK and throws it in the river.


first off, no, he should say, you deserve to suffer for what you've done would have been a far better ending than unloading and throwing the PPK, and that's not just because the PPK is a holy grail gun for me. that was just stupid from any perspective. gun lover or not.


and they could have even worked in something else like have him suddenly turn around, shoot at him, miss, as to have him play with the audiences expectations, and maybe even give a source material to the gun barrel sequence in the process


like oh, sorry lol I thought you were gonna pull a gun on me with him giving him a dirty look afterwards and then give it over to an officer going like uh, maybe you should keep this lol as I'm abit jumpy right now lol


as that's how you end a bond film, or atleast the story, as I dont object for going back for the DB5, given well they atleast gave us a brief taste of this



plus you could have him return back to Q to give him his predecessors ghetto blaster back, and then take the DB5 back


although what is wrong with the car there, everytime they show it, it looks like the proportions are off and the track on it is way too narrow and like it cant sit flat. like its just leaning in one direction or another.



like the thing is wallowing, lacks bracing on the chasis and is in dire need of new shocks.




but its just this thing was lackluster and didnt live up to the hype in any way or form, and it certainly didnt feel like a 300 million dollar movie either.


hell if it wasnt bond, this would be a dud and a box office disaster, and in looking up the reviews of this film, I fully agree with the guy who said this is the worst bond film in 30 years, as it certainly feels like it.


worse than tommorow never dies, my least favorite of the modern bunch, actually it feels just like that one, like the movie was rushed and not thoughtout in any way or form, and the action and pierce was the only thing that held that one together.


here the action is just done without charm and the actor is without investment, and the movie fails because of it.


hell I half wonder if that's why Waltz seemed so unsure of himself in this film, like okay how am I going to play off of this actor who wont work with me on this part? and also they did a good job on his makeup in the film, and explaining it.


but maybe I owe waltz an appology lol

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Susanna Girl

I confess I'm not a huge Bond fan.  I haven't seen many of them, but I have enjoyed the more recent ones with Daniel Craig.  I can see why his acting skills are questioned by some, but I enjoyed them nevertheless.  I do have to say, I just saw Spectre yesterday and it was somewhat of a disappointment.  I just didn't like the whole feel of the film...it wasn't "cool" like the others.  It wasn't slick and the scenery wasn't beautiful to my eye.  But I'm certainly no movie expert, I only know what I like, and although the movie was entertaining enough, it wasn't anywhere near the enjoyment I got from watching the other 3 DC films.  


Love the thread and the very in depth posts!  I've learned a lot from reading!   :thumbsup:

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thanks and sorry if I go abit overboard, as one of the things I've endevoured to learn is why I enjoy certain things more than others, as I used to be the kinda kid who would just watch movies on the weekends after renting them from a place called the video exchange, and would actually endevour to watch an entire series of movies back to back for a few weeks


one of which was the bond series, in addition to the star trek series, and the naked gun so its near and dear to my heart this series, and I have often dreamed of bringing the star trek series back after the head of that one left it flipped upside down and burning by the side of the road.




so to see the other series starting to fall apart like this, it gets to me, and you can just tell Craig is out of it in this, plus I cant help but feel the writing acts only as a bridge to the set pieces of the movie, and thus the flow doesnt feel right.


vs the man from Uncle, of which this is highlighted in the wikipeida article for that movie


Director Guy Ritchie finalized the script throughout production: "He’s quite intuitive and tends to constantly rewrite stuff, which he does even when they’re shooting. He’ll rewrite things in the morning if they’re shooting that day, working with the actors if something doesn’t feel right." says long term collaborator David Allcock.[31]


and this is the same guy behind two other movies that I love, Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels, which are purely acting pieces, an attempt at a british pulp fiction with the second one namely, Snatch featuring Al Lombard himself in one of the key roles


and a movie has to flow right, it cant be a set piece generator, and if it is its only the actors that keep it from flying off the cliff.



and incase your in the dark, this is the trailer for it, the man from uncle



also its fun to See Superman, actually act like Clark Kent in this lol like I couldnt believe it, wait that's the guy who played superman in that decisive and often talked about in a negative light film the man of steel from 2012


like no..... no way! the guys awesome!


and thank god it was a modest success too lol granted it is overly slick and CGI in some spots, but the acting and the writing, it does have heart, and this movie specter, it doesnt have that, while the original run of the films from 62 till 89 do


and also the writers of this film havent been at it as long as I thought they were, the bond series writers here started up with the World Is Not Enough, so two different people and two different groups, if not three really brought bond back with Pierce.


and how telling is it that LITERALLY one of the lyrics in the theme song for specter is the writing is on the wall, like WOW! way to predict your own downfall lol


so I just cant help but be angry at it, like I gave it a chance and it failed me, and I actually found something I could like with the other films, even if other people hated it.

I mean I mention actually liking Star Trek 3 more than 2 for instance, that's like saying you prefer Rob Schneder to John Clease in those kinda circles lol


so its just like jesus guys, come on I can do better than that, hence my examples, hell I'd give'em away for free if it made the next movie better lol that's how much I care.



although I would say without any undue confidence that that is indeed Daniels last movie, just the additude, the actions, his look when they recevied the guiness world record for the largest explosion ever recorded on a movie set recently


it says it all


he's just out of and tired of it, I cant say I blame him and it felt like he was only doing this out of obligation, with Connery though he stopped from what sounded like Fatigue, like he just couldnt take it anymore and he was tried of being recognized as bond


and actually he used that as leverage to work with Alfried Hitchcock during one of the between times.




and there is this again:

Although Bond had made him a star, Connery eventually tired of the role and the pressure the franchise put on him, saying "[i am] fed up to here with the whole Bond bit"[27] and "I have always hated that damned James Bond. I'd like to kill him".[47] Michael Caine said of the situation, "If you were his friend in these early days you didn't raise the subject of Bond. He was, and is, a much better actor than just playing James Bond, but he became synonymous with Bond. He'd be walking down the street and people would say, "Look, there's James Bond." That was particularly upsetting to him.



so with Daniel I think were going to see a mirror of that.


plus Connery always knew the value of facial expressions, its one of the subtitties of his acting as bond, mind you it could be taken as abit of overacting sometimes if you view it enough, but it shows professionalismn too, like he holds his toung despite feeling a certain way


and Dalton was like that too, although more open and cynical, its why those two are my favorite of the bonds, Pierce however I feel nothing for him, I dont hate him though, its just his work in the series felt hollow, and we never saw any real background or fondness for him, hell the only thing we do get is the little opening snippet from the opening chase of Goldeneye


James is it always quite so neccsiary to drive this fast, more often than you'd think, plus you could tell he was enjoying it lol hell he did that in real life too actually.



where he was racing someone in Muholland, and decided to back off after remembering it wasnt a film set lol like holy cow I'm driving like this is a 007 movie, wait it isnt what am I doing lol


and most of the quips in that movie seem like they belonged to Dalton really, which fits as he was going to be in it, but some studio poltics came into play and the movie got delayed for years and years, until he left and Maiubaumn, one of the key writers died




who had worked on bond since 1962, hence why the writing teams changed so much, his pearl of wisdom being this


The explanation, Maibaum once told an interviewer, was that writing for Bond is "a case of Walter Mitty. I'm law-abiding and non-violent. My great kick comes from feeling that I'm a pro, that I know my job, and that I have enough experience that I can write a solid screenplay."[6]

On writing the Bonds Maibaum said "the real trick of it is to find the villain's caper. Once you've got that, you're off to the races and the rest is fun."[7] Maibaum is credited with adding the essential ingredient of humor to the James Bond stories, an element lacking in the original Fleming novels.



as for the bonds I hate that would be Lazenby but his problem was that he was given Connery lines when he worked best when he was serious, more time and it could have been worked out, but it never was. guy could fight though. 


plus some of the lines were written like they were ment to antagonize connery actually, like this never happened to the other guy illicited the reaction YOUR NOT CONNERY for me lol


something I remember my father doing when he saw the trailer for the pink panther film with steve martin many years ago actually. your NOT peter sellers, plus its not like he was Roger Moore, where I can see why there would be a decisive line in the sand with him.

but Connery was the primer man, he was the man who made the role, so to replace him and then quip about it, worst thing they could have ever done for Lasenby.




and I must wonder if the same will happen with Craig, hell i dont even know who could replace him at this point, theres not alot of people I could consider james bond material


the closest I've seen is the guy from the Doctor Blake Mysteries, Craig McLachlan, but maybe they should go aulstralian again, and I would get rid of Neil Paul and Logan, although there was a Fourth man attached to specter, this guy





I have heard good things about his work, as I really do want to see black mass and beyond the edge of tommorow, as I've heard its better at comedy than most comedy films.


all the others however, no not really. Road To Perdition, I remember that one Sam, all I remember is people looking dreary, rain, 1930's and some well guy like the guy in skyfall playing the villian.



and Sam is already out too FYI so replace them with Guy Richie and his boys.


and I would promptly replace the DB5 with the 1978 to 1990 V8 Vantage, preferably the living daylights one



as while the DB5 is a classic and has a sound to die for, as its a proper WO bentley, with aston martin 1955 ford thunderbird like styling,  it looks like a 1930's car would have in the 1960 nowadays.



its just too distinct, its like Bond using that little beretta in the books, the one before the PPK it has to be switched.




and that is actual size by the way, I handled one locally, the thing is thin AND TINY!



as its just too dainty and would never hold up to regular use, plus well if you've ever seen John Wick, a V8 can do alot for keeping ones rage under control




as I dont think you can do that with a DB5.


toy wise, Sig Sauer 232 Stainless, brushed finish, if for no other reason than to make sure people would stop snapping up pre 1968 PPK's! I missed out on one this week, 850, .380 should have just traded the colt in for it as soon as I saw it!


like god damn it! he throws it in the river and then it shows up locally at a local shop! like really?! what was he under the bridge with a net?!


plus the takedown on that is much easier to deal with lol but that's going on the regret list Ill tell you that much lol


watch wise, no more omegas because of the swatch group shennanagains:



note the second comment down:


To replace an Omega case back gasket worth $10 or so, the Omega Service Center now bundles a 'full service" ! Hence, this now costs you $500 with taxes. Omegas and, yes, all Swatch brands .... dead for me!!



so make a stand and go for something with some real class, a Vacheron Constantin Patramony pink gold, black dial with date


actually funniest thing ever, Aston Martin has a partnership with a non Swatch group company to begin with, Jeager Le Coultre, the maker of most of the insturments on 1960's supercars like the 1960's astons, ferrari's and the like.


as I wondered what that Jeager thing was that kept showing up on the insturment clusters on those things,




turns out I had one from my grandmother and didnt even known it,a  Jeager le coultre atmos.


thought it was just some generic clock! hell if I didnt start viewing the archyluxury channel i wouldnt have known what it was to begin with lol


hell maybe a patramony and a jeager dive watch, that would be a good way to piss off the swatch group and their greedy ways, actually I still need to tell my watch maker about the parts embargo that's about to be upon us.


as he mentioned he was working on another omega next to mine from 64'


what a lovely group of people, the apple watch sells 3.5 miiion in a short time span and now your really going to turn the screws on the people who can still work a mechanical watch, and make it even more costly to repair it.


on something that costs as much as the deductable on a serious surgery thanks to modern healthcare in the US, 15 G for a 130 K surgery as you pay 10% now under the current administration.


what nice people, if it wasnt something that had sigificance to my family I would have let it stay broke and sold it for parts.

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Enjoyed Casino Royale and Skyfall, hated QOS.

Craig whining and bitching about being tired of playing Bond in interviews turned me

off. So I won't be seeing Spectre in theaters.

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Vincent Hanna

I thought Skyfall was kind of shitty, It only got the attention it got because it was the 50th Anniversary and it wasn't the total mess that Quantum of Solace was.


So Casino Royale>Spectre>>>>>>Skyfall>>>>>>Quantum of Solace

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Enjoyed Casino Royale and Skyfall, hated QOS.

Craig whining and bitching about being tired of playing Bond in interviews turned me

off. So I won't be seeing Spectre in theaters.


Wise Move and it Kinda reminds me of the interviews that Bruce Willis gave with the latest Die Hard Film along with Red 2, like he's just so not into it anymore and sleepwalked through the interview. and once you do that, you just gotta hang it up.


although i do know a few people want him to stay with it, and just give him some good material to work off of by getting rid of these writers, but I think at this point and age, its best just to leave him be.


Dump the Lot, Get Guy Richie and his boys in here, Find a New bond and start over. no more baggage and hating the life, your supposed to be the British Batman with a gun and a licence to kill



killing the bad guys and fighting the good fight


Not Emo Parker the 50th


Keep Q and M though, they were fine, the moneypenny thing is still groanworthy but she was fine. the supporting cast is fine. they just need better material





and honestly I think Judi Dench as M is what kept me tied into the series this long, as I remember after quantom saying alright that's enough, then I heard it was her last movie so I kinda saw it out of obligation to her with the 2012 film.


and there was a 4 year time gap too. plus it was the 50th, and they usually do something fun with it. stupid but fun like the aston martin Jaguar duel in Die Another Day.


(and after reviewing that I had a sudden urge to replay Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 purely just to play with the Vanquish lol as they purely reused the model of that from the EA bond games too lol)


then afterwards it dawned on me that he killed M with stupidity and how stupid some of it really was dawned on me. like the craft covered up the cracks long enough for me to enjoy it, but in specters case the cracks are so huge and prevalent that it sinks like a stone.


and that final action by him on the bridge, I mean that's like the film maker giving you the finger and chiding you for supporting the film series for this long


like its him saying bond is morally bankrupt, go and do something with your lives like he is, move on and throw your guns in the sea!


uhh no, I'd be like Ben Stiller as Starsky diving back down below the waves to save the Torino in the old 2004 movie to save the PPK, just let it go man! NOOOO!!!! lol


I mean if i wanted preaching I'd see a preacher lol not see a bond film, entertain me, not chide me. and in that kind of life well you need a sense of humor, its what Richard Maiubaum knew and put into it




and they knew it with vice too, as I remember seeing a behind the scenes thing when they were filming Heart Of Darkness and he talked about the key necessity of a cop to make his own humor. promptly followed by the say hello to elvis line lol


plus hell Albert Broccoli was the kind of guy to do things on the fly for fun, such as the story that follows this theme song



someone from duran durand came up to him, while drunk at a party and said when are you gonna have someone half decent do one of your theme songs lol


and he was just like okay lets try you lol


I guess he must have just viewed for your eyes only lol these guys I cant see them doing that, especially with the current theme song.



four words come to mind, and I can just imagine Lister from Red Dwarf saying this in it's proper tone for it,: What an Emo Git!


no thanks ill take this and drive like a manaic to it thank you very much lol




and outside of Q no one had a sense of humor in specter. I mean the best line in the film, that confirmed it was BMT216A too by the way in Skyfall, was this


Oh we're still putting that back together, there wasnt much left outside of a steering wheel and bond when I said bring that thing back in one piece, I ment that, Not bring back A PIECE!


and you could tell that was geniune as they cut quickly like it was adlibbed or an outtake they decided to work in and it means it was in a Q branch lockup, not with bond's old things, so it was supposed to be the old girl in universe.



as for the Craig Series of Films, I cant really think I'll put in any of them for future watching really, but after making a big stink about this whole thing I was kinda obliged to follow through and see specter, and follow it through.


so maybe I'll watch youtube clips of parts of them, like the one with the DBS chase, but never the entire films unlike with the other films.


as I enjoyed Die another day for its pure stupidity, and atleast with pure stupidity you can have fun with it when its not trying to be serious.



also I think the song Skyfall sold more movie tickets than the movie itself honestly.

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and I just thought I'd add this as I came across this a few days ago, not a bad video really


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sorry to dig this up again but I just found this



and it fits the Daniel Craig Era SOOOOOOO WELL LOL



I mean that is the perfect kinda fodder for a video like this




someone please make a video like that, from the death of the DB5 To M that would fit so well with the Misery inc version of bond that they've been pimping for the past couple of years lol


that you rifftrax lol and I hope that return of MST3K works out, as a wise man once said, the world needs laughter damn it lol


also this ties into a comment I made earlier



that frigging tell lol it was more hamfisted than a hamburgler lol



I mean all you have to do is have Vesper say in a very hush tone, isnt that... and have him nod a little and maybe go uh hu


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Casino Royale is the best film in the DG era.



For someone who's career was made with this role, Craig is an ungrateful asshat.



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Tony D.

I loved Sean Connery & Pierce Brosnan. I tolerated Roger Moore and suffered through Craig.......but I'm still a Bond fan!

Notice I didn't even consider Lazenby, Dalton & ??

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agent 47

Brosnan gets a lot of flack nowadays but I think he managed to really get what movie Bond is and captured enough spirit from the previous four actors to make for a pretty quintessential performance as Bond. Tomorrow Never Dies is an especially good showcase for his Bond and is pretty close to taking over GoldenEye as his favorite of mine especially with such a delightful performance from Jonathan Pryce as the villain. Roger might still be my favorite just for the sheer entertainment value his films have but Brosnan comes fairly close especially with his first two.

As far as Craig goes. It's a shame he's gone down the rabbit hole a bit with his attitude as Spectre I'd say got it seventy-percent right as just being a fun Bond movie (the other thirty percent being relegated to the lousy twist they tried to make things personal between Blofeld and Bond) and Craig seemed loosened up here, a bit like Connery was in Thunderball. Though I think if Craig goes they'd probably take it that trying to lighten things up a bit with Bond is not the way to go and then try another reboot with even more grit and realism, maybe a ten minute scene of Bond doing paperwork. And given the likelihood of Craig leaving within four or five years from now whenever the new Bond movie comes out I'll probably be quoting that last line with "I was only joking, MGM ..." under it.

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Den Taylor

Count me in. I don't really like Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond (though he is a cool actor) and what they have done with the series with the re-boot and all. I just never could get that warm with it. Granted, there were some cool moments and Skyfall and Casinoa Royale were decent movies but it's just kind of rehashing the same old, just more brutal and realistic in a way. But I miss the gadgets, everybody loves the gadgets, right? The music sucks too. There hasn't really been a good Bond soundtrack (title song plus movie cues) since Tomorrow never dies or maybe TWINE. Sure, the reintroduction of Spectre sounded promising but in my view they failed horribly with that last movie. It had plot holes and they could have an should have done much more with it, especially Blofeld. I mean his whole hatred for Bond and the whole world basically is suppose to come down because he was neglected as Bond's sibling? That is so ridiculous.

The only thing I liked lately was the replacement of Judi Dench's M with Ralph Fienne's M. Was about time! I'm pretty sure SPECTRE was Craig's last Bond movie and that is a good thing IMO. Let's get back to the classic formula again and enough already with the reboot stuff. And let's get some new locations! The world is big enough, they don't always have to go to the same countries and same type of sceneries. Man, I think I could rant on forever....guess I had to let it out. lol

(p.s. I love all the previous Bond movies and Bond actors, especially Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. My favs are probably The Living Daylights, A view to a kill, Goldeneye and Live and let die)

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Tommy Vercetti

I think Roger Moore is the best Bond. His films were the best. Especially Live and Let Die and The Spy Who Loved Me. I even think A View To A Kill is a great one. Moore was way too old but it was great apart from that. 
Timothy Dalton was great too. I like License To Kill a lot. I loved the settings of the Florida Keys and Mexico, the action was great and there were great bad guys in Robert Davi and Benicio Del Toro.
It might be sacreilige for me to say but I think Sean Connery is an overrated Bond. Goldfinger is great but the rest of his films haven't really held up. Dr. No is a bit antiquated and shows it's low budget too much. I think From Russia with Love is totally overrated. It has great action in the last 20 minutes but the rest of the film is excruciatingly boring and uninteresting. Thunderball isn't too good and You Only Live Twice is gaudy and camp and quite weak. Diamonds Are Forever is OK. I only really like the old Las Vegas scenes in that and there's some good action too but overall it isn't too great.

I haven't really seen the Brosnan and Craig films but I doubt if I'd like those too much if there typical of modern movies.

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Brosnan was ok at the time but you should definitely check out the Daniel Craig Bond.  I had my doubts when I first saw him. He just didn't have that James Bond look but man let me tell you. He has taken Bond to a new level. A deadly serious 00 agent who has no qualms about killing. I also liked the fact that he got the job done with just his gun and his fists. No stupid gadgets.  I know that the Bond movies have always had new gadgets in every movie but this felt more real.   I still like Connery but Craig has taken over as my number 1 Bond. And I've seen them all.  I'm just sad to see him go.

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