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Mr. Calderon

Larry Wilcox Auditions for Miami Vice

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Yes but listen to any interview with DJ when they talk about the "look"  Don will tell you that the look pretty much evolved out of necessity. Working long hours in the Miami heat caused Don to dress in T-shirts and lose the socks, so I think it's better to say that Don created the look rather than fit into some pre conceived idea of what Sonny should look like. 


Also to add to my previous statement. We can't picture anybody else but DJ as Sonny Crockett because that's all we know. There are many such stories in Hollywood. I mean can you picture anyone else but Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones?  I read someplace that Tom Selleck was one of the previous choices. I also read that Tom Cruise wanted the role of Tony Stark / Iron Man!  To me, Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark but then again if Cruise had gotten the part....? Who knows!?



So true, when Hollywood gets the right actor/actress for a part that becomes iconic, we fans simply cannot see anyone else playing that part.  Another example, R Lee Ermey's portrayal as the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.  Or Arnold as the Terminator.  Or Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man in the horror films Phantasm.  As for the ladies, I cannot see anyone else being Ripley from the Alien series than Sigourney Weaver. 

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