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S&W 4506

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Hello I've been a vice fan since I saw the pilot episode back in 84! Well I read in one of these threads about what type of magazine Crockett's 4506 had. There has been several variations of this magazine, the first being the metal buttplate, metal follower type for the 645. The second being the metal buttplate with a rubber bumper glued on to the metal buttplate with an orange plastic follower. The third was made with a black plastic buttplate with an orange follower followed by a yellow follower, which eventually became a black follower which is the last version made probably for the 4506-1 made in the early 1990s. What brought me to this thread was someone asking what type of magazine Crockett had with his 4506. The 5th season episode 16 shows a good view of crocketts 4506 mag well area while he is sitting in the restaurant. The view is a silver metal buttplate on the magazine. So if any of you Vice fans are looking for the correct magazine for a S&W 4506 it will be the metal buttplate version possibly with the metal follower. Since crocketts 4506 may have been the 6450 transition model. The show could have just used the earlier mags since the updated mags (rubber bumper buttplate) were not supplied yet.

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