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True eps with some fantasy

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I`m a big fan of MV and espessially Tubbs, I wrote these texts in 2000, when I watched MV for the first time. Now I tried to correct them and put them here. 


Tale of a goat 

Sonny finds Rico


(...) Legba, having made  an injection of tetrodotoxin into Tubbs`s arm, returned to his seat. Everything began to float, Rico tried to focus his mind, but it was terribly difficult . His body started to cramp. At first, he was still trying to understand what Legba says. But it was getting worse and worse by the minute, he was shaking, convulsions twisted his arms and legs, he could not speak, it was hard to  breathe, the outlines of objects floated more and more, the reality became mixed with the delirium.  He was hurt but could do nothing. He tried his best  to remain conscious, tried not to close his eyes.. The last thing he saw was like Legba kills Marie ..
"Crockett !!!" - Larry called. Sonny rushed to him and saw Tubbs, lying at the bottom of a dried-up pool, face down, showered by branches. "Call in an ambulance!" - he cried and crossed to the partner. He threw  the branches out and rolled Rico onto his back, covering him with the jacket. His lips were blue, hands were cold as ice despite the heatwave.  "Hold on, buddy!" - he said, holding Rico`s face. Searching helicopter was throwing debris at the abandoned terrace and dispersing dust  by the strong wind. Sonny hugged Rico and cuddled him, trying to warm him. He seemed to feel partner's trouble as his own.

    Crocket and Castillo were in a hospital,  helplessly looking at Rico.  For about 48 hours he was in coma and they didn`t know ,  if he will survive .  Rico was tossing on the bed, he was suffering from the visions-effects of  tetrodotoxin. Doctor made an injection into his vein, but nothing helped. Seeing the delirious faces of Legba, Romulus and Marie , he kept repeating the one word  "Blackbird" .. Then Romulus stroke him with a heavy stick.. Rico shuddered... Sonny touched his shoulder, he didn`t know how to help, he felt  very helplessly. Rico suddenly looked at him ... Legba stretched out his hand with a syringe ... "Nooo !!!" - he shouted and struggled Legba, trying to strangle him. "Rico ... Easy, man! " - Sonny opened Rico`s hands. Suddenly having realized that he is close to Sonny, Rico  stopped screaming and the first time in a long time broke and birst into tears, hugging his friend. He couldn't stop shaking. The fear retreated so suddenly , Sonny was there, Sonny, not Legba, all terrible visions  disappeared. Sonny hugged him strongly and held him in his arms, time after time lookig at the doctor with  silent questions in his eyes "What's happening with him?  What shall I do?" "Take it easy" -said Sonny, trying to soothe partner. "That`s OK, buddy, take it easy, take it easy." "Sonny, I'm Ok" - said Rico, calming down, and trying to sit up, although his body  still had been badly submitting to him. "Sonny, Legba  killed Marie ... he goes back to Haiti, we have to take him ... he killed Marie !!!" "Take it easy!" - Sonny kept  him . "What`s a "blackbird"?" - asked Castillo. "Haitian freighter" -Sonny replied,  while Rico was  pleadingly looking at him. 


Viking bikers from hell

 In a hospital

"Rico!" - Sonny called. No answer. He ran out of the car and crossed to the caddy. "Rico!" - He pulled his partner up from the seat. His hand got into something wet. A puddle of blood. Head! In the darkness he didn`t immediately understand it. "Damn!!! Rico! Hold on! Bro, hold on!" Sonny called an ambulance..

  Sonny entered the room. Rico was lying with his eyes closed, on a drip. "He`s not bad," the doctor said .. it did not seem  that he  feels OK. Rico could not open his eyes, constant pain  and nausea were the results of the contusion of the tangent wounds to the head. His head was spinning from the drugs. Feeling that Sonny is near, he turned his head slightly and said under his breath: "He can`t be not killed ..." but a new twinge made him  scream hushfully. "Take it easy, Rico" Sonny put his hand on Rico`s shoulder. Tubbs continued: "He is like a machine ... two bullets ..and nothing ..." - he took a deep breath, not to moan again. "Take it easy, don`t worry." - Sonny said quietly and slowly walked to the door.

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