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Miracles happen, Part 1

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"Hey, Cooper!"-called Tenser. Rico turned around and at this moment a hot shot pierced his chest. The bridge was high. The last thing he saw was the coming water. Then the pain ceased. 
Angelina opened the door. The bright light blinded Rico. How beautifull she is, he thought. "Angelina.." he wispered. She held out her hands. "How I missed you..." he took her hand. "Where is Rico?  I want to see my son". "He isn't here... " Rico did 't understand. "I don't have him. You've got him, Rico". He looked into her shining angel's eyes. "I love you.." he said. "Forgive me.. " "You must go" said Angelina. "I don't want. I want to be with you and our son". "You have to go, Rico. You have to go." The door began to close. Tears were streaming down Rico's cheeks. 
"One, two, three... once again"-the ambulance doctor shouted. "Heartbeat?" "No". "Current. Heart?"-"Low pulse... we got a heartbeat!" "Thanks God.." "A mask.. he is shocky. Water in lungs... oxygen... bleeding... blood loss.." The er helicopter brought them to a hospital. "How is he?!" -that was Valery. "Deep coma. He doesn't breathe himself. Too much time under the water and a bad wound. Great blood loss.. he has less chances"-answered the doctor. "We do all we can".  Her ears rang.. he will die... will he die?! Like in a dream Valery came to a phone... "Sonny? That's Valery". "Oh, hi, Val! Nice to hear you! " "Sonny..."-interrupted she. "Rico.." "What.. what's the matter?!"-the voice on the other side became broken. "Rico was badly wounded... it happened this morning... Sonny, he's very bad... I am scared..." "Adress! Val, do you hear me?!"
Few hours later he held her in his arms. Sonny came with the first plane. "How did it happen?" "He was on a task.. Sonny, if he'll die.." -she was shaking. "Don't tell this. Do you know how many times we met deadly danger.. he'll not go. He's strong. More stronger then me. It has always been so". "Will you stay? I need to make a call. Son is waiting". "Son???" "Yeah.. you don't know. I adopted a boy. Even when you were working in Miami with Rico. A long story. Tell you later. He's 5 years old and he's a real bandit". Sonny laughed. "What's his name?" "Damian". She made a pause. "Rico liked to play with him.." "Are you together?"-asked Sonny. "No"-said Valery. "He can`t forgive me". And she went out. 
Sonny opened the door. "Hi, buddy..."- wispered he. He clenched friend`s hand. "Hang on, man. Please, hang on". Rico`s face was still. Sonny hardly could see it because of the mask. He couln`t beliave that it was his friend. Sonny didn`t say anything more. He only held Rico`s hand. It was cold. 

"A good boy"-smiled Crockett, giving back a photo to Valery. "Yeah. And lonely" "As I"- she wanted to say. But she didn`t. "His mother was killed when he was 2 months old, and now his grandma is dieing from cancer." "Yeah... Life doesn`t spare even kids..."-said Sonny quietly. Suddenly they saw doctors rushing to Rico`s ward. "What`s wrong?"-cried Valery running after the doctors to the operatind room. "A new bleeding. Heart stopped once again". She froze in front of the door with steely eyes. Sonny hugged her slightly. 
Rico saw the light. It was so warm and kind. It called. And through the light he suddenly saw Rafael. "Rico! Don`t dare to do this! Do you hear me, pal?! " Sonny`s voice. It`s a mirage. Delusion.  "Rafael! Where are you? Wait... " "Rico! Stay with me, hear, pal! I don`t aware you to go!"-Sonny stood looking through the window. He prayed in his thoughts for Rico`s survival. 
"Sonny..."- Rico tried to wisper, but the mask prevented to do this. His eyes fluttered and opened slowly. "Уeah, man. I am here"-Sonny pressed his hand slightly. Rico didn`t beliave his ears. His eyes were searching for Sonny. Crockett leaned to a friend and made an eye contact. Rico`s eyes filled with tears. There was a lot of pain in them. "I`m here, pal. That`s OK. You scared us. But now you`ll be OK."   Rico tried to move the mask aside and say something, but he was too weak. His heart started to beat quickly and medical devices fixed it."Take it easy, pal"-tried to comfort his him Sonny. Rico felt friend`s concern and it gave him strength. To be continued..

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