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Miracles happen, Part 3

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Rico couldn`t remember how he got home. Thoughts were throbbing in his mind. Again and again he remembered that day in 1985, but now it didn`t bring so much pain to him although he wasn`t finaly sure about Damian and all this story. He went up to the table and was going to open a box, but paused. He remembered the worst day in his life when he was sitting in OSB in big dark sunglasses unable to stand up untill Sonny came in and called him carefully. His hands were unconsciously touching his son`s toys, which he took out of the broken cradle in a house, from where Angelina and his boy were kidnapped-a fluffy white mouse and a music box("Sons and Lovers"-season 2 ep 22). Only once since that day he brought himself to watch at those things, but then he hid them far from himself. Rico opened the table box, took the case... Took out a music box... pressed the button... the gentle nursery ryme melody sang from it. A white fluffy mouse watched at Rico with it`s funny toy`s smile. 
Angelina smiled and disappeared in unbearable bright morning light, trying to find her Rico suddenly woke up. It was morning and he found himself on a chair near the table. He knew what he had to do. He had to visit Maria himself. He only prayed it wasn`t too late. 
To be continued

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