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Miracles happen(all parts with two missing chapters)

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I`ve found my lost chapters:) Hope you`ll like this at least a little:) 


NewYork, 1992
Ricardo Tubbs stopped the car on a bridge and went out to check the flat wheel. "Damn it, Alex! Long gone we never got such annoying hindrance"-he told to his partner. Suddenly there was a sqeal of breaks. Rico turned around and at this moment two hot shot pierced his chest. He had no time to react-so suddenly it happened. The bridge was high. The last thing he saw was the coming water. Then the terrible pain ceased. 

Angelina opened the door. The bright light blinded Rico. How beautifull she is, he thought. "Angelina.." he wispered. She held out her hands. "How I missed you..." he took her hand. "Where is Rico?  I want to see my son". "He isn't here... " Rico did 't understand. "I don't have him"-angel with Angelina`s eyes repeated. He looked into her shining angel's eyes. "I love you.." he said. "Forgive me.. That`s my falt.. I couldn`t save you then.." "You must go"-said Angelina. "I don't want. I want to be with you and our son". "You have to go, Rico. You have to go." The door began to close. Tears were streaming down Rico's cheeks. 
"One, two, three... once again"-the ambulance doctor shouted. "Heartbeat?" "No". "Current. Heart?"-"Low pulse... we got a heartbeat!" "Thanks God.." "Damt it, cramps! Transfusion... We must warm him.  A mask.. he is shocky already. Water in lungs... oxygen... bleeding... blood loss.. The second guy? Dead"-scraps of phrases were touching Rico through the pain and fear.  The er helicopter brought them to a hospital. "How is he?!" -that was Valery. "Deep coma. He got a luck that the rescue car was passing by. He doesn't breathe himself. Too much time under the water and  bad wounds. Great blood loss.. Smb badly wanted to kill him. Caliber is big.. "-answered the doctor. "We do all we can".  Her ears rang.. he will die... will he die?! Like in a dream Valery came to a phone... "Sonny? That's Valery". "Oh, hi, Val! Nice to hear you! " "Sonny..."-interrupted she. "Rico.." "What.. what's the matter?!"-the voice on the other side became broken. "Rico was badly wounded... it happened this morning... Sonny, he's very bad... I am scared..." "Adress! Val, do you hear me?!"
Few hours later he held her in his arms. Sonny came with the first plane. "How did it happen?" "He was on a task.. Sonny, if he'll die.." -she was shaking. "Don't tell this. Do you know how many times we met deadly danger.. he'll not go. He's strong. More stronger then me. It has always been so". "Smb tried to remove him, Sonny. Alex was killed accidently as he was there".
"Will you stay? I need to make a call. Son is waiting". "Son???" "Yeah.. you don't know. I adopted a boy. Even when you were working in Miami with Rico. A long story. Tell you later. He's 5 years old and he's a real bandit". Sonny laughed. "What's his name?" "Damian". She made a pause. "Rico liked to play with him.." "Are you together?"-asked Sonny. "No"-said Valery. "He can`t forgive me". And she went out. 

Sonny opened the door. "Now I understand what feelings he had two years ago when I was hurt"_thought Sonny for some reason.  "Hi, buddy..."- wispered he. He clenched friend`s hand. "Hang on, man. Please, hang on". Rico`s face was still. Sonny hardly could see it because of the mask. He couln`t beliave that it was his friend. Sonny didn`t say anything more. He only held Rico`s hand. It was cold. 

"Fucking assholes!"-shouted Domínguez. "How could you let that bitch to adopt the boy, and this fucking COP joined them now?! All plans Orlando had are in a dump and they are living a happy family, Damn knows where Marie is, and you did nothing?! This COP breaks our deliveries for two years and you do nothing!!! Get out!"

Mario Dominguez, the cousin of Orlando Calderone, received an information that Marie, who is taking care of Orlando's nephew, Damian, was in the hospital in bad condition. She was the nanny of Orlando, she nearly raised him, and then after killing Angelina he handed her a nephew. And now Damian was not with her. It was not in his plans and the fact that they lost sight of the boy, led him into a rage. He didn't intend to be his nursemaid, but in the future he wanted to use the kid. He was not going to raise a kid himself, but was going to get him in a few years, nicely getting rid of Marie, closer to boy`s adolescence, to gradually implement him to the family business and continue it. But he didn't like the surprise he had found. He developed a plan to get rid of Tubbs so as not to be under suspicion. Left to figure out how to get rid of detective Gordon-and then he can safely get the boy and find him a new babysitter for the next few years. He could just kidnap him-but he's too accustomed to the rich life in last few years and he didn`t want any loud clashes with the police. So he started the first item of his plan.

"A good boy"-smiled Crockett, giving back  Valery a photo . "Yeah. And lonely" "As I"- she wanted to say. But she didn`t. "His mother was killed when he was 2 months old, and now his grandma is dieing from cancer." "Yeah... Life doesn`t spare even kids..."-said Sonny quietly. Suddenly they saw doctors rushing to Rico`s ward. "What`s wrong?"-cried Valery running after the doctors to the operatind room. "A new bleeding and cramps. Heart stopped once again". She froze in front of the door with steely eyes. Sonny hugged her slightly. 
Rico saw the light. It was so warm and kind. It called. And through the light he suddenly saw Rafael. "Rico! Don`t dare to do this! Do you hear me, pal?! " Sonny`s voice. It`s a mirage. Delusion-Rico thought.  "Rafael! Where are you? Wait... " "Rico! Stay with me, hear, pal! I don`t aware you to go!"-Sonny stood looking through the window. He prayed in his thoughts for Rico`s survival. "Hey, don`t dare even to think this way. We`ll do it. Understand?"-Sonny? Of cource Sonny... 1989.. Their last job. But now.. How could this be?
"Sonny..."- Rico tried to wisper, but the mask prevented to do this. His eyes fluttered and opened slowly. "Уeah, man. I am here"-Sonny pressed his hand slightly. Rico didn`t beliave his ears. His eyes were searching for Sonny. Crockett leaned to a friend and made an eye contact. Rico`s eyes suddenly filled with tears. There was a lot of pain in them. "I`m here, pal. That`s OK. You scared us. But now you`ll be OK."   Rico tried to move the mask aside and say something, but he was too weak. His heart started to beat quickly and devices fixed it. "Take it easy, pal"-Sonny tried to comfort him .


Having put Damian to bed, craddling him, Rico began to worry, were  Valery was. The child fell asleep. Rico was sitting and looking at the sleeping boy. He attached to Damian and the kid liked him too. Looking at him, sometimes Rico couldn`t help thinking of his gone child, of what he could be now. It hurt and Rico didn`t allow those thoughts to visit him often. Almost 6 years passed, and he amazed, why the returning pain hurts so bad even after years. He sent these thoughts away, he didn`t want to remember.Suddenly the key turned in the lock. Val came back from the hospital. "Sleeping?"-she asked. "Yeah, for half an hour"-Rico answered. "Thank you, Rico"-said Valery. "How`s Maria?"- asked he, putting on a jacket. "Not good..."-answered Val. "Obviously she is passing..." She paused. "Rico... won`t you stay?" "Val..."-he looked away. "Sorry, Rico. I know. I`ll close the door". Rico slowly headed for the exit, but suddenly a card in Valery`s bag caught his eye. "What`s this?" She got a card out from her bag and handed to him. The Earth went from under Rico`s feet. "Where the hell did you get this?! And what for?!"-he shouted. Angelina watched from the picture. "What`s wrong, Rico?"-Val looked frightened. "Did you know her?" "Know?! Yes, I know her. Her name is Angelina Calderon and she was my woman and the mother of my son, and they both were killed in 1985! So WTF?!" Valery was dumbfounded. "It must be a mistake... Rico, this can`t be! This woman is Damian`s bio mom. Maria gave me this card today. She wanted Dammy to know about his real mom and I promissed to tell. She died... when he was 2 months old... oh... Rico... this can`t be... 1985!!! " They stood freezy watching at each other. Rico`s head was spinning. For some point he felt weekness in his knees and had to grab the chair not to fall down-he wasn`t healthy enough after his injury. He couldn`t let himself to think this way. No. It can`t be. They are dead. He burried them and Sonny saw it as Rico, and all colleagues did. He will never forget this terrible day. Never before he wanted to die. Firstly he stayed alive only to revenge. And he did. And he went on living. And met another women, even loved them. But he never had forgotten his family, which he got and lost in two days. And now it seemed he has a hope. He didn't beliave.

"Rico? Rico?!"-Valery was shaking him by the shoulders. "Are you OK? Are you feeling bad?"-she was scared. "No.. 
no. I'm OK"-the answer followed. 
Rico couldn`t remember how he got home. Thoughts were throbbing in his mind. Again and again he remembered that day in 1985, but now it didn`t bring so much pain to him although he wasn`t finaly sure about Damian and all this story. He went up to the table and was going to open a box, but paused. He remembered the worst day in his life when he was sitting in OSB in big dark sunglasses unable to stand up untill Sonny came in and called him carefully. His hands were unconsciously touching his son`s toys, which he took out of the broken cradle in a house, from where Angelina and his boy were kidnapped-a fluffy white mouse and a music box("Sons and Lovers"-season 2 ep 22). Only once since that day he brought himself to watch at those things, but then he hid them far from himself. Rico opened the table box, took the case... Took out a music box... pressed the button... the gentle nursery ryme melody sang from it. A white fluffy mouse watched at Rico with it`s funny toy`s smile. 
Angelina smiled and disappeared in unbearable bright morning light, trying to find her Rico suddenly woke up. It was morning and he found himself on a chair near the table. He knew what he had to do. He had to visit Maria himself. He only prayed it wasn`t too late.
Mom!-Damian ran out of the kindergarden and happily rushed to Valerie. What happened next, she watched like through a veil. In a second some man appeared behind, grabbed her son, holding his mouth and rushed to the car. She ran after him, but heard the screeching of car starmouse . She ran up to her car and drove afterwards, thinking only about one thing-to overtake the car, where Damian was. The boy lay still in the back seat of Tencer`s car, he let him asleep with the handkerchief with sleeping drug. His car made an abrupt maneuver and turned down an alley, Valerie followed them, but it was a trap. Her car was stopped and some men with guns ordered her to leave out. She woke up few hours later. Her hands and feet were tied. Everything was dark and only a little light came from the high window. Next thing she saw was Damian lying without a movement . She started to cry.
"OK, Tubbs"-at this time Rico and his colleagues were listening to the phone voice of Dominguez. "I already know what kind of games you like to play. Just think-every 5 years the same game that came up with my cousin Orlando. So, if you don't come to the North coast and will not surrender, your girlfriend and son will die. Damn, can't escape the feeling of de ja vu" and Tubbs heard the laughter. It threw him into a sweat. Words cannot describe what he felt at that moment. Inexpressible rage, till to nausea, it seemed his heart would break. No. Not this time. He will not lose his son again. God, how he hated the Calderones. The team was deciding what to do. Crockett had to to fly out this afternoon. Then this happened. He tried his best to calm a friend, but it was useless. He was in a completely deranged state. "No, Sonny! No! Once this has already led to tragedy. Let them take me. My son must not die! Damn, I`ll not allow them to do this one more time!" "You're not yourself!"-screamed Sonny. "You don't realize what I say! He'll kill you and them-remember 85 !!!"
"Rico?"-Sonny was looking for a friend. "What the hell..."- he understood all. He became terrified. While they were deciding how to organize the capture, Tubbs was gone. Sonny understood that he decided to do.
"I'm here"-Tubbs was going slowly to the hut on the wild beach with his arms raised. "Let the child and the woman go out." "Set them free" Dominguez laughed, not believing his luck. Now the COP and his girlfriend will fly on the air. And the kid will see this. Such lessons need to obtain from childhood. When all will be over, he will take the boy and forget about this annoying trouble.
"It will be an interesting game" said Tencer with a grin, causing the boy to look out the window. They were in the car. "Look, look there, Damian".
Rico slowly entered the house and at this moment the house was approached by the SWAT team. Dominguez did not expected this. Standing on the threshold of a mined hut, he found himself trapped. "Damn! "he shouted and jumped from the doorway. The gunfire began. Tubbs pulled Valerie to the floor and started to untie her. "Where's the baby?!" he shouted. She did not know the answer. Sonny ran into the house when the team surrounded the car with Tencer and boy. They pulled the boy out and tied up the bandit. The boy was terrified but he was OK.
"Fucking cops!" and Dominguez pressed the button at the very moment when he was shot by a bullet. The explosion happened.
Rico tried to get up. His ears rang, he felt very dizzy. Black smoke, nothing could be seen. "My son ... "-flashed in his head. He was shaking with fear. He didn't know where Damian was and what happened to him. At this moment his partner ran up to him . "Tubbs, are you OK? The boy is all right, where are the others?" Rico looked around. Someone was carring Valerie out, she was hurt, but was alive. Sonny... Where's Sonny?! They rushed to the rubble. Rico saw a piece of familiar t-shirt.. He was furiously scattered planks and bricks. "Sonny!"-he cried out of himself. He pulled Sonny from the rubble, grabbed him in his arms. It seemed that this was the end. "No!" -shouted Tubbs. He clapped friend`s cheeks. "Sonny! Wake up! Come on!" The pulse was, but very weak. "You don't you dare to go! Do not go!"-he kept repeating. He took off his jacket and wrapped Sonny. Before the ambulance came he held his friend in his arms, it seemed as if he was afraid to let his life to go out.

3 years later.

"Don't make me laugh anymore, I'm afraid!"-Alicia said. "Okay, Sonny, take the rest of the jokes then"-gasping for breath, said Rico. "2 am... I go to bed," she said. "Shall I help you to get down?"-laughed Sonny. "Let daddy work"-she was joking. Rico took his pregnant wife down and went back on a deck. Rico`s vacation went to the end, New York, Damian and work were waiting for him. Damian lived with Valerie, but constantly saw his father. They were very close. Rico met his old friend Alicia and they became married and she was pregnant. Sonny was also married and had a one year old daughter. This holiday they spent in the company of each other. This evening Sonny and Rico spent sitting with their rods, looking at the starry sky, exchanging jokes. It was like a long time ago.

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