Indiana Crockett

Miami Vice Camera Slate "The Lost Madonna"

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Indiana Crockett
This piece is from the personal collection of Chip Chalmers, a television director and first asst. director known for Melrose Place, , Beverly Hills 90210, The A-Team, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Miami Vice. He has had a prolific career in television since 1981. You can find more information about him on Wikipedia and IMDB
A note from Mr. Chalmers:
“This camera slate was given to me by the crew on day one of the shooting.  Yes, it’s a dry erase board and you don’t put tape on it unless it’s a gift. But we  started the episode “The Lost Madonna” with the scenes and days marked on  it. If you IMDB my name, you will find I directed this show. It was interesting to  me that the producers trusted me with pieces of other shows that weren’t 
finished and we would take a day to shoot all those scenes. I had shown an  interest in seeing the before and after the scene footage so that the scene 
would roll smoothly into the show. At Christmas of the fifth season. DJ (Don Johnson)  came up to me at lunch and said “Kid, we’re gonna get you a show to direct.”  This would be my first show and the crew knew it and ordered a slate for me to  remember that day. I’m not sure why the crew liked me so much, because 
when I started the show, no one talked to me for a month Later, I found that the  reason was that Assistant Directors were leaving the show after one or two 
episodes because it was indeed difficult to coordinate. I made it past the month  and the crew gained respect and I lasted two years. The O. Wood is Oliver 
Wood who was the Director of Photography who went on to do massive motion  pictures and was a terrific man.” - Chip Chalmers
Mr. Chalmers has authorized me to sell his collection. A Letter of Authenticity personally signed by him comes with the piece.


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Cool. Thanks for sharing. I saw that on eBay. Good luck!

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