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Miami Shakedown Recruitment Thread

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Mark Zubenko


Project Title:

Miami Shakedown



In short, it's Miami Vice meets Scarface, in a third person team-based online multiplayer.

It's time to return to the great Miami of the 1980’s.


This project is currently in pre-production and therefore is not funded.

All work done will be put towards creating a demo version and promo material.

If it proves to be successful by raising funds, your time and effort will be compensated.


Demo Goals:

  • A level that replicates real Miami area, spanning from South Beach to Star Island.
  • Teamplay engaging scenario with progressive objectives that can be completed and failed in multiple ways.
  • A small number of drivable vehicles, including a helicopter and a speedboat.
  • Quality assets that meet or exceed high standards of the industry and audience expectations.


Long-Term Goals:

  • Most iconic Miami locations present in playable levels.
  • Character creation system.
  • An extensive amount of collectible items to customize character's wardrobe, armory, and garage.
  • Integration with Steam Community Market.
  • A soundtrack that is packed full of 80’s hits and an original score as well.


Team Structure:

Mark Zubenko

Art Director, Concept Artist , Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Level Designer


Current Openings:

3D Art:

  • Character Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • VFX Artist


  • Character Animator


  • Game Programmer
  • Network Programmer


  • Sound Designer


  • Web Developer


If no desirable position is currently open for your skill set, you’re welcome to suggest your candidature for future opportunities.



Please specify areas in which you have the most expertise and showcase some of your work.





Thank you for your interest!

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What about the music?

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Mark Zubenko
8 hours ago, Dadrian said:

What about the music?

Hi Dadrian!

It's definitely on the map, but I'm afraid it's too early for soundtrack until the gameplay is fully fleshed out.

I'll keep in mind that you're interested in taking a position of Composer.

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Cool. Keep me posted. 

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