Episode #8 "The Great McCarthy"

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Here is Crockett close behind McCarthy's giant boat:


Then he gets a little too close and runs into McCarthy's wake and all of sudden Crockett's boat is getting knocked sideways:


This pic doesn't quite capture the feeling, but watching the video it looks dangerous!!!

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Yes that is for sure!!!


Getting in a boats "WAKE" at high speed is quite dangerous and you really have to know how to drive. I have watched that video a thousand times and never tire of it. Very cool shots of a race.

I do this for real now and can tell you it is absolutely exhilarating!!! I have learned to drive from some of the best and now do the same in my boat. The increadible power of a couple of big blocks pushing you out of the water is outstanding. Chasing other boats on the lake is fun but I always am wary of how I hit the swells and am always in careful control of my boat.

When I was in the Poker Run in Kingston we were in five groups of about 30 boats each and we took off at five minute intervals. When our group left it was exactly as depicted in TGM and those pictures above. you are following in the wake of dozens of other boats and very close for that matter.

Here is an aerial picture of our group in the Poker Run.


As you can see we are all separated quite a bit for safety on takeopff. this is as we are leaving Kingston and heading up the St.Lawrence towards Brockville. However, when we get into the river eastbound there are many areas where the river narrows and then we have the same situation as in the pics form TGM. We have to be careful in the other guys wake but we still keep the throttles pretty well opened with some great driving.

I am in the centre boat with the slight yellow markings. (fourth boat counting from bottom up)

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Watched this recently - really nice visuals and good job by Georg Stanford Brown ( director from "Cagney and Lacey" ) :D

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This one is beautiful to look at. I always loved Izzy too. The boat race is good and I dig McCarthy's mansion. I would've picked a different song than Born To Be Wild though. Its a good song but overplayed to death. I so would've loved to be at that party.


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