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Danni Crockett

MV Special 25th Ann. Fan-Fiction Christmas addition

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Danni Crockett
Miami vice, 25th anniversary storyFamily Ties Christmas ending30. Flash to the futureMiami 2015.It was a perfect day, this was going to be the best Christmas she ever had. The warm breeze tenderly stroked the skin on Danni’s excited cheeks. A bit of snow would be nice right about now, but hey, this is Miami and it never snows around here. Except for that one time in 1977, when a few far-from-home flakes settled down in Miami. A white Christmas will never happen in Miami, or will it? For the last time, she ran around in the house on the beach, having a look at everything. Even though she had done this for about one hundred times, she still wasn´t sure if everything was OK and at its place.The tables were set for the 115 guests that were invited. She didn’t even know half of them. Some relatives, lots of Rick’s friends from law school and their families and many single lawyers as well, a variety of police officers from all sorts of departments and a small invasion of females in their early twenties, who call themselves close friends of Danni’s. Ah well, when she started inviting a few friends, she got a bit carried away. The single lawyers didn’t mind that at all, though.Danni straightened one of the flower arrangements with red and pink roses, and white orchids in them on one of the tables. She looked at the mistletoes above the doors and she smiled. She hoped that her father and Gina met under one of them. After Gina became a widow two years ago, Danni thought that her father finally would realize that Gina was still in love with him, but he didn´t. She had never expected that he was so blind.“Danni, what are you doing down here?†Danni jumped because of the voice and turned around.Sonny was standing on the stairs with his face frowned. “Rick has just arrived! Do you want him to see you in here?â€Danni startled looked down her great, white dress with the tight, sleeveless top, and the wide skirt. “Oh ,no!†she shouted, gathered her skirt, and ran up the stairs.She heard as her father was opening the door and having a short joking speech with Rico and Rick to keep them away from the living – room until he could be sure that Danni had disappeared. With a look at her watch she knew, that it would only take an hour until she would be Rick´s wife.“Dearly beloved…†it echoed over the terrace. Sonny and Rico sat in the front row, Gina was right next to Sonny in her glamorous outfit. She was holding a cute white basket filled with white roses leafs. This was all so romantic and she couldn’t keep her eyes off Sonny. The whole speech was brilliant and went perfectly as planned.“Then I now pronounce you husband and wife… you may kiss the bride.†Rick and Danni were practically glowing during their first intense kiss as husband and wife.All the guests stood up from their chairs and started to clap and chear. When Sonny turned to Gina to let her congratulate him, she couldn’t hold it any longer and she kissed him short but almost just as intense as Rick and Danni did. Sonny was a bit overwhelmed by this pleasant surprise, all he could exclaim was “Weren’t you supposed to do something with those rose leafs?â€. His smile did give him away, though.Gina hurried over to the happy new couple, who were still caught up in their intense kissing and she cheerfully threw bunches of white leafs in the air, that began floating around Danni and Rick. Danni spread out her arms and spinned around slowly. This was just like snow, but than even more romantic. So this turned out to be a white Christmas after all!In the evening, after the first three dances, Danni climbed from the dancefloor onto the band’s stage and grabbed the mic. “I have an announcement to make…†Everybody kept quiet immediately, anticipating the possibilities on this announcement in their heads. There were mistletoes and white Christmas bells all over. Next to the stage was a huge and beautifully decorated Christmas tree. All the Christmas balls, stars were white and the whole tree was covered with glitters.“… I am very happy to inform you all…. that those two gents down there.†She pointed at Sonny and Rico. “Could you guys come a little closer …?†Sonny and Rico looked at each other before getting up the stage. “I hope she won’t mention I’ve turned 65 recently…†Sonny whispered to Rico, who laughed at this. “Probably not, she wouldn’t have called me up there too… Maybe we get a medal or something.†They put on their fake smiles at the guests while walking towards the stage. “Ah… there they are…. Have a good look at these two guys. On the left is my Dad, who recently turned 65 by the way…†Danni teased and Sonny gave her the eye.“And his good friend in the blue tux, is my father-in-law. Yes, only since now. Well anyway. Please keep your camera’s ready to take a picture of the look on their faces when I tell them what I’m about to tell…†She took her time, loved the thrill of all the attention. It was her day anyway. “Ok. You ready? Dad? Rico?†They nodded almost irritated. “Ok. Good. Here it goes… I am very proud to tell you all… that these two gents here, are going to be… if all goes well off course, cause I have heard that it can get pretty ugly.â€â€œSpit it out!†Sonny growled at her and tried to maintain his smile immediately after it.“I really think it is good at your age, too dad.†She kept him impatient.“Oh, come on, woman!†Rico softly said to himself, but Danni heard it anyway.“Allright, I won’t keep you any longer. In about 6 and a half months from now….they are going to be granddads!!!†The both of them were struck by surprise. This was the least they had been expecting. “What?!!! Really?†Danni nodded happily. They both hughed her. “Are you sure you are old enough to have a baby…†Sonny tried. “Dad! I’m a married woman, for crying out loud! Isn’t it just great that we’re having triangle family ties here?†Rico turned to Sonny and said “You know what’s most ironic of this whole thing?†Sonny shook his head. “That our grandchild is going to go by the name of Calderone…â€â€œYeah… but he will have one thing that Calderone didn’t have.†Sonny answered “He will have my looks to go with it.â€

--- THE END ---

That's all folks. We hope you have enjoyed the whole story and Christmas ending. Have a very merry Christmas!!!------------Danni & Christine.

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