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Exclusive Interview Philip Michael Thomas - English

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FREEEEEEZE! We don't have the right to remain in silent. Thanks God! Yeah, my friends, time has come. I have to confess i didn't expect such a thing. My idea was just to say "Hi!". And guess what? He said HI! So...."all things considered"....Hmmm ...What if...nooooo...who knows? "Hey Philip, have you considered an interview for your Vice fans at ? "If you are following the original script and thought he answered: "Maybe, mabye", you are wrong. The answer was: "YES!!! " Wow!So..., brings to all of you an EXCLUSIVE interview with PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS, the original and ultra cool RICARDO TUBBS. The very first and the only one.I know, I know... you can't forget him driving a caddy, using a pastel suit, using an ear pin, always working with Sonny Crockett/Don Johnson or defeating some bad guy using a shotgun. Great! Lets talk about this and what Philip is doing lately (and doing good) too. So, enjoy it!
- Ell.a (Germany), Mr. Calderon (Brazil) , Menno (Netherlands) and Sonny (Germany).
March 12th 2006(Annotation: This interview is posted exactly the way it was sent.)


Well, let us express our happiness in having such special person, to all Miami Vice comunity, in our website. Thank you so much in accept our request, Philip! Here we go:


1)Mr.C / Sonny:We all know you as the detective Ricardo Tubbs. And 22 years later, we are very used to this, and we love it. And now we found out we have Philip Michael Thomas for children! Wow!Your "Sacha" project has a very well built concept. You and Sandi Morais wrote "Sacha and the Magic Cookie Maker Coloring Story Book and other short stories", and your 11 years old daughter, Imajhananda, illustrated it. A book for children illustrated by one child. Great! And from the book, came the play "Sacha and the Magic Cookie Maker". And since then, the play is under constant evolution. You wrote and produced the music for the project too. And if we are talking about music, you created the official Miami anthem, "" You were the Lance Vance's voice in GTA Vice City...And we are just saying a few ones.Philip Multimedia Thomas, i mean, Philip Michael Thomas, what's next?


PMT: "SACHA ON BROADWAY" is the project I am most enthusiastic about. Sandi Morais and I have just completed the final script for our ninth production and written the last song in the musical titled "THIS IS IT...ON BROADWAY". We will be conducing a national search for Sacha and the other stars similar to American Idol. All the actors must sing act and dance. I love producing and being apart of creating an original star making vehicle because there are hundreds of talented actors looking for that special original role that will give them fifteen minutes of glory that will last a lifetime. Like the musical Hair was for me when I first started in 1968 and sixteen years later Miami Vice which is still touching the lives of a new generation of fans twenty-two years later. You mentioned Multimedia? We are also in the process of having SACHA ON BROADWAY translated into French by two producers in Montreal, Canada. I am currently collaborating with Melton Mustafa (Miami's own trumpeter extraordinaire) who has performed with such great jazz legends as Nancy Wilson, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Joe Williams just to name a few, on a CD soon to be released.


2)Ell.a Did you intend being an actor? Was it a kind of dream job for you? Or did this happen accidentally?


PMT: Actually I always wanted to be a singer. I love music and it is my heart and soul. I always heard my mother singing around the house and it is the most natural thing to do.I started playing piano at age nine and won my first talent contest at age eleven singing "Rockin' Robin" in a school talent contest. I started writing poetry and lyrics and my first song was titled "Troubled Child", which is one of the twenty-two songs in "SACHA ON BROADWAY'. I was always an athlete and loved to dance. I won a lot of dance contest and I love to sing ballads like Earth Angel. At age fifteen I became a Pentecostal youth minister at Delman Heights Foursquare Gospel Church in San Bernardino, California. I sang in Boys Chorus, Acappela Choir and the Church Choir.In 1968 while I was attending the University of California studying Philosophy and Music my best friend Abraham Yang told me about the auditions for Hair at the Aquarius Theater in Hollywood, California. Between March and September of 1968 I auditioned thirteen times for the Rock Musical Hair and was cast in the San Francisco production. It ran eight shows a week for eighteen months. I starred as Gabe Gabriel in Charles Gordone's Pulitzer Prize winning play No Place to Be Somebody in 1971, with Ben Vereen at the On Broadway Theater in San Francisco and with Terry Alexander who played Johnny at the Morasco Theater in New York. Producer Charles Moss and director David Durston saw me in a performance at the Morasco Theater on Broadway and cast me in my first feature film Stigma where I played Dr. Calvin Crosse. In 1972 Raymond St. Jacques directed Book of Numbers and I starred in my second feature film as Dave Green with Freda Payne (Band of Gold) as my leading lady. I went on to star in eleven other feature film in the United States which include: Sparkle with Irene Cara and I was the voice of Brer Rabbit in Ralph Bakshi's Street Fight with Barry White, Scatman and Charles Gordone. I went on to star in seven Broadway shows including: The selling of a President with Barbara Barry and Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign with Elizabeth Ashley and Michael Butlers Reggae On Broadway with Calvin Lockhart and Oba Babatunde. I cashed in my dreams for reality and acting is my lifetime carrier.


3)Ell.a / Sonny You have more than 30 years of stage and movie experience. Now you returned to the stage and it seems that you're very contented with that situation. could you imagine to do a movie or even a tv show again and would you tell us also why?


PMT: I absolutely love what I am doing. I am focused and concentrated on producing "SACHA ON BROADWAY" but if the right role came along that I felt I really loved and it would be a great role to play? Yes, I would consider it. I know what time it is for me and I am only interested in doing things that I truly love.


4)Ell.a You work for kids for more than a couple of years doing children's music, puppet shows and lately the children's musical "Sacha and the Magic Cookie Maker". What was your strongest intention to get involved with children's affairs? Your own children? Or a special crucial experience?


PMT: My children inspire me to be creative. I believe it is important to demonstrate real life possibilities. I teach my children to be entrepreneurial. It is very important to know you can take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally and become responsible citizens of the world. I have noticed over the years that a lot of children have lost their imagination and don't believe in their potential to fulfill their dreams. Dr. Deborah Levy came to see one of the performances of Sacha at the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center and was very moved by the play. She wrote a review about Sacha that I would like to share with you. "The road to success is not easy ... Everything happens in its own time ... Pursue your dreams with a passion ... Change has to come from you. These are just a small sampling of the powerful statements that resonated in "Sacha". As a nationally, internationally, and locally renown private educator who has worked in the Florida community for the past 30 years in teaching frustrated children to learn to read, this play is one of the most empowering literary pieces I have seen in decades. We need to encourage and empower our youth, and this play is a must for every child and adolescent."
Dr. Deborah LevyPsychologist, North Miami Beach

That is one of the main reasons why I teamed up with Sandi and we became writing partners. We share the same goals and dreams of sending positive messages to the world. "Sacha on Broadway" is a story of Love, hope, courage and the power within. Our Mission is to educate through entertainment. Empower, encourage and inspire people of all ages never to give upon their dream. "When you dare to dream and pursue your dream with passion, all things are possible."


Menno:I would love to see the show in Europe someday, are there any chances after Broadway to go abroad with the show? Any projects in Europe?
Mr.C:South America?


PMT: Yes it is our dream to have "SACHA ON BROADWAY" touring Europe, South America, Japan, Canada and the World. I would love to perform my music live with an orchestra in the near future, that's the only thing I have not done in my wonderful career. I plan to do it will be soon.


5)Menno: You are a man of many talents. You are most well known, naturally of your acting, but you have also showed musical talents. Like you say: "Music is my life." Which artists do you admire and do you feel closely connected to? And why?


PMT: The musical Artists that I admire are from Sam Cook and Quincy Jones to Beethoven and Miles Davis to Mozart and Aretha Franklin to John Williams and Duke Ellington to Billy Holliday and Michael Jackson to Bob Marley and Dionne Warrick and on and on because they have all feed my soul with their delicious cuisine of musical delights. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the artist that I admire. I have known Hugh Masekela since my "Hair" days in San Francisco and we recorded a song I wrote titled "BROTHER 2 BROTHER" in December of 1998 in South Africa at Downtown Studios in Johannesburg with me singing and Hugh Masakela playing his horn and all South African musicians. This song has never been released. It was supposed to be the World Anthem for AIDS DAY. I originally wrote a Hip Hop Version of the song in 1990. While we were recording the song a South African brother said, "I really love this song because it feed the soul." Music is the universal language that speaks to all people.


6)Ell.aYou're looking much younger than you are. What is your mental and physical "secret"?


Mr. C.Seems the Florida's Fountain of Youth its located at your garden.


PMT: I am passionate about health and longevity. Perfect health should be a way of life. In the Bible Solomon said, "˜As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he'. James Allen wrote a wonderful self-image psychology book by the same title "As a Man Thinketh".I have always believed that health is wealth and I have made living a healthy lifestyle number one on my list of priorities. I have been a vegetarian since 1967. I love to dance, jog, swim in the ocean, play tennis, do yoga and karate, lift weights and do aerobics. I do "The Golden Workout", which is a twenty- minute Caribbean dance aerobic routine created by Sandi Morais. The music on the video was produced and performed by me. Everybody needs a tune-up. I also did the photography for her fitness book Tune-Up.I have been experimenting for years to find the best health enhancing products and I am still in search to find the absolute best things to eat and put on my body for Sovereign Health. I don't believe that anything is better than the way God originally made it. I LOVE MY FRESH SQUEEZED JUICE'S and if I never eat anything else, I could live off carrot, apple, sugar cane, watermelon, cantaloupe and all the fresh greens etc. I am living proof that fresh, raw organic and wild- vegetable juices keeps me healthy. I drink at least thirty-two ounces a day and sometime a gallon. When I read Dr. Norman C. Walkers book on "Fresh Juice" I had to say Amen. I love to read books on health and apply the information to my daily life. Dr. Norman C. Walker who lived to be a healthy one hundred and eighteen years old has written some great books and I want to be just like him, AGELESS. Yes, the Fountain of youth is located in the garden of my mind and I believe that anyone can achieve optimum health.I love the MASTER CLENSER / LEMON CLEANSE By Stanley Burroughs (it is fifty pages) and it has been selling since 1940. Today it cost $6.50 and I have purchased many copies to send to people who want to detox and I use it daily and love the benefits. TO DETOX IS A GOLDEN KEY TO A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE. How could I forget, I LOVE SWEET VADALIA ONIONS AND GARLIC AND GINGER and eat them daily and a RAINBOW SALAD and RAW NUTS is a must. I eat seventy-five to ninety-five per cent of my daily food raw. Cooking is not a necessity. Although on occasions I do ENJOY a gourmet meal with all the good stuff (vegetarian). I AM VIBRANT AND HEALTHY FROM THE INSIDE OUT AND I FEEL AGELESS. I know I will find more wonderful health enhancing things as I study and use myself as the laboratory. I love the sauna and steam bath and exercise and the CERA-GEM and dry brush massage and good MUSIC and MEDITATION and LAUGHTER AND HUMOR IS HEALING FOR THE SOUL and GREAT CONVERSATION and working on the projects that I love like "SACHA ON BROADWAY", photography, reading GREAT BOOKS, RECORDING and WRITING AND PUBLISHING ETC.I think what really makes a GREAT LIFE is BALANCE, SPIRITUAL MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and sharing with people you LOVE AND who LOVE YOU BACK. ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE YOU CAN ACHIEVE and IF YOU LOVE ANYTHING ENOUGH...IT WILL GIVE UP ALL IT'S SECRETS". YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND THEN GOD WILL DO THE REST.For more information on Sandi's workout video and her Tune-Up fitness bookcheck


7)Mr. C:You seems very grateful to your Miami Vice past, but of course you are designing / doing new projects. But even being grateful, after so many years, arent you tired ? Do you think sometimes "Ricardo, my man, why dont you leave me alone for some minutes, huh?"


PMT: Do you think Michael Angelo got tired of painting and art? Beethoven and Mozart stopped loving composing the music of the spheres? Shakespeare or any of the creative geniuses of history stopped creating because they finished a chapter in their lives? I look at Ricardo Tubbs and Miami Vice as one chapter in my almost forty years of being an artist. I remember the sixteen years before 1984 to 1989 and seventeen years later. I am more enthusiastic than ever before and look forward to sharing many more chapters in my artistic career. I love intellectual properties like movies, television series, music, DVD's and CD's and books because they have no shelf life and they continue to connect me with the world. From the beginning it was like an explosive compulsion of a new affection and I continue to love it. Like the bird sings it's melody and the fish love to swim in the sea I know this is a blessing for all eternity.


8 )Mr. C: Many ppl thinks (including me) Ricardo Tubbs was even cooler than Sonny Crockett. You looked much more friendly, relaxed and easier to deal with. At same time seems your character had much more healthy habits than Sonny. Now I see your good vibrations message on the e-mail about stay healthy, in mind, body and spirit. Now tell me: Philip Michael Thomas is the same way as Rico? You were always thinking about this healhy stuff or you were someone not so healthy, time ago and you changed? Where ends Philip and where begins Tubbs and vice(opsie!)versa?


PMT: As an artist I believe I have the responsibility to choose to play characters that I believe will enhance myself as a man and also encourage my family and other people to be positive about life and that is why I love playing heroes. Ricardo Tubbs definitely is a healthy man fighting vice and Crime. He is not joining the toxic society. I believe there is a health crisis in the world today and I want to continue to send healthy messages through the most powerful communication medium, which is my lifestyle in everything I do, whether it is on television, motions pictures and music. I have watched many people that I love die because they refused to do the right thing and I took a page out of their bookof life and decided I would make a change. I act and grow rich in mind, body and spirit and everyday and in everyway I get better and better. I wish the same for you.


9)MennoHollywood is a world of opportunism and survivalists. Being a spiritual, easy going, friendly guy, how do you deal with this? Do you think your good natured character got in the way to accomplish bigger things after Vice finished?


PMT: My eldest brother Marcus taught me to visualize as a young boy when I was running track and field and I would win the race in my mind before I ever started moving my legs and I still apply that to my daily VISUALIZATION AND MEDITATION. I look at people like the radio we are all transmitters and receivers. We vibrate on different wave -lengths and I can CHANGE the channel from AM to FM or SHORT WAVE because I am the captain of my ship and the master of my soul.I think my spiritual good-natured character has helped me to cope with all the pit falls that exist in Hollywood. I thank God that I never relied on someone else's opinion to stop me from pursuing my career that has taken me around the world. I had a blast filming the six part mini-series "Extra Large" with Bud Spencer in 1991 and we teamed up together again in another six part mini-series for Rome Italy/ Miami, "We are Angeles" on location for seven months in Costa Rica 1995 and 1996. I starred in twelve international movies and host of fabulous artistic endeavors way beyond Hollywood including receiving an DOCTOR OF ARTS DEGREE, (NOVEMBER 27,1997) SHAW UNVERSITY, RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA. Ownership and control of your life and business is the only way to have a bright future and stop generation curses that plagued most successful actors after the series ends and the A-team is dissolves. That's why I believe so much in my music and other intellectual properties. We hold the master key to success and we must pass on the knowledge by being a successful example in mind, body and spirit.


10)Ell.a People around the world know you basically from the famous duo Crockett and Tubbs of Miami Vice. Your partner was Don Johnson. Some people claim that he is difficult to work with, others assure that he is a very professional and accessible actor. You worked with the man more than 5 years, you should know best. What is your personal opinion about your former partner?


PMT: He is my partner.


11)Ell.a Have you ever thought about the possibility that 20 years after the show's premiere so many people are still "crazy" about Miami Vice all around the world? Does it make you proud being a part of tv history?


PMT: Yes, Absolutely. Miami Vice changed the face of television from gold to platinum and we will continue to enjoy being apart of that history.


12)Menno Vice was bigger than the Beatles as you said once. Do you believe, like Don that it was a show made for just that era? What is your opinion on todays television and movies business? Do you see any shows that can stand in Vice its shadow?


PMT: "History is the final judge of all things". Miami Vice in my opinion seem to be like a tree planted by the rivers of water and brings forth its fruit in its own season. Once the seed has been planted it has a life all of its own and it continues to touch the whole world generation after generation. Lets see what 2014 has to say about it. Television could use a love transfusion. I would like to see more positive vibration shows that entertain and educate. I watch "American Idol" because it is close to what I am doing with "SACHA ON BROADWAY".


13)Mr. C. Many fans got sad because no one from the original cast will be on the new upcoming movie. And I think, its absolutely possible make old timers and new timers happy. But thanks to reasons we cant control, it didnt happen. If they'd call you, would you take part on the new movie or in a 22 years tv special reunion episode? Or "Ah...Miami Vice?....this is way!"? And why?


PMT: Yes, if they would call I would be apart of Miami Vice.


14)Mr. C: We are 22 years away from 1984, the world has changed. Cell phones, mp3, computers are so usual at home like TV. And internet is a place where you can find information about anything. So: Philip Michael Thomas is just an e-mail checker or he thinks: "Hmmm, let me say what ppl still thinks about me all this time". Do you visit Miami Vice discussion forums on internet? Or past its past, im happy it was great, i wont spend my times reading stuff i did 20 years. Or do you simply let the fans speak and you dont care about?


PMT: I am so deeply involved in the production of "SACHA ON BROADWAY" and I love producing this new work of art that all my fans will enjoy. Be on the look out "SACHA" is coming your way soon. I took a rare time out to say hello to Mr. C, Menno, Sonny and Ell.a and I am glad I did because I got a chance to answer these fifteen questions.


15)Mr. C: In the episode "No exit", Tubbs shows some type of "machine gun trauma".In a comparative way, is it true, Philip Michael Thomas got...huh... some type of "going by boat to San Andrews with Don Johnson, facing a wavy and furious ocean" trauma, as in "Calderone's Return"? Would you accept another ride? HhahaahahahhaMenno:Ah Philip, dont pay attention hes just joking.


PMT: Muito Obrigado e grande abraço! Beijos from Sandi!
TUNE-UP by Sandi MoraisStay healthy in mind, body and spirit.
Enjoy the French translation of "FOLLOW YOUR HEART/" É-COU-TE TON COEUR". This song is one of the songs from "SACHA ON BROADWAY", that the Magic Goodmother sings to Sacha in the Dream as she takes her thru the "˜Forest of Imagination" and helps Sacha to find the "Bridge to Forever".
God bless always, Abraços.
Philip Michael Thomas


Philip Michael Thomas «Follow your heart» 

Original Music & Lyrics : Philip Michael Thomas / Sandi Morais



Follow your heart Wherever it leads you

True love. Will never deceive you

There's a pot of gold At the end of the rainbow

Across the bridge to forever You will find What you've been searching for.

Love will open any door Never give up. On what you believe in

Follow your heart Trust what you're feeling

Follow your heart It will guide you Listen to.

What lives inside of you? Listen to what lives inside of you You will find. 

What you've been searching forLove. Will open. Any door You will find what.

You've been. Searching for. Follow your heart Follow your heart Follow your heart F-o-l-l-o-w.

Your heart Your heart (Musical Bridge) Stand tall and reach For the moon and the stars

Your dream is never ever too far Spread your wings and get ready to fly

Over the clouds. And up into the sky.

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

F-o-l-l-o-w...Your heart Your heart Your heart Your heart!


Philip Michael Thomas
"Follow your Heart" ©2001 Sacha Music
Original Music & Lyrics : Philip Michael Thomas / Sandi Morais - (English and original version)  - © 2006 Éditions 12e Art
French lyrics (adapted translation): Yves Ladouceur / Suzanne Taillon


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