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Exklusive Interview Fiona Flanagan - Englisch

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Und wieder präsentieren wir euch ein Interview mit einem Darsteller von Vice.Dieses mal ist es die kleine Miss Jackie aus der gleichnamigen Folge - Fiona Flanagan.Vielen Dank an Miamijimf, der dieses Interview möglich gemacht hat.


1. Let me start by saying I was an admirer of your music and acting from the start. I appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions about your experiences as a guest star in the Little Miss Dangerous episode.


2. How did you get selected for the role as Jackie and did you have to audition for it?


I auditioned in NY for the casting director, Bonnie Timmerman.


3. While a Guest DJ on V-66 in Boston you said, "When the people in Miami got that script for the homicidal hooker they called me immediately and said I could wear my own clothes." You were kidding, right?




4. Did you or the other actors contribute any of your own ideas to the scenes?


I think Philip Michael Thomas added some dialogue in the safe house. I remember feeling a little confused. But it worked out well.


5. Philip Michael Thomas has a reputation as a really nice person. What was he like to work with?


He was very nice. Easygoing.


6. The script didn't call for much interaction with Don Johnson but what was your impression of him?


He was, nice, too. We had a few mutual acquaintances from the music business. I think it was his birthday while I was there. He blew out candles on a big cake. He had a big smile on his face.


7. Does any other actor or member of the Production Company stand out in your memory?


Olivia and Saundra were both very welcoming. Saundra told me she was singing. Olivia I bumped into later in Manhattan and I was amazed that she remembered me. The director, Leon Ichaso, was out of this world. I'll never forget him. I loved working for him. He was so clear in his instructions and he called me "Milky" because my legs were so white. He bought me cuban coffee and picked me up at the airport. I was crazy about him. I liked Larry Joshua. He was very friendly. On the first day Leon introduced me to Viggo Mortensen, Cat. But he was sick so he had to go home and Larry came in with just a few hours notice.


8. What do you remember about shooting the scenes? Did you have sufficient rehearsal time and did they have more than one take for each shot?


Some scenes Leon rehearsed with me the day before shooting began. Others, like the one in the motel were more about getting the shot with a camera on a long crane and the timing of running up the stairs, and the lights, etc. There wasn't much time to do things over and over but it was enough.


9. Did you watch Miami Vice before or after your guest appearance? If so what did you like about it?


I don't remember when I started watching. I knew of it and of the two guys and that it was a huge show. When I did watch, I liked the way it was lit and the clothes and how much I cared about the characters. The musical guest stars were a kick, too.


10. Despite the fact that the episode was fiction and everyone interprets the motivations of the characters differently Vice fans like to debate several questions. It would be interesting to hear your feelings about two of these questions:


a. At the end of the episode your character said, "I understand." What do you think she meant by that?


I think she understood that he didn't love her and that she didn't blame him.


b. Tubbs got personally involved and put his career on the line, which was unusual for him. Was it mainly because he was attracted to Jackie or was it sympathy for another young girl gone wrong?


I didn't feel he was attracted to Jackie, I felt it as sympathy, which Jackie initially misunderstood.


11. The show's creators considered the music as important as the actors or locations. How did you like Jan Hammer's score and the popular songs in the episode? Do you think this music blended well and contributed to the emotional impact of the story?


The score was great. I loved Ted Nugent's Little Miss Dangerous, too.


12. Do you think any of your songs would have fit well in the soundtrack?


Sure. Good idea, a little too late!


13. What do you remember about the luxurious "Safe House" where you and Philip had the one on one discussions and the ending took place? Any other locations come to mind?


I remember it was a spare white house, very impressive space and empty. It felt very Miami and modern to me. A lot of the shoot was at night so I remember walking along a wall by the beach and being in parking lots.


14. Any humorous or interesting experiences while on the sets?


My friend, Mira, flew down with me and they gave her a line at the beginning--"you're gonna hear from my lawyer."


15. The ending was sad but what do you think of the plot and story?


Fantastic! Are you kidding, it was fantastic!


16. What did you think of Miami and Miami Beach? If you didn't get a chance to sightsee in '85, any other visits?


The water was so blue, the sand so white. Very tropical to me. I remember the Big Baby Blue Fountainbleu? Foutainblue? Hotel I think. I liked the art deco stucco architecture.


17. Your acting in Vice and the ’87 movie Hearts of Fire with Bob Dylan was as remarkable as your music. Did you pursue more acting roles?


Yes, on and off but I was mostly focused on music.


18. I know I speak for all your fans when I say I hope you continue to enjoy private life as a wife and mother while singing occasionally in venues like the Hard Rock. At the same time I would like to see your musical and/or acting talents in the spotlight again.


That's very kind of you. AHHHH!

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