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Murder Incorporated

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Murder IncorporatedCrockett and Tubbs are sent undercover in New York to try and bring down a group of drug dealers operating from inside the city. No back up. No help. All they’ve got is each other.This is a welcome distraction from my 80,000 word MV project that is stealing much of my leisure time at the moment. I reached an impasse while writing a really emotional scene, and needed a break. This inspired me, so it'll be my secondary project!! I love projects. Enjoy, my friends, enjoy! ****“Sonny, Rico. My office.†Lieutenant Castillo had perfected the art of speaking quietly and yet still being able to have complete attention the moment the first syllable left his mouth. His voice cut straight through the conversation being conducted by his two best detectives, working away at their desks.“Like I said to him--if he would just keep his hands out of the flake, it wouldn’t be such a problem!†Sonny Crockett continued to tell his anecdote to his partner, Ricardo Tubbs, as they walked towards their Lieutenant. “Some people just don’t know when to quit.†Tubbs answered, hoping his response would reassure his slightly agitated partner.“Lieutenant?†Crockett greeted their superior as they sat down and watched him expectantly.Martin Castillo was silent for a long moment before turning to them. “We have a lead in the Sanchez case.â€That made both detectives sit upright in their chairs. The Sanchez case was one that had been going down, on and off, for the past four months. Crockett and Tubbs had been involved briefly, but pulled out when it was clear the investigation was starting to get dangerous. To preserve their more valuable covers, they had been replaced with other officers--who had turned up dead, only three weeks later. Since then, Sanchez had pulled his operation up and had practically disappeared. Sonny had known the cops who had bought it as a result of them being pulled out-and revenge would be nice. He saw Rico glance at him. He returned the expression. His partner knew how cut up he was about this.“We have reason to believe that they are now operating in New York. I have send two men undercover to bring them down.â€â€œIn New York?†Rico picked up, “Why can’t they do it?â€â€œBecause they want the best.†Castillo answered abruptly. “You will be doing it without the support of the NYPD. There can be no contact with anyone outside of the organization. That’s what caused the deaths last time.â€Alarm bells had started to ring in Tubbs‘ head. That meant no back up. No back up meant no help. It would just be him and Crockett, against the ruthless and dangerous Sanchez. But he looked at Crockett and saw the hunger in his partner’s green eyes. The way he was leaning forward in his chair, almost as if he was raring to go. “What’s the set up?†Crockett asked, although Tubbs could tell his mind was already made up.“You’ll be put in an apartment. All you need to do is get evidence that Sanchez murdered almost all the old competition.â€â€œAnd who are the new competition?†Tubbs continued, dreading the answer.“You.†Crockett stood. “We’re in.†He turned his head to look at Tubbs, who didn’t seem quite so sure. “No back up, Crockett. No nothing if we get into trouble.â€â€œThen we just won’t get into trouble.†Sonny shot back. “Think about the cops who got killed by these guys, Tubbs. We can get them put down for that!â€â€œI remember. I also remember that we had machine guns pointed in our faces, and we were both nearly killed.†Tubbs folded his arms.“What’s your problem, Tubbs? Why are you so uptight ‘bout this? It’s New York, you keep saying how much you wanna go back there!†Sonny neglected to mention their last mission to New York, which had been dangerous to say the least. “You could see Valerie...â€Still Rico wasn’t convinced. Castillo could see that. “You have twenty-four hours to make a decision.â€â€œNo need. We’re in.†Crockett continued to meet Tubbs‘ gaze, “Aren’t we?â€â€œSounds risky.†“Come on, Rico, where’s your sense of adventure?†Sonny grinned, “It’ll be fun.â€â€œRico?†Castillo prompted.“This is important to me, Rico.†Tubbs looked into his partner’s green eyes and saw the desperation. He knew how bad Sonny felt about all this. He knew how bad Sonny wanted Sanchez. And he knew his mind had already been made up. He sighed, “Well, he ain’t going on his own. I’m in.â€Sonny smiled, and Castillo nodded. “You will be given some money by the department. Flight leaves tomorrow at ten. I expect you back in a month.â€Tubbs stood, pulling his jacket down. Crockett nodded to the Lieutenant, “We better get ready then.â€Tubbs was already leaving the office, and Crockett had to walk quickly to fall into step beside him. He reached out and gently touched Rico’s forearm, “Thanks, partner.†He intoned softly.Tubbs turned to look him directly in the eye, “What is this, man? You wanna bring Sanchez down? Or do you want revenge so you can stop feeling so guilty?â€Crockett stared at him, “I wanna get him, Rico, you know that.â€Tubbs watched him. “We’ll get the evidence, deliver it, and then get the hell out of there.†He turned and started to walk away.“Tubbs, what’s your problem, man?†Sonny wasn’t liking this feeling. He took two steps after his partner.As he reached the door, Tubbs turned to look at him one last time. “I don’t want our names added to the list of the dead, Sonny.†Sonny watched the door slam shut behind his partner. He looked away. He wanted Sanchez. Badly.Why couldn’t Tubbs understand that?****

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