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Scot from S.C.

Season One single side for $ on....

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Scot from S.C.

I was in Target today, and as usual, I always peruse the dvd section. Well I saw season one of our beloved show for $9.99. Now of course I have all five sets that I bought as they were released, but my season one has a few episodes that sometimes will freeze up for a second. I am sure it is because they are double sided since they have done that since day one. I saw about four of them left on the shelf. One season one box was noticeably thicker than the others. After handling mine at home for a few years now, I knew that this box had to contain single sided season one dvds. I looked on the back of the box, but it said double sided dvds. I had a feeling that Universal just reused the same backing on the boxes. I bought the series one set and they are single sided discs!This is an incredible deal for single sided dvds of season one. I thought I saw the same thing at Wal-Mart about two months ago, but I passed. I am glad that I went with common sense and my instincts. If you see them at your local store, trust me when I say you can see and feel the difference. Now I have a set for downstairs and one for upstairs in my bedroom. :D

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