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Hello everyone!!!! *waves excitedly*I've been toying with the idea of possibly creating a Miami Vice fanzine...based on the ones I have read, which is are excellent (one made me cry today)...written by today's Miami Vice fans. I have read some amazing fiction on here and I was thinking that it could be shared with all the Miami Vice fans in THE WORLD. (Yes, this does tie in with my plans for WORLD DOMINATION. But don't tell anyone.)So...I was just wondering if anyone...well, what peoples' thoughts were, really. I've checked into copyright rules and...I can't find any real problems as long as we don't make any profit (but it would be distributed online so it would be free in terms of not costing us to print) and don't say "I OWN SONNY CROCKETT."Because, let's face it, if I did own Sonny Crockett.... *imagines*I want to know what people think. If anyone knows if it is illegal by the way, then please yell at me and I shall hide my face under the desk in shame. But if people would like to be involved in...*drumroll* A project written for fans by fans (yes, that sounds good. Yeah. I'll write that down...)Then I would very, very much like to hear from you. And now I am going to attempt to write a similar message in German. Which considering I cannot speak or write German...and have only my trusty partner Google Translator, we could have issues. However! I am willing to try! Reisin has already registered an interest, if that helps. This isn't Lil' Gina trying to take over the world by herself. day...I shall rule the world and Don Johnson WILL be mine. Even if he is cryogenically frozen...YAY!Lil' Gina :happy:

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