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Episode #52 "Better Living Through Chemistry"

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Just watched this one again and I agree with most of the comments here. For me, this episode had great elements such as the scenery, music and action sequences. It also had the potential for some great plot lines. The synthetic coke, the possible drug wars, Sonny's undercover gig, Tubb's ex partner....all fantastic ideas that never really got off the ground due to getting diluted in the mix. I like many of the Izzie performances throughout the series, but in this episode he seemed out of place.

I can best relate this episode to a culinary creation, cooking with the finest ingredients but in the end the final dish just isn't that delicious. This is by no means a bad episode, but it could have been much better with just a little more focus and direction. It will always remain worth watching, but 6/10 would be my score.

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Lackluster episode but it surely had great potential to have been marvelous. I recently watched over this one again, I think it has too much going on in the episode. 


The story with Tubbs' former partner being there and a major part was interesting, but then you have the chemical cocaine, the drugs wars, Crockett left out by himself deep undercover, and then the murder/blackmail/revenge side piece.


it don't all go together, but there's a lot of really good ideas here. 

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This episode is a mixed bag for me.

Love the opening. The music is great, especially Sledgehammer. Good scenery. Love seeing Izzy's house. I dig the whole nightclub vibe of this episode. For some reason, when I watched Cocaine Cowboys I thought of this and the pilot the most. I also love the assault on the nightclub.

The Michael Jackson wannabe who died from the drugs was pretty frickin dreadful.

I've never liked the track Rico's Blues. Clarences girlfriend makes up for it though.

Kinda felt bad for Clarence at the end.

Overall it has a lot of good ideas but it just never really takes off.


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