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Exclusive Interview With Larry Joshua (Cat) From LMD - English

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Here is our very own exclusive interview with Larry Joshua, Cat, from Little Miss Dangerous courtesy of Miamijimf.


1. Let me start by saying I am an admirer of your acting on Vice as well as your performances in Spiderman and Dances with Wolves. I appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions about your experiences in the Little Miss Dangerous (LMD) episode.


Thank you Jim and this interview is my pleasure.


2. According to Fiona Flanagan , who played Jackie, Viggo Mortensen was originally selected to play Cat but was sick and you came in with just a few hours notice. How did you get selected for the role and how difficult was it to play Cat on short notice?


I did audition for the role of Cat. However, I was not the producer's first choice. I did not know who the actor was that I was going to be replacing. I was told by my agent to get on a flight to Miami and that was cool with me. Since I had already read the episode script and had auditioned, I felt prepared.


3. LMD was essentially Fiona ’s first experience as an actress. She wrote about you, “I liked Larry Joshua. He was very friendly.” What was she like to work with?


I could tell Fiona was young, but talented. Fiona is a people kind of person so she was inclusive and it was wonderful to work with her.


4. I have noticed that you have stayed in touch with Fiona . What do you think about her revived singing career?


Recently, we have gotten in touch, much to my delight. When we were shooting LMD Fiona had another woman with her. I don't remember who she was or her name, but she was cool. She played for me a cassette (yup a cassette) of Fiona 's music. I thought that Fiona had a great rock pipes and I judged her hard because I was also in a band at that time. I think it's a credit to her talent and desire that she can still rock.


5. Did you or the other actors contribute your own ideas or ad-libs to the LMD scenes?


Working with Fiona and with both Don and Michael, I found they were all open to ideas. They were all committed to the work.


6. Philip Michael Thomas has a reputation as a really nice person. What was he like to work with?


Yes he is very nice. Michael I thought had an "island" feel to him, because he was really chilled out and mellow.


7. The script called for your interaction with Don Johnson. What was your impression of him?


I enjoyed working with Don. We hit it off. was in "D.J.Ville" and it was cool. Miami Vice was the absolute hottest thing going. Don and Michael were like rock stars. I did work with Don again on his T.V. show Nash Bridges along with Cheech.


8. Does any other actor or member of the Production Company stand out in your memory?


We shot most of that episode on the streets and crowd control was very important. I don't unfortunately remember any of the names of the crew etc., but they were all very cool with me.


9. What do you remember about shooting the scenes? Did you have sufficient rehearsal time and did you do the alley scene where you ambushed Sonny in one take?


Leon Ichaso the director knew how he wanted to shoot every scene. In the scene where I ambush Sonny , that scene took most of the night to shoot. We rehearsed every step so it was right and no one got hurt. In all one hour episodic programs the show's cast knows the crew, knows their characters and the show's style better than the episodes "guest" director. However, Leon handled that very well. I was fortunate to work together with Leon again years later on the feature Sugar Hill.


10. Did you watch Miami Vice before or after your guest appearance? If so what did you think about it?


I was a fan of Miami Vice before I booked the job. At that time, Miami Vice was a must see It was certainly cutting edge T.V. in so many ways.


11. Despite the fact that the episode was fiction and everyone interprets the motivations of the characters differently Vice fans like to debate several questions. It would be interesting to hear your feelings about these questions if you have an opinion about them:a. Do you think Cat was a sympathetic character because his obsession with Jackie was in a way understandable or was he totally at fault for tolerating her murders?


I came to Cat believing that people who are disenfranchised from our society for any reason have a different reality and code that they live by. There was for sure a conflict between survival and principle, but in the end I thought of Cat as a good cat.


b. Tubbs got personally involved and put his career on the line, which was unusual for him. Was it mainly because he was attracted to Jackie or was it sympathy for another young girl gone wrong?


I'm sure he was attracted to Jackie. That's the conflict, to have feelings, be compassionate and do the right thing.


12. The show’s creators considered the music as important as the actors or locations. How did you like Jan Hammer ’s score and the popular songs in the episode? Do you think this music blended well and contributed to the emotional impact of the story?


No doubt the score and the songs are an important part of the storytelling. The music direction for the entire series was stellar.


13. Can you think of any other songs that would have fit well in the soundtrack?


Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band "Her Strut"


14. One scene shows you following Sonny on a motorcycle. It looks like a stuntman crashed into the door but did you get to do any of the bike riding?


I did not.


15. Any humorous or interesting experiences while on the sets?


I slept very little and I had a great time that's all I can say.


16. The ending was sad but what do you think of the plot and story?


I thought it was very well written, acted and shot. "This is what you want ... This is what you get" by Public Image made the story haunting.


17. Did you incorporate any personal or prior acting experiences into the character of Cat?


You always bring something of yourself along to your character. I was like many New York actors and actresses. I lived free and N.Y.C. as well as the acting classes were the classroom.


18. What did you think of Miami and Miami Beach? If you didn't get a chance to sightsee in '85, any other visits?


Being from New York the East Coast of Florida and Miami are familiar. Miami is a happening city. I didn't do any site seeing on that trip, I had just become a father for the first time so I hurried home to New York when I completed shooting.


19. Of all your roles, what is your favorite?


Sergeant Bauer in "Dances with Wolves"


20. I know I speak for all your fans when I say I hope you continue to be successful and enjoy life. Are you involved in other endeavors besides acting? Any TV or movie acting roles in the works?


Thank you Jim and I do appreciate all the kind words and thoughts. I am working on some writing projects while I still look for work as an Actor. Thanks again.

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