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Lambo trying to be like Porsche and Ferrari with the SUV's.

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the worst part is what the base car is, its more or less a volkswaggen Tiguan, and Lambo isnt the only one that's going to have it, Bentley of all people is going to have one as well, like the entire range of people under their umbrella will have them


and just thinking they go from making a WO bentley, and the Type R contental to this




I mean that is a disgrace if I've ever seen one, and it begs the question of how much dough they'd be bringing in if they had followed the James Bond Books and given him his bentley 4 liter and the Contental in the movies.


and atleast with lambo you could say its tied back to the LM002.


but I just wish these guys would put valentino incharge already, he basically is the keeper of the flame over there, I mean I want to like lamborghini, its not something I find plessure in hating (unlike the C7, although they did fix the front end on the Z06, and I figured out a way to fix the back end while using the new look in a new way)


but I just dont get the sense that they make cars for fun, pleasure and for the enthast anymore, and now there just posermobiles. Hell I literally just watched the Dark Knight right before halloween for the first time, and I remembered Noland bringing up that lambo gave them two free cars to crash.


and I felt no pitty for the car once it got wacked, as a matter of fact I frounded when Michael Caine said and smiled, the lamborghini sir.


granted if you wanted to wreck an expensive car, eh no harm done in that respect, and I would have had him driven around in a black sedan, like they did in the 1989 film.

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They should just stick with what they know, huh.

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Sorry if I rubbed your wrong there, its just weird and shocking, I mean with the porsche group having one it was because the demand has always been high for it, and apparently its what kept them afloat, and porsche has been known for making weird or trendy cars from time to time, like the 914, the 924, 944 and 928.


take the Panamera for instance





the idea of a 4 door porsche has been experemented with over the years, and once or twice by the factory from time to time using the 911 as the basis.




as the porsche mag excelence had an article all about it to go along with the introduction of the Panamera awhile back, to sort of ease the blow, so in that particular instance I can see them doing it as germany is a rural kind of country with lots of forests and mountains, so it fits.


and there going to be making a baby one too


so it fits the character of the company, Bentley though, it just doesnt seem right from the standpoint of the companies illustrious history, given they've always being connected to Rolls Royce, either fighting them or being a part of them, or in the WO days, Buggati, where the bentley was the heavyweight tank, and the Buggati was the light, Nimble and elegant supercar of its day.


and truly a work of art, while the WO was the sledgehammer to the screwdriver in that equation and capable of taking extreme punishment before breaking, as David Nivan had one during the war that he flipped, and just pushed it right back on its wheels and kept going, and in one of the Food network programs some guy was using a tatered and rusted 3 liter as an offroad estate car



actually now that you think of it you could say there target is Land Rover/Jaguar with it, and thinking that takes the shock off of it, hell maybe I'm wrong in this regard, if its targeted at the land rover it does make quite abit more sense and doesnt seem as bad now.


something with purpose vs what at first seems like a bad cash grab using a volkswaggen with a new body.


as long as its actually a capable offroader like land rover is



maybe that's the key


and maybe that's the thing, Buggati and Bentley are owned by the same company, so the rivalry idea is out the window, although the Rolls thing is still there, along with Land Rover.



although it makes it seem like next your going to see the Grey Pupon guy with one, sitting in a shalow river fly fishing on a folding chair saying do you want some grey pupon.


Lamborghini though, the funny thing was the LM002 was called that as Lambo was actually trying to compete with the Humvee back in the 1980's, trying to get the contract for it with what was called the Cheetah.


it failed but they decided to produce the LM002 anyways, and it had its place because that was the character of lambo, to do crazy unexpected things


think like a Comedy Duo, the straight man, the egon, and then the crazy one, the Venkman.


which is kinda ferrari/lambo, although thinking that, what is the purpose of a lambo SUV then? I mean no purpose would be the return to the lambo ideal really


hmm maybe I'm wrong on both counts then..... still though Urus....... a reuse of that V10 engine........... 4 wheel audi drive.......


Should be called the Urraco, have a V6/V8/V12 selection (as no one makes a V12 Suv, or even a V12 Hybrid, which would be a worthy world first!) and two wheel drive and a stick shift.


then I could say thats a lambo, as for a car to be worthy of that name, it needs to be idiosyncratic, as if its safe, easy to drive and makes sense, its not worthy of the name, as its gotta have atleast one thing weird or unconventional about it


I mean that is why I think that porsche is still porsche, there always screwing around with some new Technology and idea and doing weird and different things properly


and ferrari will do anything in the search of more speed, while lambo just uses conventinal tech until they have to do something different to accomplish something, and even then its much more focused on the materals and bodies rather than the engines.


and as one of the original engineers who worked on the dodge viper said, the car is just a place to store my engine, so they kinda need to do something there.


actually hold on, Ferrari already made a V12 hybrid.


I will give them credit on one thing though, I do like the look of that V10 Hybrid, probably because the hood seems to be a proper length now




vs the hurican


but yet again, the feeling that its a netuered 5 liter instead of 8 liter v10 keeps poping up in my head when I think of the lambo V10, not to mention how smooth and slippery those cars look, I kinda want someone to stick a TA Mopar hood on the engine bay just for the hell of it frankly.

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You know after watching the Metcalf video of the testarossa,




and the 5th gear video on it



and this one




it becomes rather puzzling....... why ferrari would build the TR the way they did, as the countach had racing Rose joint/ suspension, a V12 producing 450 HP, it was purpose built, anything that could malfunction was stripped off, hence why it has no brake servo's and no power windows, and its down right superlegeria construction


and those famous slots on it are there to help prevent the thing being sucked out at speed, and also to prevent the problems that came with tempered glass back then


plus its construction, its Fiberglass, just like a corvette.


then when you start to think about it, things start to make sense if you look back at its predecessors from the 1960's


now ferrari back in its day was known for making 3 things, Grand Turismo Cars, Special edition GT cars with custom coachwork in the 1950's and the race specials, the testarossa's, the 250 GTO namely


both of which are live axel cars, as ferrari was keen on sticking with tried and true technology, as back then he wanted to stick with drums, which sounds ludicris now as we've reliably mastered them, but back then even in 1968, they were troublesome to mass produce



then comes along Feruchio Lamborghini, a man who worked his way up the ladder selling tractors and doing tractor pulls to prove that his tractor was supperior to the competition, and he starts to sample the fruits of his labor, buying expensive new cars from Jaguar, Maserati and finally Ferrari, only to have the clutch given him trouble


and for him to be stonewalled by enzo about it, only to find out its one of his clutche's/gearboxes from one of his tractors in this ferrari 250 GT, so naturally abit pissed about his own product being misused and rigged up wrong, as it was easily fixed by one of his tractor workers, so he set out to make his own car.


first endevouring to directly compete and offer an alternative to the 250, the 350 GT, and then the 400, all the while supposedly loosing money on the whole thing, all just to spite ferrari.


and being a working man, he did his best to settle things and be fair with the unions, even letting his employees do what they want with the materials after work, as long as the final product belongs to the company.


now around 1965, Lotus and the Clark F1 team won with the Torpedo midengined lotus 65 race cars, probably easily besting the front engined cobras that were being used quite heavily at that time period, and well the british influence was notable in italy, as with the success of the MINI and the effect the jaguar E type had on the high performance car world, it would be understandable that some people in italy would want to take that influence and do something with it


and also Enzo owned and operated a mini cooper back then


much like the way that ferrari was influenced by packard, and that ferrari was influenced by the Thunderbird, which resulted in him coming up with the 250 Californian spider


lamborghini, or rather his workers were influenced by the british, and decided to make a futuristic chasis using an engine mounted just like it was on the rally racing king, the mini, and even supposedly using a similar oil and crank case set up, all after hours, and just for the hell of it they put the chasis up at an autoshow to see how people would react to it.


and react they did, to the point where it was quickly rushed into production with a thrown on body by Ghandini, resulting in a loveable, iconic and memorable aerodynamic and mechanical nightmare and failure.


with heavy front end lift, the engine's crank case and oil pan sharing the same oil which under heavy cornering caused the pressure to drop like a stone, which probably caused engine damage, given it was oiling 12 not 4 Cylinders, hence the change to a dry sump system on the SV, the final version in the early 1970's that is being restomodded to practically every car that goes in for a restoration,


a radiator that sat lower than the car, causing air bubbles to form and cause overheating if you didnt know where the bleed screw was, and the carbs being mounted sideways could have caused the fuel lines come undone, as the webbers probably werent deisgned for it


basically for as advanced and as passionately made the car was, it was without a doubt an italian piece of crap that just had a really nice interior, chasis, engine and bodywork, a car better suited for a museum than a road in its current state, hence why when its forerunner showed up and did away with all of the problems, miuras back in the 1970's and 1980's, unlike the daytona, were utterly worthless and hardly seen in anything past there sell by date, hell there was reports of a few miuras being made past 1973 out of spare parts and sold off, something that wouldnt of happened if the demand had been higher for them.


and its only now that it was known of how few were made that the collectors market for them has exploded and the demand to restomod them has lead to all of those known serious issues being fixed, at high expense, most notably all of them being converted to SV and Jota Spec


so its only just now for the price of a new lamborghini, that you can get a sorted miura, and even then I still think the headlights look like they were off of a Volkswaggen if it doesnt have the eyelashes to break up the nose, like they did on the earily ones


and the sooner those are replaced and redone to look like the jota if it doesnt have the eyelashes, the better



as that is the difference between the car looking alright, and beautiful in my eyes, as the headlights look better in the upward postion and pulled back provided the funnels are painted to match the style of the car, basically black to match the area it originally was, although there are exceptions


but what does this have to do with ferrari? I'd wadger Ferrari Knew of the miura's many, MANY problems, crashes, flips, fires and break downs (as you can see in the lambo section of the ferrari chat website) and decided in his usual tradition to use all of the tried and true technology to make HIS vision of a future car, the daytona


styled in the style of an american car, IE very flat, but angular to help with the aerodynamics, as in 1960, this is what europe considered a sport couple


and this is what america considered a sport coupe


while the first design is from the late 1940's/early 1950's, and alot of people were making cars that looked like this until 1968 in europe, while we were moving on to the flared and muscular stage at that point,


hence why people used to laugh off people in mark 2's


around the time James May was in school in the 1970's, as he noted on top gear years ago, as car style wise back then it was the equavelent of going around in a top hat or to go around dressed up like Sherlock homes on Miami Vice



and it was probably heavily influenced by the aerodyanmic racer that the 250 GTO must have gone against a few times, the shelby daytona, with its controversial Karma tail that people thought was ugly back then.


of which the daytona has, as it requries no spoiler to keep it on the ground and from taking off, in the front OR back for that matter, also I would imagine that the miura has the same handling tendancies as the Porsche 911, given its engine is mounted the same way as they did there I believe.


and well it took porsche 5 years to sort out the tree loving back end of the 911 in 1968, and even then that characteristic has always been key with a 911, for those who love it and have mastered it,


and for those who didnt like the ground slipping from behind then around a long bend at 90 MPH on thin 1960's tires and a rear mounted engine.  of which the SV version had wider rear tires and rims on the miura, something like 10 to 12 inches of rubber on back, like a 1980's porsche 911 turbo.


and yanks....well we dont trust midengined or rear engined cars without 4 wheel drive that much, nor does the rest of the world really.


so that would mean to make a predictible, capable and fast car that wont kill you that has a V12, not a V6 like the dino, it had to be front engined, hence why the daytona was made that way, and I would have figured the next car after it would have also been made this way.



thing was Lamborghini decided to fix the broken miura, by sticking with the cabin size, and redesigning the chasis in a much more modern and capable way, probably in a way they knew would work, they designed the front somewhat like a daytona, using a similar design to the plexy headlamps for the turn signals to give it its distinct face


and tradtional pop ups above it, that way if you got into an accident with the front, they would still work, unlike on the miura where it would be inoperable


and went with a tubular racing chasis, instead of the chasis that the miura had, that was made like an aircraft chasis and drilled out for weight, with undesired results, like bending the frame if you jacked it up in the wrong spot and in general low resistance to corriosion


and they also remounted the V12 like you would in a front engined car, front to back to help curb its 911'ness and mounted the transmission under the engine, and the doors were rigged up in a way to help deal with the window breakage and possible failings at high speed, basically everyway the miura zagged the countach zinged.


and was actually, unlike the miura a good car, and that is all a countach was, a fixed miura, as they even shared the same engine for quite some time.


so this forced ferrari to seriously make a midengined V12, the Berlineta boxer, which had issues, but not anywhere near as bad as the miuras, mostly the issue was driver comfort, as with the water lines directly under the car and the car being designed to be as much of a racer as possible, it wasnt a very comfortable car to drive, as the cabin would heat up from regular driving it was more a racer special kind of car that was never imported to the US offically.


with a harder suspension, brakes and the like, bascially with the water pipe thing, imagine the dodge vipers sidepipes, and how much you can feel that in the cabin, as that's atleast 30 to 50 degrees of heat radiating into the cabin in that spot, same deal with the BB


so you had the countach and the BB competeting with each other, the BB having the advantage of being thinner and much easier to see out of, but having driver comfort problems and a harsh ride, something kinda un ferrari like with its GT history.



plus the countach had problems of its own, the most famous being no sychro's for its brakes, thus requiring a good stomp to stop it, a heavy racing clutch, no power steering in a very cramped interior and no rear visibility



nor storage of any sort, and with that nose it was hard to gauge where the corners are, plus the windows only roll down manually about 4 inches.


along with the mirrors and rear view, its purely one of those cars where its ment to be a rocket and nothing else, hence why it was always noted for being as brutally honest about its purpose as the dodge viper, which was basically the countach of the modern age, just like the cobra before it, and thus its charm has endured to this day with school children and car enthasts to this day, as its the purest about its purpose, to go fast, the ideal of it.


and with the aerodynamics, they fixed the front end lift by making it as aerodynamic as a rock, thus requiring all of that HP to reach 165 with the pre quatrovalve models. hence its gas mileage, which was as bad as a 427 cobra medium riser GT 40 engine, 5 to 8 on the 455 QV


so ferrari seeing all this, decided to make the ferrari daytona of the 1980's, the testarossa


with an aerodynamically designed body, hence the two lip spoiler in the front to direct air into the radiators and the one below to keep the air level and smooth below, thus only requiring the car to have a 380 HP motor to reach the same speed as the countach, a HP and gas savings of about 70 and an MPG of 12 to 18 on a 30 gallon tank, just like the daytona


and the testarossa, while it didnt have the punch the countach had, that didnt matter above 65 MPH, as that's when the wind resistance kicked in on it, hence why you see all of these pop rockets being faster in the quarters than the supercars pre 2010, when the supercar world started to take note of it and how it might effect sales.


hence the assault weapons as Motor Trend so fondly called them, the La ferrari, the Porsche 918 and the Nike Swoosh Mclaren P1 and why they've really been focusing on getting the zero to 60 times down to sub 4 seconds, as quarters usually end with the pop rockets at 11 onwards.


and also this mentality was also brought in with the interior, you can acutally reach around and move in a testarossa, without the heat radition coming off of the water pipes, where as the countach, its like being strapped into a Nasa rocket chair, fun for a short time, but tiring unless you hardcore love the thing.


plus the extra storage space behind the seat, a rear defroster, yes really a TR had a rear defroster and a dino like rear window with alot of visibility and a decent trunk for a car of its class, a grand turismo for the 1980's, and that was the thing, everyone knew it and bought them.

probably far more than the countaches that they could only put out 3 a week with, after all there was a reason why Lamborghini went bankrupt and was bought out mutiple times between 1973 and 2000, yet ferrari once under fiat ownership never went bankrupt.


so that is the way a testarossa should be looked at, its not a knock off of the countach to cash in on its image, its a midengined ferrari daytona grand turismo for the 1980's that matches the performance of the countach with none of the sacrifices the countach requires of its driver to reach the same speeds and performance.



and its not as wide, as its not as badly flarred and doesnt require 300 some size tires on the rear, which has to cut down on the cost of tires on that thing.

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You know its funny today I was just fiddling around with the model of the TR I bought recently, the Eidolin/make up 1/43 Scale Miami Vice version of it, of which I got extremely lucky to even find.






and I noticed it doesn't work well with like colors, like if I stick it up in the bed room with its light blue, valspar filtered shade color


it looks downright washed out, and blah. Downstairs in the workroom however, surrounded by dark grey's, brown's, yellowish wood it looks great.


while the 1:18 inspector morse jaguar that I bought in dark red, fits rather nicely in that same bedroom.




as this photo kinda shows actually.


So I wonder if maybe this was the reason why they went with white in S3, as the colors shifted away from the bright colors of the earlier season of which the daytona drastically contrasted by being Black, to White


and maybe this is the reason why I keep thinking damn it I wish they had left it black metallic when they went back to the pastel's and grey's for S4 and S5, Especially with the white soft focus look of the later episodes had.

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New Ford GT announced, apparently it has a twin Turbo V6 onboard



Very Reminicent of the Famous RS200 Group B rally car and the Citroen GT concept, mixed in with a Capparo T1, and MC P1, Reportedly 600 + HP


unknown if it has a straight or a V6 at present.


and........... that's not all, a new hellcat has arrived on the scene



one must wonder when the Hellcat version of the viper is going to hit, as that only has about 650 HP now, in the face of these two V8's with 700 +


and will it have 1200 HP to topple these two, the first production Car sub a quarter mill to have that? as they gotta have something in the works to bring the fangs back


as well, I found out that apparently if you bore out the old viper motor to the same size as the new one, you get roughly the same amount of horsepower if not more as the new one, and it seemed like they focused on making it abit less widowmaker ish with this new version.


so with these two raising the bar, plus the C7 Z06 that just hit, they gotta have something hard hitting in the works for that



also that is why you need a radar detector in cali, as the cop was shadowing him, and you can see it in the back towards the end of the video.



you know go bother a bank robber, not some guy in the canyons in the middle of the day with no one around in his corvette whos not even really speeding from the look of it.


you know, priorities people, go bother someone who is REALLY causing harm, not some guy minding his own business.


Gah I hate people like that who ruin a good day like that



anyways that aside there will be more good news in a little while, Harry Metcalf of Evo is finishing up work on the video of the countach.

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also here's abit of an interesting history video on the Ford GT40, that better explains why ferrari pulled out of the deal



basically they were going to 86 any sort of brand competition between Ford and Ferrari, and take the knees out out of ferrari in much like the same thing that caused the split between Ferrari and Fiat, Unofficially recently


where they wanted to sell more of them to compete with lambo, and the head of ferrari refused and left, basically the same kind of disagrement 50 years latter, this time between italian and italian. instead of an italian who wanted his legacy to stay intact, and an american business man who wanted to sell its name in the US.


also you gotta love how the new interior of the GT looks very similar to the Ferrari F40/F50 Kamakazi race machines.



also one must wonder what would have happened if they did go through with it, would Ferrari had become the italian ford Martin?


where they were subservient of the propriety company along with jaguar? and used as an experemental basis for experementing with Mass production Aluminiumn.



something that ford has only just now figured out how to work properly into mass production with the ferrari, sorry Ford F150


not the La Ferrari's original name.


via there own recycling plant bolted onto the manufacturing plant itself,


as to cut the cost of alumiumn down via instantaly recycling the spares for scrap right at the factory

rather than sending it out like they traditonally do.


as to beat the idiotic fleet wide 50 MPG average the feds want everyone to reach by 2025, that will hopefully be thrown out in 2016 given the sudden drop in gas prices.



but this is also why it aluminumn was heavily used on the Aston Martin Vanquish, the 2002 era one, not the modern one with the Rice Boy Racer spoiler on it, to somewhat Disdain from the purists, along with disdain about its spotty paddle shifter transmision



and the belt system.


as with the way they did it, it looked like it was trying to be more of a 1967 Shelby, rather than an aston in the way they did it.


although I must wonder if just like it was with the F150, is this also going to tie into how they build the new Ford GT, also for abit of perspective


this is what the original Countach, that sits maybe an inch lower than the GT40, Which was called that for its height




looks like compaired to its modern brethren


now the grand question is, what will all three of them look like when they're sat next to each other now?

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That new version of the GT40 looks Awesome!

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Yeah and I remember the original Ford GT as being just a kind of senseless rehash like the 2002 Ford Thunderbird, that just didnt have any of the Pizzazz of the original or the replicas you could get from superformance in africa, along with their rolling cobra bodies and chasis's based on the 5.0 Mustang I think


plus there was a really notable problem with the Ford GT that you only hear the owners talk about, namely something Jay Leno has repeated often about the thing,


the god damn A pillar is a real pain in the ass on that thing, just look at it at 2:14



plus the gas mileage as clarkson would attest to. As he had to fill it up everytime he tried to drive it to and from the show, back and forth, ever single time, and I think was the only time he ever ran out of gas testing the thing on the track too.


granted he loved it until the problems came, and then he sold it for a Gallardo, but still the gas thing, it kinda needed a bigger tank if that was the case.



plus I had my own issues with the styling, as I hated how they slapped a bright blue oval on the nose like that, that didnt blend in with anything, while with this new one it apears to be color coded to the body and I really didnt like the Ford Fairlane 500 tail lights they put on the old one.


and something about the rims and tires didnt look right, and just in general, it seemed like someone tried to make a generic GT40 knock off rather than honor a timeless classic.


this however seems like something really special, and something that is truly an advancement in the right way like the RS200, and not some knock off of a classic


like the XK8, and S Type although I liked both of those cars, but they just didnt seem like real jags to me.



I guess the best way to put it is, I would actually buy a model of this, it looks that good to me, plus you look at the aero on that thing and compair it to the replica here



it finally looks like it belongs in the same family, in the same vein as the Miura to the Countach.

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I remember back in 1984 I took my Ranchero to the All Ford/Mercury show in Columbus Ohio. This is the largest gathering of Fords in America!

I happened to meet a guy who had an original GT40 with right hand drive and he took me for a ride in it. It was absolutely exhilarating! Very loud, rough ride but extremely responsive to the steering wheel.

VERY FAST...........................

just one of those memories that never fade away.

One other guy who blew my mind drove in with a big Ford 9000 tractor pulling a six car hauler. He had one Galaxie lightweight and five Thunderbolts. When he rolled into the parking lot he leaned out the window and announced he "just brought a few of his toys" The guy was from Texas and I couldn't believe he owned six lightweights!!!!

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Jesus, so literally one of the original ones then that was made as a road car, it wouldnt happen to have been an all siver or aluminiumn color would it?


as one of those showed up on the Avengers back then With Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee, along with a bunch of other rare cars in general really, as they stuck some weird ray gun thing on it, but chances are given how rare it was it could have been the same car


galaxy lightweight though? what you mean as in like a factory racer like the old shelby GT350? the 1965 version with the 289 Hi Po



also Lamborghini week continues it would appear, with a video about a very rare lamborghini that I only know of as it was in a Film With Roger Moore, The Man Who Haunted Himself


Fun Facts, in looking up that car,  a Lamborghini Islero S 



I came across a Lamborghini registry with all of the original corispondance between a doctor and the lamborghini factory, as it was all paperwork back then and it was all in cursive, overdone cursive and my god that was hard to read


but the funny thing about that was in reading it Lamborghini would purposely go out of there way to mark the car as a year old or used to help cut down the prices and the taxes for someone buying the thing brand new like this doctor had


and this was a guy in new york who bought the Islero S, he kept it from new for 40 years, even driving it as a daily driver and rebuilding it a few times over before selling it when he got old, and there was even  correspondencebetween him and the factory for a can of paint


as there had been a parking accident with it at one point, he went that far to get the proper color for it, and they did sell it to him too, something like 2.75 or 20.75 in the 1970's



but it was interesting to read about how he found out about it and everything, he had seen a miura in italy, thought it was beautiful  but it was too small so he went for an Islero instead.


but just to think Lamborghini back then would go out of its way to dodge taxes for you, its far cry from how they are now



although I must admit I've warmed to the new ones business sense, as there in the business just to sell cars, not to make icons like they used to.


I just think they need to do three things, Fire the Designer of the Hurican or put in a different designer for either car and blind fold him, telling him he's not making a lamborghini


just an attractive car, and thus cut this everything must look a certain way plague that they've been suffering through since the late 1990's and 2000's, where they just try and remake the countach


as the Aventador, it aint cutting it, as all I can say with the first one, is that the color is nice



and my eye just keeps jumping to the countach and these words appear in my mind, my god that counatch looks so much better than the Aventador.


and the only time I can say I've liked the aventador is when its in two tone one



as that is the one color combo that works for it, and even then, its all just very too easter-ish with the 50th model, hell its like a colorway of the Aventadors made in the same color as a box of peeps



the Aventador, Peeps Edition!


and after that give the option between 4 wheel and 2 wheel drive as standard, based on the users preference, and make an enthusiasts special from time to time, Manual gearxbox, no e drive, 2 wheel drive, kind of like the John Gass Special of the Ford Falcon or the 1965 Shelby GT350


something a 100% pure basically, kind of like the Venino which I have somewhat warmed to, along with the ciesto elemento, regardless of my feelings on its driving gear, as v10's just dont seem italian to me.


regardless of how advanced, good or what not it is.


you know make something crazy, like an Inline V8 engine, which is something that's never been done, as Inline motors are going away.


as Only BMW, Audi and Volkswaggen, and maybe Buggatti make them any more, and VW is switching the inline 5 to a turbo 4 for better HP and torque at a lower rev range (wrong idea there guys, granted a little bit better response with the five down the line would be better) along with better gas mileage


but its just you know they could do something abit more memorable in general, and that is what irks me about modern lambo.




as with these cars in the past, the Countach and the Miura would open the door for the enthusiasts to get into the car world, the rest of the fleet would keep them there as they would keep discovering different automobiles with different purposes for their different stages of life


which is why them dropping the Estoque was such a slap in the face, it was a pure lamborghini car, just like the islero, and it is what was missing from the range really. the traditional V12 Grand Tourer, a pure italian tradition




granted it suffered from the huricans, lets all make them look the same disease.


its like the layering of a character really, you just see how a certain character of automobile can be applied to different types of enjoyable motoring


vs some guy with a posh motor that they only make one model of like say Pagani or Koenisegg, Great but what do you have in the back room that I could honestly own?


as Miuras were once worthless, along with the rest of the lambo range at one point really, espada, jalpa and all that included really as no one knew of them and something is only worth what someone will pay for it, even if its as overengineered as a 1960's and 1970's Lancia


its only when something becomes famous and sought after for being a great performer or different that it goes through the roof value wise.

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To answer your question kavinsky, A Galaxie lightweight was a 1963 Galaxie 500 that was stripped of all amenities and had a big 427SOHC engine in it. Also the front end, doors and trunk were fiberglass and the only steel in the car was the main body and roof.

The Thunderbolts were built as Nascar demanded that if you introduce a car to race you must build at least 100 units for sale to the public. This was any car either Ford Chevy or Chrysler.

In 1964 Ford took a Fairlane 500 and gutted it and put a huge 427 SOHC under the hood and sold the car to customers for 12 grand. In 1964 you could buy this Fairlane stock for $2,300 dollars loaded and about 1700 bucks with a straight six. They made exactly 106 units and sold them off the lot ready to race to rich clients who could afford 12 grand for a car in 1964 (that was a huge sum of money back then!) These cars came similar to the Galaxie specs with fiberglass front ends and bumpers with fiberglass doors and plexiglass sliding windows as there was no glass. there were no carpets nor radio in the car either.

The car...straight out of the showroom could run 12's all day long at the track on high test fuel but with modifications you could get it to turn low 10's easy. Some are turning 9's for the quarter mile.

There are still 96 registered cars in existence today as a few have been damaged in crashes from the original 106 units. The actual car these days will fetch an easy three figures any day of the week as they are so rare.


Ralph Nader stepped in and found the fiberglass bumpers to not hold up to safety standards, so the cars were pulled from production and existing cars had to be modified if you wanted to plate them for street use with proper bumpers front and back.


Hope that answers your question regarding Ford's "Lightweights"

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Ah I gotcha and yeah I think leno mentioned that this was 16 grand back then too



and that 427 SOHC motor, wasnt that the one they latter put in the GT40?


also I think either leno or someone else said that they used to run cars back then on 106 octane, out of the white pumps, and I think euro cars run on 101 over there, or 91, so the fuel they used used to be hotter than what they probably ran in europe at the time


ralph nader, oh god,  I think what this guy says about him sums him up pretty well lol



the videos a its a little rough around the edges and not very V8 friendly but its actually pretty good


but I will say this, he is wrong about that being the cause of the demise of the american auto industry, it all comes down to quality


GM admited in 2004 to designing their cars to have a limited life span of about, tops 80 K miles with the oldsmobile intrigue, and that car in particular had the same fault that was recently reported


the ignition failure one and started falling apart and needed to go in every pay day after about 45 K miles, first for small stuff then the big ones.


also they didnt seem to proof check things or really check the cars over well at the local dealership, they missed a cracked drum brake, that soon sheered and broke off when I stomped on the brakes after the car had been sitting for a little while, and a leaking cooling system on the ciera before I got rid of it, and they never gave you a break on anything.


it was kind of like the Goodfellas way of business really, and Volskwaggen has treated me far better than GM ever did. Free oil changes and the like for 3 years.


and i dont want to go back quite frankly, and that dealership has had to mix up their inventory abit because of GM's problems.


not to mention for 10 grand less I got a car better equiped than their top of the line impala back then, and their cloth seats are far nicer than the ones GM makes, which look like seats from a car from the 1930's vs the very nice ones that the VW has


and I think they're recaro seats too, with seat warmers, and you have no idea how much I love that feature lol


also the video about the mercedes and how they made a car that good comes into play there, and hopefully they'll start making all the employee's quality inspectors again, or every 11th one like in the old days there


as I bet that is what Chrystler did away with back then from the 1990's till 2007.


also with the corvair, it kind of had the same charachteristic as the 365 and the gullwing, as you need to get the speed right to have it stay planted, plus the tire pressure thing was something that was often kind of screwed up apparently



and that could be it far more than anything else, as I really like the latter corvairs like the one they had on home improvement, as its a really nice looking car in a 1967 monza trim


but I guess that is the difference between a quality piece and an okay one, the time that goes into fitting it and making sure everything works, the rest is just basic materials and their cost, and the wants and needs of the owner, plus how much they can afford.


as price is no reason to make a crappy product, and I'm looking at you GM and Ruger.

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Yes Kavinsky the 427 SOHC means "single over head cam" These blocks could put out an easy 600hp with little mods and with work...the sky was the limit. Ford  also made a 428 and a 429 but these were for more moderate useage like in full size Torino's and even pickup trucks for power.

The first Cobras had the small block 260 in it and it handled well but two years later they put the very heavy 427 SOHC in those cars as well as the GT40. the Cobra's needed suspension mods but the cars won Sebring two years in a row and nothing could touch them.


I lived back in those days and only had dinky toys and hotwheels of these cars. I sometimes I wish I was older so I could have bought one of these classics.

It's kind of like today...You can walk into a GM dealer and pay 30 grand for a sedan or suv or 95 grand for a Corvette, or Chrysler 300 vs a Viper. It's kind of the same back in 1964 when you could buy a Fairlane for 2 grand or a Thunderbolt for 12 grand!


Factory race cars...Gotta love em!

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Hmm it kinda sounds like the Mercedes motor in that 6.3 really, same thing with the old 454, its like the guy in mad max said when they were at the junkyard, speed is just a matter of money, how fast do you wanna go, and with an understressed and large motor the sky is the limit


while I remember hearing about how some guy who made a race engine for his 308 had the thing fail after a few months


and You know I still remember growing up and seeing the Cuda, Cobra and the Countach for the first time, I remember I got the KPH mixed up with the MPH and said it could do 240 mph, as I was thinking of the Mclaren F1 at the time


and I remember scouring the internet for photos of the diablos and the vipers (namely the GTS prototype with the RT/10 sidepipes) when things were still on 56K modems, along with the Jota diablo, this crazy pink thing


hell maybe that's why I have distinct feelings about lambo nowadays, as they seem or seemed too porsche like


however I am starting to soften up on my feelings about the gallardo, the second gen when they de germanzied it


old left, right new


so I was looking at the autoart model of it today


as I dont have any autoart models and outside of the stupid superlegiera stripe on the side I actually like the design, although I keep wishing they'd drop the 4 wheel drive stuff, as that's a german only touch not an italian one. but its a minor point and the true lambo guys usually remove that anyways.


But one thing is certain, despite the climate changes, the ethanol in the gas situation (of which I'm starting to think all you need to do to prevent it from rusting out the motor is put a little dry gas in at every fill up or something, like they screwed up the percentage of the alchohol) and the polticial changes


they will never kill cars like the countach, the viper or the cobra, no matter how hard they try


hell the viper itself has lasted 20 odd years, the countach 19 and the cobra, its still going via the self build up cars.

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I remember we were discussing vinyl wrapping cars a few months ago. Well, the boys at Mighty Car Mods done a video showing the process of vinyl wrapping a car. 


Not a fan of the colour choice, but it probably looks better in person.

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Yeah I gotta admit I dont care for that color either, as weirdly the blue yellow pink color chocies didnt look that bad really.


Actually they looked downright like the color choices for the stinger from vice city





although the thing I dont get is why would you would change the nose of the S2000 like that, along with one of its best parts, the mirrors? as the S2000 is frankly one of those cars where outside of maybe changing the rim style a little to get away from the alloy wheels look, and maybe add some color to it


it looks more or less fine stock.

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Just came across this custom miata, which is unusually well redone



which came about from listening to this song and seeing that on the suggestions



although I must admit I am abit taken back by Jurrasic selling his car, so I'm abit speachless right now.

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Hmm one of the worlds ugliest roadster is also one of the best sounding ones too, who knew?


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Well got some new photos I came across recently, one of the new Ford GT in a new color scheme. Elenor Grey and black as I would call it, as its similar to the colorscheme of the dupont grey one they used on the 1967 Mustang in the 60 seconds movie remake




granted a few shades lighter, and also the rest of his photos that are unrelated to this are fantastic in of themselves so I would check out his profile, as your bound to find something you like in there



and its interesting to see it in something other than glass pack blue, as for some reason that name came to mind looking at this blue they first showed the concept in


but that is just what it seemed like to me, like the kind of blue you would see on the tail pipes of an old carbed car. after a long trip, that kind of blue you see on heated steel


and metcalf is enjoying his TR as of late




also does anyone know what shade of blue this really is? as I keep hearing Guardsman but it just seems off somehow



the car 40 years on seems to be in a darker color too now, to muddy the waters

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Well this is quite the crazy chevelle



Generally I'm not a GM guy, or rather modern GM as they always seem to cut corners on everything (I just threw out the repair bill stack for one of their cars yesterday on an 99' that was owned for 10 years since 01, must have been 40 pages, although the 96, that thing was just worn out and beat, and it only had 1/4th the problems.) but this thing is something special


and the engine bulder might be worth looking into

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Well this is abit unexpected, Harry Metcalf formerly of EVO, who is now working for Jaguar and the maker of this video



just BOUGHT another TR, a 1985 example, much like the Vice one


to vice, or not to vice, that is the question must be posed, and Nero Daytona, the ferrari code for Metalic Black or White ontop of that, also the leather color on that one is cream, vs black of the first one.


so Cream, Red and black, so either could work.


also this, I would guess the CX75 is probably going to be coming to production after seeing a fleet of them on some of the videos he retweeted.



as why would they have the molds ready to go for a car like that otherwise? and nothing would be better as a launch Vehicle than a bond film for a new car. 

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Just came across this about the Great Train Robbery, featuring a Vintage S Type



all about the driver that did it lol also that particular incident was somewhat dramatized for the 1967 film Robbery here




and one Mr Steve Mcqueen saw it and well we had a rather nice battle between a Mustang and a charger because of it, also the watch shown at the start, its the kind they used to time the great escape back in the war, as rolex would send servicemen watches back then with an IOU if the germans confiscated them.


the short version for those who dont want to wait for the build up to end


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