DJ throws open Castillo's door...what EP?

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I don't know how the actors DJ and EJO really felt about each other.  But recently I discovered the following interview for the Archive of American Television:

Thanks for the link.  He says Crockett comes in and says something about a "stereotypical hit" by maybe a "Cartagena gang" with "25 caliber shots", "5 to the back of the head".  He says Crockett throws a file or paper down on his desk.  I think this story is apocryphal (didn't really happen as EJO tells it).  He is embellishing or misremembering. I watched all the OCB scenes from "One Eyed Jack" to "Rites of Passage", but I found nothing that was even close.

HOWEVER ... I did notice that during the first few EJO eps that every time Crockett or Tubbs goes to Castillo's office, they knock and look hesitantly for approval. Also, there's this in Golden Triangle:




I think there is indeed some truth to this story.  It could be a scene that was cut from the final edit.


One more thing I learned from this interview:  EJO had worked with DJ and PMT before Miami Vice!

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