Episode #22 "Lombard"

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ViceFanMan    198
1 hour ago, Daytona74 said:

Just watched "Lombard" again the other night.

I don't think I have watched any other episode as many times as Lombard. They just got everything so right. All the small details, like Lombard's back story, or Dennis Farina playing him as a ruthless mobster, who at the same time could be a caring and remorseful dad. And Crockett being torn between performing his duty as a policeman and his grudge against Lombard for having had Barbara Carrow killed.

The whole look at the subject, the atmosphere, and the way of telling the story are just quintessentially Michael Mann. It definitely reminds me of elements of the movie "Heat".

And Jan Hammer's "One Way Out" is so perfect, as well as "Lombard Trial". Not his best works ever as such (I would give that distinction to "Golden Triangle"), but so fitting at moments like the opening scene on the boat, or the attempted hit on Lombard after his business lunch.

"Lombard" is my number one all-time favorite episode for these reasons.

Love the episode Lombard too. Great characterization, plot, and music! However, in my opinion a few other episodes also truly captured what MV was all about--from plot, characters, cinematography, filming locations, colors & lighting, music, action, clothes, etc... : Pilot, Hit List/ Calderone's Demise 2-parter,  Smuggler's Blues, Great McCarthy, No Exit, Out Where the Buses Don't Run, Little Miss Dangerous, Death and the Lady, God's Work, etc...just to name a few. :thumbsup:

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